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I e-mailed Dior an inquiry I had pertaining to Dior Diva and this was also included their reply:   " As of recently it has been announced that the Dior Diva Reward Program will reach it's final cycle for both United States and Canadian customers & retailers by of the end of this calendar year. All final entries must be submitted towards the program no later than December 22, 2015. Your current Dior Diva account balance, banked points and/or any additional receipts with purchases made prior to October 2015 would still be valid towards the program and redeeming rewards. However, all points must be claimed by December 22nd, 2015- as points will not carry over into the new year. You may redeem from or add to your points as you wish. When you are ready to l send in your receipts, please fill out the form (included with this email) and mail it and your accompanying receipts to our office "   It's incredibly unfortunate to see it end having only known about the loyalty program for only a few months.
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That's very generous of them! It's beautiful. see post
I am now on TRE's evil list...
UPDATE:  I went to my beloved and much better SiJCP today.  I was able to return the remaining item with no issue there using the info on my packing slip.  Here's what the other store did wrong: they swiped my driver's license.  The correct procedure is to enter in the name and contact information off of the customer's driver's license but then use the store number in place of the driver's license number.  That way, the return does not count against them.  By using my license number instead of the store number, this caused me to end up on TRE's list.  They should never actually swipe a customer's license unless that customer did not bring a receipt/packing slip.     I will definitely use this information in my dealings with TRE and Sephora CS.  Just wanted everyone else to be aware of it as well.   Thanks!   Original Post:   Yes, I have my own story to add regarding the infamous TRE system.  Here we go...   I have made one return ever ($60-$70 total) without receipt.  This was at the last Rouge Event.  It consisted of all new items that were wrapped/boxed.  I was not given a gift receipt, so I returned them for store credit with my driver's license.   Fast forward to today.  I went to the SiJCP that I loathe.  I wanted to see what OCC clearance items they had since I had already gotten everything good from my SiJCP that I love and normally frequent.  I had returns.  I had receipts for all the items.  One item was from SiJCP so posed no issue.  I also had items I was returning from (3 items on 2 packing slips).     They managed to do one of the online ones; it was very slow and took a lot of effort.  Then they attempted the second one and I was denied by TRE.  I was told I could not return it in store, even with my packing slip.  Mind you, I had asked specifically ahead of time for her to be careful when doing the returns so that I would not be targeted by TRE.   The SA apologized and  promised  she had put in all my info right on the first one so it wouldn't count against me.  Needless to say, I do not believe her.  She is either incompetent or just didn't want to do the return.  I received a lot of exasperation from both SAs doing my return the whole time they were helping me.     I was given a TRE printout with the TRE website (which was improperly printed on the slip btw; I had to google it instead).  I then had to get an email address off the TRE site and send a request to see my Returns Report.  I just sent it so I am waiting on the reply.   I am just...angry.  The SAs gave me a hard time the entire visit.  SA #1 got irritated when I dared to open one of the drawers then they stood over me like I was a thief.  SA#2 was barely responsive when I tried to make conversation and was making unpleasant faces like she was smelling something terrible having to talk to me.  SAs #3 & #4 both acted exasperated to process my returns (which I was getting store credit for-I didn't even ask for a refund like I could have) and ended up getting me on the TRE list.  There was not one pleasant SA there.  This is a huge reminder to me of why I hate this particular SiJCP.   I will be complaining about these employees to Sephora and I will also dispute the return report with TRE once they contact me.  Just awful.  End rant.   If you would like to check your own Return Report, just Google "The Retail Equation" and send an email to the address provided.
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That is so gross! see post
Anyone else been banned by Sephora's outside return monitoring service?
Apparently I'm blacklisted from returns without a receipt now. That's understandable, as Sephora's return policy is so generous and for example they let me return an open, used Clarisonic without a receipt for store credit. That to me is honestly worth being blacklisted for a year.   But I just find it ridiculous that I was banned for making returns without a receipt FOR A YEAR based on 1 return. Anyone have this happen to them, too?       When Sephora customer service tell me I might be banned, I imagined having to return $500 worth of merchandise or the same products over and over. But apparently now I am a marked shoplifter in the Sephora system for 1 return without a receipt, without considering how much money I actually spent at Sephora within say the past 5 years. I'm trying to live a minimalist lifestyle these days. If I don't use it, I'm going to try to return it. And if I can't, I will donate/trash it. I am NOT a shoplifter lol!   I'm sorry but I don't know anyone who gives gifts with a receipt for the person to return the item. My birthday is coming up, I now supposed to  warn everyone to make sure they include the receipt just in case I don't like their gift because I can't return it? That's kind of  rude. I'm just blown away.
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I have never had a problem with returning to my local Sephora (Novi, MI), hence why I tend to shop only at Sephora.  I buy a lot of stuff that doesn't work out or breaks... see post
Weird experience today...
Hi everyone!  I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here.  I just got home from the MUFE event (woo!).  I saw it on the site and thought to myself it'd be awesome to try out a new look, so I looked at my local stores (I've got four near-ish to me), and all but one was booked up, so I RSVPed online for it.  I was given a 12:00 appointment (not sure if it was just giving everyone that time, or what), so I showed up at about 11:50 today because I was so excited (plus I wanted to browse, obvi!).  When I got in, I told one of the employees that that's what I was there for, and she told me they'd grab me when they were ready to start.  It took them a while to get set up, so I was sort of lurking in that part of the store after a little bit--hey, I was excited, you know?  =P  I saw the two MUFE reps setting up and they were chatting to each other, and around 12:30ish I heard the one say to the other, "Apparently someone made an appointment online for noon and so she's been hanging out since noon, isn't that weird?"  And the other one said something agreeing, and I just felt mortified.  I might just be too sensitive, but I still feel a little self conscious just going to Sephora, because I feel like a makeup novice and I feel like I'm always about to embarrass myself in there (I know, that's my own issue), so this was really embarrassing for me.  I felt like I had done something wrong and I should just leave.  I decided not to because I had actually driven a far way to get to this location and had to pay for parking and everything, so I was determined to get what I came for! Haha   Then at about 12:45 they started with some other client, so I approached a Sephora employee again about having an appointment, and they brought me over to the very rep who had called me weird, in my earshot, without realizing it.  The SA told her I had an appointment, and the MUFE rep said to me, "Oh!  Why didn't you say something?!"  I was honest, I told her it was because I heard her calling me weird for having an appointment.  She didn't apologize, but she told me she didn't know they were doing appointments for this.  She was really nice after that, I think she was trying to make up for making me feel bad, but I dunno.  I feel like the whole experience was sort of tainted after that.   She did do a great job on my makeup, though!  I had NEVER tried any blue shades on my eyes because I thought redheads couldn't pull it off, but I look awesome!  I ended up buying wayyy too much (oops!) because it's tax free weekend, so why not, right?!  And this purchase actually pushed me into VIB, so that was fun (and a little shocking, haha).  I guess I just wanted to share the experience with some folks who might understand.  =/ Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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I say 'live' too, like an inanimate object is going to live somewhere. That's so weird, I've never meet anyone else that says it. :) see post
Exchanging a product purchased with the epic rewards coupon
I literally cannot even believe this. After the entire hassle of being hustled once again by Sephora, they were kind enough to give us a $50 coupon as an apology for the epic rewards mess.   I used mine towards the purchase of a viseart pallete as it was so raved about in the beauty community, not to mention on the "hot and now" on the website.   The palette is chalky and impossible to work with, and guess what? they won't exchange it!   That's right people, if I were to return the palette that cost me $80.00, I would get a refund of $30.00 back because the promo code was a one time shot... which I understand, but I am unhappy with the product, how was I to know that it was horrendously difficult to work with? it has stellar reviews on this website.   So here I am once again duped by Sephora, stuck with an overly expensive palette that I literally have no use for.   I shop at Sephora multiple times a week. More than your average makeup user that's for sure, this is so upsetting to me. How can a store be telling me they want my business, offer me a promo code, which was so kind to do and then turn around and say tough? Like really you're going to miss out on thousands of dollars that I spend every year over $50?? All I wanted was an exchange, it's not like I was asking for another promo code or money back or anything ridiculous. Terrible customer service. I am legitimately borderline insulted over this.   Day ruined. Thanks Sephora.   Oh and if you're wondering, I posted a very fair review over the viseart was never published under reviews... only the good ones made it. Interesting, right?   Guess my money is better suited at different retailers.
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The part that  blows my mind the most is that, as generous a consolation gift as the voucher was, Sephora actually built in a way to return and potentially get the vouch... see post
Delete my Sephora Account!
Hi, I really want to delete this account. Please help!
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mdna / FRESH FACE / replied
Hi. I want to delete this account because I have two account. How can I delete my other account?  see post
Great News for West Houston, TX
I don't know if I'm excited or scared, but I just found out Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX is getting a Sephora! We have a SiJCP but the nearest full store is in a mall almost 30 minutes away. The store is set to open in October. Is it too early to sign up for the grand opening party?!!
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I'm just surprised there is no Rouge Pre-Opening event. Unless I'm remembering wrong, most of the other stores have had one, but there is not one listed on the store sit... see post
Writing reviews about Sephora employees
often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
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JasperWheatley / FRESH FACE / replied
I visited the Sephora that is in JC Penny in GB Wisconsin. Christi is the nice woman who assisted me. I had some questions and she was more than happy to help. She did t... see post
Is there a sephora store in London, UK?
There aren't any Sephora stores in the UK.  see post
How much does it cost to get my makeup done at Sephora?
I want to get my makeup done for a concert. I want the makeup to be kinda crazy to! Will Sephora do this? How much does it cost? Thnaks!
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They can fluff and revive your hair with some product, but it wouldn't be legal for them to "do" your hair as they are not properly licensed. see post
Why does color iq not match you with more than just skin products?
When I was in the sephora store there was a chart one of the employees looked at with a list of lipsticks that match my skintone. Why is this guide not available online for reference? I'd like to be matched with eyeshadows and lipsticks to make shopping easier.
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I'm so excited about this! I can't wait until it's brought online, as I rarely go to the stores. see post
UD Cannonball Mascara!?
Hello! I was just wondering how long it will take for Urban Decay's Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara to be back in stock online? I've been to two Sephora stores already and they don't have it either.
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FYI: Some Sephora Stores Now Directly Link Account to Returns
There have been quite a few posts/threads lately regarding Sephora returns without a receipt.   I posted this information today in another thread and thought it may be a good FYI to post because I know some people were getting worried about returning items.     Some Sephora stores  are now able to pull up purchases for return purposes through your BI account for returns without a receipt.    I was with my sister when she was returning something she purchased online. She misplaced her packing slip but let them know that she used her VIB 10% discount. Even without the receipt, they were able to pull up the discounted price she paid through the system and fulfill the refund directly to her credit card instead of store credit. This was the first time I have personally seen. I've always had to get store credit before so it's nice that we're able to get a refund without a receipt.   Also, they did not ask for ID for anyone that is wondering.    I am not sure if this is in test markets or if it has been rolled out systemwide.
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They did something sort of like this for me when I was exchanging a gift. My friend no longer had the receipt. They asked me if I knew her email address, I told them she... see post
VIB ROUGE not on my online account !
Hi ! I actually have a VIB rouge card but my online account doesn't show it. I'm afraid to order online because I really want the privileges associated with my account. Can somebody help me with that ? Thank you very much. 
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Hi Gabrielle - your best best is probably to call customer service or the Rouge line so they can link your accounts.  I think they are open during normal business hours ... see post
Excellent service at SiJCP!!
I wanted to post about an experience I had at SiJCP at a mall in North Carolina  (The Streets at Southpoint - Durham) .  For the second time in a row, I happened to be in NC when I found out a Rouge event was happening!  This last time I couldn't attend the event, but later the day of the event I went to the mall and visited both Sephora and SiJCP.  I had fun at both stores, but...   There is an employee at SiJCP, Skye, who is truly a great SA.  She was fun, helpful, friendly and above all - professional.  I appreciated her feedback and direction, and when she asked if there was anything else she could help me find (as we continued to chat quite a bit after I checked out the first time) I made a flippant comment about a lipstick that has been OOS for months and was discontinued and kind of laughed it off, when she told me to wait, she thought she might have it, and went to check.  She had two!  She looked for more but she ended up just having two unopened, perfect lipsticks that I had been hunting high and low for!  I was very excited to get them and even more grateful that she was aware of her store inventory - it truly was my lucky day to have Skye working on the day I visited!
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Does Sephora on Market street San Francisco have Algenist and Philosophy products?
Does Sephora on Market street San Francisco have Algenist and Philosophy products?
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You are also able to check to see if I specific product is in stock in a store from the website as well.  Just find the product and enter the zipcode.  i just checked an... see post
How to you change or delete an online reservation?
Hi everyone,   I made an online reservation for a makeover, and now I need to change the time of the reservation.  I cannot figure out how to do that.  Does anyone know?   I did not receive an email after I made the reservation, nor is the reservation visible from my account, so I have no idea how to access it.   Should I just call the store directly?   Thanks!  
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I usually get an email after my reservation has been booked online. Near the bottom of the email, there's a hyperlinked area says "change or cancel this reservation" ... see post
Will sephora accept this return..
So I'm planning on returning a perfume to sephora without the receipt. Will they accept a picture of my ID? I lost it. Also, will they refund in store credit? I don't want store credit because then next perfume I want is at another store.
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BEAUTY PRO v0ltagekid / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
You have to have the physical ID. if you lost your ID, try your passport, it was accepted in my store too see post
How to view booked appointments?
I was able to find it before, but now it seems to have disappeared. What I am looking for is where you could see the appointments you booked and edit them or cancel them. Does this page still exist?
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Will Sephora ever come back to the UK?
Us UK girls need Sephora! Are there any plans to open a store in London? The Westfield shopping centres would be great locations for Sephora.
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Come back? You mean there used to be Sephora stores in the UK? I agree, Westfield shopping centers would be a good location. Or Oxford Street and Covent Garden. And I su... see post
My order has been cancelled
I 've tried to order twice this week, but each time I got an email one day after I placed orders, saying that my orders have been cancelled (status " Unsuccessful Authorization") . I have used my debit card on before and it worked just fine. My card is OK with other purchases, too. I've checked my card information, address, telephone, etc and found no mistake. When i mail to sephora, they said my shipping address associated to multiple people???!!!   The recipient is my husband or me because sometimes I'm not at home. It's my house and I think my husband can receive the package for me.   So I'm writing to inquire what seems to be problem.  
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I think you should call Sephora, because that's really crazy! Hopefully no one got into your account or something and canceled them on you! :O You'd better call Sephora!... see post
So supposedly Sephora is supposed to be the "no hassle stores" of  customer service, and I just have to bring this into view after trying for almost two months to get any help from the staff of this store. I made a 42.00 purchase at this store and I have asked continuously for the points to be added to my BI account with no result. The staff is very non caring, rude and acts like they want to spend no time with the customers with any issues. I ask than an administrator takes the time to look at this issue and come back to this post with a positive result. The staff of this store could use customer service 101 all over again. Very irritating!!!  
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I need to know if I can return an item in store without a receipt??? About a month ago I went to Sephora and made a purchase, and after using what I bought for awhile now, I don't really like it. I am going to Sephora tomorrow morning and wondered if it was possible to return something without a receipt? It might be possible that I could show them my order history on my phone in store if my WI-FI connects. Please help- I need an answer before tomorrow so I know whether or not I can return it- Thank you! XOXOXO
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Ha-ha okay- I don't drive yet so I don't have my license. I am edible for one but I'm not ready to drive. Lol  ... Luckily my mom is bringing me though. And the purchas... see post
Would it be possible for us to work together and soundhound the music, piece it together here?
Or maybe a employee can post the playlists they see on the computer or the radio station they connect it to so we can find it online. What do you guys think? I know I heard Sam + Disclosure - Latch the other day but the song that came after I have no clue. If we each posted a song we heard or sound hounded we'd be able to constantly patch together a playlist and have a online record of songs that were played even at certain locations if we wanted to disclose that information just incase it's different location to location. What do you guys think? ^-^
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I'm game! Only I haven't been to the store since Seeing this. Next time I go in I'll note down or shazam some songs for you! :) see post
Makeup Recycling Program
When will Sephora finally come up with a makeup recycling program? MAC has a great program where you get one free product in exchange for bringing in six empty packages/old products. It's 2015, time to help the environment a bit!
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Worst Return Of My Life
Two weeks ago I made a return to a store in Colorado while I was vacationing in the States. Bought a palette and decided to return it as it just didn't seem as amazing in person. Two weeks later my money still hasn't been returned to me from Sephora. > ~< The sad thing is that no one seems to know how to handle this. When I first (on the 23) called I contacted the VIB Rouge line, who told me to call my bank to 'double check'. Once confirmed there was no transactions from Sephora for the day I made the return I called the store who transferred me to Corporate office, who transferred me back to the VIB Rouge line.  = w= JFC what a headache.  Asked to speak to a manager right off the bat and upon getting a manager she said there was nothing she could do as she was in charge of department. She did however (THANK YOU!!) call the store and spoke to the manager to explain what was going on. They then called me and said I needed to wait until the 28 before they could do anything. So low and behold, called today and they said they will call me back tomorrow and hopefully  be able to tell me what's going on. Mostly a rant. I am so angry. I have spent at least three hours on the phone just because I made a stupid return. I have never had this issue before and I am so frustrated since I have to go out of my way for a mistake that they made. > n< But it did get me thinking (since the SA at the store said she had never seen something like this before) has anyone else had issues with making returns at Sephora? I never had in the past but I wonder if it had something to do with the fact I was making a return to a store in a 'foreign' country so something happened there. Thoughts?
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Over three weeks and it still hasn't been resolved. Sephora, you're on a roll. see post
Does anyone know where I can find the store's current playlist?
ChadEverett / FRESH FACE / replied
I agree. They need to start posting this shiz. the quarterly playlists. It's giving me a headache and kind of unacceptable costumer service IMO. The employees are lackin... see post
Beauty Before Brunch guest
I'm bringing my sister as my guest for the event this weekend, and I've never been before so I don't know exactly what to expect.  Do we have to walk in together, or will they let her in if she arrives before me?
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I like that the usual shopping crowd is smaller. Everyone's experiences range. Some folks like to go to speak with brand reps and try new items while some go in already ... see post
What does Sephora do with used returned products?
IT GIRL Kabblahgirl / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Isn't that what they use for in store samples? see post
Naked Smoky Release
I was wondering if there will be a Naked Smoky Release Party like they did with Naked 3? 
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