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Sephora Black Friday 2015
I check on the app
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BEAUTY BOSS blondesluv2shop / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I would log into your account and check your orders. It should say there whether it's been shipped or cancelled.   I hope you have better luck than me! see post
Free lance makeup artist
Where would I be able to find a make up artist in Orange County, CA? 
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What are some sample packets sephora has in stock now? (canada)
I prefer samples in the packet. I'm buying my mom her b-day gifts there today and want to throw in a nice little packet sample, without having to be so straightforward and asking for one. I've gotten the glam glow super mud and would be fine with that for her but I thought i'd see whate lse they have.
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I ended up getting glam glow samples again. see post
I tried to return a way-too sparkly lip gloss (looked fine in the store) last weekend, purchased in October 2014, not used more than a few times (it's a clear tube, you can see it's full). Yes it has been awhile but I had a rough year and I had a ton of receipts to go through, and this was not on the top of my mind. Anyway, cashier say you can't because of 30 day policy, I said this was bought under the old policy, manager approved it for that reason but when they tried to process it I was told the system said it was more than 12 months so they were not able to issue the refund. The old policy was not 12 months, it was return ANY TIME (stated right there on the back of the receipt), I was just a few weeks over 12 months which makes it all the worse. Anyway, contacted customer service and they said to contact the store because they have the right to refuse a return for any reason and it's up to their discretion. Does any of this make any sense? Has anyone else been told 12 months was the limit? Is this even legal/allowed, changing your return policy AFTER your purchase... is it store specific or is it head office? Can individual stores really tailor the policy this way? I have never heard of a company doing any of these things. I'm so confused by all of this and really upset because I feel like people keep giving me incorrect information and being rude like I'm some sort of degenerate for returning something. 
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BEAUTY BOSS leopardstars / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I just had this problem today. I was absolutely shocked. Sephora had a one-year return policy about 7 years ago. I rarely shopped here. Then they extended it to satisfac... see post
What does Sephora do with used returned products?
The only time I've ever gotten a used product from Sephora was years ago when I purchased the Tarte True Blood palette. It was the last one in the store and I was so exc... see post
Out Of Stock
I placed two orders on 11/15. I already got the shipping confirmation for one, but not the other. I went to look at the order status & noticed that the too faced melted lipsticks are now out of stock. Could this have something to do with my shipping being a little more behind? Will this cause my order to be cancelled or delayed until it is back in stock? Thanks in advance for any answers  Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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It will depend on whether or not they pulled those products for your order before they went OOS or not. As far as being cancelled vs. delayed, I'm not super sure what wo... see post
Returns Without a Receipt
I went to my local Sephora store yesterday (Boca Raton, FL) and was disgusted to find out that Sephora has a somewhat new return policy for returns without a receipt. (It's new to me since I usually keep my receipts, unless the item was a gift)  I was told by the rude store associate that because I made a return without a receipt within the past 365 days that I would be unable to return the items.  I received a number of gifts for my birthday, which was two months ago, that I never used and decided that I would be better off with a store credit to purchase something that I would use.  However, I did not have the packing slips or receipts for the items.  I usually keep my receipts and packing slips and this and the other return without a receipt were isolated instances.  One of the items happened to be a perfume body lotion that is only sold online, but I did not want since I did not get the matching perfume.  The store associate initially argued with me that it was not from Sephora until I informed her that it was an online only item.    I do not appreciate being treated like a criminal for wanting to make a return!  This is not the proper way to handle a VIB customer.  I understand that customers were abusing the return policy and that Sephora had to do something about it, but these items were unopened and in the original packaging.  The body lotion even had the plastic around it!  There should be a different policy for unused and unopened items.  I do not have a long history of returning items and have spent a significant amount of money at Sephora over the years.  However, I now plan to curtail my spending at Sephora due to this new return policy.  One allowance every 365 days is a bit extreme!    I recently made a purchase online that was a birthday gift for a friend and I did not give her a gift receipt because the packing slip had multiple items on it and I did not have a gift receipt for the item. That was for a Sephora brand item that obviously could not be mistaken as being bought elsewhere.  However, I now regret making that purchase for fear that my friend will not be able to exchange it if she wants something else instead.  I was just about to make a purchase of a birthday gift for another friend and opted to purchase it somewhere else due to this situation.  Additionally, I was planning to buy many holiday gifts at Sephora and due to this instance, have changed my mind.  You are punishing good, honest customers for the mistakes of others and I hope that other customers, like myself, think prior to spending exorbitant amounts of money at Sephora this holiday season until you start treating us better than the criminals you are trying to protect yourselves from!  This is not the first complaint I have had about Sephora in the past 365 days, as I was very disappointed by the way the Epic (Fail) Rewards situation was handled.  Just as Sephora is not giving me the benefit of the doubt with more than one return without a receipt within 365 days, perhaps since this is the second strike for Sephora within that timeframe, I should not be any more lenient and should take my business elsewhere.      
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Did not receive points?!
I spent almost $200 at Sephora last week, can't remember if my card was scanned or not but the points do not show up on my account. How can I get these added? I should still have the receipt. I'd hate for those points to go to waste.
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Thank you so much! see post
Writing reviews about Sephora employees
often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
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Jacklyn91 / FRESH FACE / replied
Recently visited the new Sephora at the Grove. I usually don't like people applying makeup to my face but Grace was so great at what she does and made me feel comfortabl... see post
Do Beauty Insiders have a special sale as well or is it only VIB
I know a lot of people are going nuts online and in store for the past few days. Is it only for VIB + people or does BI get something like 10% off or like 5%???
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Unfortunately it does not look like there will be a November sale for BIs this year.     The FAQs thread makes no mention of a later date/sale for BIs http://community... see post
Return Info
If you want to return a product you bought in stores do you just need to bring your receipt for the order summary?? Also where can you find the return form?
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If it was purchased in store bring the receipt. Without receipt, you'll need a valid ID to be swiped and you'll proceed with the return without receipt process for in s... see post
2015 In Store Sale Fun / Madness
I just wanted to start this topic to hear about other people's experience and share mine.     Other than the above ridiculousness, I really wanted to say that I was most impressed with the employees at the store I visited (Houston Galleria). Sometimes I feel stifled by the over helpfulness, other times I feel ignored. This time - it was perfect. People showed up to help at the right time and EVERYONE was friendly helpful, and knowledgeable. 2 SAs even introduced themselves by name, and one made up a sample bag for me when I inquired (I was referring to the tote, but apparently the tote is empty. So they got me samples to go into the tote)! It was the most pleasant shopping experiences that I've had at Sephora in literally 3 years.
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That's TOO funny! I do too. It's kind of a problem that I work really close to it :x. see post
Birthday Gift Question
Hi!   I have a question about getting the NARS birthday gift. My sister now and then goes to Sephora and she'll give my email address since she doesn't have a BI card, and I get the points. This time, she got something, and it seems that she also got the NARS birthday gift (we're both born in the same month and I sadly do go into Sephora as often as I'd like because I'm far away). My question is, if I went into the Sephora store (or bought something online), would I still be able to get the NARS birthday gift? I really want to try the NARS lip pencils, and when I tried to see if I could get the gift online, I didn't see it as one of the choices as I usually do after picking out samples and the point perks.    Thank you very much! 
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That I don't know; she might have gotten it and is saving it for me, in which case I'll be happy. I'll ask her next time I talk to her.    Thank you for replying so qu... see post
Does the "find in store" feature not work for anyone else?
This has happened to me many times at different stores. On the product page, it says that the product is available in a certain store, but when I go there, they either tell me they don't have it or don't even know what I'm talking about. Last time, when I asked for the product I was looking for, a sales associate told me "I don't even know what this brand is". I was looking for a Tria product that was supposed to be in stock there. They didn't offer to call other stores to see if they had it in stock. I think they should at least know of brands that are sold by the company that employs them... Anyway, I would like to know if anybody else has this problem with their local Sephora. I feel like it is not that useful to have the find in store feature on the website if you also have to call the store to make sure they really have the products your are looking for. 
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I normally call the store ahead of time to see if they do actually have the product and have them put it on hold for me.  Makes my life easier and I'm not wasting my tim... see post
Does anyone know how to delete or update a review? I reviewed something and I do not know how came out to be 2 stars instead of 5!
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IT GIRL AlexandraRose14 / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I'm having a similar problem and I was wondering if I could also delete and repost, as I meant to give a higher rating for Tarte's Amazonian Clay Full Cover Foundation! ... see post
Bay Area Meetup?
A couple of us have been discussing getting together since the the Powell St Sephora will be reopening next month.  Any takers?  Personally, I'd love to meet you all so let's coordinate something!   List of BTers who'd like to meet - November 7!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) guzelkiz dalidyli candacebt PavYellow MK89 itscarin mlovexo weeeeweeeeeee     guzelkizdalidylicandacebtPavYellowMK89itscarinmlov exoweeeeweeeeeee    
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Thanks, PMed you see post
Flash shipping
hi,   i was wondering if Canadian rouge members can apply for Flash?   thanks.
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Hi jube0506!   I move this post from the Acne board to the Stores & Services section. As SalBing already informed you, our FLASH shipping program is not available in... see post
Can I return an item I purchased online to a Sephora in Jcpenny's?
That I don't know, sorry. see post
45 minute complimentary makeover for VIB's
I chose Sephora store #406 for my 45 minute complimentary makeover.  Chris was my makeup artist.  I'm going to summarize my notes.  Chris started with skincare.  She used amazing products such as Bliss's "Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask" and "That's Incrdi-Peel." The skincare portion was really relaxing.  I think I could have sat in the Studio Makeup mirror all day.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that when I was with her we had a great conversation.  She really took initiative of the look.  I let her know what looks I usually like and came up with a look.      Makeup was the next step for my makeover. Chris used makeup by YSL, Hourglass, Smashbox, Stila, and Nars.  I have included a picture of my beautiful makeover.  She applied BB cream by Stila.  Followed by touches of Nars Multiple stick was brushed on my upper cheek bones.  Side note: I didn't get the best rest last night and have allergies.  Apparentely, there are celebrations taking place nearby.  That aside, she was able to conceal the darkness under my eyes.  To do this, Chis used the YSL "Touch Eclat" to conceal dark circles.  Smashbox eyeshadow was added.  The palettte chosen was Image Factory -Icon.   I have Hourglass's "Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick" in Icon. She added lip liner to keep the color from moving around.  I really love the matte red lip!  This is part of the current trends.  Natalie, also at store #406, had another great suggestion.  To use Urban Decay's Ozone/clear lip liner.  If I feel unsure of the exact line...this takes care of it.    Thank you for such a great experience store #406!  Thanks to Sephora for creating a nice event for VIB's to attend!  I hope you found this post to be helpful.     P.S.- I took this picture, myself, while Chris was in the middle of adding lip liner.  I hope everyone enjoyed their makeovers, too.    
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Okay I'm a new VIB lol. So yuppers I'm totally a noob. Do we get a free makeover and how do we book this makeover lol. Sorry inquiring minds need to know ;) see post
a very confused consumer who did not bring the store VIB card
I did not bring my VIB card with me, but I will buy some stuff tomorrow in the shop. How can I add the points that I will buy into my VIB card for stores? 
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Hi xizhe,   You can give your email at checkout and the cast member can add the points to your account! No card is necessary if you just provide your email. I'll sen... see post
I e-mailed Dior an inquiry I had pertaining to Dior Diva and this was also included their reply:   " As of recently it has been announced that the Dior Diva Reward Program will reach it's final cycle for both United States and Canadian customers & retailers by of the end of this calendar year. All final entries must be submitted towards the program no later than December 22, 2015. Your current Dior Diva account balance, banked points and/or any additional receipts with purchases made prior to October 2015 would still be valid towards the program and redeeming rewards. However, all points must be claimed by December 22nd, 2015- as points will not carry over into the new year. You may redeem from or add to your points as you wish. When you are ready to l send in your receipts, please fill out the form (included with this email) and mail it and your accompanying receipts to our office "   It's incredibly unfortunate to see it end having only known about the loyalty program for only a few months.
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My final Dior Diva rewards :( see post
Delete my Sephora Account!
Hi, I really want to delete this account. Please help!
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bleepbloopbree / FRESH FACE / replied
Hi, when i first registered my card I didnt use my email I only got the card. Then I tried opening an account online so i used my email address but found out that I coul... see post
Can I return an item?
i bought a really expensive foundation and used it for 2 weeks and ended up hating it because it made my skin super oily. I assumed I couldn't return a used product so I kept it around in case of emergencies. My friend told me I could return it. However it has now been 2 and a half months since I bought it. Do you guys think I should try and return it? Thanks!
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Hi awpeeps :)   I'm sorry to hear the foundation you purchased is not working for you! We are able to process the return if the item has been received at our Distrib... see post
Different prices?
So, i went into a Sephora in JCPenny for the first time the other day--am I crazy or is pricing completely different? I'm not refering to sale items, but a few current, hot products I found for less than the price online. Is this typical?
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I have noticed this as well. I looked at an hourglass blush online and it is listed as $42 when I went to the store to test the color and saw it was only $35. Not on sal... see post
So so disappointed
Ugh I'm so frustrated with this company!   So I made purchase online for over $300, and it very reasonably said that it would be delivered to my house in 4 days. The package is now lost somewhere in the shipping facility, and when I called to see what happened, the reps basically said they can't get a hold of the people at the facility and would contact me in 8 business days. It's been a solid 5 days after the shipment was due to arrive. They can't cancel the order/send another order/refund me. How is this ok? Why would I ever order from Sephora again?! 
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Packaged with hazmat items take longer to be delivered as they are shipped differently.  When you order hazmat from now on, I suggest a seperate order.   This happened... see post
Great News for West Houston, TX
I don't know if I'm excited or scared, but I just found out Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX is getting a Sephora! We have a SiJCP but the nearest full store is in a mall almost 30 minutes away. The store is set to open in October. Is it too early to sign up for the grand opening party?!!
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I'm just surprised there is no Rouge Pre-Opening event. Unless I'm remembering wrong, most of the other stores have had one, but there is not one listed on the store sit... see post
I am now on TRE's evil list...
UPDATE:  I went to my beloved and much better SiJCP today.  I was able to return the remaining item with no issue there using the info on my packing slip.  Here's what the other store did wrong: they swiped my driver's license.  The correct procedure is to enter in the name and contact information off of the customer's driver's license but then use the store number in place of the driver's license number.  That way, the return does not count against them.  By using my license number instead of the store number, this caused me to end up on TRE's list.  They should never actually swipe a customer's license unless that customer did not bring a receipt/packing slip.     I will definitely use this information in my dealings with TRE and Sephora CS.  Just wanted everyone else to be aware of it as well.   Thanks!   Original Post:   Yes, I have my own story to add regarding the infamous TRE system.  Here we go...   I have made one return ever ($60-$70 total) without receipt.  This was at the last Rouge Event.  It consisted of all new items that were wrapped/boxed.  I was not given a gift receipt, so I returned them for store credit with my driver's license.   Fast forward to today.  I went to the SiJCP that I loathe.  I wanted to see what OCC clearance items they had since I had already gotten everything good from my SiJCP that I love and normally frequent.  I had returns.  I had receipts for all the items.  One item was from SiJCP so posed no issue.  I also had items I was returning from (3 items on 2 packing slips).     They managed to do one of the online ones; it was very slow and took a lot of effort.  Then they attempted the second one and I was denied by TRE.  I was told I could not return it in store, even with my packing slip.  Mind you, I had asked specifically ahead of time for her to be careful when doing the returns so that I would not be targeted by TRE.   The SA apologized and  promised  she had put in all my info right on the first one so it wouldn't count against me.  Needless to say, I do not believe her.  She is either incompetent or just didn't want to do the return.  I received a lot of exasperation from both SAs doing my return the whole time they were helping me.     I was given a TRE printout with the TRE website (which was improperly printed on the slip btw; I had to google it instead).  I then had to get an email address off the TRE site and send a request to see my Returns Report.  I just sent it so I am waiting on the reply.   I am just...angry.  The SAs gave me a hard time the entire visit.  SA #1 got irritated when I dared to open one of the drawers then they stood over me like I was a thief.  SA#2 was barely responsive when I tried to make conversation and was making unpleasant faces like she was smelling something terrible having to talk to me.  SAs #3 & #4 both acted exasperated to process my returns (which I was getting store credit for-I didn't even ask for a refund like I could have) and ended up getting me on the TRE list.  There was not one pleasant SA there.  This is a huge reminder to me of why I hate this particular SiJCP.   I will be complaining about these employees to Sephora and I will also dispute the return report with TRE once they contact me.  Just awful.  End rant.   If you would like to check your own Return Report, just Google "The Retail Equation" and send an email to the address provided.
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That is so gross! see post
Exchanging a product purchased with the epic rewards coupon
I literally cannot even believe this. After the entire hassle of being hustled once again by Sephora, they were kind enough to give us a $50 coupon as an apology for the epic rewards mess.   I used mine towards the purchase of a viseart pallete as it was so raved about in the beauty community, not to mention on the "hot and now" on the website.   The palette is chalky and impossible to work with, and guess what? they won't exchange it!   That's right people, if I were to return the palette that cost me $80.00, I would get a refund of $30.00 back because the promo code was a one time shot... which I understand, but I am unhappy with the product, how was I to know that it was horrendously difficult to work with? it has stellar reviews on this website.   So here I am once again duped by Sephora, stuck with an overly expensive palette that I literally have no use for.   I shop at Sephora multiple times a week. More than your average makeup user that's for sure, this is so upsetting to me. How can a store be telling me they want my business, offer me a promo code, which was so kind to do and then turn around and say tough? Like really you're going to miss out on thousands of dollars that I spend every year over $50?? All I wanted was an exchange, it's not like I was asking for another promo code or money back or anything ridiculous. Terrible customer service. I am legitimately borderline insulted over this.   Day ruined. Thanks Sephora.   Oh and if you're wondering, I posted a very fair review over the viseart was never published under reviews... only the good ones made it. Interesting, right?   Guess my money is better suited at different retailers.
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The part that  blows my mind the most is that, as generous a consolation gift as the voucher was, Sephora actually built in a way to return and potentially get the vouch... see post
Is there a sephora store in London, UK?
There aren't any Sephora stores in the UK.  see post
How much does it cost to get my makeup done at Sephora?
I want to get my makeup done for a concert. I want the makeup to be kinda crazy to! Will Sephora do this? How much does it cost? Thnaks!
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They can fluff and revive your hair with some product, but it wouldn't be legal for them to "do" your hair as they are not properly licensed. see post