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Ferguson you're in my thoughts and heart
I just wanted to post a quick note to say for anyone in Ferguson, Mo., or the surrounding areas, you are in my thoughts and heart tonight and in the following days. No matter what decision is made by the grand jury, not everyone will be pleased with the outcome. I hope everyone stays safe tonight and in the days and weeks ahead.
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Urban Decay's flagship store
Just wondering if anyone is going to the grand opening of their store in Newport Beach this Friday. :-)   Susan
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Clarisonic Mia 2 on QVC
Maybe this will help scrub the disappointment away for those of you who are still suffering from the website/sale difficulties! Today (11/8/14) QVC's "todays special value" is the New Clarisonic Mia2, with Fresh Soy Cleanser and a case/cover, for 124.86, free S&H, and 5 easy pays! It comes in a whole lotta colors, too!  Have a great weekend, everyone!
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vice 3 and nice people.
so on the day i got vice 3, i was on the fence. luckily, a nice lady told me the wonders of the vice 3. so i took a deep breath and purchased it and it is awesome! thanks nice lady, best palette ever.    ps. your son is cute   pps. thanks for the recommendation   also i have 471 points. SO CLOSE   i want the dior 500 pt perk.   i think ill get a set. but i dont know what.    oh well.   oh my gosh im going to be so broke   nuuuuuuuuuuu..........
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Sephora Show & Tell - What's New Wednesday: Halloween

What's new on the site that's caught your eye this week? Show and Tell! 


halloween 10.22.jpg

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Has anyone use the Koh Gen Do face powder in a jar and the Givenchy translucent setting
My skin is combination. I have an eyes on those two for so long now... Anyone ever tried it, plz give me some advice thanks
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o Beauty in China
I'm planning a trip to Asia in December and will be in  Japan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and China (Beijing only).   I'll have the most free time in Beijing and am dying to see what pretties China has to offer!    I don't speak Mandarin, and most of the Chinese sites are blocked (even the Chinese Sephora site!!!), so I'm struggling to come up with a game plan.    Does anyone have any Beijing beauty shopping advice?    P.S. If anyone knows where to get a killer blowout in Beijing, you'd be my hero  
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Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!!!
It's Thanksgiving for us Canadians! I had my Thanksgiving dinner yestarday and omg, was it ever delicious!!! I'm super thankful for my family (both blood related and non), my awesome reptiles, my boyfriend, a roof over my head and an abundance of food. As well as finally figuring out what I want to go to school for!    My favourite food items from Thanksgiving is the turkey, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie!   What are you thankful for? And what are your favourite things from Thanksgiving dinner?   Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
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Does anyone know what NM's Beauty Cue code is for Oct?
Hi,   The new Tom ford matte lipsticks are available on NM (all except Black Dalhia!) and I was hoping to make an order. Does anyone know that the Oct code is for the Beauty Cue?   Thanks!
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Can you believe it's been 44 years since we lost Janis Joplin?
What a talent and what a broad. She had such an amazing voice and paid awesome tribute to those who laid the roots for all kinds of music genres.. And had an understanding of what was going on in the world that not many had at the time. Even though she was from Texas, she made San Francisco her home and whenever you think of the Summer of '69 and the Monterey Pop Festival, she's one of the first that comes to people's minds. Her influences are my influences and she paid tribute to one of my favorites by providing Bessie Smith a headstone for her final resting place. What a thankless honor to place a marking on a woman's grave that had been dead for 33 years and so sad that Janis Joplin died two months after.    Janis Joplin and Bessie Smith will never stop singing.   Rest in peace.
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Travel and storage?
I am a sad makeup junkie; there is no place in my apartment for even a tiny vanity table. (Except the living room, and for some reason my husband doesn't think the living room should be covered in eyeshadow pots unless he also gets to leave computer parts all over it.) So my entire stash is in travel bags and cases. I'd love to get some more organizing ideas and give my OCD an excuse to play with the makeup. I just bought a sort of train case thing - it's like a soft-sided large train case - for my big main stash, and then there's the 'everyday' bag, the 'emergency glamour' aka 'party started five minutes ago do something fast' bag, and the 'summer travel' bag where I keep those weird colors I only wear in summer and the weird products I only wear when it's hot. (I live in nice cold climate, but people keep getting married in July in super hot humid weather places, so I keep a stash of sunscreen-proof no-melt summer colors in a travel bag). And then there's the hair elastics I use to keep eyeliner pencils in bundles, things like that. That's helpful to me in the smaller bags especially. I don't know how people can cope with a whole face worth of stuff just tossed in randomly in one big compartment! In my old bag, I had things in clear plastic zipper bags - nothing fancy, just sandwich bag things - by category and then by color, so all the eye colors were on the left, and I could grab one bag for 'green' or whatever. I've partly weaned myself off the bags now that I have the new train case thing. I should mention that while I'm not a MUA I do a little makeup help for friends, and I also go to a lot of 'fan' science fiction conventions and hang out with people who make massive costumes. So while most of my stash is 'regular' makeup, there's a fair chunk of stage makeup, Ben Nye, and crazy color stuff in there too in case I need to do makeup for a friend's costume. So while I do kinda covet those MUA rolling-suitcase built-in lighted-vanity cases, I don't *think* I'm quite at that stage yet! (Although it would solve that lack of a vanity problem!) What do the travelling people do to keep their stashes organized? How do you sort things? It's probably just my OCD acting up a little, but I feel like I've missed something super obvious about how to sort out makeup when it isn't all over your vanity table.  
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GlamGlow fans: FREE FULL SIZE BRIGHTMUD still available with POWERMUD purchase!
This is on GlamGlow's FB and twitter. Wouldn't let me post links here,   GLAMGLOW is running a promo to celebrate the founder's birthday! I thought is was a pretty amazing offer and grabbed it yesterday! For the first 400 US customers both promo codes are still available.   A FULL SIZE BRIGHTMUD with POWERMUD purchase! Promo is BRIGHTPOWER. Or $59 off POWERMUD PRO (extra large powermud only available through glamglow), thought I would let everyone know! Both promos are still available!
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Sephora Canada BACK on Ebates!
Canadian shoppers! Remember how annoying it was when we found out that Sephora is no longer on the Canadian ebates site? It's back now! 4% cash back Enjoy!!   Kinda sucks that it took them this long to have it back since I bought $300+ purchase over the last month, and could really do with the 4-8% cash back! Well at least it's back now
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Help on Batch Codes (Manufacture Dates)
I've always use online batch code website to check manufacture dates for my skincare/makeup products but today I called Clinique about a serum and they told me that that's not how their system works.   For example, I have a serum with the batch code B81 and it comes out as a manufacture date of August 2011. However, Clinique customer service called the supply line and said the item still has a shelf life of two years left.   If you're knowledgeable on this topic, please let me know your thoughts
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Just when I thought I was making progress with my samples
My SIL is a nanny for the director of a local spa and she just unloaded a ton of product and samples on her.  She was awesome enough to split the haul and just brought me a goodie bag! Looks like I'll be having some fun! 
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Color IQ
I always thought I did an okay job matching my foundation shades- weather in a drugstore or in a sephora. I would always swatch on my jawline and pick which one I thought matched the best.   Last week, for the first time, I had the Color IQ done at a Sephora near me and holy crap I will never ever try to match my foundation on my own again. The Color IQ match really did make a huuuge difference. My face looked flawless after the right color and foundation was applied.    Once my lovely tan fades (unfortunately) I will be back (albeit paler) to get my new color IQ!  
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Travel products and shopping in Italy!
I'm taking a trip to Italy with a friend and I had a couple of things I wanted to ask about. First, any suggestions about shopping for beauty products?? Definitely Italian brands, but also other brands that aren't easily found in the U.S. (ex: Inglot, Yves Rocher are already on my list)...and I'm definitely up for trying low and high end brands! Also, any specific stores to check out? And if so, what types of products do they carry? For example, I've been trying to do some research on drugstore equivalents there, b/c I don't think it works the same way, having Walgreens/CVS type stores where they sell everything from candy and medicine to makeup and school supplies. Does one just go to the grocery store to find low end makeup? Are there specific chains you'd recommend? I feel like I should know this, I've been to Europe multiple times...just never thought to do any cosmetics shopping! :-/   Also: My friend who's coming with me has a b-day coming up, so her gift is going to be Italy/travel themed! (complete with red, white and green tissue/gift wrap, and a box of pasta ) And part of the gift is a cosmetics bag full of travel-sized toiletries. So far, I've put in shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face towelettes, body wash. Any suggestions for additional products? I can squeeze in one or two more minis in there, and I feel like I'm forgetting some other beauty essentials.... (well, there's a razor, but um..I don't feel comfortable gifting that, lol) I'm also getting her an NYX Love in Florence eye shadow palette, but I don't want to include any other makeup beyond that -- she's not much of a makeup wearer. Suggestions? Ideas?    Grazie!
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So many items on saleIS
Is Sephora clearing out?
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Sephora Show & Tell - Today! Live Chat with Bumble and bumble!

Today we're chatting live with Bb. stylist Mischa G.



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Dolce and Dolce and Dolce... Oh My!
I've been on a massive Dolce spree lately... I tried their lipsticks and lip glosses and I'm in love!  I also did my normal Kat Von D hoarding as well this month with all the new lippies.  So much so, that I haven't yet did my normal Nars round up.  Is there a particular brand that you have been snatching up lately anytime you have a couple of bucks in your pocket?  What is the brand and how much do you think you spent on your brand addiction?  And what do you love about it?
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Just signed up for Bobbi Brown's Workshop! Who's In?!
I'm sooooo excited! I just bought Bobbi Brown's Beauty Manual in Barnes and Noble the other day and loved it. I just happened to take a peek at her actual website and saw that she's got a team of makeup artists that hold workshops. I was am I getting to CA or NY for these?!?!? Then I found out it's right at the Bobbi Brown Studio in my State! (NJ) I didn't know this place existed. Just so happens that the Basic Beauty workshop is being help next Friday from 4-8pm. It's $200 ($100 redeemable in product) If any of you are from NJ and have the $, maybe you should come with!! I'm overly excited about this ;-)  Happy Monday <3
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Looking for empy/used Diptyque candle jars
I'm loving the concept of using empty Diptyque candle jars for beauty storage -- they look so pretty and classic. However, i'm not really feeling like dropping $30 a candle to do this. Additionally I haven't had great luck with eBay since they are few listings for empty jars. Any recommendations for other places to look online?
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Happy Canada Day!
Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadian BTers! I hope everyone has an amazing, safe, and fun day! 
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Need Some Quick Feedback on a Non_Sephora Brand Liner I wanna try!
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Sephora Show & Tell - TODAY! Live Skincare Chat

Chat live with A-list skincare experts Ole Henriksen and Kate Somerville, exclusively on BeautyTalk!




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Cate&chloe monthly box only for $15.20 in living social
I want to share this offer to all, Cate&chloe jewelry montly box which i generally $40, is just $15.20 in livingsocial. I like the offer as one get $200+ worth jewelry just for $15. In living social it is for $19, but use this coupon code summerstart, it will become $15.20. Check it out asap, i got 3, so than i can buy 3, 1 month boxes one after another.
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"Birth control and Beauty" Part II?
Hey guys! Hope your having a fab summer! So as some of you may know, i had a "BC & Beauty" post of which was periodically updated. it was recently taken down because a couple of people took the conversation into an inappropriate direction.I dont mind starting a new thread if we can keep our comments PG, clean, concise and less messy. comment and let me know...Should i conduct a Part II? Thanks loves <3.
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Lorac Pro 2 and 2x points (Ulta)
Hey, FYI I just got an email from Ulta--today online starts 2x points (3x for platinum members) and they have the new Lorac Pro 2 Palette! some other good deals--Free shipping on the entire order with any Bare Minerals purchase, as well as GWP... Happy Sunday enabling!!
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I just checked my email,and I got an email today from SMASHBOX that you can sign up and for every 500 pts earned , you will receive a $10.00 gift card to use on the site. They are also close to ending the 25% off plus free shipping, today until it ends, they are including a silver make up bag with a mascara, you can go to the website and get the code to type In for the Free Mascara and bag.   I have not shopped at SMASHBOX for quite awhile, but I still get their daily emails and PROMO EMAILS ( promos for all customers ).
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Any JULEP Fans ??
Right now, they are having a big sale, many items are 85% off... hurry before it ends     Just wanted to pass it on...
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