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So I'm going to Mohegan overnight in March and would love some shopping advice from the smartest, prettiest girls I know!


I do hear there is a Sephora...have any of you been to it?

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I've only been to it a few times but loved my experiences there! It has a large fragrance section if you're a fragrance lover. This Sephora is almost twice as big as the one I'm used to at my mall haha. Like beautytester said, the SA are friendly and professional and truly want to give you the best advice. All the ones I've talked to were happy to make me samples and introduce me to new products. I think you'll have a good time there!

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Wait, Mohegan as in the Mohegan Sun casino in CT? if so then I go there sometimes! XD


The Sephora there is kind of small so the aisles are a bit crowded but it's well organized. The SA are friendly and professional, none that ignores you or too pushy altho my favorite SA moved away to NY and the last SA was a bit stingy with one of the samples, but no one has ever make me feel uncomfortable directly or indirectly. Overall it's a good experience. 


We should meet up! As long as it's not on my Spring break that is, and you'll have to remind me cuz I have no short term memory. o.o

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