My Personal Beauty Consultation !

Hey everyone,


So today was my 90 min Pesonal Beauty Consultation at Eaton Center here in Toronto. I arrived a half hour early because I was nervous of being late lol. I was browsing around and noticed they are now selling Shu Uemera products now which is nice !. Anyways I was greated by Shyam a flamboyant makeup artist with a truly amazing personality. I felt less like a client and more like a friend and that to me is a great experience. I felt at ease and he was impressed by how organized I was with what I wanted to go over. I brought the questionaire, some pictures of my makeup looks and looks I like to give him inspiration, and a rundown of what I wanna cover. 


I spent a good 2 hours, laughing, being taught new tips/tricks and also him teaching me to new ways to apply makeup. We briefly went over skincare although I do need to definitely work on assembling some products but I will get to that later. I've never had an experience which was so comforting and so exciting as this. He's met Versace, and worked on models on runways and TV and for photoshoots it's great to hear about his career too. 


I've told him I assigned him to be my personal makeup artist lol because he does remarkable work. I'm definitely going to do this as often as I can. Because I truly adore learning and being able to improve my current techniques. Unfortunately  I didn't get a picture of the end result but I looked amazing :-). Thanks Sephora !


I spent close to $ 500 and I got quite a bit 


* Urban Decay - Naked, Naked 2, Naked Basics eyeshadow Palettes

* Stila One Step Correct Primer

* Ardency Inn Punker Mascara

* Anastasia Lash Proof Waterproof Topcoat which I will enjoy !

* Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Spray 


I definitely love these types of one on one experiences :-)



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Hi, Carmen - Congratulations on your great consultation and excellent make-up artist!

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Thanks Titian !

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Hi Carmen1986,


I'm so happy that your Beauty Consult went so well!  It's always great to hear when makeovers go well & clients leave happy Smiley Happy  The products you picked up are some of my favs, so I'm sure you'll be very happy with everything.  Thanks for sharing your experience!


xo, Mia

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Hey Mia,


I'm quite thankful that these types of services are available. It's nice to know I have someone I can go to. I need him to get my skincare all straightened out and I will be fine :-)

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