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I bought a foundation I hate at the middle/end of April in a Sephora. My entire order summary is online on my account but I do not have the receipt or the packaging. I also do not have a Sephora near me so I really want to return it by mail. How do I do that?? 
Hi ! i wanna ask about the Anastasia Beverely Hills Artist Palette. Is this palette available in Canada's  Fairview Mall in Pointe-Claire  ? cz the Store availability online service mentions that the palette is available in the store , but a friend told me that she went and it was not available. 
Hi beauties! I'm going to Toronto this weekend with my friend who has never set a foot in a sephora store. We live 8 hours north of Toronto. So with that being said, I want to bring her to the best sephora store! Could you please tell me wich store you like the best and why! (Yorkdale, Eaton center, Square one) also im not very good on highways so which store is the easiest to get to without getting lost!    
Is the Sephora at Citrus Park Town Center (Tampa, FL) a large store with a variety of brands?  If not, which location in this general area is the better store to go to?  My son has a bowling tournament down in that area, and I thought I'd hit up one of the Sephoras there.   TIA
Hearts posted an awesome picture of one of her local Sephoras and it got me thinking - What does Sephora look like around the world? My store is tiny and cramped in comparison to some of the images I found via a Google search - but it's my store - it's comfy and I feel at home there, so I love it regardless. But how awesome would it be to go to one of these other stores?!   Check this out (pictures posted below in thread):
OK, so I know some folks didn't have the best Sephora experience yesterday at the Rouge event. But how about we give a little bit of love, though, to the people who tried to make it a good one!   I want to say my thank you's to Justin (both of them!), Ally, Val, the store director (Michelle, I think) and the lovely girl in fragrance with the awesome Deva curls (we gushed over each other) at the Burlington, MA store! I had a fun time — you made me feel welcome and appreciated! (((HUGS)))   Add your fave SAs to the list!
Yes, I enjoy beauty and I spend a lot at Sephora, but while shopping at the Westfarms Mall in CT on Friday, I felt like I was being shamed by one employee for reaching the Rouge level so early in the year.   I was at the checkout and the associate that was assisting me was wonderful and very cheery, and when she scanned my card she told me that I had re-qualified for Rouge.  When the associate next to her heard, she said "What, already?" in such a condescending tone.  The client she was assisting asked what that was and the associate said "She already spent $1,000 here since January!" and the two of them went on talking about how much money that is and how could someone spend that much so quickly.  Then of course they scoffed when they heard me being told I have over 5,000 points.  Everything about it made me feel like junk.     I have never felt this way shopping in store, but I felt so embarrassed after this encounter that I just wanted to get out of there and not go back.  I am not ashamed about what I spend my money on, because of course I only buy what I can afford and that is nobody's business but my own.  I generally choose to shop at Sephora because I have had good experiences in the past, but I feel like I will probably find another Sephora location to go to, or do my shopping online and at other retailers where I feel more comfortable.   Has anything like this ever happened to you in store?  I would feel a little better if I weren't the only one that has had to go through something like this!
I just purchased the ghd eclipse in-store and recently discovered it is on amazon for $212.36 with free shipping (prime). Is there anyway I can get a price match from Sephora??
I am needing to learn how to do my brows (fill them in, ect). I was wondering if why I am in there they could wax them? I know Ulta has the Benefit Brow Bar but I wasn't sure if Sephora had any program like that?   
I was wondering if you offer a full-face makeover at a JCPenney Sephora as well as how and if you have to schedule a full face makeover at a JCPenney Sephora.  The store finder doesn't say it does, but I witnessed a girl getting one the last time I was there.  
can we bring our own tiny container and pump 1~2 foundations that i want to try? cuz i dont wanna buy the full and realize it don't work for me then reture
Hi! I have a question regarding price adjustments. I purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 on March 30th. I then received an email coupon for 15% off through April 10th. I called the 877 number and was told the only way to get a credit for the difference would be to return it and purchase it again with the coupon, since the coupon was not valid at the time of my purchase. Is there a way to do it without returning it? I also have a 20% off coupon from another retailer, but I would rather keep the product I already purchased. That $23 would really mean a lot to me =)
Despite being a guy, I've always been in love wiht makeup, but haven't really gone too deep due to the social stigma behind it. Now that I'm older, I'm feeling braver and wanted to start investing in makeup, while also getting my first makeover. However, due to embarrassment, I was wondering if the makeover could be done in private, or at least in a covered area of the store. 
I just purchased an Anastasia brow pencil from Sephora in stores for $30 this morning. And than i checked online this afternoon, and noticed that it's priced at $27. Is it always more expensive to buy in store compared to online? Never noticed this since I always buy online...(also the smashbox contour kit was same price online and in store)   I just think it's kind of unfair since I could have got more samples and used a code online, guess I will be returning the pencil tomorrow and repurchasing online even though it's $3, just does not sit right with me. 
Hi, I bought the wrong Chanel perfume by mistake in Paris. I still have the packaging and receipt, but I am now back in London. How can I return or exchange the item? Thanks.
Can I use a JCPenny giftcard at the Sephora inside JCP in the store?
As a professional makeup artist for 7 years with published editorial work, celebrity clients and such, where does one can apply to be part of Sephora Pro Team? :-) Thank you.
If an item is out of stock online, do your stores ship for free to anywhere in the U.S?
*heads up, this IS a rant*   So I went into Sephora today looking for a new moisturizer. My skin has been insanely dry lately, and my Sheer Transformation is doing literally nothing. Normally I have normal skin - I think the dryness is from my new cleansing routine, I've heard the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser has been drying out a lot of people. Anyway, I go into the store and head to the SkincareIQ device. I enter in my concerns, skin type, all that. I start looking at a cream from FAB and trying it on my hand when the brand rep walks up to me.   "Oh, you're looking for a new moisturizer?" I respond politely, she asks me my skin concerns, we go back and forth a few times, and she pulls me over to her brand, Ren. Tells me "Now, this has no parabens, silicone, or fragrance to it, all of which you said were important to you."  ... I said I didn't want it to feel oily. But alright. I took a sample of it and later tried it on in store.   Wouldn't you know it? My face is shiny, my skin is bumpy, and an hour later the flakiness is coming back.   I hate dealing with brand reps. I understand it's their job, but what if I had decided to buy that? I would've paid for and had to return a product that was terrible for me because she doesn't know anything about other brands that would be better for my skin. Her job is to try and get as many people to purchase her brand as she can, sometimes ignoring their actual skin concerns.    Sorry for the rant. Thanks for letting me vent <3
As much as I like my stand alone Sephora cause it has the widest selection, and as much as I like the ladies there.. there's one recent incident that made me disappointed.   When the KVD contour kit came out, I was hunting it online, checking to see when it would hit my store. I even went to the store and asked around just to see if they had it in the back but they didn't. Note the only reason I did that was because it would show on stock online.  Well. One of the ladies there told me to leave my details (phone number and name) and that she'd call me as soon as it hit shelves because she knew I was a VIBROUGE. I even think it was the manager that wrote the note down but I'm not too sure about that. Well, long story short, I ended up buying my contour kit at the jcp that I avoid going because of bad service and distance.. but that time I was treated awesomely and they even brought the product from the back since they hadn't even shelved it yet.   To this day, I'm still waiting on the supposed call I as going to receive about this contour palette from my stand alone sephora. And I know it's already been there, they just ran out.. but hey, I guess they don't really care who buys it or what promises they make to a loyal rouge as long as they get their sale. This is the first time I'm truly disappointed in that store. I'm actually going today to return a dud item. And probably purchase something to feel better.. makeup addict logic.
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Can someone explain to me why Sephora stores are so stingy with samples? I have gotten so turned off from shopping at any Sephora location this past year. I can't be the only one who now only buys online because the SAs lie, refuse to give out samples and act as if you are personally inconveniencing them and taking money out their pocket by asking if there are any samples for the day or if you can get one for a specific product. I have been to numerous stores only to be told "We don't have any" when I can clearly see boxes full behind the counter. I have also been told that the only samples I could get are the ones redeemed for points and "They will make you any sample you want", but my apologies if I don't want to put something on my face that a million people have stuck their dirty fingers in or used (particularly the case with jars/tubs and most makeup). All the testers are breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. Despite their claims that they clean everything regularly, I have seen tons of people apply lipstick/lipgloss/mascara using the brush it comes with, then putting it back and contaminating the entire product. I don't share mascara with my friends, so I definitely don't want to with 100 strangers.    I am always tempted to just cancel my purchase and go home and buy it online when I am told there are no samples. There is no reason to waste my money there and get no samples when I can order from home and get at least 3 foils and a deluxe sample (often more) for free, along with free shipping. Does Sephora still not realize that samples encourage us to buy more products? I cant tell you how many products I have bought full sizes of only because I got a free sample, tried it and loved it. There have also been many products I thought I would love, but tried a sample of and hated, therefore not wasting Sephoras time or money by buying it, hating it and returning it. They should be throwing samples at us left and right and offering samples of products when we ask for recommendations. Especially to us Rouge members who have spent thousands. We shouldn't have to ask and receive weird looks and attitude, they should just put them in your bag at checkout. During one of the only pleasant experiences I have had at Sephora, a trainer for the company who helped me told me that anytime you go to the counter and ask for samples and they say "we have none" that they are lying. He showed me that almost all the drawers under the displays are filled with samples and back stocked product and that they have foil or deluxe samples for most products (despite them always trying to make you one from the tester). He also told me that most of these samples are given to Sephora by the companies for free, so there is no reason they should be stingy with the samples because they cost them nothing and encourage you to buy more products. You would think that Sephora would want to encourage us to shop in store where they can convince us into buying more and not lose out on money they pay for the free shipping that rouges get. I would go to my local Sephora all the time and probably buy more if they actually gave out samples. Who do we need to talk to in order to get a change?   Have any of you all had these issues with Sephora stores? Do you prefer buying in store or online and why? Interested to hear everyones experiences!      
Hi girls/guys! I've got a question for you today. Has anyone else been ignored because of what they were wearing? I've had some bad experiences based on what I was wearing. When its a Monday night at 8 pm and I decide to hop in the car and run to Sephora, I am not going to get all dressed up. I walked into the store wearing my naked face and large sweats and a large sweatshirt, I was just lounging around in my bedroom mind you. I am the only one in the store and no one even acknowledged my existence. I stood in front of the MUFE eyeshadows for about 30 minutes swatching different shades and no one came and asked me for help. I had a worker just stand 10 feet away staring at me for a good minute or two without saying anything. Maybe he thought I was going to steal something? I decided to walk the store and see if that caught anyone's attention, but no one would talk to me. I am not the most socially forward person, so I didn't want to go hunt someone down and ask for their help.  Compare this to my experience a week prior. I walk in with a full face of makeup and jeans on with a cute sweater (it was -20 that day) and I am bombarded with people. I get someone who matches and applies my foundation and another who comes and asks if I want a "free spa experience". I had someone come up and hand me a basket and another ask if I needed help finding a brush. I adored that service and was blown away when I walked in on that Monday and was completely ignored. It wasn't the first time I was ignored either, but this time stood out to me because I was the only person in the store.   Has anyone else had this experience or was it just me?  
I was not credited the points from my in-store purchase from yesterday. I am finally *supposed* to be a VIB Rouge member, and was expecting to have the associate acknowledge that and give me a new card with the other benefits, just as they had done when I became a VIB member. However, the store was especially busy and the associate took me beside the counter and used a handheld device to ring my purchase. She seemed very rushed and a little flustered; the machine was giving her some problems. She scanned my VIB card and I knew that my purchase was more than what I needed to become a Rouge member, but she said nothing. She mentioned my previous amount of points so I assumed that my card was credited and I didn't want to question her because I knew she was feeling busy - I worked retail for years, I can empathize! Now I wish I had pressed the issue.   I called customer service today, got my points added but had to fill out a form to be sent to someone else to "approve" my Rouge status, which may take up to TWO WEEKS! And she said that they will ask me to send in my receipt! Who has time for that? Keep in mind that I have had to spend over $1,000 to become a Rouge member and I chose to buy 2 pricey Fereo products at Sephora because I wanted the additional points. I could have purchased them elsewhere.   I'm so disappointed that I have to wait just to have someone address my problem, and then have to send in proof when it could have been handled correctly at the time of purchase. This is a warning to future customers that don't want to inconvenience anyone else! You're the one that's inconvenienced in the end.
I know Canadian stores take longer to get certain products in. I live in Calgary, Alberta and I am wondering when we can expect to see this product here?    Thank you!!
I'm trying to decide between the Diorshow and Lancome mascaras, but I need to try both of them out first. I don't want to buy both of them then return one if I don't like it, but I don't want to use the testers at the Sephora near me since they're usually really gross. If I ask, will one of the cast members give me a sample of the mascaras, or do they not give mascara samples?