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So I bought two items recently on the American Sephora website and used the $15 off when you spend $50 coupon discount thingy that was emailed to beauty insiders. I'm wondering if I'll be able to exchange one item in a Canadian Sephora (in stores) for another item of the exact price without paying anything extra, even though both products are a few dollars more expensive in Canada (in the US, both items are $32, but in Canada, the same items are C$38) and I used the $15 off coupon.   Basically wondering if I can make a dollar for dollar exchange without paying extra (since they're both the same price, but one was bought at a cheaper price from the US) or any added complications.    If it helps the product that I have is the Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything (which, again, was bought on the US Sephora website for $32), and the product I want to exchange it with is the Benefit Primping With The Stars ($32 in the US, $38 in Canada).   Thanks!
I want to get my makeup done for a concert. I want the makeup to be kinda crazy to! Will Sephora do this? How much does it cost? Thnaks!
I stopped by a physical Sephora for the first time in over a month and noticed that everything had been rearranged and there was no sale section anymore. The same thing happened with the JC Penney Sephora at the same mall.   Have any of you noticed this happening in your local stores as well? I know the ones near me have a problem with people opening and going through the sale merchandise so this might be in response to that.         [edit - mods can you please move this out of the acne section, I forgot to select a board to post on]
I was thinking about going to a Sephora and getting one of the makeovers...Can anyone tell me how it works? I don't want them to put horrible makeup that's not my style on and then I be persuaded to buy it. I just want a killer make over where I can try to products I want to buy and be given advice on what looks best and application techniques? Any advice??
I made an in store purchase and my points haven't showed up yet.... how long does it long does it take for points to show up when you make a store purchase? !
Okay, I have two dilemmas. This post is long and probably contains overthinking to a huge degree. I can't help it, overanalyzing things until I'm miserable is how I roll.   Things to know:   1) Even though the general consensus here was that I was overthinking it/overreacting, I can't seem to shake the icky feeling about my regular Sephora.  I'm not sure why, I am aware the issues are pretty minor, but I still feel kinda gross when I think about going back.   2) I am irritated at Sephora Online because they never send me notices about sales until the sale is well under way.  If I wasn't on BT I would never hear about anything until everything good was OOS.   3) I really want some new lipstick, in particular some Audacious and some YSL Rouge Volupte.  I have NO IDEA how to pick colors based on internet swatches.  I have yet to find a swatcher who matches my skin tone perfectly and I always end up buying stuff that looks dumb.   So my dilemmas are these:   !) Should I give up on my Sephora for awhile and stick to the internet? Even though I'm mad at the internet?   2) If I should stick to the internet, how do I pick my new lipsticks?   I guess an option is going to a new Sephora. The 2nd closest one has terrifying parking and I am a terrible parker. Also I've heard that the CS there is terrible.
If I bought products at the JC Penney Sephora, can I return those items to an actual Sephora store?
Just wondering what Sephora's holiday store hours are this year? Does it depend on each individual store? Also, if I make a purchase in store, say December 26th, will the transaction be credited by the end of the year? (I'm so close to VIB status & don't want to ruin my chance!) 
I've seen Armani products at one of the Sephoras in Vegas, and my guess is that if any Sephora in CA carries Armani it would be the one in South Coast Plaza.  Would anyone know if this is true? Thanks!
I know Black Friday is CRAZY and there are angry people everywhere but, I've worked in retail too and have always tried my best to handle customer concerns and complaints.   Politely asked the sales associate at the Metropolis location if there was any more Origins and Tarte sets left from the sale and she responded with "Did you even look?" Ummm.. Yes I did, why else would I ask for assistance.   So lame. I'm surprised a cooperation like Sephora has people like that working.
Hi Guys,  Just a sneaky little suggestion for your soon to be open Sydney, Australia store ..   Anyway you guys could coordinate/suggest inviting VIB ROUGES who currently shop in your US stores to a soiree of sorts? I know there must be quite a few of us around I get so jealous seeing all the events for the US store openings that it'll be a nice way to surprise your current and loyal customers!! 
So, I received the email saying that orders were delayed because of the sale, but it said my order will be here by Thursday November 20th (tomorrow) but I still have yet to receive a tracking number or an email that my order has shipped.... Has his happened to anyone else????  
I received a "Custom Makeover Gift" for my birthday. I booked a 45-minute custom makeover for this weekend. I'm excited because I have never received services from Sephora before. I'm really self-conscious about my skin (I'm 25 and have adult, hormonal acne). Are we not supposed to wear makeup for the makeover?   Thanks!
This is very long... I just wanted to share my experience from yesterday. I went in to exchange the color on a foundation I purchased online. I am aware they do not accept online returns. I called Sephora customer service and made sure I could exchange colors. They said absolutely.  I proceeded to the store and was told by the lady, who represented herself as the manager on duty, they won't except returns. I kept explaining to her that I made sure they did. She kept insisting they won't. I asked her to call customer service. She did so, explaining to them I wanted to return it.  I got on my phone at that point and spent 39 minutes on the phone with customer service myself, who were just as baffled as I was.  I went back to the lady who represented herself as the MOD while on the phone to get clarification of who she was to document it with customer service. She then explained she was head of education. The actual manager on duty was with a customer. I went to the actual manager and explained to her the problem. She said she doesn't take online returns because it skews the numbers on the store, but she would do it this one time. She went back and retrieved the correct foundation color I asked for, light-medium neutral. I said thank you and left. Stupid me didn't check the color until I got to the car. She handed me medium neutral. I walked back in. I looked for the manager, she wasn't in the store. Only the previous lady.I went up to her and told her the manager handed me the wrong color. She said she won't exchange it. I was beyond angry at this point. I asked her title again.. She said "SEC" Sales Education Consultant. I told her, stuttering a bit, that she needed to educate her consultant better because they were not all aware of the new rule about exchanging. Her response was to put of hand on her hip, poke out her bottom lip, and mock me stuttering "I'm so sorry". I was mortified. I just turned around and left. I have never been treated that way in my life.  I am 34 year old. I had a stroke in January, due to having a hold in my heart i had no clue I had. I have spent months in speech therapy to talk normally again.  I had documented my experience prior to that particular episode with customer service. I didn't call back with this last particular experience with her mocking me. I was so upset. I don't think they would have understood me. A director of the store in supposed to call me back. Should I just wait for the call back, or should I call and make another complaint? Thanks, Bethany    
Just thought I'd let all the Toronto ladies know. I wouldn't trust them with my own brows (I've seen girls come out after their services in the States), but if you're into this sort of thing, I thought you'd like to know it's now available!  
Hi, I am wondering if I go to any Sephora store and ask for a perfume sample will I get it? I want to choose my brands I want, in little bottles to try. Thanks, Please answer. 
Hey BT, I had a really weird trip to Sephora today and I'm looking for some help sorting out whether it was a good thing or less good. (This post is really long because I have a lot of feelings thank you in advance for reading it)   So everyone who has worked at my Sephora for any amount of time knows me.  This is partly because I come in a lot (I try to use my Rouge perk of free makeovers as often as I can) and partly because I leave really positive, really detailed survey entries.   So everyone is always really nice to me and I always figured it was 1/3 desire for me to buy something, 1/3 wanting to get a good review, and 1/3 wanting to connect because they are human and I am human and maybe we can enjoy a brief chat.  Maybe the last third is wishful thinking.     One of the employees I've become particularly close to, like, i know his life in addition to him knowing mine and I hope that our interactions are more heavily weighted toward the human connection part of things but it's possible he is in it for the survey reviews and the product purchases (I don't really think it's the purchase part though because he is really invested in helping me stay on budget because he knows I tend to live outside my means in Sephora and he doesn't want me to have regrets - but it could be the survey).   So I've always known that I get a lot of love because of the surveys but I don't like to feel like that is the only reason people interact with me.  Even if it is, be subtle about it.   Today I heard some employees talking about me, one saying "oh yeah, that's Meg she does amazing surveys and is in here all the time, definitely get to know her" and I couldn't hear what the response was because I walked away from the display they were on the other side of feeling super awkward.  At the end of my visit the employee who was being told about me went out of her way to introduce herself and tell me she'd heard all about me and I was one of the family.  Had I not overheard her talking about the survey it might have felt nice, like I was being appreciated, but instead it felt kind of like being sucked up to.  It felt kind of slimy.   I definitely left Sephora feeling kind of sh*tty about my visit today and that has only happened one other time EVER.   Am I naive to think that employee/customer interactions can be more than just a financial (or survey related) transaction? Am I deluding myself thinking that these people might genuinely like me and not just like my tendency to ramble about how great they are on the surveys?   Sorry for the novel, if you got through this I'd love to hear your thoughts even if they are just telling me I'm delusional.
SO! Heres the deal. Remember those 20% codes we recently had to use with any online purchase? So! I really wanted a Clarisonic that I could use all over my body and because the Radiance was listed above the PLUS i assumed the Radiance was another Clarisonic device that I can use all over my body. I found out yesterday that the only reason Radiance costs more than the Plus is because the Radiance has a skin brightening full size set along with the facial Clarisonic (aka Mia 3). I want a Clarisonic PLUS. Do you guys think that I can go to a Sephora and exchange the Radiance for a Plus and still be able to use that 20% I used online? Seems unlikely but... I really want that 20% off, it was my main motivation into buying the Clarisonic Radiance in the first place! I really want the Clarisonic Plus but I am not buying it without a deal. 
My daughter starting to like make-up and I'm not the type of wearing make up and can't teach her much. I just don't want her to put too much or wrong make up for her face also it could be a nice gift for her birthday. Is it ok to make an appointment with a beauty advisor at Sephora, she is 12.  Is is too young, too soon to make an appointment with a beauty advisor for her at sephora? What about the classes? Thanks
  Yesterday I got an email saying the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette was back in stock (yeah!! have been trying to get this all weekend but it was out of stock when I first looked). I got right on and ordered it. Then I noticed a few hours later is was listed on the site and "out of stock" and if  singed in and looked at my actual order it says on there "permanently out of stock."   So my question is now that it says it is out of stock and permanently out of stock will I still get my order?   I hope because I have wanted this palette from the day it came out and it is also sold out on Hourglass website as well
I have a few gift cards saved on my sephora app. and when I tried using them today, I was not able to. The gift cards are viewable in the app, but I cannot see their card or pin numbers. Can you please help me!!
I visit my local Sephora every couple weeks and always loved that whenever I purchased something I could spend my Beauty Insider points to get a sample of something along with my purchase. But starting a couple months ago I went into Sephora and although I was told "you have xx points" at the register, I was never once asked if I wanted to spend my points or anything. I have since gone to 2 different Sephora's in different cities (moved across the country) and I now have over 1000 points but still have not been encouraged nor even asked to spend my points (when they used to always do that). I honestly see no point in shopping in the actual stores anymore if this is now the policy. I'll come in to the store to swatch shades, but I may as well order online and get a better selection of products, free samples, and actually be able to use my points.   So I'm just wondering has this happened to anyone else? Is this a new policy of not asking people to spend their points? It's not exactly encouraging people to try to new products...
What is the return policy of items no longer being sold in-store? 
I made two purchases in a local sephora retail store in the past month but have not seen them showing on my beauty insider points. I showed my beauty insider card every time I made the purchase. How long would it take to have those posted on my online account?