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I called Sephora world and I asked the lady if they transfer products from store to store. She said no.   Then she said that the store could order it for me and they would send it to me. She said I wouldn't have to pay shipping   So I was confused.   Can you re clarify if this information is correct?   I don't feel it's fair for me to pay shipping for this little product. It's so small. But they would do free shipping if it was worth over $50. 
often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
This is now the 2nd time I have had a problem with shipping.... The first time...My order was shipped with incomplete address info... and I was never contacted!!! I had to go and hunt down my order!!! PLUSSSSSS They shipped me the wrong shade... Awesome... Now.... Why the *** do they say 3day shipping??  I ordered on the 31st in the am...and it shipped out that day....but they are telling me I will get my delivery end of day the 6th.... I will not be shopping sephora anymore....
My wedding is this coming Sunday and I booked and appointment for me and my one bridesmaid. I was asking a whole bunch of questions and a few got looked over. They also set me up for a bridal trial run appointment also. I just want to know if I have to purchase $50 worth of product the day of the wedding AND the trial run or if that is complimentary.
  Today I attended the Bumble & Bumble 500 Point Perk event at The Grand Hair Salon in Brea, California. My reservation included an invite for me and a guest. I attended the event with my sister. The event itself lasted from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm       The invite detailed that there would be stylists doing a dry styling with Bumble & Bumble products, beauty touch ups from Bobbi Brown makeup artists, a gift bag, snacks, and drinks, and raffles for guests to enter.   I have to say honestly, this was the best Sephora experience I have ever had! Everyone was so kind and inviting! I checked in with the front desk where my sister and I were promptly given our raffle tickets and our goodie bags (one for each person, so we ended up taking home two bags). All guests received the same (super cute) bag which included deluxe sizes of:   B&B Surf Foam Spray (FULL SIZED!!) BB Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner & Hairspray BB Repair Blow Dry  Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick in Taupe Bobbi Brown Mascara Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream $10 Sephora Gift Card & Mirror Compact 10 Shots of Botox ($120 Value, for use in the Salon, not pictured)       Tiny quip here, I, along with my sister and many other guests, were around the age of early 20's. None of us have no need for Botox or any cosmetic work done, so it would have been nice to have some kind of substitute for the service (like one laser underarm treatment, during the event packages of three treatments were being raffled off). That being said, it was super nice for this voucher to be given at all and I appreciate the thought!   The event was nicely supplied with drinks, cookies and pastries, along with sandwiches and cheese platters.    People were taken in by groups to have their hair styled. I sat down with Chandler and she was super nice! I told her I wanted to learn how to style my hair with the Surf products, using dry hair (I'm a night shower-er) on short, thick/fine hair. She explained throughly what product she used, why she was using it, and how to use it. She made sure I could see what was actually being done to my hair so I could try to replicate it myself at home. I was left with beautiful beachy waves and now I'm so excited to try the technique when I have some time!   Beauty touchups with Bobbi Brown meant sitting down with a makeup artist and choosing two areas to focus on: I choose eyes and skin. I don't remember my MUA's name but she was Asian (maybe her name started with a R?) but she definitely knew what she was doing. I was looking for a daytime smokey eye to make my hazel eyes pop and she nailed it. Foundation-wise, she gave me a lighter coverage foundation, since my skin only had some redness. She basically did a full face on me and never have I been so sold on the products she used on me! I am definitely coming back to Brea to purchase the foundation and eyeshadows she used on me.  On my sister, she did a beautiful soft pink every-day eye that looked wonderful on my sister.   They had a picture opportunities that I didn't take advantage of, but I heard they were fun!   This was the BEST experience I have ever had with a retail company event. The music was great, guests and stylists alike were excited to be there. I just wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to all of the stylists at The Grand and to the Sephora at Brea for organizing such a wonderful event. It definitely won't be my last.    
Hello: im a vib rouge so obviously I shop a lot at Sephora and I have been helped for many sales associates,but I had such an amazing experience at Sephora south beach in Miami that I wanted to send my feedback to the store,i live in india but I own a house in Miami so everytime I can I stop by the south beach location,Emely helped me last time and she was so sweet and helpful that I have been saving the paper with her name in my wallet so I can send the feedback,im very picky and I own a lot of everything so its hard to please me and she did an amazing job finding new things for me and she even searched in the computer for things that I was looking for but they were discountinued and she told me in which Sephora I can find it and offered me to order it online in the store,overall im very satisfied with this store, thanks.
I recently found out that if you purchase $50 worth of makeup, you receive a free 45 minute makeover if you also book it. I know exactly what I want to get and it's going to cost upwards of $200. Can I buy the makeup and then get the makeover?
Note: Before making this thread I did research if there was one like it but I could not locate anything that matched. If this thread already exists, please accept my apologies and I will delete this.   SJCP In-Store Saturday Product Launch Events From time to time, Sephora inside JCPenney locations will hold private/appt based events tied to a specific brand/product. In each of these events you are treated to such things as learning about new product launches, trying out products, and sometimes even receiving a free gift related to the event product.   In the past, usually the only way you would find out about these eve was either if you saw it in a JCPenney mailer (which I currently do not get) or if you asked a store associate.    I would like to propose the idea of using this thread as a running "schedule" of all the known upcoming events happening in the SJCP locations. I feel like many times we BTer's miss out on great events simply because we weren't in the know.   Therefore, if you know of a great event coming up at a SJCP, please post the day (most likely it will be a Saturday) and the hours of the event and I will add it to the top of the post so we have a running accurate list of current events.   IMPORTANT! SJCP PREFERS THAT YOU CALL AHEAD TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT/RESERVATION FOR THEIR EVENTS. THIS WAY THEY WILL HAVE YOUR GIFT SET ASIDE FOR YOU.   So, let's begin: July Benefit - Saturday, July 9 (please call your store for hours)   August  Too Faced (Date to be announced) Kat Von D (Date to be Announced)
Hey Sephora!        I never remember what the different expiration dates are for various products.  I'd love it if when I make a purchase as Sephora, either online or offline, my receipt would come with tiny stickers I could place on the containers, as well as an email and/push notification to say, "If it's not already gone, throw out that mascara!"   Anyone else in the same boat?    
A couple of us have been discussing getting together since the the Powell St Sephora will be reopening next month.  Any takers?  Personally, I'd love to meet you all so let's coordinate something!   List of BTers who'd like to meet - November 7!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) guzelkiz dalidyli candacebt PavYellow MK89 itscarin mlovexo weeeeweeeeeee     guzelkizdalidylicandacebtPavYellowMK89itscarinmlov exoweeeeweeeeeee    
Just out of sheer boredom I was thinking of fun ideas Sephora could do to entertain and engage customers.. Do you have any ideas?   My ideas:   Easter Egg Perk Points! To encourage customers to go 'off the beaten path' and explore the website fully.. have Perks Points as a product with limited quantity hidden around that customers can find, add to basket, and redeem.   Spoiler (Highlight to read)  Learning Center! Sephora and their vendors post ooooooodles of videos to try and entice you to shop here, or buy a specific product. This idea is inspired by phone apps. The idea is that there would be a Learning Center where you can sign up for watching a video/advertisement and you get 10 perk points for a small amount of your time (2 minute video, example). There could be a limit on how many you can watch per day, but essentially the companies would be getting you in front of their marketing for practically nothing. There is plenty of software already in place to limit usage/abuse and ensure you play the entire video..  just like the phone apps do, the technology exists.
I bought in store but forget to provide email to earn beauty insider points. I have my receipt now. Is it still possible for me to add the points to my account? Thank you!
Hi, I really want to delete this account. Please help!
I just had to put in a note about what great customer service I have received at the Polaris store in Columbus, Ohio. I purchased the Sunday Riley Power Couple duo during the sale event at the end of March on the recommendation of one of the sales associates. I started using it at the end of April, with great results. When I was in Sephora at Polaris on Thursday this week, the associate who helped me pick out the SR Power Couple duo asked me how I was liking it. I told her that I loved it, but that the pump on the serum had not worked after the first few times I had used it and since the serum was so thick I was having a hard time getting it out. Now, keep in mind, I love the product and was not asking for anything-just giving a FYI about the pump situation as feedback.   The sales associate told me to please bring the duo back in and replace it. I told her I don't mind keeping it, I really like it and I've been using it for about a month now, twice a week. She said, "No, please bring it back, we want you to love your purchase, and this is an expensive item for you to have a problem with".  So on Saturday I took in the duo and they happily replaced it for me. I am so impressed that the associate at Polaris went the extra mile for me, without even being asked, really. I am a Rouge Client, so of course I spend a fair amount of money in the store, but from what I can tell, they treat all of their customers this well. If you are in Columbus, Ohio, I highly recommend the Polaris store. It is always clean, well staffed, well stocked, and the staff is beyond lovely. Thanks!
So I've been dying for a job at Sephora but I have no experience doing makeup nor did I go to school. I have a lot of years of retail experience and in customer service and I am and artist and went to art school (which prob doesn't help). I applied to literally every job within 25 miles of me on the Sephora careers website but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm wondering what the chances of being hired with no experience are or if I should do anything else to help my changes like call the store manager or something. Please help. My passion is so strong and I just want to get some experience so I can start a career in the industry 
Today I went to Sephora with my mom and she was interested on buying a new eye cream. This kind Sephora worker helped us out and we finally decided on getting this eye serum from Algenist. It was kinda funny 'cause my mom wanted to open the box to make sure everything was okay. I've been shopping at Sephora for years and have never had a problem with any of their products being used/anything. When we came home she decided to open it to try the product out and guess what…it was used AND empty.     I'm going back to Sephora tomorrow to exchange it….but I'm curious, has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm quite shock tbh. Esp since I've been buying all my beauty products from Sephora for years and this as never happened to me before.  
I want to get my makeup done for a concert. I want the makeup to be kinda crazy to! Will Sephora do this? How much does it cost? Thnaks!
Hey BTers,   Just saw on Racked about the launch of the Korean beauty chain, Aritaum (like a Sephora), in the US. Has anyone been to this store in your local area? They carry brands like Sulwhasoo, Laneige, IOPE, Mamonde, Hanyul and other favorite K-brands that are not generally easy to find in the US (if at all). Would like to hear your thoughts on this chain and the brands that they carry!    
with the free custom makeover, can I specify exactly what I want? If I want false eyelashes applied, is application included?
I went to the Sephora at Serway Gardens in Etobicoke Ontario. I'm not from there. I asked the guy who worked there if I could have a sample of the New Sephora Pantone cream palette. I only wanted a swatch of two shades to try for myself on my nose. Now, my hair was messy, but I looked fine and was very pleasant to him. I actually have a background in makeup. Here's the conversation we had, both with smiles on our faces...:   Me: Hi are you busy? I was wondering if I could have a sample of this? Him:'noooo'. Me: Why Not? Him: It would ruin the palette Me: But people have their fingers all in it to swatch, what's the difference? Him: Well, we don't do samples of cream products here. It's like if you were to ask me for a sample of a lipstick.  Me: Oh...okay.   I walked out. Business lost. I went to Mac instead. I'm astonished and pissed off. I've never been told no to a sample. He never offered to try it on me. He never asked for clarification. He never made a offer. He never tried to help me or talk to me. He said no and argued with me, the customer. I'm not sure what he was thinking. Maybe he assumed I wanted a sample of every colour? He had horrible communication skills. That's not my local Sephora but it was horrific. I stood with the palette hoping for someone who was free to approach me. No one did! I had to approach him. We both know his reasoning is ridiculous. Customers can get 3 samples, and certainly creams.   What should I do? Is he right when he told me he was not allowed to make cream samples? Was I wrong to ask for that sample? If you a worker were asked, what would you think?
When you scedule and appointment at sephora do you get to keep the makeup that they use? I was told this instore, I just wanted to be sure.
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I e-mailed Dior an inquiry I had pertaining to Dior Diva and this was also included their reply:   " As of recently it has been announced that the Dior Diva Reward Program will reach it's final cycle for both United States and Canadian customers & retailers by of the end of this calendar year. All final entries must be submitted towards the program no later than December 22, 2015. Your current Dior Diva account balance, banked points and/or any additional receipts with purchases made prior to October 2015 would still be valid towards the program and redeeming rewards. However, all points must be claimed by December 22nd, 2015- as points will not carry over into the new year. You may redeem from or add to your points as you wish. When you are ready to l send in your receipts, please fill out the form (included with this email) and mail it and your accompanying receipts to our office "   It's incredibly unfortunate to see it end having only known about the loyalty program for only a few months.
  I made a reservation about a month ago but I never got an email confirmation and now I can't find the VIEW RESERVATION option anywhere anymore? 
I understand that the full face makeover will be free or a complementary if you spend $50 in the store, but what will you pay if you do not wish to spend that amount and just want to get your make-up done?
Hi! My prom is April 29th and I was planning on getting my makeup done at Sephora but I was wondering if the makeup artists will contour if you ask them or do you have to more along with the $50 fee?     Tiffany