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order still delayed
So, I received the email saying that orders were delayed because of the sale, but it said my order will be here by Thursday November 20th (tomorrow) but I still have yet to receive a tracking number or an email that my order has shipped.... Has his happened to anyone else????  
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Wow, that makes no fricken sense! I called thursday (when my order was supposed to get here) and the lady said the latest I would get it would be today!! Yet still no tr... see post
What does Sephora do with used returned products?
Shapeshifter actually is correct.  The items that can't be resold are shipped off to where they are disposed of.  When I first started working at Sephora, there were sev... see post
Do you wear makeup to your custom makeover?
I received a "Custom Makeover Gift" for my birthday. I booked a 45-minute custom makeover for this weekend. I'm excited because I have never received services from Sephora before. I'm really self-conscious about my skin (I'm 25 and have adult, hormonal acne). Are we not supposed to wear makeup for the makeover?   Thanks!
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Thank you for all the responses, everyone! I guess we will wait and see how I feel tomorrow! I appreciate everyone taking the time to provide me feedback! see post
Black Friday...any information on what the offers will be this year?
When do the deals start online?? see post
Horrible experience in my Sephora inside JCPenny
This is very long... I just wanted to share my experience from yesterday. I went in to exchange the color on a foundation I purchased online. I am aware they do not accept online returns. I called Sephora customer service and made sure I could exchange colors. They said absolutely.  I proceeded to the store and was told by the lady, who represented herself as the manager on duty, they won't except returns. I kept explaining to her that I made sure they did. She kept insisting they won't. I asked her to call customer service. She did so, explaining to them I wanted to return it.  I got on my phone at that point and spent 39 minutes on the phone with customer service myself, who were just as baffled as I was.  I went back to the lady who represented herself as the MOD while on the phone to get clarification of who she was to document it with customer service. She then explained she was head of education. The actual manager on duty was with a customer. I went to the actual manager and explained to her the problem. She said she doesn't take online returns because it skews the numbers on the store, but she would do it this one time. She went back and retrieved the correct foundation color I asked for, light-medium neutral. I said thank you and left. Stupid me didn't check the color until I got to the car. She handed me medium neutral. I walked back in. I looked for the manager, she wasn't in the store. Only the previous lady.I went up to her and told her the manager handed me the wrong color. She said she won't exchange it. I was beyond angry at this point. I asked her title again.. She said "SEC" Sales Education Consultant. I told her, stuttering a bit, that she needed to educate her consultant better because they were not all aware of the new rule about exchanging. Her response was to put of hand on her hip, poke out her bottom lip, and mock me stuttering "I'm so sorry". I was mortified. I just turned around and left. I have never been treated that way in my life.  I am 34 year old. I had a stroke in January, due to having a hold in my heart i had no clue I had. I have spent months in speech therapy to talk normally again.  I had documented my experience prior to that particular episode with customer service. I didn't call back with this last particular experience with her mocking me. I was so upset. I don't think they would have understood me. A director of the store in supposed to call me back. Should I just wait for the call back, or should I call and make another complaint? Thanks, Bethany    
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Make another complaint and don't let it go.  I had a recent similar nightmare experience and I'm intending to keep bug gins Sephora until I'm happy that they have done s... see post
Benefit Brow Bar now at Sephora Bloor Street!
Just thought I'd let all the Toronto ladies know. I wouldn't trust them with my own brows (I've seen girls come out after their services in the States), but if you're into this sort of thing, I thought you'd like to know it's now available!  
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You're so lucky!! :) Sometimes I think I'm more obsessed with hair than makeup even though my spending habits don't reflect that. I can't stop staring if I notice someon... see post
Perfume Samples
Hi, I am wondering if I go to any Sephora store and ask for a perfume sample will I get it? I want to choose my brands I want, in little bottles to try. Thanks, Please answer. 
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I think any limits depend on the store.  Go when the store is quiet and you'll have better luck.  At down times I've had an SA in my store just tell me to bring over the... see post
Weird Sephora Visit
Hey BT, I had a really weird trip to Sephora today and I'm looking for some help sorting out whether it was a good thing or less good. (This post is really long because I have a lot of feelings thank you in advance for reading it)   So everyone who has worked at my Sephora for any amount of time knows me.  This is partly because I come in a lot (I try to use my Rouge perk of free makeovers as often as I can) and partly because I leave really positive, really detailed survey entries.   So everyone is always really nice to me and I always figured it was 1/3 desire for me to buy something, 1/3 wanting to get a good review, and 1/3 wanting to connect because they are human and I am human and maybe we can enjoy a brief chat.  Maybe the last third is wishful thinking.     One of the employees I've become particularly close to, like, i know his life in addition to him knowing mine and I hope that our interactions are more heavily weighted toward the human connection part of things but it's possible he is in it for the survey reviews and the product purchases (I don't really think it's the purchase part though because he is really invested in helping me stay on budget because he knows I tend to live outside my means in Sephora and he doesn't want me to have regrets - but it could be the survey).   So I've always known that I get a lot of love because of the surveys but I don't like to feel like that is the only reason people interact with me.  Even if it is, be subtle about it.   Today I heard some employees talking about me, one saying "oh yeah, that's Meg she does amazing surveys and is in here all the time, definitely get to know her" and I couldn't hear what the response was because I walked away from the display they were on the other side of feeling super awkward.  At the end of my visit the employee who was being told about me went out of her way to introduce herself and tell me she'd heard all about me and I was one of the family.  Had I not overheard her talking about the survey it might have felt nice, like I was being appreciated, but instead it felt kind of like being sucked up to.  It felt kind of slimy.   I definitely left Sephora feeling kind of sh*tty about my visit today and that has only happened one other time EVER.   Am I naive to think that employee/customer interactions can be more than just a financial (or survey related) transaction? Am I deluding myself thinking that these people might genuinely like me and not just like my tendency to ramble about how great they are on the surveys?   Sorry for the novel, if you got through this I'd love to hear your thoughts even if they are just telling me I'm delusional.
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It could have also been a warning?   To let the employee know that you take the time to fill out surveys so they should make the extra effort to stay on your good side... see post
I really need advice about a recent Clarisonic Radiance set I bought online recently
SO! Heres the deal. Remember those 20% codes we recently had to use with any online purchase? So! I really wanted a Clarisonic that I could use all over my body and because the Radiance was listed above the PLUS i assumed the Radiance was another Clarisonic device that I can use all over my body. I found out yesterday that the only reason Radiance costs more than the Plus is because the Radiance has a skin brightening full size set along with the facial Clarisonic (aka Mia 3). I want a Clarisonic PLUS. Do you guys think that I can go to a Sephora and exchange the Radiance for a Plus and still be able to use that 20% I used online? Seems unlikely but... I really want that 20% off, it was my main motivation into buying the Clarisonic Radiance in the first place! I really want the Clarisonic Plus but I am not buying it without a deal. 
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Yeah I have heard people talking about the handle... I will look into that. Thanks! see post
Shipping Question
I placed an order on the 9th and online it says that my shipment is still in factory. My order number is 3132194636. I am wondering if my order got cancelled or if my shipping is just taking forever. 
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Since of the last promotion orders can be delayed, they have also recently moved to a new warehouse, depending on where your orders typically come from. All order questi... see post
appointment at sephora for 12 yr old
My daughter starting to like make-up and I'm not the type of wearing make up and can't teach her much. I just don't want her to put too much or wrong make up for her face also it could be a nice gift for her birthday. Is it ok to make an appointment with a beauty advisor at Sephora, she is 12.  Is is too young, too soon to make an appointment with a beauty advisor for her at sephora? What about the classes? Thanks
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I think for her just knowing she can is a big part of it. When kids are told they can't/shouldn't do something it does edge them on a bit to "break the rules" and go for... see post
Now showing permanently out of stock
  Yesterday I got an email saying the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette was back in stock (yeah!! have been trying to get this all weekend but it was out of stock when I first looked). I got right on and ordered it. Then I noticed a few hours later is was listed on the site and "out of stock" and if  singed in and looked at my actual order it says on there "permanently out of stock."   So my question is now that it says it is out of stock and permanently out of stock will I still get my order?   I hope because I have wanted this palette from the day it came out and it is also sold out on Hourglass website as well
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed something is happening when I placed my order for the Nars Almeria blush. I had no issues placing the order but when I check the status it... see post
Sephora Australia Idea?
Hi Guys,  Just a sneaky little suggestion for your soon to be open Sydney, Australia store ..   Anyway you guys could coordinate/suggest inviting VIB ROUGES who currently shop in your US stores to a soiree of sorts? I know there must be quite a few of us around I get so jealous seeing all the events for the US store openings that it'll be a nice way to surprise your current and loyal customers!! 
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Is there a sephora store in London, UK?
drzara2000 / FRESH FACE / replied
Hi I would like to know do you have sephora outlet in Uk ?  see post
I have a few gift cards saved on my sephora app. and when I tried using them today, I was not able to. The gift cards are viewable in the app, but I cannot see their card or pin numbers. Can you please help me!!
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Thank you Laura. I will wait for your message see post
Can't spend points in store?
I visit my local Sephora every couple weeks and always loved that whenever I purchased something I could spend my Beauty Insider points to get a sample of something along with my purchase. But starting a couple months ago I went into Sephora and although I was told "you have xx points" at the register, I was never once asked if I wanted to spend my points or anything. I have since gone to 2 different Sephora's in different cities (moved across the country) and I now have over 1000 points but still have not been encouraged nor even asked to spend my points (when they used to always do that). I honestly see no point in shopping in the actual stores anymore if this is now the policy. I'll come in to the store to swatch shades, but I may as well order online and get a better selection of products, free samples, and actually be able to use my points.   So I'm just wondering has this happened to anyone else? Is this a new policy of not asking people to spend their points? It's not exactly encouraging people to try to new products...
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I've noticed that in both my local Sephora stores as well, and also accursed quite a few points. Fortunately, the bonus is that you can easily save your points for a sin... see post
Return Policy
What is the return policy of items no longer being sold in-store? 
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Hi pastelgreen,   It is up to the store's discretion on whether or not they will accept the return. We recommend reaching out to the store directly for more sp... see post
Points from store purchases
I made two purchases in a local sephora retail store in the past month but have not seen them showing on my beauty insider points. I showed my beauty insider card every time I made the purchase. How long would it take to have those posted on my online account?
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Hi colorfulmud, It sounds like you may have 2 accounts.  I will send you a message to get your info to link them together! :) -Laura   see post
Cake Beauty still available in Canadian stores?
I visited a Sephora store in Calgary today (specifically the Core Shopping Centre - downtown). I was looking for the Canadian line Cake Beauty which I had previously purchased from that location.    A sales associate told me that they no longer carry the line in the store. Is this only for this particular store, or is it not being sold in an Sephora Canada store anymore?
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The stores in Vancouver and Toronto still have it. In case you can't find it at Sephora, you can always try Murale. Their shipping is very fast. see post
What is the biggest Sephora in Manhattan?
Hi everyone I'm heading over to NYC in November and have a huge list of things I want to buy from Sephora! Can anyone tell me which is the largest / best store to head to?    Thanks
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Thank you :) see post
Grand opening of first Sephora in my town tomorrow! Squeeee!
So, of course I'm going, but is there any reason I should go early? Are there any special buys associated with grand openings? I know about the gwp makeup bag. Tomorrow is a province-wide teacher conference, so no school tomorrow, which means a lot of girls will be there (smart Sephora!) I also happen to have the day off.   If I go first thing, should I get there before opening... Will there be a lineup? I'm only a 5 minute drive away
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I went to a Sephora grand opening a couple of years ago and the first 100 (I think?) people in line received a gift card (not a coupon towards a purchase, an actual gift... see post
How much does it cost to get my makeup done at Sephora?
I want to get my makeup done for a concert. I want the makeup to be kinda crazy to! Will Sephora do this? How much does it cost? Thnaks!
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HALL OF FAMER shapeshifter / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
You don't have to pay for the makeover, that's free, but you are required to spend at least $50 the day of your appointment at most stores. You can request the look you ... see post
Return policy
I returned a foundation that i used once and was the wrong color for me through mail, because I bought it online. I returned it about 1-2 weeks after I received the item. Its been over a month (30+ days) and i have not received any confirmation that my package was returned and my money is not returned. What do i need to do? 
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Hi linnylinh!   Returns are currently taking approximately 5 weeks to process. Our Distribution Center recently moved to a new warehouse and this has caused a little... see post
Question about returns?? o
Hi! I bought a foundation just a day over 2 months ago, and the alcohol in it irritates my skin. I've barely used it since I wanted to use it on special occasions only based on the price ($62) and I still have the receipt from the purchase. Would the store accept it? For a return or store credit, I intend on buying a different foundation with what i get back
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Hi lanadelryan!   I am sorry the foundation that you purchased a couple of months ago is not working out for you. If the foundation has only been lightly used, you s... see post
CMA Review
So I've had the pleasure of having several Customized Makeup Applications done. Most of the time I do it when I need to buy some products anyways. Since a lot of the girls aren't certified makeup artists (they instead go through a certification through Sephora) I shouldn't expect much from the makeup applications. However in my past experiences I've had wonderful makeup applications so I foolishly made another appointment.   First things first - I'm really not a picky person. All I wanted was healthy looking skin and a neutral/natural look. After discussing with her for a few minutes what I wanted (natural - since there were going to be lots of photographers) But I told my artist I was open to her ideas. I had a work event right after. Against my better judgement I decided to let one of the girls do my makeup for the event...   The person that did my makeup was really sweet. She was kind and personable and I had a pleasure talking to her. She suggested maybe doing a "neutral smoky eye" so I said why not. After all - it's not a hard look to do...   Long story short I ended up looking like mimi from the Drew Carey show. Dark brown makeup up to my eyebrows. Heavy contouring and blush. And heres the kicker. Dark purple lipstick... Somehow my request for a natural look ended up being an opportunity for my artist to experiment since I was open/flexible to suggestion. The worst part was that I had a few imperfections on my face - nothing that a good foundation, bb cream or mineral foundation can't cover. However she didn't event put any kind of coverage on me. Only a highlighting powder...   Maybe it was my fault for not being more vocal about what I really wanted. However I didn't see my makeup until the very end. So I really didn't realize how dramatic the makeup was. Honestly I was picturing a natural smoky eye with maybe a pop of lipstick (and lipstick can easily be wiped away) so I wasn't worried. But I had heavy metallic copper/brown/black eyeshadow to by brows.  However - I didn't mention anything as I was still thankful the artist took the time out of her day to do my makeup. Thing is... She took so long to do it I didn't have time to run home and wash off the makeup/redo it since I had about 5-10 minutes to get to my event... When I went to the counter to pay for my stuff (that I had already picked out before the makeover) I was in such a rush I didn't notice that the girl who rang in my stuff charged me for my products and charged me for an additional $50 gift card which wasn't left in the bag... The compact mirror they usually come in was. But it was still unopened with the plastic wrap and no gift card in the bag. Im completely confused as to why I was charged an additional $50 when I was already getting some products and not even given the gift card! I'm crushed by this whole experience. Despite my best efforts to use makeup removing wipes to take off the makeup in the car on my way to the event (that I was now running late for). My skin was irritated, still had the uncovered imperfections and I had racoon eyes due to the heavy eye makeup application. Worst part is there was about 15 photographers at the event. So now I'm constantly reminded of the fact I looked like a hungover racoon.   All of this can be forgiven. Because I should've considered making more time to redo my makeup in this event... However...   I called the manager at the store a few days later and explained the gift card situation. she said that I must've dropped the gift card in the mall or something because "her girls wouldn't do that" and that if I found it she'd allow me to repurchase my items using the gift card. Thing is I never found it because It wasn't even in the gift card holder! The gift card holder (a compact mirror) wasn't even unwrapped! How could they put the gift card in there?    I used to love going to Sephora. I love their their products, the way the stores are merchandised makes it really easy to shop there and the people are always nice. But I'm disappointed with my most recent experience there. Because of it I don't think I will be returning and I will make it a point to tell my friends and family about my experiences.
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Don't be afraid to be vocal about what you want, jw. I also would check the progress throughout the makeover. I've had a few makeovers at Sephora and i was always able t... see post
Does Sephora/ Sephora JCP price match the sale price online?
I wanted to grab the UD Pulp Fiction palette and for the sake of instant gratification, I'm planning on buying it at the nearest Sephora that has it in stock, at JCP. Do they price match the sale price online of $16?
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I noticed the same thing.  A lot of the items that have been in the sale section forever online are sold for much cheaper at SiJCP.  They are in charge of their own pric... see post
Sephora Grand Opening Review Las Vegas 10-09-14
Parking at the event was a nightmare, because the mall was not finished.  There was a lot of construction still taking place.  I drove around the mall, which is bigger than I expected for more than 10 minutes before I finally found a place to park.  Most of the parking lots were blocked off.  Even the employees directing traffic had no clue where there was an open lot (for customers), so we were all confused and on our own.     This is an outdoor mall.  Anyone who has been to Vegas maybe picturing the outdoor outlet on Charleston and the 15, but this is much nicer.  The stores also seemed to be farther apart with wider streets making the distance between each store seem greater.  It took me a while to find Sephora, because none of the three employees walking around knew where it was.  One told me there would be a directory in the quad area and suggested I walk there to take a look.  I later found out there were information desks placed around the mall with maps and cute water boxes, so I was disappointed none of the employees directed me there.   As I walked through the streets, I saw a lot of vacant stores that did not even have dry wall up and looked quite dirty.  They did not fit the overall look of the mall, which is beautiful.  I admit that I expected it to be more beautiful than it was, because everything in Summerlin seems more beautiful than its counterparts around the city (the strip excluded, because most of the shops on the strip are beautiful.  I avoid the strip as often as possible though).  Hopefully, everything will look a lot better as they put the finishing touches on the mall.   I was on my way to the middle of the mall (the quad area) when I spotted the Sephora.  It has a great location.  I think it looked pretty similar to most other Sephora stores on the outside.     It was about 20 minutes prior to the opening time when I arrived but I saw someone walking through the revolving door.  Excited that the store opened early, I followed along.  We both quickly found out the store was not actually open, so we found our way right back outside.  There was a man wearing a Sephora shirt sitting on the bench outside who apparently tried to tell us the store was not open yet.  The lady who entered prior to me said she could not hear him.  I could not either, because I was not wearing my hearing aids.  My lack of hearing combined with the physics (he was speaking toward my back) prevented me from hearing him.     I sat on the bench next to him and apologized that I did not hear him.  Then, I told him I was excited for the Sephora opening and the Ulta opening (which I am not even going to review, because it is a nice, clean store.  It is pretty small compared to the one I usually shop at and there was not a single opening event or GWP anyway.  I did get an email this morning that they are doing gift cards for the first 100 customers from the 17th-19th, so it looks like their grand opening event was delayed a bit).   People kept stopping in front of the store but only a group of no more than 15 (myself included stood and waited).  The man I was chatting with walked into the store about 5 minutes before it opened.  About a minute later, all of the employees came out of the store.  What they did next was cute and unexpected.       If you have not already guessed it, they started dancing.  If memory serves me it was to Taylor Swift's  Shake it Off.  I thought it was really cute, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I noticed there were a few associates over on the non dancing side with management and thought that would be me (hopefully).  I cannot dance at all!  They really did a good job and it was the most fun all day and quite cute to watch.         After the dance, they all lined up for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  I actually had the best seat and the house, so Sephora is welcome to steal any pictures I am about to post.  I can even email them upon request should they want higher quality photos.  I just used my phone, but no one near me was taking photos.  I cannot fathom anyone else getting closer, straight on shots.            After the ribbon cutting, the employees looked genuinely happy.  They invited customers inside the store.  As there was no official line, and I had been waiting out there the longest, I had no problems being the first customer to walk through the revolving door as they unlocked the regular door.  I quickly found the Hourglass display and saw they had Ambient Blush palettes in stock.  Excited and hoping to skip the line, I grabbed the first one and headed to the checkout line.  I should have checked the palette first to ensure I got one with a lot of pigment, but I did not.  Luckily, the pigment is fine on mine, so it worked out.   When I got to the register roughly around 10:02 (first one in the store and first one at the register), the SA was shocked that I was done already.  I told her I still planned on playing (who does not love playing) after my purchase, but I knew that was all I was going to buy in the store that day.  Thus, no need to wait for a line when I was ready to go.  She understood.  When I handed her my Rouge card, she got excited and called the manager over.  Before the manager arrived, I asked her if she had any ordering promos.  As is my usual experience, she looked at me like I was crazy and had no idea what I was talking about.  Do not get me wrong.  She was very pleasant and friendly, but she either really does not know about in store ordering promos or I was not describing it well.   As I was describing it, the manager walked up.  At first, I thought she did not understand me either, but she asked me an additional question.  I told her I was interested in the Bare Minerals one in light rather than fairly light.  She returned with two because they were the acne preventive foundations and did not come in the same light and very light wording that the regular ones come in.  She said she would just give me both of them  to ensure I got a proper match.  Can you believe this is my first in store experience EVER where I got a promo that was not advertised with the event?  Every other time, I get looked at like I am crazy and give up after trying to explain the emails say the promo is available with an in store or online order.  If anyone has a better technique describing these things, please let me know.  Now that I finally have a staff that gets it, I will probably start saving my emails.  I usually delete emails as soon as I receive them, because I hate having too many emails.     They gave me my purchase, a Sephora bag (which did not have any samples, not even foils, or gift cards as some openings have) and the 2 Bare Minerals promos.  Even though there was only a simple bag with no samples or gift cards, I knew this store was off to a better start than Town Square.  Other than the bag and the dancing ahead of time, the day was just like any other day.  There were no snacks, refreshments or anything else.     I walked around and started swatching a bunch of brand new things.  Do you know how awesome it is to swatch brand new items?  It was awesome.  If I had not already done my makeup that day (I was actually wearing some, because I went to work after the mall), I would have actually tried some of the items on my face.  The memory on my phone was full by the ribbon cutting (I actually had to delete an app to get the last three photos, but I did not want to delete another one to get more photos).  Thus, I did not get any pictures of the inside of the store or any of the items I swatched.  Sorry.  Next time I go into the store, I will get pictures and come back and add them to this thread.     Of everything I swatched, the thing that surprised me the most was the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow palette.  I could not believe how beautiful it was.  For $29 (even though they are small shadows), that palette is a steal.  I ordered it online yesterday and cannot wait until it gets here.  It is not even something I was excited about, so the swatches really surprised me and definitely sold me.  I also swtached a MUFE shadow I liked, but I swatched more I did not like.  There is one I will probably buy though.   I was approached by multiple friendly employees and asked if I needed help.  I chatted with them and three different employees asked my BI status.  Two of the three wanted to introduce me to the manager once they found out I was Rouge.  They said they wanted to get to know their Rouge clients.  I thought that was very nice, because I never had a single employee care or even mention that I was Rouge at Town Square or Downtown Disney, which are the two stores I shop inside the most often.  I had already met the manager at the register.  She was the one who gave me the Bare Minerals promos, so I declined.  As I was talking to one of the employees, the manager came over to me.  She stuck three additional samples in my bag stating that I probably already owned them due to my Rouge status.  The samples were a Peter Thomas Roth gel, a Bliss cleanser and YSL lipstick samples.  I did not already own any of them, so I really appreciated the samples.  I cannot believe I got prepackaged samples inside a Sephora without even asking for them.  That was the first time that ever happened.  It was awesome.     Everyone inside the store seems great.  The manager goes out of her way to recognize her Rouge clients, which I think is great.  I look forward to shopping in there as often as possible even though I am certain it is slightly smaller than Town Square.  It is definitely bigger than Downtown Disney.  It was as beautiful as any other Sephora too, so you do not think about the unfinished parts of the mall when you're inside the store.  Everything looked polished and finished minus some missing products, because they did not get everything in on time.   What I received at the event.     And for those who have read my posts trying to hunt down a Rouge pre opening.  I confirmed they really did not have one.  They said they wanted to, but the mall would not allow them.  After seeing the parking situation and how uniformed the mall employees were, I am guessing they did not allow the pre opening, because that part of the mall was not ready to receive customers the night before the event.   After I left Sephora (feeling like I am going to be happy in this store), I found an information desk.  I got my free box of water (which is really cute) and a map.  I decided to check out Dillard's, because I knew there was a Lancome GWP.  The Dillard's was really busy.  I stopped by Dior and swtached the new palette I have my eye on, but decided to wait two more days to see if I would buy it at the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show (I did not so I still need to buy it).  Then, I went to Lancome.  They had a Genefique set with the eye serum, face serum and a mini eye cream for only $110.  No clue how I resisted that or the GWP which looked amazing.  Can anyone believe I passed on a Lancome GWP?  I had the Trend Show in my mind.  The Lancome SA informed me Dillard's had a soft opening the night before, but it is in a different section of the mall than Sephora with its own parking lot.  I guess I cannot fault Sephora for that.  After Dillard's, I stopped by Ulta.  The employees seemed friendly.  The store was clean but small.  I swatched some new items there too but only walked out purchasing two cheap items.    
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Thanks.  It was. see post
Change store lighting please..thank you
i don't know if this is the correct area to write this...but Sephora can you please change your lighting in your stores..reason why is this...I went and bought Anastasia brow dip pomade in med. brown. I had it applied first to see what the color would look like on me..i did want ebony but the SA chose med brown,( but she thought it was dark brown) well after she applied it, it looked amazing in their studio out to my car and i was shocked cause the application was on point, but the color was ashy as all get didn't look ashy in the store, but yes when i got outside...     so please change the lighting to a more 'natural/outside' lighting...maybe this is why makeup is returned a lot, cause of the lighting...   thank you
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I completely agree. The lighting in the stores are nice, but to color match it's way off! see post
REVIEW: A Sephora Opening in a New Market (LONG)
Preface: Instead of specifically linking this to the store I thought I would make it a little more general as I feel there is a lot of to be learned as Sephora expands. Also I am going to count the number of “Rouge moments” I had. What I like to call a first world problem Sephora style that are truly not that serious and should not be taken as such (lol).   I recently went to the “Grand Opening” of a Sephora store in southern Ontario.   Prior to the event, over the past month or so I had called the Rouge and regular lines in hopes there would be a VIB/Rouge preview event as there has been at other stores. I was pretty excited but alas I was told numerous either they weren’t sure or nothing had been set up. It wasn’t until my call earlier this week did the Rouge line associate tell me there wasn’t going to be an event and I was just to “go and experience the newness of the store”. Uh, okay… I’m Rouge, I think it’s safe to say I’ve been in a few Sephora stores in my lifetime but I digress (Rouge moment #1).   Fast forward to the “event” or lack there of. The store looked like any other busy store on Boxing Day/Black Friday. The store was not the biggest but not the smallest. I would say it was small-midsize (bigger than a SiJP) and just poorly organized and laid out. Nothing special was going on; it was just very busy, very crowded, and full of many confused associates all desperately trying to keep it together. You could tell they were underprepared and understaffed. Before my girlfriend arrived I went through to see the brands and was very VERY disappointed. No Guerlain or Givenchy. Not a piece of Becca in sight. No Giorgio Armani (wishful thinking). But what was the most shocking was there wasn’t any Bobbi Brown. Uhh what?! The lack of Lancome and Estee Lauder I can understand but Bobbi Brown. I’ve never seen a Sephora without it unless it was a SiJP (Rouge moment #2). The store was full of midrange and even the upper midrange brands were quite limited (Nars especially).   When my girlfriend finally came we began to “shop”. The struggle was real. Despite about 97% of my love list being unavailable at this store (extension of Rouge moment #2) the store was very poorly stocked. At one point I ended up alone, rummaging through the under-display storage drawers as I was on a mission to find something, ANYTHING to buy (Rouge moment #3).  I finally found a Dior It-Lash that wasn’t opened and went on my happy way. Where were the associates you ask? I assumed crying in a corner, eating pie as water drizzles over them from stress of the “event”.     I get it line. LOL this wasn’t a line. This was a journey through the Himalayas where the cash wrap was in the distance but so far and such a long wait you didn’t know it if was real or a mirage. I checked the time, it took ~37 minutes to finally get to the front and after swerving through the very fragrant skin and hair section, we were so delirious it was hard to maintain focus. The store definitely needs a better ventilation system if they plan to have the line pass through that very tight section when it gets very long. Why was it taking so long you ask? Only two registers of course! Again they were underprepared and I think Sephora as a company underestimated the market they were entering and the response they would get.   The checkout process was interesting or what I like to call: How many Sephora associates does it take to ring out one mascara?   3.5 (The other cashier peaked over to offer a little help despite being swamped herself). I am all for hands-on training but this was not the time. The trainer should have just hopped on because the wait was ridiculous and I think a lot of it had to do with new cashiers. No big deal, I get it, I worked retail but a fail on the trainer’s part for not properly assessing the situation. So it is also my birthday month as Sephora has been aggressively reminding me by email (haha). I asked if I could also get the birthday gift:    “Of course!” She pulls out the regular BI gift. “No thank you, do you have the Rouge gift?” “Oh this is the Rouge gift” Uhh what? “No it’s not, the Rouge gift comes with an eyeliner as well. It’s okay if you don’t have it. I will just get it online” “So you don’t want it” “No, it’s okay” ఠ_ ఠ < me (Rouge moment #4)   2 more seconds (literally) of her looking under the cash wrap in the exact same spot as she pulled out the BI gift she pulls out the Rouge gift, opens it to realize how they were different, notices the blatant “Rouge” writing on the box and says “Ohh, I see, here you go!”. This was a manager btw. No big deal. It’s a new store. She tried. She found it after a little push. She wraps me up. Doesn’t mention available rewards which were hard to find because they were off to the side and of course no samples (LOL we know that doesn’t happen, so I wasn’t expecting).   Getting out of the poorly designed store was just as fun. It was so tight and the line wrapped in such a way that we were boxed in and had to kneel below people to get out. Again, stuffy, crowded and poorly ventilated.   Overall, how would I rate my experience as a customer in a new Sephora store in comparison to others including SiJP’s? B As a Rouge? C- (and I’m being generous) Rouge moments: 4     Would I go back? In a few weeks when it calms down maybe although I was back today and it was better. Associates were on their game. Cash wrap was a far more pleasant experience and even though the line wrapped around the store it only took about 10 minutes to get to the front (still no samples but it’s okay). The cashiers were different and far better trained this time around. The cashier told me about the survey, told me about the rewards, had the same shocked expression as every single associate I interacted with after discovering I was Rouge (Seriously, am I the only Rouge in my area, I feel like a unicorn or something). Also, I met 2 wonderful associates who had me laughing and were so very helpful trying to locate items in the very cluttered store.   TAKE-AWAY : Don’t assume they aren’t any Rouges in a new market and even if you aren’t going to do a pre-opening VIB/Rouge event at least let us know you’re going to open early. Day 1* at the highest customer volume is probably the worst time to do training.  Rouge clients are not unicorns.       *- I forgot to mention Rouge moment #5 . The day of the opening, my girlfriend mentioned Sephora had been open the night before. Uh what?! I thought maybe she was seeing things or there were doing training but she told me she saw people walking in and out of it but never went in herself. I brushed it off and thought nothing more of it. I alluded to this in my take away and mentioned this to another user in another thread but the next day when I went I brought it up to the associate who was helping me and she in fact confirmed that Sephora had been open the night before the "Grand Opening" event as a "soft opening". So all the times I called, even earlier that week to the Rouge line not a single soul knew this store would open early? I can understand informing a limited number of people but I went out of my way to call and find out and nothing. No wonder why I couldn't get the Grand Opening gift. They probably ran out from being open the night before! Again, it's not the end of the world but it was rather annoying especially since I could have shopped when it was less crowded. If I am correct in my suspicions and there aren't that many Rouges in my area then I feel like some effort could have been put here. I get that you're building your client base in a new area but don't alienate the ones you already have. If it wasn't for the associates I interacted with today I would go back to online shopping and visiting Sephoras when I travel as a way of getting my fix, 
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It wasn't the worst but definitely wasn't fun. You could always pop in super early on Grand Opening day, right when the mall opens before the crowds start to roll in. I ... see post
Will There Be A Sephora In Windsor, Ontario?
Hi, I am windering if there will ever be a Sephora store in Windsor, Ontario. My dads girlfriend was going to get me a palette from kat von d. but now can't because she would have to drive 2 hrs to london just to get it, and she does't have a credit card to buy from the site.   thanks
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Now it's open in Windsor! see post