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To Cancel or Not to Cancel Sephora Play Box
I've become increasingly disappointed with the Play boxes. Anyone else feel the same? Partly because I feel the boxes contents are predictable for example, you'll get a face primer about every other month (or even every month). Which may be great for people who can use primers, but my skin loathes them (yes my Play profile is updated and correct). Throw it in the trash. If you get a makeup sample it is in some obscure color that may be fun to try on one time, but you're not walking out of the house with it on. Throw it in the trash. See the pattern, I pretty much throw almost everything I get in the trash. BUT every once in a while you'll get a gem of a sample and that just reinforces me to want to keep subscribing. When Play first came out I felt like there was better samples being sent, but now it's just whomever they have a deal with. Should I just hang in there and ride out this rough patch? Thoughts?
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I cancelled mine a few months ago. i was getting stuff that i couldn't use. the boxes arent personalized and i thought they would be due to the little beauty survey you ... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - Drunk Elephant Live Chat This Wednesday!

Tiffany Masterson will be on BeautyTalk from 12-1pm PST. Ask a question!

Tiffany Headshot.png

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Does anyone use coconut oil?
For moisturising or makeup removal?
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YSL Birthday Freebie?
Has anyone ever gotten the birthday gift from YSL direct? It says it's full size but i can't find anywhere online what it is or how to get the code (they don't seem to send anything to my email).
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LUSH bath bomb Haul
I got three bath bombs today and the line at lush was insane that was also a nightmare.   I got this one which looks like a spring bath bomb its two different colors its like two in one .I have tried pretty much every bath bomb they have except these ones .I listen to some dance music and pop in a bath bomb its the best way to relax.   I also got this lavendar one      and the flower one       
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Victoria Secret Haul
I bought three bralettes from victoria sceret they only costed me 38 dollars for three so they have a sale on bralettes if you buy two  of them.I didnt like how the bralettes looked online they look much better in person .I wasnt planning on buying bralettes but when I saw them I was like I need to have them their cute.I got a pink one an orange one and a yellow one.   I was planning on buying a bra but they didnt have any colors I liked in my size in the 32DDD the colors were like black , tan and really boring so I said forget it.If I'am paying 50 to 60 dollars for a bra it better be a color I like.   I went to a huge Victoria Secret so the PINK and the Victoria Secret were seperate stores which was annoying because the line in the PINK store had about 20 people in it .I wanted to buy a tank top that said PINK in pink letters and was heather grey but said forget it when I saw the line was insane. They didnt have any MAJOR sales so I didnt really understand why everyone was buying VS items today.   The semi annual sale is in June / July coming up not now.I hate shopping with large crowds I prefer when stores are close to empty or no one is in line.   Plus UPDATE rant included : I ended up getting the pink tank the light grey one in the small which was the last one by the way with the pink writing on it .I ended up having to go to two pink stores to get that top which was a pain IN MY you know what and a living nightmare.     So this morning ( today )  I go and see this promo in my email buy two bras get a free white tank top with the words angel in pink writing on it a 25 dollar value.SO I liked the tank and I didnt want to buy two bras for full price for  117 dollars thats right I looked it up and it was not a deal at all.   SO I go to the store and ask hey I know this sounds weird but can I just buy / get the tank top without buying the bras which would of been a sale  for them anyways because it would have been around 40 dollars. I was already buying a tank top the lady said NO okay thats fine but you lost out on my money since I was trying to buy a free tank for a vaule of 25 dollars which means she would of charged me 25 dollars for the tank anyways and would of got cash money but whatever.Not to be mean but the lady was a B**** she could of charged me for the " free " tank top and made a sale instead she made a huge deal about it I felt like I was asking starbucks for a unicorn frappuccino she just was in no way going to do it.RIDICULOUS I was soo annoyed I traveled that far for two tank tops only to get one. I would of paid for the tank in full that was free when you buy two expensive over priced bras.       At Victoria Secret you would think I was asking to be a VS model LMAO  the girl who I'am assuming was the manager wouldnt give me a victoria ssecret shirt that said angel on it for a 25 dollar value because I didnt buy two bras with it and she claimed it only comes with two bras she wouldnt let me just buy the shirt seperately. She lost out on a sale and money because she was not intelligent enough to understand I was paying for the shirt lmao their was profit to be gained.SEE I just have no tolerance for that type of service.      
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I signed up for linkshare but couldn't find Sephora for the United States on the website. Please help 
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@NikkoBT I'm already registered on linkshare, but when I search for Sephora I can't find Sephora. I can only see Brazil and Australia.  see post
Show & Tell What's In Your Makeup bag In Your Purse!
    Hello lovelies! I was recently digging in my purse to grab a lippie and noticed I had so many products in my makeup bag.. I'm bored and at work and thought, why not start a fun thread?   Show us what you got!       Spoiler (Highlight to read) L-R Top Row: -Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in #37 -NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound -Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B -KVD Everlasting Liquid Lip in Bow N Arrow -KVD Everlasting Liquid Lip in Lovesick -Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick in Backtalk -MAC Hot Chocolate -MAC Whirl -MAC Pink Pigeon L-R Bottom Row -Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss -MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Desert Evening -NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien -Bite Lip Gloss in Three -MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry L-R Top Row:-Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in #37-NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound-Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B-KVD Everlasting Liquid Lip in Bow N Arrow-KVD Everlasting Liquid Lip in Lovesick-Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick in Backtalk-MAC Hot Chocolate-MAC Whirl-MAC Pink PigeonL-R Bottom Row-Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss-MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Desert Evening-NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien-Bite Lip Gloss in Three-MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry
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This picture is so darn cute! I love the color scheme! Pink is my favorite color. I've always wanted the Too Faced kabuki, but have never gotten around to buy it.  see post
Best and Worst Products of all Time
This thread may have already been started, but I'll be honest, I didn't check because my browser has been really slow!   Anyways this thread is to discuss everyone's favourite and least favourite product of all time. Try to only name 1 product for each!   My Absolute favourite beauty item is the KVD Mi Vida Loca palette. It just stands out in my mind as my favourite. I just love it so much!   ... And the least would have to be any eyelash curler that isn't nickel-free! I know it isn't a specific product, but I just can't stand when contact dermatitis develops on my eyelids! Nickel allergies aren't fun
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Nope - didn't have any purge period see post
Thank you Sephora, Milk Makeup, Dior and Tocca for the lovely spring goodies!
Hey everyone! I was chosen to get some stuff for free to try from Sephora!  The items are: Milk Makeup highlighters in Mars and Supernova Dior Pump and Volume Mascara Tocca Stella hair fragrance     I have tried the Milk highlighters and swatched them on my arm as well as on both of my cheeks for you guys.  I really love both! They apply well and don't stay feeling sticky on the cheeks after application.  I think that Mars is great if you want something more natural/subtle, while Supernova is great for a sort of extra terrestrial feel .  It was super hard to capture Mars in my photos though, but it is a sort of orangey color with a reddish shimmer (think Fireball by Urban Decay).  It looks super great and natural once on the face though!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) As for the Dior mascara, I haven't tried it yet but I opened it to check out the brush! I'm curious how it'll work for me.. I hope well! It doesn't look like other mascaras which I find myself using more often (think of an hourglass shaped brush with more dense bristles), but maybe this one will surprise me  Photo in spoiler!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) EDIT: Just tried the mascara on one eye... Omg..  LOOK AT MY LASHES. One eye has nothing and the other has two coats of the Dior mascara (applied one coat, then waited about 10 seconds before applying the next- no curling or primer used). This is amazing, wow. Sorta in shock, and if this doesn't flake and go wild, this is my new HG.     And finally the hair fragrance! I got it in Stella and omg it smells so good.  I sprayed one spray in my hair and it's lingering with me and all I can smell! It's very feminine and floral, it's quite sweet too and I think it smells stronger than many of my regular perfumes.  I think this is something I'll spray onto my hair on windy days so the wind can lift my hair and spread the scent haha.   Thank you so much for all of this Sephora! It really made me happy (especially with my low-buy and such lol).  
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Thank you! I was so, so happy to find one of those purple-y shifty highlights that actually works on me!    see post
Would You Rather: The Sephora Edition Part II
It's been a few months since I had created the original thread and I figured since it went over so well that it's about time to launch a second version!   For those wanting to check in on the chaos from part 1, here you go: /Would-You-Rather-The-Sephora-Edition/m-p/2674243/ ...   The rules are simple, you must make a choice between the options given. You can justify it however you want, but you can't alter the initial circumstances. In other words if the option is "Would you rather glitter get stuck in your eye every day or have your hair caught on lip gloss every day?" you can't say "Well, I don't wear lip gloss anyway so I go with that option!" By choosing the lip gloss, that means you'd have to put on lip gloss to eventually have your hair get caught on it.   Obviously this game is just for fun (no one is going to force you to apply lip gloss and have your hair get caught in it ), so with that being said, game on! Feel free to post responses in a spoiler tag if you're not wanting to have your answers in a long, visible post!       WOULD YOU RATHER;   1. Only be able to cash in on any promo with no spending minimums with a guarantee that whatever promo will be in-stock, but have to never get the annual discounts of $X and X% off every again OR only be able to cash in on the $X and X% off discounts and have to deal with spending minimums for promos, but run the risk of stock running out?   2. Only be able to use singles (eye shadow pans, blush pans, bronzer pans, lipstick bullets, etc.) for the rest of your life OR only be able to use palettes (concealer palettes, eye shadow palettes, blush palettes, lipstick palettes, etc.) for the rest of your life?   3. Have to wear a matte lip with a metallic eye look OR  a matte eye look with a metallic lip for the rest of your life?   4. Go through the day with one set of eye lashes glued down together from a failed false lash application OR go through with red lipstick smeared on your chin all day?   5. Swatch every single shade of liquid lipstick on your lips and wear it for 24 hours OR  apply a coat of every single shade of nail polish on your nails and wear it for 24 hours?   6. Wear a shade of Anastasia's Dip Brow that is 2 shades too light for your hair/brow color OR 2 shades too dark for your hair/brow color?   7. Wash all of your makeup brushes and all the brushes of your friends for 1x a week for an entire month OR have to just buy brand new set of brushes for yourself and all your friends who use brushes?   8. Lose a Beauty Blender to a pet who has turned it into a chew toy OR drop your favorite makeup brush in the toilet?   9. Be stuck for an entire week with too much blush on OR spend that entire week with too much bronzer on?   10. Never be able to shop instores every again, but be able to have the most dedicated service for superb online shopping at Sephora OR have a Sephora 1 mile within where you live and only be able to shop there and never have access to Sephora's site every again?   11. Get the entire Tom Ford lipstick collection for free only to discover all the tubes have melted down OR   get $200 to spend on whatever lipsticks you want in Sephora with no worries of melting happening?   12. Wear one of Dr. Jart's Rubber Masks (which have their rubber mask pieces colored according to their type) out in public on a date OR wear Glam Glow's Gravity Mud Mask (which is silver in color) out in public on a date?   13. Break your favorite bottle of perfume on the floor OR have to wear the entire bottle of your favorite perfume?   14. Apply your makeup for a week only with the hand that you do not predominately use OR have a different stranger a day for a week do your makeup for you?   15. Wear around an unblended contour/highlight look (as in the swipes, dots, dashes, and laid-down application of colors before you tackle and blend everything out) out for a week OR  wear around an undusted baked look (as in a super generous and heavy amount of powder is applied to regions of the face to set creams/liquids) out for a week?
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@Samtian - Great idea!  There's a primer for everything else, why not perfume? see post
SiJCP (Sephora Inside JCPenney) - share your pics, promos & pretties ❤️
    Welcome!    This thread is all about the SiJCP experience!  These stores are different than the stand-alone Sephora stores and like everything else, there are pros & cons.   Some of the pros: SiJCP has exclusive Sephora Favorites Sets ( which aren’t sold online ): Post a pic of any you may find out there in the wild GWP promos: sent out via email, snail mail or postcard offers in the store. There is usually no minimum purchase requirement but you will need the barcode.  Be a pal? Post any offers you come across here  Their own “Rewards”: the 100-pt’ers are usually different then stand-alone stores Some of the cons ( IMO ): Their own “Rewards”: which are hardly ever stocked The great mystery of the “ SiJCP Email Distribution List ” is still….you guessed it – a mystery! No one, not even store employees, know how to get on this email distribution list.  The investigation is still ongoing  Communication isn’t consistent  and each store seems to operate differently. BTW, if you had a good experience at the store, please complete the survey – this means a lot to the hard working SA’s.   Thanks everyone for your help  
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@lisainprogress  Thank you Lisa! I was aware of this, but I wasn't sure if it works the same with the JCP system. see post
Ulta GWP Google Spreadsheet Request Thread
Please post your requests for the google spreadsheet link in this thread so we can minimize the spreadsheet chatter int he Ulta GWP thread.  Thanks!
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Many thanks! :) see post
I'm not sure if this thread has already been started, but I'm curious to see what everyone is planning on buying during the sale!   Here's what's ready to go in my cart:
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Hi @kdanielle0x, the existing thread can be found in the link below. Happy shopping! :) see post
Sephora Show & Tell - What’s New Wednesday: Pinrose

What’s your fragrance mood today? Show & Tell!


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Australian Products?
Hello beauties,   I'm going to Australia in June and was wondering if there are any great items (skincare, makeup, or any other items) that I should pick up from there.   Thank you in advance! Eliza
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VIB Sale
I saw some posted the VIB Rouge sale dates but does anyone know when thr Spring VB sale will be and if VIBs will have 15% off or 10%? Trying to plan my life lol
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Thanks! see post
Brandy Melville
I love the brand its super affordable / cheap and everything is one size so I dont have to worry about picking the right size out or if it doesnt fit.I'am soo tempted to buy soo many items right now lol.Everythings black or white or heather grey and its basic everyday clothing.
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Crazy makeup names that you wanna buy just for the name alone lol
White Girl Sunscreen   The name alone gets my attention and makes me laugh because I'am a white girl lol.I think the brand is kinda cute though.Plus its only 15 dollars.     Aromaholic Lip Balm    This stuff looks super cute  it has the names of drinks on it.         That Booty Tho Bum Cream    This reminds me of that drake song you know the one lol            
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
kewl idea for a thread @BarbieGirl1   I haven't found one yet, but if I ever come across a product named "Crazy Cat Lady" I'm buying it. I don't care if it's a loofah.... see post
Makeup Questions
Goodmorning , I'm doing a senior project and need a few questions answered from a professional makeup artist or anyone that can efficiently answer all my questions. Please leave your name. 1. What made you want to get into makeup and how did you better your skills over time? 2. What are your thoughts towards company's that seem to have a difficult time creating products for women of color? Such as brown skin and darker melanin? 3. What made you decide to purse a career in the cosmetology industry? 4. What advice would you give to younger makeup artist that would like to someday purse a career in the industry?
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Beauty Talk has unfortunately been hit lately with a lot of spam or fake accounts in which members have been either reached out to directly via personal message or have ... see post
Color, Fragrance and Skincare IQ
Hi dearest Sephora community from all over the world,   We are 2 cosmetic passionate students from Sweden, very interested in knowing your opinion about the usage of in store technology at Sephora as for example, the Color IQ, the Fragrance IQ, the Skin IQ, the beauty workshops etc. The survey only takes 5 minutes to complete! would you help us contribute  to the world of beauty and technology?    If so, please comment below so we can send the information to complete it     PS: All the data collected will be available to Sephora and for further research in the cosmetic industry!   Xoxo,   Miranda and Keren
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If you still need people to take your survey, I would be happy to. see post
Sephora Show & Tell - What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

How do you care for your scalp? Show & Tell!


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Sephora Show & Tell - April 5th: Smashbox Live Chat with Lori Taylor and Vlada Haggerty!

Chat LIVE with Lori Taylor and Vlada Haggerty from 12 pm - 1pm PST.

1mow2n (1).gif


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MOB & MOG Dresses.
I know this is a beauty community, but I could really use some fashion help. My mother and future mother in law are asking me what color they should wear to my wedding next summer. I'm not sure what to tell them. The colors of the wedding are black, white and blush. My bridesmaids will be wearing floor length, black dresses. Neither of them care to wear blush and I don't want them in black, because I want them to stand out  from the bridesmaids. I am open to all suggestions. 
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I love this color!   Thans Zanna. see post
Victoria Beckham for Target
Victoria Beckham is releasing a collection for Target coming up this april in stores and online she will have clothes and accessories and maybe even a handbag collection for them. I like Victoria Beckhams style and her sunglass collection but the stuff in the target commercial  she is selling  looks awful I'am hoping she has more clothes to offer that look more everyday / normal looking.I realize the stuffs affordable / cheap but it looks like she didnt even try to come out with a good collection for target lol.
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Yeah I love her sunglasses they are almost 500 dollars each though lol and lets just say I'am not buying that anytime soon or in the near future.Yeah I signed up for Vic... see post
LUSH bath bombs
I have tried soo many lush bath bombs and bubble bars and rainbow fun and everything in between whats your favorite bath bomb from lush or any lush product what are your favs ?     
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Victoria Secret Semi Annual sale in June / July
I always wait to buy any PINK products until the semi annual sale .I dont really like the brand VS that much but if its really cheap / affordable I might give in and buy some stuff during their semi annual  sale in the summer.   They usually always sell out of any products I might be interested in though.It also really bothers me that Victoria Secret is no longer selling swimwear anymore .I bought a really really good bikini from them that I really liked one year and I was going to buy another bikini this yr from them but they no longer are making them.They only sell them through the pink VS brand now and their bikinis this yr look really really bad so I wont be buying those.
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UPDATE - I'am going to a HUGE Victoria Secret store this upcoming weekend and will probably be tempted to buy before the big semi annual sale this summer, but I will pro... see post
Online Shopping Thread
My recent buys from online shopping :   I got Hanky panky bralettes which I love they are soo much better than Victoria secret the brands super comfortable too and yeah I just love their bralettes.   I got these ones to start off my collection the rainbow one , the american looking one and the black lace one with roses embroidery.   I also got this pool float drink holder from the funboy brand its really popular on instagram its a unicorn it was super cheap so got that too it looks cute for the summer though lol.            
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