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I had bought the bareminerals mineral foundation and I noticed that it made my skin look cakey even when I only put a little bit on. I want to return it but the cashier did not give me a receipt. would I be able to get my money back? (the product is in my purchase history)
I love Sephora's return policy, but does anyone know why they ask you for government issued ID? What do they use that information for?
If I go into a Sephora store am I able to get a couple samples of different foundations? 
Sephora need to randomly choose some of the VIB/ rouge to be mystery shoppers in the stores. Not the ones they frequent but different ones to see how they are treated. I will be the 1st to volunteer because i'm fed up with being misunderstood by some of these SA's!!!  You wouldn't believe some of my horror stories. I wish I could secretly video and record some of my shopping experiences and send them to you. The sad thing is....I know I'm not the only one. Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
So yesterday, I was out and about with a friend helping her find a new handbag and couldn't help but walk into Sephora.  It was calling me.  I haven't made a big purchase in months.  i only visited to pick up some Purity cleanser.  So, I went in and walked around picking up some more cleanser for me and my daughter, 3 Little Wonders from OH, a mini JM Argan Light oil, and a MIA2 brush head.  Being a VIB rouge means nothing in the big stores.  I guess they see it all the time now so it's not as if we should be treated differently.  I didn't receive one sample...not even at checkout.  The associates actually just pointed me to the areas that I needed and didn't even walk me over to them or ask me if I needed assistance.  The only thing that was good is that I remembered that I had a 10% off email for my next purchase.    I want to love Sephora again but they are making it extremely hard.  Anyone have any suggestions for me...??
I bought the original UD Naked palette and intensely dislike it. Dummy me threw away the box and receipt. Will they let me return it or exchange it?  Thanks.
I just got an e-mail that my closest sephora is renovating and re-opening in a larger space in the mall (bridgewater, NJ)  I am SO COMPLETELY EXCITED because even though they were the closest, they were the smallest.  YAY SEPHORA!
often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
Ulta's 24pc GWP.PNG
I'm normally a pretty big Ulta defender. The store near me typically has very good customer service and, although they don't carry many of my favorite brands, they do carry many I do like and - here's the big thing - they have some seriously awesome GWPs. And I am a total sucker for GWPs.   Thus was the case last week when I got an email from Ulta advertising a huge 24-piece GWP (!!) with $150 purchase, only for Platinum members. Holy - 24 pieces!! Here's a pic from the email:     So I get it. Or rather, I order over $150 worth of products and add it to my order. Because - seriously, that's a huge GWP!! I was so psyched! Until today when I get the order and it's not there. IT'S NOT THERE!! ::insert string of expletives here::   I called Ulta and they're all out of them. They will send me a gift card to make up for it, which is nice, but if this GWP is actually worth the $300 the email claims, I can't imagine a gift card big enough to compensate for it. And the fact that this was the first cool perk for being a Platinum member I've received, I'm particularly bummed.   I know in the grand scheme of things, this is a teeeeeeeeny tiny event. But dang it... I felt the need to vent. And I figured some of you guys would understand the PAIN.   ETA : Over 24 hours later and I still haven't heard back/ received the email with the compensatory gift card. Maaaaybe it's because they need to jump through some extra hoops to send me a big enough gift card! /pollyanna
Seriously. I went to a Sephora today, and asked for a sample of Josie Maran's Illuminator, and I got a tiny needle drop of it. What gives!      Actually, with all store made samples, they're pretty stingy. At least my Sephora is. What about yours? 
Just wanted to share my excitement. Sephora is opening it's first store in Australia within the next 12 months. My nearest store will be less than an hour airplane ride! My first order in Australia will be the Sephora Favorites Rollerball set. That is all.
Have you tried the Color IQ at your local Sephora? I'm very tempted to give it a shot. Were you pleased with your results? Is this service available at all Sephora locations?   Thanks!
Can I use a JCPenny giftcard at the Sephora inside JCP in the store?
Although I prefer shopping in store as much as possible I find myself having to order online anyway because everything I want is OOS. This has happened on several occasions, at different locations, and even when there's not sale going on. And it's not like I'm looking for popular items like ambient blushes, the palette, or sets, its a single random eye shadow or primer. It's annoying and reflects bad on the store and my overall perception of shopping at sephora. Like not only can't I get anything of my rouge status but I can't even get the shadow i'm looking for? Guess I'm ranting but seriously some stores needs more stock, empty shelves are not attractive.
Asking the question on BT? Written letter to Obama? Selling ones soul? How does this happen exactly? 
Hi everyone,   I made an online reservation for a makeover, and now I need to change the time of the reservation.  I cannot figure out how to do that.  Does anyone know?   I did not receive an email after I made the reservation, nor is the reservation visible from my account, so I have no idea how to access it.   Should I just call the store directly?   Thanks!  
Does anyone know if people get Shopkick kicks when purchasing Sephora items INSIDE of JC Penney stores? I'd LOVE to get 3x fragrance points AND earn Shopkick points  
I understand Sephora can't offer a pro discount on all the brands they carry but couldn't they offer one on their house brand?  I love their Pro line of brushes and would love to stock up on them for my kit but they are sooooo expensive I just can't afford to.
My friend and I want to get our makeup done for prom. I'm a VIB Rouge member (I get mine done for free) but I recently spent $60 there on murad products . I was wondering if I could bring my receipt in so my friend can get her makeup done since it's over $50. Does that count or does it have to be what they used ?
Soooo my wallet has disappeared into the nothingness unfortunately. I would like to make a return that I have the reciept for but I'm not sure if I'll actually need my lisence or not. I mean I have all the information on the card if they needed say the DL number and expiration date, but I'm not sure how well that would work.   Simple verson: Can I make a return with a reciept without my DL?
I just noticed that a local Sephora was holding a special event.  Does Sephora have a system for sending out reminders about special events?
My interest in makeup has been steadily increasing for about 2 years now - I  love experimenting with colors and application techniques! Walking into a Sephora store is like heaven for me and my friends and family think working there would be a perfect fit!   I would love to work at Sephora but t he expertise of the employees and artists there is pretty intimidating. Can anyone who works/worked there let me know what the qualifications to apply/work there are?   Feel free to comment or direct message me! Thanks in advance
I have recently discovered that Sephora doesn't accept international credit cards  or billing addresses, that has confused me as I have used my debit card and billing address to purchase items in the past and even though both aren't American, and it has worked..... and with updating the billing address it does have all the countries of the world as an option to put down. So my question is, Has Sephora changed and is now accepting the non US billing addresses and credit cards or does it remain the same as before, and accepted me for an unknown reason?
I really want to try Eve Lom's moisture mask but that brand is only available online. I have a very sensitive skin so I had to return lots of prodcuts before when I had purchased them without trying them.  I do not want to do that because I am lazy but also because I do not want to open a new one and put my finger in it and then return it.  That's just bad. So I want to know if I can get a sample of Eve Lom's mask somehow?
I'm looking for a trained helpful person in a store. I would shop more.
  Saw this flyer at my local Sephora for another triple points on fragrances later this month!   If you missed out in February, here's your chance to not be stinky for the upcoming spring/summer months
Mixed Sephora experience... Evidently I do have a love/hate relationship with my Sephora store. I've made a habit out of going on the weekends and evenings, since that's when the MUA whom I love, the Manager who is awesome, and a few other stellars work. This morning, I was running errands so complete dressed down in chucks, Levi's, t, cardi and scarf. My errand at Sephora included a returning one item and purchasing a few gifts.  Guess what? Totally ignored. So I bumbled around trying to get the things on my list with no help, but one eye-roll, and then I met Michael. OMG I love him!!! We bonded over our 80s childhoods and our sadness over MAC becoming lackluster and he totally made my day by telling me I'd made his. Why so inconsistent?   There were about as many MUA/SAs at the store as customers, and I'd see clumps of SAs in an aisle chatting away ... just left me irritated. The girl with whom I checked out was abrupt, then got quite and sweet once she saw I was rouge.  Which kind of pissed me off.  Again, shouldn't matter if I'm a first-time customer or a long-standing Rouge, customer service should be consistent and good.  If I wasn't going for gifts (have to say, love the fragrance samplers) and MUFE, I would have turned around and gone to Nordstrom's. Whenever I go there, they make me feel welcome.  They're not all over me, but I'm definitely not ignored.  Oh, and they give me samples, too.  Guess how many samples I got after dropping close to $200.  Go on, guess.  None.
In case anyone was interested, they're having a F&F sale right now with 25% off, and this includes beauty! Now through next Monday.   edit: only 10% off, not 25%
WALMART selling 1.7OZ for $49.97 SEPHORA.COM selling 1.7OZ for $69.00!? ( d=943571)         Is this why in 2007 they've made a BEAUTY INSIDER a option when SEPHORA was open in US in 1998.