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So I've been dying for a job at Sephora but I have no experience doing makeup nor did I go to school. I have a lot of years of retail experience and in customer service and I am and artist and went to art school (which prob doesn't help). I applied to literally every job within 25 miles of me on the Sephora careers website but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm wondering what the chances of being hired with no experience are or if I should do anything else to help my changes like call the store manager or something. Please help. My passion is so strong and I just want to get some experience so I can start a career in the industry 
Today I went to Sephora with my mom and she was interested on buying a new eye cream. This kind Sephora worker helped us out and we finally decided on getting this eye serum from Algenist. It was kinda funny 'cause my mom wanted to open the box to make sure everything was okay. I've been shopping at Sephora for years and have never had a problem with any of their products being used/anything. When we came home she decided to open it to try the product out and guess what…it was used AND empty.     I'm going back to Sephora tomorrow to exchange it….but I'm curious, has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm quite shock tbh. Esp since I've been buying all my beauty products from Sephora for years and this as never happened to me before.  
I want to get my makeup done for a concert. I want the makeup to be kinda crazy to! Will Sephora do this? How much does it cost? Thnaks!
Hey BTers,   Just saw on Racked about the launch of the Korean beauty chain, Aritaum (like a Sephora), in the US. Has anyone been to this store in your local area? They carry brands like Sulwhasoo, Laneige, IOPE, Mamonde, Hanyul and other favorite K-brands that are not generally easy to find in the US (if at all). Would like to hear your thoughts on this chain and the brands that they carry!    
often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
with the free custom makeover, can I specify exactly what I want? If I want false eyelashes applied, is application included?
I went to the Sephora at Serway Gardens in Etobicoke Ontario. I'm not from there. I asked the guy who worked there if I could have a sample of the New Sephora Pantone cream palette. I only wanted a swatch of two shades to try for myself on my nose. Now, my hair was messy, but I looked fine and was very pleasant to him. I actually have a background in makeup. Here's the conversation we had, both with smiles on our faces...:   Me: Hi are you busy? I was wondering if I could have a sample of this? Him:'noooo'. Me: Why Not? Him: It would ruin the palette Me: But people have their fingers all in it to swatch, what's the difference? Him: Well, we don't do samples of cream products here. It's like if you were to ask me for a sample of a lipstick.  Me: Oh...okay.   I walked out. Business lost. I went to Mac instead. I'm astonished and pissed off. I've never been told no to a sample. He never offered to try it on me. He never asked for clarification. He never made a offer. He never tried to help me or talk to me. He said no and argued with me, the customer. I'm not sure what he was thinking. Maybe he assumed I wanted a sample of every colour? He had horrible communication skills. That's not my local Sephora but it was horrific. I stood with the palette hoping for someone who was free to approach me. No one did! I had to approach him. We both know his reasoning is ridiculous. Customers can get 3 samples, and certainly creams.   What should I do? Is he right when he told me he was not allowed to make cream samples? Was I wrong to ask for that sample? If you a worker were asked, what would you think?
When you scedule and appointment at sephora do you get to keep the makeup that they use? I was told this instore, I just wanted to be sure.
Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.54.12 AM.png
I e-mailed Dior an inquiry I had pertaining to Dior Diva and this was also included their reply:   " As of recently it has been announced that the Dior Diva Reward Program will reach it's final cycle for both United States and Canadian customers & retailers by of the end of this calendar year. All final entries must be submitted towards the program no later than December 22, 2015. Your current Dior Diva account balance, banked points and/or any additional receipts with purchases made prior to October 2015 would still be valid towards the program and redeeming rewards. However, all points must be claimed by December 22nd, 2015- as points will not carry over into the new year. You may redeem from or add to your points as you wish. When you are ready to l send in your receipts, please fill out the form (included with this email) and mail it and your accompanying receipts to our office "   It's incredibly unfortunate to see it end having only known about the loyalty program for only a few months.
  I made a reservation about a month ago but I never got an email confirmation and now I can't find the VIEW RESERVATION option anywhere anymore? 
I understand that the full face makeover will be free or a complementary if you spend $50 in the store, but what will you pay if you do not wish to spend that amount and just want to get your make-up done?
Hi! My prom is April 29th and I was planning on getting my makeup done at Sephora but I was wondering if the makeup artists will contour if you ask them or do you have to more along with the $50 fee?     Tiffany  
I have seen many claims to the great sample perks with buying in-store and how you can do this online as well.  That hasn't been true for me, I live 4 hours from closest Sephora and personal and immediate disabilities prevent me from visiting the store and I would love the opportunity to choose 3 samples myself instead of the site giving me only 5-6 I can choose from that I really have no interest in sampling.    Great Day to All, Sephoraneedmore  
  According to the Sephora website a Personal Beauty Consultation  is complimentary for VIB rouge members.  Here is what it says below:   "Revamp your entire routine or focus on specific topics in this 90-minute private session. Complimentary with a $125 minimum purchase, it also includes a Custom Makeover. This service is free for our VIB Rouge members."   I just found out that this is not correct and VIB Rouge members still need to make a purchase.  I think the above statement is misleading and needs to be corrected. ** apologies, looks like this was posted in the incorrect section
Can anyone let me know where Sephora Play is currently available?  I know the market has expanded from the initial pilot cities.  But I live in Los Angeles, and I can't find information anywhere on when the national launch will begin.  Any information appreciated =)
A friend and I are going to a class tomorrow at our local Sephora, and I was wondering if we needed to bring anything to the store with us, like our own makeup or brushes or anything? --Thank You!
Hey is there a Sephora store in London?
Hi, I really want to delete this account. Please help!
Hello, today was my first Sephora experience, and I am not sure if I am looking in the right place for my questions.  I am looking for the products that were used on me at the store and I cannot find the right shades/products so that I can put them in my favorites and work towards purchasing all of them.  I also asked for my receipt to be emailed to me but I have not received it.  should the receipt be on my account page or will it come in a separate e-mail.  I also purchased a $50 card before my service and I thought that the gift card would be used towards my purchases but I just checked and I have a balance still left on my card.  I am hoping that you can help me I am very overwhelmed with the experience but would like to continue the process.
Hi Everyone So as much as it pains me to say this I'm horrible at doing make up and I'm thinking about doing a Sephora makeover just to learn the basics of how to do a foundation that covers acne and dark circles under the eyes. I've never done anything like this before so do I need to make an appointment? Are they willing to work with me on what products to use and show me how to do it? And what are the costs of the makeover?      I'm sorry if I sound like a total newbie!
I love Sephora's return policy, but does anyone know why they ask you for government issued ID? What do they use that information for?
Hi. Our local newspaper recently had an article stating the new Sephora store in Charleston SC (King St) will be opening next week (3/18). Will VIB/Rouge receive a special invite?   Thanks! Katherine
How much does Sephora charge for the Personal Beauty Consultation? And if it does how would i find out how much it is in NY?
I was thinking about going to a Sephora and getting one of the makeovers...Can anyone tell me how it works? I don't want them to put horrible makeup that's not my style on and then I be persuaded to buy it. I just want a killer make over where I can try to products I want to buy and be given advice on what looks best and application techniques? Any advice??
My Order has been cancelled ,  because of unsuccessful authorization. What's the problem???
I often go to my old local store in Burlingame, CA which i always get an awesome services ..unfortunately i moved to Daly city, CA so iI visited the stone town SF, CA store.. what a horrible experience i when in on NYE for a 10-15 mini over eye look. first they said it was pretty busy that there was a wait of 30 min i said that's ok i can wait 30 min which ended up being 1 hr 30 min i was still understandable because it was NYE and all i wanted it was a quick eye. finally they were ready for me: make up artist JENNIFER, started doing my eyes, i asked for a goldenish color, first she was very rude saying that she only had like 10 min to do my eyes because they were about to close, second thing she asked me if i was purchasing products that day(since when you need to purchases products for a 15 min mini over???) i said no she kinda gave me attitude because she said manager told her to do mini overs on customers who only was making a purchase. i was ok whatever I'm a VIB and for what i understand i don't need to make a purchase to get a mini over!! finally she finished my eyeshadow and i asked if she could do an eyeliner to finish the look cz i was already for my event she ruddily said no that the was a separate service and then i could only do one at a time.. i was like what??? right so i asked again if she could just do it and explained that i was already late for my event and i just wanted to a quick liner.. she say NO AGAIN!! so i said ok i get it thanks anyways for the "HELP" after this horrible customer service..I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS STORE AGAIN!!! I'll just have to drive up far to my old Burlingame Sto
Purchased an item online but started to use it recently. I think I'm allergic to it and hope to return or exchange for other products. But since it's been about 80 days I guess I could only return it via mail. And it's highly possible that the package will be received after 90 days of purchase. What should I do? If I keep the item I could do nothing but waste it. It's only gently used...
So, I bought this MUFE HD foundation for my 16th birthday with a gift card that I have received as a birthday present for almost 6 months and i would definitely love to return it. But I don't have any idea where I placed the receipt and also the packaging of it. Would it be possible to return and have a refund of it? Thank you.