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often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
My prom is on May 19th, and I was thinking about getting my makeup done at Sephora. I know that you have to spend $50 minimum, but is that on anything you want, or just on what they use on you? Also, if I want to use that $50 to buy a Bobbi Brown foundation, can I have the makeup artist use that as part of my makeup? Thanks!
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Apparently I'm blacklisted from returns without a receipt now. That's understandable, as Sephora's return policy is so generous and for example they let me return an open, used Clarisonic without a receipt for store credit. That to me is honestly worth being blacklisted for a year.   But I just find it ridiculous that I was banned for making returns without a receipt FOR A YEAR based on 1 return. Anyone have this happen to them, too?       When Sephora customer service tell me I might be banned, I imagined having to return $500 worth of merchandise or the same products over and over. But apparently now I am a marked shoplifter in the Sephora system for 1 return without a receipt, without considering how much money I actually spent at Sephora within say the past 5 years. I'm trying to live a minimalist lifestyle these days. If I don't use it, I'm going to try to return it. And if I can't, I will donate/trash it. I am NOT a shoplifter lol!   I'm sorry but I don't know anyone who gives gifts with a receipt for the person to return the item. My birthday is coming up, I now supposed to  warn everyone to make sure they include the receipt just in case I don't like their gift because I can't return it? That's kind of  rude. I'm just blown away.
I want to get my makeup done for a concert. I want the makeup to be kinda crazy to! Will Sephora do this? How much does it cost? Thnaks!
My apologies in advance for my rant.    I want to make y'all aware of the awful experience I've had dealing with Too Faced (direct), which is especially disappointing given the amount of money I've spent on their products.   On Cyber Monday, I placed my second order ever with TF direct to take advantage of their half off sale items promo and their Cyber Monday mystery bag.   When my order arrived on 12/08, one of the palettes I ordered was missing, although I was charged.   3 phone calls and 1 email later, I still have not received my refund from them, although a supervisor swears the refund was issued yesterday (after she hung up on me a few minutes ago and then called me back).  I am not holding my breath.   The worst part is that no one apologized or even acknowledged the inconvenience of having to call 3 times and email when they messed up in the first place.   I would like to spare anyone else from going through something similar.     Has anyone else had a bad experience dealing with Too Faced Cosmetics' (lack of) Customer Service reps?
I spent 155$ at sephora in Halifax,  ns. I've never been to an actual sephora store before as I usually just order online. I walked into the store looking for a specific thing, could not find it and it took me about 15 minutes before I could get someone to help me find it. Everything's disorganized in the store, most workers did not look like workers aND we're basically standing around doing nothing. . I didn't even get one single sample or even talked to for that matter. Such a disappointment at least when you order online you get 4 free samples! Wanted a makeover but didn't see a single worker even around the makeup station
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Can someone explain to me why Sephora stores are so stingy with samples? I have gotten so turned off from shopping at any Sephora location this past year. I can't be the only one who now only buys online because the SAs lie, refuse to give out samples and act as if you are personally inconveniencing them and taking money out their pocket by asking if there are any samples for the day or if you can get one for a specific product. I have been to numerous stores only to be told "We don't have any" when I can clearly see boxes full behind the counter. I have also been told that the only samples I could get are the ones redeemed for points and "They will make you any sample you want", but my apologies if I don't want to put something on my face that a million people have stuck their dirty fingers in or used (particularly the case with jars/tubs and most makeup). All the testers are breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. Despite their claims that they clean everything regularly, I have seen tons of people apply lipstick/lipgloss/mascara using the brush it comes with, then putting it back and contaminating the entire product. I don't share mascara with my friends, so I definitely don't want to with 100 strangers.    I am always tempted to just cancel my purchase and go home and buy it online when I am told there are no samples. There is no reason to waste my money there and get no samples when I can order from home and get at least 3 foils and a deluxe sample (often more) for free, along with free shipping. Does Sephora still not realize that samples encourage us to buy more products? I cant tell you how many products I have bought full sizes of only because I got a free sample, tried it and loved it. There have also been many products I thought I would love, but tried a sample of and hated, therefore not wasting Sephoras time or money by buying it, hating it and returning it. They should be throwing samples at us left and right and offering samples of products when we ask for recommendations. Especially to us Rouge members who have spent thousands. We shouldn't have to ask and receive weird looks and attitude, they should just put them in your bag at checkout. During one of the only pleasant experiences I have had at Sephora, a trainer for the company who helped me told me that anytime you go to the counter and ask for samples and they say "we have none" that they are lying. He showed me that almost all the drawers under the displays are filled with samples and back stocked product and that they have foil or deluxe samples for most products (despite them always trying to make you one from the tester). He also told me that most of these samples are given to Sephora by the companies for free, so there is no reason they should be stingy with the samples because they cost them nothing and encourage you to buy more products. You would think that Sephora would want to encourage us to shop in store where they can convince us into buying more and not lose out on money they pay for the free shipping that rouges get. I would go to my local Sephora all the time and probably buy more if they actually gave out samples. Who do we need to talk to in order to get a change?   Have any of you all had these issues with Sephora stores? Do you prefer buying in store or online and why? Interested to hear everyones experiences!      
I'm wondering about the new option for a mini makeover, the fb promo for my area (square one Mississauga ON) talks about taking photo's after. Should you wear foundation in for this or is it best to come in without it? thanks in advance
So, I've always done the bare minimum when it comes to make up... Mostly because I am on the go starting at 5;30am and don't really have the time to do a whole lot, so I've never learned... I want to learn though, how to do eyebrows, and contouring etc. At the tutorial in store will they go over all that with me, and help me find all the proper shades of everything I need, because I am so lost when it comes to the world of makeup!!
I am heading to Puerta Vallarta in May and wanted to see if there was a Sephora there.. unfortunately not.. but it got me to looking at the Mexico Sephora website.   Looks like prices are INSANE. Even after you convert Pesos to dollars.. everything seems to be DOUBLE the Canadian prices.. triple the US prices.    Am I missing something? Has anyone been to Sephora Mexico?
I was sent the wrong samples again, though this is the first time I have brought it up. I saw that you are still offering some of the samples I originally ordered, so I'm assuming you are not out of stock (really, you can't be out of stock of samples of your own brand's foundation, right?). I chose samples based on things I actually might buy and things I can use. I received things I can't use. Why offer a choice if I'm constantly going to get the wrong ones? I know they are free, and that's great, but I'm not going to spend time scouring ingredients and reviews If I'm not going to get them anyway.  It's just frustrating when you are looking forward to them even more than what your purchased. I just picture some chick or dude in a warehouse giving zero fraks and throwing in whatever because meh, who cares because who will know and nothing seems to be done about it? It's just so aggravating.  Is there ANY way at all to actually increase my chances of getting what I actually ordered? Thank you
Hello,  I made a reservation to have my makeup done for prom and I'm super excited. I know I have to spend 50 dollars first. I was wondering, if I want to wear false lashes, do I have to buy them and have he/she put them on? Also, is it likely my artist will be able to do a full face job in 45 minutes? Thank you!
Hey guys I just made it to Space NK Ndulge Deluxe! Is anybody here also a deluxe status? What awesome perks have you got? I know I get $10 per every $100, but besides that what other things should I look for? Thanks!
Can I use a JCPenny giftcard at the Sephora inside JCP in the store?
Sorry if this has been asked before but I got the coupon packet for becoming VIB. It says that you get a custom makeover with no purchase necessary. Yet when I did my appointment it said I have to spend the $50. Do I have to spend the money or can I just show them the card I got?
  I bought a Foreo luna mini 2 in store at Nov,2016. But it's broken, at first it start to vibrate by itself, now it can't start working. So I was wondering can I get a exchange for it?    Thanks
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I chose Sephora store #406 for my 45 minute complimentary makeover.  Chris was my makeup artist.  I'm going to summarize my notes.  Chris started with skincare.  She used amazing products such as Bliss's "Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask" and "That's Incrdi-Peel." The skincare portion was really relaxing.  I think I could have sat in the Studio Makeup mirror all day.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that when I was with her we had a great conversation.  She really took initiative of the look.  I let her know what looks I usually like and came up with a look.      Makeup was the next step for my makeover. Chris used makeup by YSL, Hourglass, Smashbox, Stila, and Nars.  I have included a picture of my beautiful makeover.  She applied BB cream by Stila.  Followed by touches of Nars Multiple stick was brushed on my upper cheek bones.  Side note: I didn't get the best rest last night and have allergies.  Apparentely, there are celebrations taking place nearby.  That aside, she was able to conceal the darkness under my eyes.  To do this, Chis used the YSL "Touch Eclat" to conceal dark circles.  Smashbox eyeshadow was added.  The palettte chosen was Image Factory -Icon.   I have Hourglass's "Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick" in Icon. She added lip liner to keep the color from moving around.  I really love the matte red lip!  This is part of the current trends.  Natalie, also at store #406, had another great suggestion.  To use Urban Decay's Ozone/clear lip liner.  If I feel unsure of the exact line...this takes care of it.    Thank you for such a great experience store #406!  Thanks to Sephora for creating a nice event for VIB's to attend!  I hope you found this post to be helpful.     P.S.- I took this picture, myself, while Chris was in the middle of adding lip liner.  I hope everyone enjoyed their makeovers, too.    
Can I return a gift and get cash for it? I have the receipt, its in new condition and its before 30 days.
I just purchased an Anastasia brow pencil from Sephora in stores for $30 this morning. And than i checked online this afternoon, and noticed that it's priced at $27. Is it always more expensive to buy in store compared to online? Never noticed this since I always buy online...(also the smashbox contour kit was same price online and in store)   I just think it's kind of unfair since I could have got more samples and used a code online, guess I will be returning the pencil tomorrow and repurchasing online even though it's $3, just does not sit right with me. 
I purchased a Make Up For Ever concealer two weeks ago in store and went to return it in store today. I only used it once and it did not suit my skin. I did not have a receipt, but after reviewing the Returns and Exchanges policy for Sephora Canada I went to return it in store because the policy says that the product can be looked up in the system. When I reached the cashier, she told me that she could only do that if I provided my email or had a Beauty Insider card where my purchase history would go. This is not stated anywhere in the Returns and Exchanges policies online, and I would really appreciate it if someone could clear this up for me. The concealer was a little expensive, and I would like to know if I can still return it (maybe to a different store?) because the policy does not state that I needed to have provided my email. Looking at other people's questions along the same topic, I was not asked for ID either. Thanks.
Is there any way to get points added to my account? I purchased four items tonight at Sephora and it's not showing up in purchases or giving me points.
Hi Ladies, I wonder if any of you work /have worked at Nordstrom beauty department? I was scheduled a phone interview and would appreciate any insight and advice. Anyone I can talk to ?   Thanks  
I saw this cool event on fb. Customized palettes! So cool, but I'm not in NY. Just letting yall know cl
I was shocked!! This girl wanted to swatch the sweet peach next to another palette but the samplers weren't next to eachother. I watched her open a brand new peach palette and swatch over 5 colors!!! I really hope she bought it!! I have intense allergies, and if someone were to swatch something I buy and have had contact with one of my allergens... I'd be in big trouble!!