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Sephora Show & Tell - What's New Wednesday: MODSTER BIG Mascara

How do you keep your lashes looking fabulous? Let us know!


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Sephora Show & Tell - Live Chat TODAY with Tatcha and Drunk Elephant!

Today we are chatting skincare with two amazing brand founders! Check it out!


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Wedding Woes (Botched Beauty and Other Snafus)
Everyone has at least one or two wedding stories - makeup mistakes, dress disasters, people losing their minds (at weddings or during planning) Full disclosure:  @KatieKabam 's recent experiences shamelessly inspired this thread, and she graciously signed off on letting me set it up!   So. What are your wedding disaster stories (big or small!) - did it happen to you? Did you see it happening and dodge the trainwreck?   Not directly my story but my mother has told me that if I ever get married, I need to have powder and blush on hand at all times. She was horribly sick on her wedding day and I guess didn't do much with makeup - she looks horrible (she says) in most of her photos and so apparently my wedding beauty staple is blush. (Fun story related to that: She looked so unwell going down the aisle and my grandfather thought it was nerves. He told her "just say the word" & he would send everyone home and call off the wedding... grandparents took a very long time to warm up to my father.)   One of my major stories that I have is when I was a friend of the bride (was asked to be maid of honor but declined for reasons relating to personal issues with groom/not wanting to create drama). It was a historical reenactment wedding, blah blah blah, the short version is someone had used boot black and then got it all. over. the bride's dress. It was a disaster.   I actually had come from a horse show and had baby powder (& stain removers) on hand. We covered most of the carnage but I don't know if she ever got it all out..   The second major story I have involves a missing groom (he disappeared the morning of the wedding). He called one of the bridesmaids (whom he had only met the night before!) and said "Tell K. I'm not coming. I can't do it." Which is how I end up driving all across Denver with a bridesmaid trying to shave her legs and put her makeup on in the front seat while we hunt down the groom so he can sit down and talk with the bride. Friend has since refused to buy liquid eyeliner. Ever. (They did get married. She decided she was going to divorce him during the honeymoon. Then decided not to. It'll be three years in august and they're still together?)  
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I intentionally did not have a wedding cake at my wedding, because I knew my husband wouldn't be able to resist smooshing it all over my face, resulting in a probable fo... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - What’s New Wednesday: Water Drop Moisturizer!?

Any tips on keeping your skin healthy and hydrated? Show & Tell!

Water Drop_v8.jpg


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Lets See Your Makeup Crafting/Repurposing!
So I had some makeup (and tea) boxes laying around and wanted to use them but without all the pictures all over them, so naturally GLITTER! Coated them in Modge Podge and Glitter and now I can use them for all sorts of things and they look pretty!!   I also like to take old compacts, clean them out, then pour old nail polish (applies streaky, clumps, etc) into it so it dries nice and flat, to make play pretend makeup for kids. But I have no pictures of any of those right now.   As I was doing this I realized there is no way that I am the only one to re-use, re-purpose, and craft old makeup boxes, compacts, perfume bottles etc....So I wanted to start a thread where we could all share our beauty crafting ideas!! So please ladies, show me your crafts!
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Cruelty Free. Do you buy from CF companies whose parent companies are not?
So, recently I've made he decision to go cruelty free. I had made another thread asking about alternatives. However,  I was also  wondering for those of you who are already buying cruelty free; do you still buy from companies like Urban Decay and Tarte - who don't test on animals themselves, but their parent company does? I know that UD is owned by Estee Lauder and Tarte by Kose (At least from what I've read) who is definitely not cruelty free. Is that a deal breaker for you or do you still buy from these companies? I just would like to know how people feel about that and kind of get more insight on things. 
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Kate Spade Coupons
Does anybody know if there are any Kate Spade Printable Coupons?  And I already know about the signing up via email and receiving 15% off.   But I am talking about any other ones that people are aware of.
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Confessions: Makeup on company time..
I was thinking about this at work while I spent company time reapplying some moisturizer and re-highlighting myself... am I the only one that gets a little thrill from using company time to attend to some of my skincare and/or makeup routine? How far have you taken it...? Have you ever been caught?  Who is brave enough to confess....?     I frequently will take a 'bathroom break' to chill out, touch up my makeup... log in to BT from my phone and read what is going on during the day.. but sometimes I will go to work without makeup on days I know my boss isn't there... and do my whole face at work on the clock.. muahahahah.
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At my previous job (as a high school English teacher), I never had time to put on makeup during the day. I'm now an English tutor at a different high school, and it's ho... see post
How much would you have spent at Sephora if they were included in the Ebates Anniversary 15% Cash Back promo?
Sephora participated in last year's  Ebates Anniversary Week  for a couple of days, but for whatever reason, it would appear that they opted out this year leaving everyone else to spend their money elsewhere. No doubt Saks and Neimans were the two biggest beneficiaries of Sephora's absence.    So out of curiosity: Whether you ended up spending it elsewhere or chose not to spend it at all, how much do you think you would've spent at Sephora over the past week if they were included in the 15% cash back?    I made one order from Saks at the beginning of the week, but can't say that any of that order would've gone to Sephora, given the supplemental promos Saks was throwing around in addition to Ebates. I can say that I had two items sitting in my Sephora cart (that aren't sold at Saks or NM) totaling $61 that I would've purchased if Sephora was 15% on Ebates. 
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at least 100$ see post
Heart Party for Black Whiskey - 20,000 hearts!!
Black Whiskey hit 20,000 hearts!  Stop in and leave a heart or message for the one who always wows us with her gorgeous and artistic looks!  I know I can always count on her for some makeup inspiration and to push myself to try different applications.    Thanks BW, this heart party is for you (and Luna!)    
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This makes me cry. Thank you ♥ see post
Sephora Show & Tell - Full Lips are Trending at Sephora!

 What do you use to create your perfect pout? Show & Tell!


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Shopping in Calgary, Alberta
I will be going into Calgary next weekend (long weekend for Canadians) and it is my first time ever so I have never been before.   I was just wondering if shopping there at Sephora and clothing stores is it cheaper there? Or is it more expensive?  I live in Manitoba so taxes here are different than Alberta of 5%. Manitoba is 5% GST and 8% PST.   Like I know they have a Sephora there along with Kate Spade which I also love...just wondering if it's more expensive there to shop?   Anyone have an idea or is from Calgary and can provide me with some insight?   I would really appreciate it.
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Oh okay.  thanksss! i want all the info I can get...   Yeah Banff right now is not looking too good for next weekend.  Right now it is showing rain all weekend. I am h... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - What's New Wednesday: The Ultimate Travel Bag

What are your travel bag essentials? Show & Tell!



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A place to talk about all beauty news.... upcoming launches, sneak peeks and anything else that doesn't have a specific thread.   Thanks to everyone who contributes to this thread!   BEAUTY NEWS AND THINGS TO COME ABH to launch foundation sticks Formula x Ashley Graham (available/accessible now) Jaclyn Hill eye shadow? JS to launch foundation KVD New liquid Lipsticks KVD Alchemy palette KVD x Kandee J KVD x Too Faced KVD shade shifting eye shadows KVD Brushes KVD Serpentina Manny mua collab for lipstick MJ Blushes MUG and Nikkie Tutorials eye shadow collab? Sunday Riley Martian and UFO Tarte x grav3yardgirl Tarte and MakeupShayla are supposed to be teaming up for a Tarteist Contour Palette Too Faced PB&J will eventually get to Sephora Too Faced Peach palette will most likely be perm Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials UD possibly coming out with matte liquid lipsticks, Moondust Palette, Meltdown Makeup Wipes, and a Perversion Eye Pen   2017 ABH to launch lipsticks and blushes Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics (2017) Too Faced Chocolate Chip palette (Spring 2017) Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Sephora Excl. (Fall 2017) Hello By Lionel Richie - Makeup by L. Richie (2017)       CURRENT FOUND IN THE WILD THREAD (links to new products for purchase at Sephora) ring-Summer-Found-in-the-Wild-2016-Thread/td-p/232 ...   CANADIAN PRODUCT THREAD (links to new products for purchase at Sephora) w-On-The-Site-Today-Canada/td-p/2164948   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Canadian site product update (ask the mods) a-Canada-Site-Product-Update-Thread/td-p/2060604 Canadian site product update (ask the mods) ephora-Canada-Site-Product-Update-Thread/td-p/2060 604   UPCOMING RELEASES WITH DATES/SEASON (Pictures and info only)   Summer 2016 Releases /SUMMER-2016-Releases/m-p/2289839#M166807   Fall 2016 Releases /FALL-2016-Releases/m-p/2383574#M183523   Holiday 2016 Releases /HOLIDAY-2016/m-p/2454167#M196506   BRAND THREADS Spoiler (Highlight to read) BECCA cca-thread/td-p/2431704 BIOTHERM erm-Thread/td-p/2439346 BITE -Beauty-Releases/td-p/2025165 BURBERRY auty-Updates/td-p/1983178 CHANEL tes/td-p/1940873 CHARLOTTE TILBURY about-Charlotte-Tilbury/td-p/2005225 COLOURPOP /Any-ColourPop-Fans-Here/td-p/2156337 DIPTYQUE /Discussion-for-the-Diptyque-Crowd-please-join/td- ... FARMACY -Farmacy-feedback-and-discussion/td-p/2153377 GIORGIO ARMANI usly-not-have-a-thread-dedicated-to-all-things/m-p ... GUERLAIN -the-love-of-all-things-Guerlain/td-p/2180749 HOURGLASS -THREAD/m-p/2419091#M26612 INDIE BRANDS s-and-other-not-so-talked-about-makeup-brands/td-p ... IT COSMETICS s-Thread/td-p/2468298 KAT VON D ing-Releases-amp-General-Love-Thread/td-p/2008144 KEVYN AUCOIN n-Thread/td-p/2437161 KIKO About-Kiko/td-p/2341265 MAC d-Releases-Thread/td-p/2109065 MAKE UP FOR EVER ke-Up-For-Ever-Thread/td-p/2406781 MARC JACOBS -Beauty-News-amp-Discussion/m-p/2301944#M90313 MILK an-early-April-Fool-s-joke-Milk-Makeup/td-p/235746 ... NARS About-NARS/td-p/2099708 NATASHA DENONA ona/td-p/2090656 PAT McGRATH -LABS/td-p/2418816 RITUEL DE FILLE -have-experience-with-Rituel-de-Fille/td-p/2059082 SURRATT about-Surratt/td-p/2455924 TARTE HREAD/td-p/2419298 TOM FORD dates/td-p/1903440 AUTY-Coming-Soon-To-Sephora-Discussion-amp-Product ... URBAN DECAY -Thread/td-p/2147187 VISEART -THREAD/m-p/2396215#M98529 YSL dates/td-p/2430645 BECCA %8FBecca-thread/td-p/2431704BIOTHERMhttp://communi p/2439346BITE Upcoming-BITE-Beauty-Releases/td-p/2025165BURBERRY auty-Updates/td-p/1983178CHANEL RLOTTE TILBURY s-talk-about-Charlotte-Tilbury/td-p/2005225COLOURP OP ns/Any-ColourPop-Fans-Here/td-p/2156337DIPTYQUEhtt p:// scussion-for-the-Diptyque-Crowd-please-join/td-p/2 341678FARMACY cts/New-brand-Farmacy-feedback-and-discussion/td-p /2153377GIORGIO ARMANI -seriously-not-have-a-thread-dedicated-to-all-thin gs/m-p/2380895#M97435GUERLAINhttp://community.seph gs-Guerlain/td-p/2180749HOURGLASShttp://community. 91#M26612INDIE BRANDS -brands-and-other-not-so-talked-about-makeup-brand s/td-p/2392215IT COSMETICS -Cosmetics-Thread/td-p/2468298KAT VON D ming-Releases-amp-General-Love-Thread/td-p/2008144 KEVYN AUCOIN -Aucoin-Thread/td-p/2437161KIKO 1265MAC Love-and-Releases-Thread/td-p/2109065MAKE UP FOR EVER E-Make-Up-For-Ever-Thread/td-p/2406781MARC JACOBS Jacobs-Beauty-News-amp-Discussion/m-p/2301944#M903 13MILK -this-an-early-April-Fool-s-joke-Milk-Makeup/td-p/ 2357469NARS Let-s-Talk-About-NARS/td-p/2099708NATASHA DENONA ha-Denona/td-p/2090656PAT McGRATH McGRATH-LABS/td-p/2418816RITUEL DE FILLE nyone-have-experience-with-Rituel-de-Fille/td-p/20 59082SURRATT /Let-s-talk-about-Surratt/td-p/2455924TARTEhttp:// d-p/2419298TOM FORD d-Updates/td-p/1903440 /t5/Makeup/TOM-FORD-BEAUTY-Coming-Soon-To-Sephora- Discussion-amp-Product/td-p/2415152URBAN DECAY Decay-Thread/td-p/2147187VISEARThttp://community.s 5#M98529YSL YSL-Love-Updates/td-p/2430645   ~Updated May 25th 2016~
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Pretty colors, though I can't help but see the back of a pill bug when I look at these! see post
Makeup Tragedies.....or almost tragedies
Please tell me I'm not alone....I was grabbing my brush case, and I didn't realize the case wasn't buttoned closed (top half comes off (think Sigma case)). Right before my eyes, I saw 22 of my brushes fall to the dirty kitchen floor!!!!! What are your makeup-related tragedies?? I might not read them right away....I need time to mourn       Edit: I did wash my brushes shortly thereafter. I think they're stunned by the trauma.
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My biggest makeup tragedy was I misplaced my makeup bag while on a business trip.  It couldn't be located before I had to fly out for a wedding so I didn't have any of m... see post
Sharing Sweepstakes, Prizes, Giveaways - Share The Love Thread!
in the past day, I've received emails for some pretty good sweepstakes and thought of starting this thread. So here is a place we can share these types of promotional sweepstakes, prizes and giveaways with each other and hopefully, one of us will win now and again!   so share BT-approved modified links, sweepstakes info and any results here. Fingers crossed one of us wins some great prizes!
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Here's one from Too Faced see post
What is something that you have been contemplating about buying?
We all have those items that we want to get but either by the price tag or just the product in general you aren't really sure if you should get it or not.   My current iffy product is the TOM FORD Soleil Contouring Compact. To me that is gorgeous and the whole reason i want to get it is to reduce space and because the colors are so beautiful.    So what's your iffy product or am I the only one? It can be luxury or just average but you just never brought yourself to buy it.
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I caved... see post
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016
Anbody got a sneak peek????
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HALL OF FAMER twilightnicky / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Ok thanks, I do have their debit card. Not sure if I will get the catalog lol see post
Sephora Show & Tell - TDT: Marc Jacobs Fragrances

Which MJ fragrance is the sweetest-smelling of them all? Throw down!


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Sephora Show & Tell - What's New Wednesday: rms beauty

What do you think of rms beauty? Show & Tell!


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Best tips for taking makeup selfies?
mine always look terrible! I want to show to show off my makeup but I can never get good angles or lighting!
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Rotating Makeup Challenge: Work it Weekly
Whether you want to push your creativity or just utilize your collection, I hope you will join me in a rotating makeup challenge!   Each challenge lasts a full week so you can post any day that is best for you, or multiple times a week. New challenges start on Mondays.     The schedule is posted in the spoiler tag. PLEASE let me know of any ideas you have and I will add them to the list! ALSO if there is anything in my list that people do not want to do, then I will remove it.    Be as bold or subtle as you want! Make the challenge fit your daily needs. I am more of an idea-person, so I'm pretty sure some of these are going to be a struggle for me to actually do. But #whatever.    This week:  Crayola Box  OR  Send Nudes Description:  Do an all colorful look or a monochromatic nude look (do not actually send nudes pls).  BONUS Challenge: blindly reach into an actual crayon box, pull out three crayons, and use those colors.      Schedule Spoiler (Highlight to read) - All about the Mamas (May 3 - May 8) - Something new, Something old, Something blue  (May 9 - 15) - Mythical Creature Madness   (May 16 - 22) - Crayola Box OR Send Nudes  (May 13 - 29) - Sweet Treats  (May 30 - June 5) - One Brand to Rule Them All  (June 6 - 12) - Alter Egos  (June 13 - 19) - Do you like pina coladas?  (June 20 - 26) - Tradesies   (June 27 - July 3) - The Brave and The Bold aka Deal With it Canada aka Eagles 4 Life aka Independence Day More Like Every Day ( July 4 - 10) - Never Gonna Give You Up  (July 11 - 17) - YOU'RE SO ON TREND  (July 18 - 24) - Trivia Night  (July 25 - 31) - Movie Night  (Aug 1 - 7) - Pin Up or Chill Out (Aug 8 - 14) - All about the Mamas (May 3 - May 8)- Something new, Something old, Something blue (May 9 - 15)- Mythical Creature Madness  (May 16 - 22)- Crayola Box OR Send Nudes (May 13 - 29)- Sweet Treats (May 30 - June 5)- One Brand to Rule Them All (June 6 - 12)- Alter Egos (June 13 - 19)- Do you like pina coladas? (June 20 - 26)- Tradesies  (June 27 - July 3)- The Brave and The Bold aka Deal With it Canada aka Eagles 4 Life aka Independence Day More Like Every Day (July 4 - 10)- Never Gonna Give You Up (July 11 - 17)- YOU'RE SO ON TREND (July 18 - 24)- Trivia Night (July 25 - 31)- Movie Night (Aug 1 - 7)- Pin Up or Chill Out (Aug 8 - 14)  
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HALL OF FAMER michelleshops / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
You are not boring, you are a dream come true.   see post
Happy teacher appreciation day!
To all my fellow teachers:  enjoy your day!  My school treated us to a nice lunch and some Fisher's popcorn! Yum!
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HALL OF FAMER makeupobesessed / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
So, I just got back around to viewing this thread I started!  So glad to see fellow teachers on this board (and others who appreciate the job).         see post
Pacemaker surgery
So I wanted to keep this on the down-low, I know I've only told one person, and thank you for keeping it a secret too. I didn't really want to post anything but I know you guys have been with me through thick and thin, you guys showed amazing support when I was going through Neko's death, and many other situations I've been in. Tomorrow my mom is being admitted into surgery, it's been 10 years or so since she got her pacemaker and lately she had been going to a lot of doctor's appointments but they always said she was fine, last week they told her she needed to go immediately to have I suppose a battery replacement? because it was hiccuping or something of the  sort. When my mom started voicing to me that she wasn't feeling well, that she felt her heart was going to stop, that was last year when I was still working. Aside from my depression that was one major reason why I decided to quit my job, I couldn't handle not being there for her, and I couldn't if I worked because I'd get home and just sleep and wake up at 5 am.  I know i've expressed many problems happening with my mom and how we clash A LOT, but in the end she is still my mom and I love her so so much and it scares me that she's going in tomorrow, it scares me so much. I've been reassured by my friends who used to live near me and one that still does that she'll be okay but I still have that worry. I'm trying not to make it so much that I start thinking so negative, but yeah. It's tomorrow and it hit me hard. I placed an order for Dior Dolce Vita perfume I believe, for her, that should be arriving tomorrow, but I want to save that for mother's day. I'm thinking flowers, but that seems cliche too? I don't know? Maybe a poem. I've been trying to get back to everyone's comments but sometimes unexpected events happen around my home where I can't and then I forget, but thanks for the recent comments, especially the rainbow cheek ones! 
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So thankful to hear everything went well. Here's to a quick recovery. <3 see post
Just Need to Vent
I don't need to explain anything, just let it be known, today I needed to vent to people who wouldn't judge me and ask me questions. I got this. But tonight I just really want to vent. Thank you all. I'm OK. But life is hard sometimes...
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Hi joeanne,    I sent you a private message regarding this. Please check your inbox when you have a moment. Thank you.   Best, Mali see post
Visiting Australia
Hi guys, I'm in Sydney for th next few days and I'm looking for suggestions on gifts to bring back home? Any ideas?
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HALL OF FAMER tehprincessjenn / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Stuffed koalas, kangaroos from Paddy's market.  see post
May hauls!     Excited for this month for many reasons - for my birthday, the (hopefully) upcoming sunny days, Mother's day, blossoming flowers and the first time I will be (attempting) gardening!   I would love to see all your hauls both beauty and any thing you have bought or planted for the garden or even indoors    Here is my first haul of the month Spoiler (Highlight to read) TF Pipa - pretty everyday summer color TF cheek brush - finally! Waited for the month to end to grab this!  UD matte lipsticks - on sale, more on the way Jack Black lip balm (my fav - repurchase) TF Pipa - pretty everyday summer colorTF cheek brush - finally! Waited for the month to end to grab this! UD matte lipsticks - on sale, more on the wayJack Black lip balm (my fav - repurchase)  
see post
TF, I would say it is a great day. see post
Makeup shopping help!
So I plan on going to Sephora during summer break and want a few items but the total came out way more than I expected.    lip glosses: Buxom's full on lip creams in dolly and mudslide   eyebrows: ABH brow powder duo in medium brown and benefit's brow gel in medium deep.and a brush that's $ 18.00   I really want to buy everything but it seems too expensive. Should I take some of these out of my list?    
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Hi, @juneblue22!  That is a lot of money even for me!  What I do when I'm in this situation is prioritize.  I usually know which item is most important and which item i... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - In Focus: SPF Multitaskers

How are you protecting your skin from the sun? Let us know!


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i dunno about you guys but this month has been a whirlwind. this month's favorites are a few new babies and a couple rediscovered old timers. surprisingly no skincare, as i'm keeping to what i know (and harp on about all the time) and it's working out grand.   STILA stay all day liquid lipstick, baci . got this, and all my other lipsticks have been neglected. i can't stop. flattering yet subversive nude -- just a hint of purply grey keeps it on the edge. NYX microw brow pencil in black . A PROPER BLACK PENCIL FOR US BLACK HAIR GIRLS !!!! thank the heavens. very similar to ANASTASIA brow wiz, but this formula i've noticed gives a slight sheen to the brow hairs, in a good way--looks more natural that way ! thank you  @MK89  for guiding me toward this little drugstore gem ! ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE dangerous complicity EDP . the first time i got my nose on this i thought there was nothing dangerous about it. i didn't think it was particularly unique (i still don't, frankly) or exciting about it.  but this one is a slow burn. this perfume is kinda the TLC 'creep' of perfume. just creepin on the down low and then you realize you're intoxicated and in love. (i don't think that's the point of that song. whatever.). very much want to learn more about the chinese o smanthus flower now, too. i've found that boys like it (if you care about that). NARS liquid illuminator, copacabana . i bought this last year and fell in love, only to neglect it because i thought, maybe, it broke me out. turns out it doesn't break me out (we'll blame the amount of stress i was going through when i originally tried it). which is great for me because it's everything i want in a highlighter ! NARS single eyeshadow, lhasa . i've been on a cool tones kick this month (i'm still a bit baffled by this development) and the glorious lhasa has been by my side through the ride. if anyone wants a grey eyeshadow, this is what i'd recommend. a mid-toned grey with a hint of violet and brown that aren't so literal but give lhasa an enchanting depth. pairs beautifully with NARS blondie eyeshadow in the crease.  
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I think their performance is quite good, a bit better than the shade and light eye palette.  I have all four quads and smoke and plum are my favoritr. I think plum would... see post