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I bought Laura Mercier foundation about a month ago and I finally tried it, but it breaks me out.    I didn't keep the packaging and receipt because Laura Mercier products never broke me out, but this one did.    So can I still return this even if I don't have packaging and receipt? 
Shoppers I have a short story to share regarding my quick morning at my local Sephora.   It was about 10:30AM, when I walked in. I walked over to the popular eyeliner display and grabbed a Stila ALL DAY liquid liner. I then wandered and browsed around. I stopped by the BITE display and saw that they did not have the Deconstructed Rose products anymore. At this time, a SA comes up and asks if I needed any help. I asked if they still carry them, not knowing that it has been totally discontinued. They SA told me that she has not even heard of it, but she was going to check her computers to inventory. They did not have any, which was fine by me because I was just wanted to see if I can get lucky. She was extremely nice and apologetic about it. When I got to checkout, I was going to return A DUO MAT without receipt because it was too light, but barely used and I wanted to buy the eyeliner. The SA scanned the eyeliner for $20, and the DUO MAT for $34. He said he would do the return first, then use the store credit to cover the eyeliner, which was completely fine by me. Now let us do some elementary math. $34-$20=$14. So I should be getting that and tax back on a store credit card. Well, he then proceeds to tell me that I owe him about $8 for the eyeliner. Uhh... so either he completely relied on the computer or he could not do basic math? Nope, he charged me twice, and seemed legit-ly confused when I asked why do I have to pay when the DUO Mat is more expensive. He looked at the receipt, noticed what he did wrong, and handed me the store credit card and apologized. I wasn't even mad though. I asked if the remaining balance would be on the card and he assured me it will be. I just called the gift card hotline, and guess what? The card has a balance of $0. I spoke with a rep, she looked up my card and said that it was activated, then charged again. AND all I can do is call the store. I called the store. They told me to bring in the card again with the receipt so they can give me a new card. Well now that's grand. BUT luckily, I forgot to buy some Koh Gen Do today, so I was planning on going back anyways.   NOW another reason why my love for Sephora is ever so slightly dropping has to do with my recent ULTA purchase. There was a 20% off deal over at Ulta recently. I took the opportunity to buy a new epilator. I got the GWP that contains 15 samples and a baggie, and the two different sets of Smashbox minis that Ulta gave out during the beauty break, however I forgot to use the free play points for $3 off. BUT I'm not mad either. SOO fast forward 1-2 days. I get my email that my package has shipped. I went back to my Ulta account to get the tracking code cause my trigger finger deleted the email. Of course I can find the email in my trash folder, but considering the hot mess in there, checking Ulta would be sooo much easier/faster. To my very big surprise, my order total is $0.00. The epilator I thought I bought was out of stock. So instead of canceling my order, I THINK Ulta shipped out all the freebies only. I checked my credit card statement, and Ulta did not charge me for anything. The Ulta package is supposed to come on Friday, so until then...   I will be going to Sephora tomorrow or Wednesday to solve the credit issue. AND when the Ulta package comes, I will see if they really put in all the freebies or if they decided to send me an empty box...   Rant over. Have a good day now!
Sephora seriously needs to carry the British brand No. 7 by Boots. Honestly, its some of the best skin care that I have ever used and it has transformed my skin. And this is coming from someone who has used many high end brands like Lancome, Ole Henriksen, L'Occitane etc. Even Ulta has it! Sephora is way better. You will make a lot of customers very very happy with this line. 
Whenever I try to make a reservation for a makeover, it always says there's no stores in or around San Francisco. It only works on one search engine as well. Am I typing it wrong or something?
I love Sephora, and makeup and I don't mean to rant but this is annoying! Although I am only 16 I have spent over $650 at Sephora in the past year or so! And I find it intolerable when workers are rude or judgmental based on my age! I have been followed around the store and completely watched for my age to completely ignored for it! I have been given great service at Sephora, but recently it has become worse and I honestly don't know what I should do about it!
I was invited to attend the Square One Opening Party here in Toronto. When I showed up, SAs were shouting and dancing and the music was blasting! They stamped my hand ("with an everlasting Sephora tattoo!") and I entered heaven.   I'm not over-exaggerating, either. The whole store was brand spanking new, with never-before-swatched products galore! I even got to peel a few products open There were also products that haven't come out in other stores/online yet, so that was a neat surprise !   There were lots of servers walking around with glasses of strawberry champagne, sparkling lime water, and lots of yummy little snacks (cheesecake pops, fig tartlets, chocolate cupcakes, etc.). Oh, and there was a DJ.    The SAs were still of the genuinely happy to help variety, not yet battle scarred by months of terrible customers   It turned out to be a really amazing event! I walked around smiling and had a really great time! To me, this event was way better than the Rouge thing a few weeks ago. Anyway, here are some photos I managed to snap:   A YSL set I've never seen before:   UD Basics 2!!   Nars Audacious lippies:   At some point during the evening, the SAs all stopped what they were doing and did a full choreographed dance!     My Sephora 'tattoo' Opening up a fresh jar of Caudalie My swatches started getting out of control   And here's what I ended up getting! (I'm in my eyeliner phase, don't judge me.) We also all got a gift bag full of goodies - no purchase required - from a beautiful tall model when we left!   Inside the gift bag (it also included a $25 gift card!) Just had to take a photo of the cutest mini fragrance bottle!
My Sephora has one of the best staff there. Everyone remembers my face, some have made the effort of remembering my name which is so flattering. Last night I went to buy a Sephora brand eyeshadow, I have never bought single shadows but the other day I bought one and I was so impresed that I decided to buy my white matte from the sephora line too. Anyway, I walk in and instantly see the new MUFE artist shadows and naturally I gravitate towards them, by the way... blown -away-. A sephora lady comes up to me and provides me with information about the mufe shadows and I ask her about the one I bought but unfortunately in stores they don't have the name of the shadows - just the number. We ended off with the note "Okay, I'll let you play now!" .. I have never been told this but I definitely felt like a kid in a candy show - which is a great feelnig in my opinion! I love it when I'm not just being stared at, or often have them come up to me and ask if I need help. It was a great experience and all because that lady made it so with her words     The clients are another thing though, I was in line - the first one too - and I was waiting for someone to call me up so I could pay and this girl out of nowhere just gets in front of me ... and after a while she says "Oh I'm sorry, where you here first?" kidding, she did leave after I feel that I had the look of death on me. >_>   That aside, I love my sephora and its employees! 
i bought it at the store yesterday, and when i opened today i found one color is broken.... i want to change it to new one. can i change it at any store i want?
Just wanted to share my excitement. Sephora is opening it's first store in Australia within the next 12 months. My nearest store will be less than an hour airplane ride! My first order in Australia will be the Sephora Favorites Rollerball set. That is all.
I was just wondering.. For things they can't make samples out of, do they keep samples that the companies send over to give out? I know they have samples of the Glamglow Eye mask. Any other ones you know of?
HAVE QUESTION. I recently received an email from sephora about extending me an offer for a position. so excited! it said in the email to click link to bring me to another page where it says to click accept offer (which i did) and it said what day orientation would be. BUT now i can't find the statement where it says what day it will be held either was august 11th or august 12 because i already completed the forms. I've tried calling a couple times but no one at the store seems to pick up so im wondering if anyone knows how I would get this information without having to call. 
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Hey   I was under the impression that VIB Rouges had unlimited FREE access to the Beauty Studio and the Rouge page even prompts me to make an appointment. However when I go to make an appointment it says the 45 minute sessions are only with a $50 purchase and that the only Free sessions are the walk-in 15 minute express sessions (which are basically just for one facial feature instead of your whole face). Please clarify!   Thank you
Happy Monday Lovlies; I hope everyone got everything they wanted at the BI event this weekend.  I know I spent WAYYY more than I wanted to; the fact that my husband slept in & did not accompany me may have helped. I occasionally see people's "makeover horror stories" here and I have to admit, I've caught myself thinking, "could it really have been that bad?" Well, you'll have to judge my sob story for yourself, but here are the facts: I asked for a recommendation for an angle liner brush for my daily cat-eye liner look.  The SA recommended his favorite brush, a double ended Stila job.  It had a point and a smudge, not an angle, but he claimed it was very versatile. He offered to demo with a smudge pot; I accepted but asked him to go easy with the product.  My eyes had been sore after watching a 3-D movie with contact in the day before. The MUA proceeds to not just SLATHER my lower waterline with black gel liner, but to get giant swipes of product all over my contacts!  I looked in the mirror and there were clumps of liner all contacts, my tear ducts, and under my eyes. "Oh....that's on your contact...oops" he said.  I always carry a spare pair with me, so I went ahead and changed out the liner-caked lenses for a fresh pair, so I could, you know, SEE. He acted like he was doing me a favor by disposing of my old contacts, LOL!  After that, I browsed by myself and ticked a bunch of products off my list.  Including the Stila brush - it's actually quite nice!  Got a great haul, drove home, and wore my glasses for the rest of the day  Thanks for listening!  Just had to share my silly story.
I went in to pick up a small fragrance sampler for a friend and when I was checking out, the woman started out by giving me a small sample bag once she saw I was VIB. Then she goes, "OH you're so close to Rouge - take this one too." And gave me another pouch with deluxe samples. I don't have them with me now but there was an Algenist sample in there that seems HUGE. Considering I only spent $25 I was shocked! Browsing around BT today, I see these may have been left over from an event or something but I'm still about $500 away from Rouge so I thought it was so sweet and kind of this woman to give me extra samples - I wasn't expecting any at ALL because typically this store is pretty tight with that kind of thing.
Last night I bought an eyeliner from Too Faced at my local sephora, when doing my makeup just now, I opened it and saw that it was obviously used. The point was crushed and too the side, and the sponge smudger even had some eyeliner on it when i touched it with my finger to see if it was a broken product or used product, yuck! Can I return this?
hey there, I've ordered a gift and put the shipping info "as the receivers info" and the billing info are mine. what i want to know, is the packing slip showing any info about me?? or will it only carry the shipping address and name in addition to the items? please assure me. thanks!
Seriously. I went to a Sephora today, and asked for a sample of Josie Maran's Illuminator, and I got a tiny needle drop of it. What gives!      Actually, with all store made samples, they're pretty stingy. At least my Sephora is. What about yours? 
Hi! I have a question regarding price adjustments. I purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 on March 30th. I then received an email coupon for 15% off through April 10th. I called the 877 number and was told the only way to get a credit for the difference would be to return it and purchase it again with the coupon, since the coupon was not valid at the time of my purchase. Is there a way to do it without returning it? I also have a 20% off coupon from another retailer, but I would rather keep the product I already purchased. That $23 would really mean a lot to me =)
I went to Sephora today for a supposed #mouthoff event that I came across online -- but the sales associates had no idea what I was talking about. :-( In any case, she told me that they are coming out with a sort of color match for lips that's in conjunction with the color IQ. It's not online yet, but they had a binder with all of the color IQ numbers and corresponding lip shade matches (in nudes, corals, plums, reds) sooo she showed me some a couple of my matches and found a gorgeous NARS satin lip pencil (majella) in a red that I was comfortable with/could actually pull off.   Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has gotten a chance to try this out, or know any other details about this color IQ component making it online?
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I went to SiJCP in search of Beauty spatulas.  They were also having a Benefit They're Real liner event, and I was interested in getting a custom skincare kit.  The first lady I talked to had no idea what spatulas I was referring to (come to find out she was not really helpful at all will explain later). Gabbi came over and showed me to the spatulas. I got the last ones. She confirmed they are not coming back in stock, which I knew thanks to the lovely Randee. I asked her if I could participate in the They're Real liner event. She grabbed the tester and started sanitizing it. I informed her that I would rather not have that put on my eyes even with sanitation and would just prefer to use the sample they were giving out for my eyes. Apparently, they ran out the first day of the event (whenever that was). That was odd, because I overheard a different associate talking about a headpiece she was wearing and she said Benefit sent them a bunch of stuff for the event. I almost said but refrained that it would have been nice if they sent more liner. I could not care less about their fancy accessories, but I would have liked to try the liner. I cannot be the only one who does not want the tester to touch my eyes. I saw the tip, and I doubt alcohol could sanitize it well enough.   I needed $45 to qualify for Rouge, so I figured I might as well go for it. There were nowhere near enough spatulas alone to get me there, so I found a few other items. I wanted a custom skincare kit, but they were fresh out. When the first lady scanned me up, she said I re-qualified for VIB. Correction, that was months ago. She called another employee (the one who was loving the Benefit accessories) over and she concurred that my Rouge status would not be effective yet, because my last purchase was less than 24 hours ago. It updated online already, so I thought that was weird. Anyway, I told her just to ring up the spatulas. I did ask her for samples, and she gave me the Murad one and the Philosophy perfume. Two more than I ever get in a freestanding store.   On my way out, I noticed a sale section that has some of the same items in the website's sales section, but the prices were better. I grabbed a few. This time, Gabbi checked me out. She mentioned that I was $9 and some change off from Rouge, which was odd because I thought the items would have gotten me there. I added one more item on to get me over. Yay. I made Rouge. She insisted on finding me a kit with a lipstick, which was very nice of her. At first she mentioned getting me a mirror, but she said they were out. A completely different lady told her she should give me a packet full of samples, which she did! I was very happy about that.   When I got home, I noticed that the Beauty insider account number on the spatula receipt was not even mine. I wish I would have noticed when I was in the store. It makes sense now that I think about it, because there is no way I would just be qualifying for VIB. I hope whoever I qualified is grateful I got her/him there. However, I want the purchase transferred to my account, so I sent Randee a pm. Gabbi put the second purchase on my Beauty insider account, so I would have qualified the first time if the unhelpful lady would have used my account. I am actually glad it worked out the way it did. I doubt I would have stopped by the sales section had I already qualified. The lady who suggested I get the bag of Rouge samples was not at the register the first time either, so I would have missed those as well. That lady never even heard me ask for samples, so it was so nice of her to offer them out of the blue. Overall, I rate my first experience a B (taking points off for having a They're Real event without samples they are advertising, and ringing me up on the wrong Beauty Insider account despite giving her my VIB card). I cannot really hold the lack of skincare samplers against them as items sell out when they're good.   One final thought, I am glad I saw the Divergent polish in person and never ordered it first. As I never return anything, I would have been mighty upset that two of the colors were grossly separated, and I could not shake them back to normal (yes I tried, because all 6 polishes were on sale for $5.99)!  
I know Kalex originally posted about this in July, but I though it was time to remind Sephora what a great idea this would be!!! I would totally join a subscription service if Sephora had one. Wouldn't that be awesome!!   Come one Sephora you know you want to!
Details: The new store opened in Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island. They opened at 10:00.  I got there about 10:10 and there were already lots of people in the store and arriving. I was glad to see they were getting a good response. Everything was so pristine!!! Brand new, untouched items for testers. Perfectly spotless shopping baskets. I wished everything could stay perfect like that. The Sephora staffers were very friendly and helpful. I got lots of individual help trying products, getting advice, and so on. The store was offering a very nice gift with a $50 purchase. It was a (boxed, with cards) Alex and Ani bracelet. I think this was a great choice for 2 reasons: - Alex and Ani is a Rhode Island-based company and their flagship store is right next to Garden City Center.   - The bangle was the “Arms of Strength” Charity by Design starfish bracelet. The starfish has a pretty pink BCA crystal on it.  A&A gives 20% of the proceeds from the bracelet to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation. This is another local, Rhode Island organization. (There were representatives from the foundation at the opening, and info was put in the Sephora bags.) I absolutely love that the store picked a promotion that benefits charity, and that they worked with local companies. This was so much nicer than if they had given away some “made in China” plastic doodad that said Sephora on it. Well done!  :-) There wasn’t anything specifically for Rouges, such as a preview party, and so on. But the bracelet promo was great. (And I loved that it is silver toned, so it goes with my other A&A bracelets!)   All in all, I really liked the store and staff.
I want to make a list of all companies we know that say "Happy Birthday" to their loyal customers   Well, of course, we all know about Sephora! Yay I know you can send a digital gift from benefit for a free eyebrow wax or make-over Bodyshop - $10 off if you have their membership Anthropologie - 15% off card Angus Stake House gives a free dinner (if I remember correctly) for your first birthday as their member   What other companies do treat their customers for a special occasion? Let's share! 
I had bought the bareminerals mineral foundation and I noticed that it made my skin look cakey even when I only put a little bit on. I want to return it but the cashier did not give me a receipt. would I be able to get my money back? (the product is in my purchase history)
I love Sephora's return policy, but does anyone know why they ask you for government issued ID? What do they use that information for?
If I go into a Sephora store am I able to get a couple samples of different foundations?