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Exclusive - PLAY! by SEPHORA July Box Spoiler!
Just for our BeautyTalk community, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what’s included in next month’s PLAY! Box.   For July, every box is getting a must-have mask sample. Here’s the lineup:   Box 1 & 5: FRESH Rose Face Mask - With 50K loves, need we say more?   Box 2: boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-off Treatment - Say bye-bye to pores with this miracle mask.   Box 3: REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask - ? This 10-minute treatment uses white mushroom to banish redness, irritation, even that pesky sunburn.   Box 4: Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Mask Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator - Pop this product in the fridge for a cool treat on an unbearably hot day. You can thank us later.   Get July’s box by subscribing to PLAY! by SEPHORA at There’s NO WAITLIST (at the moment), so get going now before it’s too late! If you sign up now, you’ll get one of the skincare heroes above, plus much more.     What would you be excited to see in upcoming PLAY! boxes? Let us know!
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@xxsour - I'm sorry to hear you feel like you couldn't use any of the products in your box! The reason we included the Dr. Gross Glow Pads was to provide an alternative ... see post
Has Cover FX been fully discontinued at Shoppers?
I'd love to spend my points on a few new items, but it seems like the shoppers ive visited started promoting Derma Blend.
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Has anyone heard about this year's sale?  I was in my local store yesterday and everyone was very tight lipped. I'm hoping for some new offers this year. 
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I am a shade 4.5 in urban decay all nighter. what shade would i be in Kat Von D?
Your shade appears to be medium 52 neutral in the kat von d foundation.  see post
What are you gonna buy???
New game!    Let's say I'm giving you a $250 GC to Sephora.    What are you gonna buy???   Rules: 1. You have to spend it all at once (no saving) 2. You can't buy any restocks or backups (so essentially you've got to pick up the things you've always want to try) 
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I love how it worked on my daughter's very long hair so it is next "splurge purchase" I have on my mind. see post
Top 10 Holy Grail Products
I love hearing what's everyones favorite holy grail products! Whether it be skincare, makeup, or a hair product....tell us what your top 10 favorite holy grail products!   And it doesnt hurt to share a little background.... Age: 37 Skin: Normal to dry, sensitive/acne prone with some redness and dark spots     1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 2. Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum 3. Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette (everyday palette) 4. Hourglass Ambiant Powders 5. Son & Park - Beauty Water toner 6. Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette 7. YSL - Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks 8. Face Mask Sheets (Innisfree and The Face Shop) 9. Philosophy - Purity Made Simple facial cleanser 10. Belif - True Cream Moisturizer
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I will bite on this one! Great idea for a thread! Everything listed below has been repurchased multiple times and are items I love talking about and recommending.    ... see post
Sephora Beauty Enthusiast program????
I was told about a beauty enthusiast program for testing products and such through Sephora, it is run through ReadyPulse. Has anyone heard of this? There's only two posts on Instagram, haven't found anything on the internet to support it being legit or a scam. Customer service hasn't responded yet. Wanting to check for validity before I signed up. Thanks! 
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It's legit! I'll post link separately, because it's difficult to see down at the bottom: see post
Confessions Of A Beauty Junkie
Whatever you call yourself... a makeup addict, skin care junkie, a sample hoarder - I am sure you have something to confess. Is it an out of control makeup stash, bins overflowing with samples or shelves filled with skincare? We want to hear it! Share with the community and let us know how you stay organized (pics welcome)   If you have tips for organizing out of control stashes we want to hear from you!   ps: I love organizing so love to hear what others have to say!     pss: I did do a search and couldn't find anything recent close to this topic. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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BEAUTY GURU suessquatsch / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
@sister13That is some impressive organisation there. I probably need to invest in either drawer sets or something like your tower soon so that I can house all of my cosm... see post
Calling All Makeup Hoarders & Splurgers
I'm super curious about everyone's shopping habits here, so starting a thread. A friend and I got into a discussion of how many lipstick we own--each of us own over 100. Are we crazy? I've always loved collecting makeup... Feel free to post photos of your makeup collections as well!   How many products do you estimate you have when it comes to makeup? Skincare? Haircare?   What brands/types of products do you hoard the most of and why?   How do you store all your products?   What do you estimate that you spend at Sephora yearly? Monthly?   What’s the most you’ve ever spent on one single Sephora shopping trip/haul, and what did you buy?   I'll go first!   - I have over 100 lipsticks, which is the bulk of what I hoard. I also collect eyeshadows (I own about 50, give or take). I don't have so much skincare or haircare, but have recently been buying all the Drunk Elephant products.   - Lipsticks by Dior, because their the best in my opinion. I also have a ton of Lime Crime lipsticks that I buy when they have their really good sales.   - I buy plastic makeup storage things from Amazon but I hate them. Anyone have any advice? I'd love to start using vintage trays or something but feel I have too many products.   - Recently I've been spending a lot more and have qualified as VIB Rouge for the past two years. My mom and I share the same card and I think we spent about $1,500 over the past year together. This month, we went on a haul and spent close to $500 total, which was our biggest splurge ever, stocking up on spring and summer products.    
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Makeup Treasures
As makeup lovers we tend to amass quite a large collection, but we all have our favored treasures. I was hoping we could share and discuss some of our most special items.    I don't necessarily mean favorites. I mean:   - Sentimental items - Limited Edition collector items - Next-Level-Dazzlers (items that take our makeup to the next level, and just make us feel glamorous and extraordinary)   Bring out your goods!   
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@spadersgirlI collect them so I kinda felt a need to have more than 1 of this one :D see post
Let's Talk about Plastic Surgery, Fillers, Botox, Dermatology, "Procedures" Etc. (No Shaming)
I mentioned recently in the Thoughts on Beauty thread that I was struggling with the visible signs of aging on my face. I am fairly diligent in my skincare and use retinoids but there is only so much topicals can do. About two and a half weeks ago I decided to take the next step and I got Dysport (it's like Botox) in my crow's feet and nasolabial folds (smile lines). I am absolutely happy with my results and would (and will) do it again as the effects from this round wear off.   I wanted to share my experience because I'm sure there are more of us out there who are thinking of having procedures done and are unsure, wondering about the cost or feel embarrassed talking about it. If anyone wants to ask me any questions, I'm happy to answer whatever I can.   Please, everyone, chime in with your experience as well!   I'm not totally excited about sharing some of these pictures. I took my "before" picture in the absolute worst light imaginable. In the waiting room, in 12:00 high noon sunlight. But it did pick up every wrinkle (um, yay).   Before:  I am looking up so my forehead is a bit more wrinkly than normal but you can see my crow's feet and my fairly deep NL folds. This is literally my least favorite photo of myself in existence.   Spoiler (Highlight to read) The night of: I'm a bit of a mess here. There's not much to see here except that I'm a little swollen. I also got a pretty bad bruise on my face and I thought you may want to see the progression. It wasn't too bad on that first day. My face WAS sore where I had the filler around my mouth. I got Juvederm Ultra Plus XC injected.   Spoiler (Highlight to read) A few days later: I know the lighting is bad here but the swelling is down but the bruise is bad. My face remained tender for a couple of days. I really hated going to work with this on my face, even trying to cover it up. (Also, my injector was really good. I bruise so easily and I don't blame her for this at all. It happens.)   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Two weeks: All healed. Took this photo yesterday in morning light with no filter. I forgot to mention that I also had the Dysport injected into the "11s" between my eyebrows. She only did 10 units so I still have movement but it seemed to have spread somewhat into the lines across my forehead, which is fine by me. I don't really mind those lines so much but, hey, if they wanna disappear I'm not complaining. This is the most close-up I have ever posted and I'm not loving it!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) I wanted to get injections into my chin to take away some of the dimpling I have but my nurse warned me that the chin area can sometimes have a tendency to spread incorrectly and affect the edge of your smile in a strange way so I decided not to do it. However, I did want to leave SOME lines and signs of aging on my face. I wanted still look like myself.   So all in all I had:   30 units of Dysport: 10 on each eye and 10 in my "11s" One syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC   Here is the price list from the Medspa I went to:   Spoiler (Highlight to read) So there you go! I hope that's helpful!  
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Anyone knows who is Bella Hadid's and Kylie Jenner's nose doctor is? :D see post
Victoria Secret Semi - Annual sale started today
and it was awful lol I actually never go to the store but they had the same sale online and yeah I added items to my cart last night and woke up and most of them were gone.I was like wow no one works on mondays anymore lol I wasnt going to be waking up at 12 in the morning for that sale on a day I have to wake up for work the next morning.I was up at like 6:30 and mostly everything I wanted was already gone lol.I did buy during the semi annual but none of my items were on sale which really was dissapointing I wasnt able to use the promo codes for them either.I ended by getting 7 items some tops/ tanks from their Vs sport collection and I got one bra a pink one  only 2 left in my size 32DDD and its very hard to find bras in my size because most bras they carry only go up to DD Idk why .....   Any luck with the sale ladies anyone buy anything or go in their store.I'am not sure when their semi annual sale ends but it goes on for at least a month I think but by then everythings picked over and yeah not worth going.   It also irritated me I never normally buy from the semi annual sale so idk if this is normal but no freebies no free bag no free anything lol.I was just like okay not everythings on sale so yeah they only have select items on sale and its usually the stuff they are trying to get rid of that no one really wants. Even the good perfume was not on sale I was like really ..... why even bother having a sale if nothing goods on sale .Their black friday sale is 100 times better.
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I think they add new items because more items are added to the semi annual now.I know they also have UGGS online on the VS website also on sale so thats kinda cool.   ... see post
Why makeup is so important to me
I've been thinking about posting something like this for a bit but it's a boring Sunday morning so I thought that I'd post what I've been thinking on here. 
I am a trans woman and I am a drag performer. I still present as male a large majority of the time for my well being. Because of this I deal with a lot of gender dysphoria/body dysmorphia and also a whole bunch of self confidence issues.   However, whenever I get the chance to let the true me out it is amazing. The main reason is that I've come very far with my makeup skills. I'm definitely not a professional or even a good amateur but my skills suit me. When I beat my face something fierce I feel those insecurities and those whispers in my head melt away. I feel like the true woman I am inside. If it wasn't for makeup I wouldn't be able to feel confident and fierce so I am grateful.   If anyone else has a story like this feel free to share. I've just been thinking about this and thought this would be a great place to post it.
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BEAUTY PRO Nickelliebear1 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
@reginamcg I'm so happy you were able to find an outlet, where you feel comfortable coming and sharing your thoughts and being transparent.  It might seem silly to be ta... see post
I did not see a thread for June 2017 hauls so I'm hoping it's okay that I start one!   Since it's my birthday month and I'm saving up for a trip later this summer I am more than happy to live vicariously through the juicy hauls that I know this month will bring!  
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This is some fabulous Tim Burtonesque beauty!  Love it!  ❤️  @Blackwhiskey see post
The Wonderful World of Instagram
This is a place to share who you follow for makeup, hair, nails or fashion ideas.  What are you favorite Instagram accounts?  Even though there are filters on IG, it can be a source of inspiration to get ideas from as well as getting the scoop direct from brands or stores. 
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Oh my gosh, those make me so dizzy! see post
can ya believe it ? MAY FAVORITES are here. what are you favorite little babies this month ?   i'm gonna preface mine with saying i'm *not* including the reverie hair products i got recently--that i know some of you are curious about--not because i don't love them (i do !) but because i want to use them a bit more so i can really talk about them properly.      PETER THOMAS ROTH rose stem cell bio repair cream . what can i say, i adore this cream. i wanted to try it because i swear by the rose stem cell mask from this range, and it had surprisingly good reviews (surprising because anything that claims to be anti-aging tends to have mixed reviews, i've found, due to varying expectations). it's lightweight and soaks into the skin almost immediately--admittedly a feature i didn't love at first as i'd bought it with the intention of using it as a night cream (and i like to feel like a basted turkey as i go to bed). but i was very quickly swayed--and i now i wear it morning and night. not only does it hydrate, but i've noticed the pores on my nose (my problem area) appear smaller. my skin tone is very even and bouncy. and it's a lovely mix of nature and science (my preference). seriously--if anyone wants to ask me any questions about this, please do, because i want to keep talking about it ! NARS x CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG velvet shadow duo, rue allent . i've worn this almost every single day since it arrived at my door (which is virtually unheard of, no matter how enthusiastic i am for a product). it's maybe replaced my HG NARS eyeshadow duo 'bellissima' as my very favorite. the sheer formula sweeps on evenly but can be built up--natural looking liner or dark smokey drama all over the lid. the light side is a perfect inner corner highlight without looking too frosty (something i don't like on me), or can be used as a light sweep over the dark side on the lid for a hint of added dimension. i'm already feeling anxiety over this not being a permanent item. NARS x CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG multiple tint, jo . this is my favorite multiple EVER ! the texture is lovely, it's sheer but buildable. so natural looking but instantly brightening.  THE SUM - THE GOLD EDP . this is the latest launch from a little indie brand out of portland. it's like a beach scent for lydia deetz. beach sand cooled by the moon rather than warmed by the sun. jasmine, clove oil, sandalwood and dirt. i can't stop wearing it. JORDAN SAMUEL - plié cleanser. just a pleasure to use. to be clear, i don't use this to remove makeup, but as a second cleanse or morning cleanser, so i can't speak for that. but i love how it feels--it's very similar, though not exact, to the beloved NUDE omega jelly cleanser. cleanses skin but leaves it feeling bouncy rather than stripped. the price is great too. (this was a gift, and i'm ever so grateful !) RIDDLE OIL -- santal body lotion spray . another scent discovery this month, riddle oil santal is primarily a spicy cardamom and sandalwood scent, with amber, mango blossom and a hint of vanilla. i love the smell (it smells of the incense that was burned in the first yoga studio i ever frequented !), and something about a lotion in this spray form is just such a pleasure.  DIOR addict lip glow color reviver balm . i'm such a lipstick junkie, but it's just not been my jam this month. i needed to check my lips into rehab. and just about all i've worn this month is this ! i sleep in it, i go to work in it. my lips are so hydrated and plumped that i swear they look bigger !  i want a couple more (i just have the original pink shade, which gives the perfect natural brightening pink glow) REAL TECHNIQUES miracle complexion sponge . it took me a while to dare to try it, but i did, and i feel like it changed my life. i get it now. this is definitely my favorite sponge of ones i've tried (including beauty blender)--my makeup melts into my skin in a way i didn't realize it  hadn't been doing before. 100% love. what made you feel fab in may ?
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I agree @jen81 anything to help with getting ready quicker or easier lol.  Although sometimes I admit, I do love "playing" with my makeup. see post
Makeup We Buy because it's featured in pop culture
Have you ever bought makeup or any beauty product because it was featured in pop culture (i.e. movies, shows, mentioned in songs, etc)?  Or perhaps you bought something because the shade name reminded you of your fav show?  I sure have!   Exhibit A:   Yes I impulsively bought Chanel Lip Balm because it was (vaguely) featured on Yuri!!! on Ice. And it didn't even help my chapped lips😅   Anyway, what have you guys bought that's been featured in pop culture (aside from things featured in ADs)? 💃🏻
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I really love a dance beat as well, and then sometimes I just get hooked on a sweet sounding song :D  Lately I've also been obsessing over NCT U 'The 7th Sense' and NCT ... see post
Ever urgent dial-a-friend cos you needed beauty advice asap?
At this time of my life, when my friends text to say they need an opinion, I'm expecting questions on love/money/STDs.    I LMFAOed when my friend asked me which brushes to get. And honestly, she's my gem of a friend that I text when I need to know which d*** lip colour suits me.    Have you got girl/guy friends that will drop all to answer your beauty puzzles?    
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@alexasteph   i wonder if she lurks on BT... I'm always glad for her hard work on swatch comparisons.  see post
Beauty Bakerie PLEASE!
Please oh please oh please! Can you add Beauty Bakerie products to your offering on and in Stores? Their Lip Whips are my #1 favorite long wear & smudge proof lip color. All of their products are amazing, cruetly and animal free. I'm sure I'm not the only that feels this way. Thanks!
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nillabean88 / FRESH FACE / replied
Is there to get Beauty Bakerie products in the stores? I think it would be more convenient for their consumers and a great investment for your company, as you partner wi... see post
Does anyone know a good program/site for keeping a makeup/skincare inventory?
I love organizing my stuff (although I often fail at keeping it organized for longer periods of time). At the moment, I use Scentbase for my perfumes (though I'm behind), LibraryThing for my books (this is surprisingly updated), and I used to use DVDProfiler to keep track of my movies (I can't remember at the moment if it's not supported anymore, or why I stopped using it, but I have been looking for a good replacement for that).   I could just make myself another spreadsheet or database, but I'd prefer to use something I can check from anywhere (and not clog my Dropbox up further to do it). Ideas?
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I almost forgot about this question! Thank you @greeneyedgirl107! That should work pretty well for me, I think. :)  see post
when will beauty bakerie products be sold in sephora?
Beauty Bakerie products (specifically their matte liquid lipsticks) are a staple for me! Their liquid lips have lasted me through long nights and still look the same in the morning! Will Sephora ever carry this brand?
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nillabean88 / FRESH FACE / replied
Is there to get Beauty Bakerie products in the stores? I think it would be more convenient for their consumers and a great investment for your company, as you partner wi... see post
The Birthday Thread: Write down your wishlist or share what you received for your birthday!
My 2017 Birthday Goodies: -Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Monogram print. -Sephora giftcards -Money -My favorite cake (it's called hummingbird cake) that only my cousin knows how to make just how i like it.  -Pandora charms for my bracelet -Swarovski crushed crystal bracelet   Over all I'd say it was a good one. I received everything and more and was surrounded by love!   Share with us your wishlist and tell us what ya got!
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BEAUTY PRO Teresa44443 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Girl I start my birthday wishlist the day after my birthday haha! I purchased the cheek parade and I love it! Thankfully the only repeat from my collection is the Rockat... see post
Shopping whats on your wish list ....
  1. Bitterlace beauty mermaid palette colors not yet released yet it will be out this summer cant wait fot this one.I think she is expanding her brand so it may or may not even be highlighters.I dont like surprises but I cant wait to see what  she has in store.   2. Sigma Lip Switch the entire collection I dont want to buy it now because its too hot right now everyones selling out and only has two shades left so yeah once everyone has them the hype will die down and it will be easier and a more calm environment for me to purchase them in.I hate restocks I just cant deal with that craziness not my style .   3. Lime Crime Diamond crushers collection to try out and see them I know they are not that great but I'am still kinda interested plus their not too crazy expensive.   4. Victoria Secret - I'am waiting for their spring / summer semi annual sale coming up.I need bras , undies , pink items , perfume everything cant even tell you how excited I'am for that sale.I literally wait to buy everything because I refuse to pay full price plus I like freebies like bags .   5. MAC - patentpolish lip pencils , lipglass clear ,Justine skye powder   6. Too faced unicorn tears    7. Kylie Cosmetics - This is a maybe for me not sure if I want it or just want it because of the hype and big deal everyone makes about them.The lip kits need to have better colors.   Oh I should have mentioned this thread can be anything shopping related it doesnt have to be makeup it can be clothes or anything you want.I dont care lol.     The Kylie cosmetics  Gina gloss I have had my eye on though thats a pretty shade of pink.For someone whos a white girl lol.I say this because the kardashians have olive skin tone and I'am not armenian.It wont let me post a pic of the D.... gina gloss on here even though I'am technically not cursing thats the name of the lipgloss lol.   8. Jesses girl glow stix  - I dont want to buy these until they have all the shades in stock, I think they have 3 different colors .When you add certain shades together you can create a rainbow lip like below they used two colors from jesses girl to create this look.Its on their instagram page if anyones interested.                      
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BEAUTY PRO Nickelliebear1 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
@BarbieGirl1 he actually is really bad with gifts, I didn't get a birthday gift last year and we have very different ideas of gift giving.     I'm trying to keep my li... see post
Remember When...
Just for fun, here’s a place to share memories of time gone by, and to remember things from the past that will take us down memory lane.  Can be beauty/fashion related or not.  Share your “Remember When” stories here and we can all get nostalgic with remembering how things used to be. #Beauty #Fashion #Music #Technology #Cars #Food   Let's have fun with this!   Spoiler (Highlight to read)  
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There's already a Throwback Thread if you want to read up on more stuff :) see post
Hi Metta, welcome here.What can we do for you? see post
What brands are you obsessed with and what sparked your love for them? What is it about that specific brand that makes you come back to buy more or try their new products? Any brands you've been disappointed with? Brands that consistently have products that don't seem to live up to the hype... or that just doesn't work for you. Maybe there's a brand you don't want to buy products from due to poor reviews/image. Any brands you've been wanting to try or any that caught your eye due to packaging or a specific product.   Share your stories of brand love and dislike.   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   One brand that will always hold a special in my heart is MAC . It was the first higher end brand that I purchased from and what started my love and obsession to makeup! I still remember looking at all the beautiful and endless products they offered. What brought me to them was a lip balm I loved. It was a tinted lip balm and I wanted to match that very specific nude beige to a lipstick and couldn’t find it anywhere else. After seeing the range of color they offered I just fell in love. I must admit that I am a bit disappointed in the brand the last few years… it doesn’t feel like it used to and I can’t really put my finger on what makes me feels this way about them.   KVD is another brand that keeps getting my money. I'm loving pretty much everything she is coming out with! Her packaging and all the work she puts into it make it even more special.  I so wish I would have gotten the face chart reward when it was up. Definitely one of my top brands!     I also want to mention The Body Deli .  I keep repurchasing from them. I love their products and have been using their body line for a while now.  Here's more info about them from their site. Spoiler (Highlight to read) THE BODY DELI is the pioneer in fresh, organic, raw superfood enhanced personal care products. Two Cosmetic Chefs, Margaret Skarin Clark and David Anton Parker, created the brand in the resort towns of Palm Desert and Palm Springs, California in 2001. Two "foodies" with an extensive background in nutrition, raw food, wellness and beauty, envisioned a personal care brand so different, fresh and unique that they started making their own healthy skin care products. Their special method is a process similar to crafting fresh juices and smoothies in a high-end Organic Juice Bar. “Fresh Food for the Skin” was their concept, and since then they have evolved a global brand committed and dedicated to providing the absolute purest alternative for nourishing the face, body and hair. Celebrities, fashion designers, Fortune 500 leaders and health conscious people have fallen in love with The Body Deli’s unique, effective and wonderful creations. THE BODY DELI is the pioneer in fresh, organic, raw superfood enhanced personal care products. Two Cosmetic Chefs, Margaret Skarin Clark and David Anton Parker, created the brand in the resort towns of Palm Desert and Palm Springs, California in 2001. Two "foodies" with an extensive background in nutrition, raw food, wellness and beauty, envisioned a personal care brand so different, fresh and unique that they started making their own healthy skin care products. Their special method is a process similar to crafting fresh juices and smoothies in a high-end Organic Juice Bar. “Fresh Food for the Skin” was their concept, and since then they have evolved a global brand committed and dedicated to providing the absolute purest alternative for nourishing the face, body and hair. Celebrities, fashion designers, Fortune 500 leaders and health conscious people have fallen in love with The Body Deli’s unique, effective and wonderful creations.   I've mentioned these in the thread today but also a big fan of: Natasha Denona Viseart Pat McGrath Odacite Omorovicza    Love the eye products from the first 3 brands, the serums from Odacite and a few products from Omorovicza. Probably more but just have a huge memory blank right now
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@IZ95I like that they are Canadian and make a good affordable product but they have horrible cs.  The kind that makes me want to buy elsewhere.  I find that they have th... see post
save or splurge?
I was going thru my stash last night and discovered I had a wide range of price points for my products.  So I thought I'd make a question thread:  Which products do you save your money and which do you spend (an obsene) amount on?     I used to save on shampoo and conditioner, but now that is a total splurge for me.  It really makes a difference for my hair.   I also splurge on eye and night cream as I think this is the most important part for me.  I also will splurge on foundations, and eyeshadows/liners.     I tend to save on soaps and body washes, lotions, and lip gloss and chap stick.    I also save on shaving cream, nail polish remover, makeup remover wipes, and cotton balls.  (Although I just threw in a Sheseido cotton pack when at Ulta because I had to see what the hype was about.)  I also save on sunscreens and hair oils- although I'm all over the Macademia oil from Ulta tomorrow- love that stuff!)   I plan to edit this as I think of more items...   Edit:  I also save on mascara, micellar water, face masks, and skincare from The Ordinary (lately).
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BEAUTY PRO Nickelliebear1 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I'm a good consumer, I typically splurge on everything.  It's less because I think that drugstore products are bad but because I would rather buy things that I'm sure I'... see post
Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret
If you've been playing with makeup for awhile, you've probably picked up or developed tricks of your own that most people wouldn't think of. Do you have an unusual foolproof technique for applying your foundation? Do you use a particular product in an unexpected way? Have you found an unconventional hack for clearing up a blemish overnight? Here's the place to trade your little-known ideas!
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Something I've done since high school, and it still works on those hormonal breakouts: whenever I get one of those angry pimple popups, I use Clearasil (or any pimple cr... see post
Love the product, hate the packaging?
What products do you love (and rebuy!) even if the packaging is terrible? Any genius solutions?   This morning the metal tube packaging of my NIOD Sanskrit Saponins creased and sprang a leak. I've been so gentle with it, and used barely 1/3 of the tube. I'll probably decant the rest to an airless pump.
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I know exactly what you mean. I finally pulled the white plug thing at the top out. Now I just place a cotton pad covering the opening and pour it out. So much better. I... see post
Oklahoma City Sephora
Bare with me this is my first post and I don't know if its in the right place. Does anyone work at the Oklahoma City location in Penn Square Mall?
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