Personal Makeover Questions?

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I know that it is a minimum purchase of $50 for a makeover, but does that mean that the only products that are applied are what you pay for? Or can you have them do your full face makeup and only buy two or three products you liked best for $50? 


I want to get my full face makeup done for prom, but I don't know if this can be done. Smiley Sad 


Re: Personal Makeover Questions?

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Hi Kayberry6,


With the $50 purchase, you can pick up any products you would like!  It can be one of your favs or something new that the Beauty Expert applies Smiley Happy  I would suggest giving them a call to book your appointment & giving them a heads up that you're looking for a full face, just to make sure you have enough time and to prep.  Have fun!!


xo, Mia

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