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Best Financial Options for Car Buyers
When shopping for a vehicle it can be hard to decide between buying a used or a new car. Used cars are obviously going to be cheaper up front, but when buying a used car you should definitely check it out and make sure it is in good condition, otherwise it might end up costing you more. New cars are great because they come with a warranty, but they are definitely going to cost more in the long run, so it is up to the buyer to determine what they want to pay for. Auto news brought to you by Source: 1228
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Makeup organizer
I'm wanting to buy a new makeup organizer. Does anyone have this zahrabeautystore or cosmocube organizer?? What do you think about them? Or do you have a different organizer I should check out? I'm using muji drawers right now but I want one organizer that will hold most of my makeup. Thanks!
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I am new to this beauty talk and as I am browsing some threads about TSB (?) or so. One of their rules is that you should have a specific number of hearts. How do you give and get hearts? A dumb question but yeah, could somebody help me out? Thanks!!!!
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ricciannenicole / NEWCOMER / replied
Thank you so much guys for enlightening me!!!! :D see post
Make Up through out History. Which Era was your favorite?
Make up is forever changing and many times can define a decade. Looks throughout history were very different. Which era do you wish you were born in? This video shows Women's Make Up Through History and although it wasn't shown my favorite era for make was the Roaring 20s. Dark eyes and red lips, what's not to love?
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I appreciate things from lots of eras. But lately, due to my ongoing obsession with Agent Carter, I've been enjoying looks from the forties. The red lipstick, the glamor... see post
Obssessed but I found an outlet!
So I recently started a blog about skincare, makeups and just overall beauty and lifestyle.  I wanted to let BeautyTalk know and ask for support from all you beauties.  I hope this isn't out of place, because Beauty Talk is part of my inspiration and reasoning for starting a blog. Plus, I buy 95% of my products from Sephora.   If you like what you see, please support me by following on Google+ and/or Bloglovin. You can find me by searching for callmefafi.   Thanks!
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Thanks so much guys for your support and love! I really appreciate it! Things are going well and Sephora is definitely my favorite store to shop for all my beauty needs.... see post
Mother's Day Gift Basket
Hey guys,   I'm putting together a gift baskets for my mom for mothers day. I'm not sure what all to include. Do you guys have any product recommendations?    Ya'll are always so helpful.  Thanks in advance!  
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You should definitely get a base coat! It prevents the nail polish colour from staining your nails. And I find it makes it easier to remove polish. If you need a polish ... see post
Does anyone buy products just for the packaging?
I just received my Smashbox + Donald Robertson lipstick and it is missing the sleeve. I am so sad! Part of the appeal for me was the pretty packaging and I can't help feeling disappointed about it. I like to keep LE packaging although most of the time it is just a bit of a pain to keep the products in them, lol!   Do you ever buy products just for their pretty packaging? Do you keep the products inside or do you store it another way?
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Guerlain Meteorites see post
Used to hate it, now you love it?
I just realized I've become obsessed with matte eyeshadows. I hated matte eyeshadows, like, last month. With my hooded eyes, mattes just look so much better above my crease and they tend to stay a lot longer. I've worn matte shadows every single day this week so far, and I don't want to stop!   Anyone else a flip-flopper on beauty products? What product(s) did you used to hate and now love? Or the other way around, products you used to love and now hate?  
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I now love bright/unique/bold lip colours and I never thought I'd say that. I used to stay loyal to my pinky-coral-nudes but since last summer I've been wearing bold col... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - What's New Wednesday: Made With Love

What's new on the site that's caught your eye this week? Show and Tell! 


mwl 4.22.jpg

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Anyone wishing Sephora to have more information on ingredients?
I find that Sephora often lacks information on ingredients, often just mentioning some active ingredients or nothing at all.    On the other hand, Nordstrom has much more information on ingredients. Why doesn't Sephora include  ingredients list in their product information?    I mean, it's not too hard to gather information by myself, but it definitely would be nicer and time-saving...    
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I know a mod has chimed in before on this topic and told us that they list whatever information is provided by the brand, so if they don't send anything then it's not po... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - Today! Live chat with Josie Maran and Bite Beauty!

Ask the founders of Josie Maran cosmetics and Bite Beauty a question, today on BeautyTalk.



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Currently in Barcelona, recommendations?
I'm here until May 2nd! Do any of you ladies and gents have tips for places to go/shop?? My heart broke today because I went into Sephora and they had the Givenchy Confetti Powder in display but it was sold out :-( Hoping I can find it while I'm here!   Thanks in advance!
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Hauls? (not sephora)
mini haul i really wanted to get the Laura Mercier Eyeshadow palette but they were out of stock. So i got some skincare products from Skinfood. I spent 55 dollars so i guess it would be the same thing as getting the palette... hopefully the eyeshadow palette will be in stock before the sale ends.
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Which shade did you get from Lipstick Queen? I only started purchasing her lipsticks in January. I am very happy with the Sinner Lipsticks. They are 90% opague and apply... see post
Excited about items bought at sales event
What items did you buy at the sales event that you're excited about? ok I have to start off with the Bobby Brown Beach roller ball.. I put it on in store never even thought about buying and immediately placed in my bag.. It smells like the most beautiful beach ever I cannot even begin to explain how amazing.. Ahh no words it just really shocked me how much It smells like a refreshing beach day. Nothing better than a surprise new love I picked up the Cover Fx drops so I'm really excited about trying that out.. NARS  Copacabana Illuminator hopefully will be as amazing as it looks on my hand lol so I'm really excited about trying that out this summer.  Just wanted to share my sale haul I'm really excited about these items
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I bought the Framboos serum and their Luxury Marula oil during the sale.  I'm excited to try the serum when it arrives.     I'm actually hoping it will be a decent rep... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - In Focus: Korres

I talked to the founders of Korres to get the skinny on their new apothecary launches. 




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Farewell BT!
Hi everyone!   Just wanted to share that after nearly 6 years working with Sephora I am saying my goodbye! I know many of you have messaged me, come to me for assistance and have become familiar faces but it is my time to move on!     Thank you for your great topics, advice and pictures you all so love to share! This has been so much fun getting to know you all and share your joys and woes! Thank you all for the heart parties and posts too.   As my PM's are now off, please reach out to Melissa, Zanna, Laura, Kevin, Nika or Randee if you have any issues or questions and I know they will be able to help!    I leave you with my favorite saying, "You can never have too much lipgloss."       
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ahh it seems I am super late and missed saying good bye to you as well... but like heartsmyface mentioned if you happen to re-visit this thread down the road... hopefull... see post
Sale Ideas and Suggestions!
With the sale going on I have a few items in my cart I have had my eye on and see people talking about often- just wondering what is worth it and what is not!  or any other ideas people have on something that is a must buy! im mostly looking at skincare items (combo sensitive skin with some breakouts and clogged pores)   * FAB Radiance Pads *FAB Oatmeal mask *Ren Gylcolic Radiance Mask (I think this is what its called) *Beauty Blender solid cleanser *PTR Cucumber Mask  
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I love the BB solid cleanser. I just used it last night so spot clean my brushes in addition to my BB Pro. If you have sensitive but combo skin, have you considered tryi... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - What's New Wednesday: Festival Season Picks

What's new on the site that's caught your eye this week? Show and Tell! 


festival 4.15.jpg

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Shopping: The Heart Says Yes, The Head Says No
We all know the feeling. You see a lovely product, and instantly want to buy it. But then the cruel little Scrooge inside your head says "NO! You're never going to use this, you don't need it!" But the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes doesn't listen to the head.   This is a thread for those products you know you don't need and won't use, but want anyway. Maybe it's a beautiful color that doesn't complement your skin, or that you have no place to wear. Maybe it's just a product type you never use, but like the idea of. Maybe you wouldn't mind buying it anyways but Gosh! $50 dollars is a lot for a product you'll never use.   Here you can share the products you're internally struggling with,  and why you're struggling with them, as well as the ones you've broken down and bought anyways, and if you regret the purchase or not.    I currently have three impractical temptations.  1. Poe. It's a beautiful color, it's sparkly, dark blue goes nicely with my complexion, and it's named after my favorite poet. But realistically, how often am I going to wear a blue lipstick? Where am I going to wear a blue lipstick? It doesn't even go with any of my outfits. But still, it sure is pretty, and will probably end up it my cart one of these days.   2. Tarte's Rainforest After Dark Palette. I already have dupes of most of the eye shadow colors, and the blush, bronzer, and highlighter aren't particularly flattering shades for me. But I LOVE the packaging. I just can't quite justify $40 for a gold snake though haha.   3. Anything nail polish.  I never wear nail polish for some reason, but I keep seeing all these colors that I want to get "just in case." Thing is, I already have several "just in case" colors that I love, and I still only use them at most three times a year. Oh well.   So how about it? What products are you all struggling with?
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I want to be a makeup artist.
I am 13 and I'm about to be a freshman in high school. I have signed up for a cosmetology class for all four years and will double up classes for my junior and senior year so I can have a chance to get my license by graduation and be able to work as soon as get out of school. I expect it will be a lot of work, but  I think it will save a lot of time because even if I don't qualify for my license by then I wont have to take as many classes when I get out of school and I can focus more on college then, which is something else I would like to do when I get out of school, but my main focus is cosmetology. I have loved doing my own and other peoples make up and hair for as long as I can remember. It is my passion and something I would like to continue to do for the rest of my life. I have only one fear. What if I'm not successful? I know I should, but I don't have a "backup plan". Makeup is the only thing I want to do. Does anybody have any advise for helping me become successful in the cosmetology business? 
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An option with potential to earn a bit of side cash in the near future - if you can put together a 'lookbook' of sorts showing makeup and hair looks you do with friends/... see post
Wasn't Impressed...
at all with this least where i was at...I mean i spent 148.00 and with coupon it came to 119.00 (and still trying to figure out where that 119.00 is at in the items i bought)...   the fold over clutch has terrible samples in it...that nail polish color is a pea green color or maybe some other color..the buxom lipgloss is not a color for my dark skintone..why not throw in a mascara, some neutral eyeshadows...   the food was ok..nothing special...but when one is hungry anything tastes good..   had a contour done on me..only noticed it on my cheek area..   I don;t know I guess I expected more from this event..glad the coupon can be used many times it comes in handy when i get paid again..
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It was so, so. I didn't go to the event launch so I just went in later to make a purchase. 15% off is a lot better than 0% off and I didn't even realize a clutch of samp... see post
Face Mask
Hello Glamour Guys and Gals!       I was wondering what the best face mask for combination skin is. I use the Clinique 3 step system and I LOVE it, but I would like to supplement with a mask. Any suggestions?   XOXO Sarah
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I recommend using samples for supermud first if you have sensitive skin! I surely read so many rave reviews yet it irritates my skin. I heard so many good things about i... see post
Makeup Donating In Canada ?
Hey there,   I was wondering if anyone on here who happens to be from Toronto or in Canada has ever donated makeup they didn't want to an abused women's shelter ?. I really would like to do this as a nice gesture for those less fortunate. I  got a lot of lightly used and new products to unload !
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Yes! I'm in Burlington, and I donate to a place called the Shifra House. There are other options as well in toronto I'm sure. It's best to contact the shelter and see if... see post
Roomate rant. Feedback?
So I live with two roommates, one of which I don't know well. He's an international Chinese PHD student in computer science so we don't really hang out much but he just sent me some unexpected words when all I did was ask about lowering the thermostat. I posted the texts below--did my text even warrant that kind of attitude?   I'm a clean, communicative person and can't stand his habits of not recycling, not once helping with throwing out the garbage, not cleaning up after himself in the kitchen, not locking the door, and lack of communication with cranking up the heat but I been putting up with it and cleaning up after him because he's moving out this semester and the last time I tried to have an adult conversation with him, he got defensive/sarcastic and called me rude. My other roommate already told me he's a hard person to get along with but I still feel upset and angry that I have to live with someone like that for the next few months.       
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lol. I'm American but Chinese by ethnicity. (Though not rich, nor international), but yeah, I can see what you're saying. Hope this poor experience doesn't leave you wit... see post
These are a few of my favorite things...about BT!
I have been away for a little while, and am starting to get back into the swing of things.It got me to thinking about why I like being here and what I missed! I love that we are a bunch of like-minded people, from all different walks of life but common things that draw us all together. I love that a person can come and go, but it always seems like coming back to a type of family that is always welcoming. I love that we can talk about our obsessions, ask questions, get advice, share our hoards and enable each other, or just talk about other random things. I love that the community is supportive of personal things going on, such as births, deaths, joys and trials.  I Love how we stick up for each other if any bad eggs come in and start trouble. I love the ideas and inspirations we get from the discussions and pictures.   It is just a fun place to be!   What are some of your favorite things about BT??    
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awww, I love all the love that seems abundant here on BT..... :) Now i"m all warm and fuzzy. Thanks gogreyhound for posting such a positive thread and you've been missed... see post
Sephora Show & Tell - What's New Thursday: New Skincare

What's new on the site that you have your eye on this week? Show and Tell! 


wnt asian skincare 4.9.jpg

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Help me pick a box!
I have FINALLY decided i want to sign up for a subscription box. BUt i don't know which one!!
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BEAUTY PRO spadersgirl / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
One of the items I picked from BeautyArmy was expired. Instead of replacing it, refunding it, or even just apologizing, they told me it's still good to use 6 months AFTE... see post
What are your favorite stila all day lipstick colors?
The shopping channel website currently has stila all day liquid lipstick set on sale for $39 for two.The sets are either Patina/ Carina or Bellissima/ Beso. I am torn... BT, which are your favorites? which do you think are most wearable?  I see Patina popping up a lot lately, but I am worried it will be too dark for my pale complexion once it dries (I'm not as edgy as some of you ladies on here haha)   (if anyone wants the link to the actual item just pm me )
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haha aww thats fantastic ! i say, if you're trying to venture away from lighter colors, patina is the perfect way to test the waters. neutral enough to not feel too bold... see post
Ever looked up expiration date of your skincare?
All the great GWP and promotions make me REALLY want to buy skincare. Instead, I decided to go look up expiration date of my ~100 products and I am NOT happy. =(   I'm gonna go take a shower because I believe my neck and bo obs are also in need of some vitamin C/brightening serum and emulsions for, like, everyday for next two month. Maybe I should start rubbing peels over the spots and bumps on my knee/back of arm.....   Have you ever looked up expiration date of a product? or throw any skincare out?
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I purchased a full-sized eye cream last year - something I don't normally do.  I was quite happy with it until I realized the jar indicated it would only be good for 6 m... see post
Another rabbit hole...
Like I don't have enough obsessions in my life as it is; I purchased my first graphic novel today. It's not the one I originally set out to buy, but they didn't have the one I wanted in-store and I wanted something NOW, I didn't want to order it. I'll get it eventually. It is, of course, a Marvel story. This one is about Black Widow. I'm not real familiar with all of the characters, but I think I'll be able to follow along. 
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Which novel do you suggest as a good starter novel for Captain Marvel? see post