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What did you buy in the sale on sale?
SO EXCITED this started for Rouges today!! I was going nuts last night waiting to buy the contents of my cart.   I got:   Ole Henriksen unwrap your radiance B&B City Waves set B&B Make it Big set Tarte Glamazon lipstick in Bold and Playful Tarte Park Avenue Princess palette Stila In the Light palette   Missed out on the Benefit 3 Scoops o' Sexy, so hopefully that comes back in stock later on!   What did you beauties buy?
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-MUFE Studio Case -UD Little Perversions kit - DEBORAH LIPPMANN  I've Gotta Be Me - 15th Anniversary Set -Living Proof Primed and Ready Set -Boscia Pink Pepperm... see post
Q. Itchy rash from Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit? Anyone else have a bad reaction?
Ok, this is going to be long....hopefully someone can give me some advice. I found the Blemish Banisher kit on and picked it up in the store. My acne breakouts have been crazy lately and all the great reviews gave me so much hope that maybe this could be the thing to finally turn my skin around. The first night I used the kit, it immediately made my skin feel better. The next morning, the EradiKate had significantly reduced the size and redness of my cystic pimples. Fast forward a about four more days, and my skin is SO ITCHY and dry! I also first noticed a patch of little itchy bumps, like a rash, on my left cheek. Today I noticed it on the other side two in two different places. Tonight the itching on my face is bothering me so much I just can't use the kit whatsoever, even though I really wish I could apply the EradiKate again because it has been helping my pimples decrease in size a lot which is nice. Downside though is I am breaking out more after starting to use this, but not sure if it was caused by the kit or it was just going to happen anyways.   I do find the Detox Cleanser to be a little drying (once I rinse it off, my face feels more tight), and the Oil Free Moisturizer stings a little when I apply it. I wouldn't consider my skin to be sensitive to products whatsoever. Even though I have acne prone skin, nothing has ever given me a rash or adverse reaction. I've gotten dry skin from overwashing or using harsh products with 10% benzoyl peroxide, etc....but never this bad and usually it was during the winter and I just didn't moisturize enough. I've been using this kit as directed, and I think the EradiKate is the reason behind the dry itchy skin but the rashes I honestly have no idea how those came about because i don't apply the EradiKate anywhere near over on the sides of my cheeks (I do not have acne there)...   Has anyone else had a not so great experience with it? Should I only not be using EradiKate every night? Also, the EradiKate is supposed to dry up the pimples...but how do I remove all that dry skin afterwards (like going out the next day and not having flakes everywhere?)...simply moisturizing doesn't help. I feel like exfoliating would be the only thing to help but that would further irritate my skin. Not to mention, I'm breaking out even more..   ANY advice would be appreciated. Maybe I should just try Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead kit...I don't know.    
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A. I have had exactly the same reaction and I am fighting a bunch of new itchy horrible pimples under my mouth 😢.  This is truly a nightmare considering it is Christmas an... see post
Popped Pimple & Scarring, Help!
Fyi, this might be a little icky, so stop now if you don't want to be grossed out haha.  I'd had this little tiny clogged pore on my chin that had gotten bigger and redder over the past couple weeks.  I went to a dermatologist, and was told all they could do was a chemical peel, which wasn't an option since I don't have $1500 to throw around.  Anyway, around Wednesday/Thursday of this week the red spot turned into this enormous pimple with three whiteheads in it.  I tried to get an emergency derm appointment for Friday since the whitehead was so big and the area was sort of swollen and painful, but they couldn't fit me in.    I've been trying to treat it myself with Benzyol Peroxide and moisturizing the are with spot treatments of Thirsty Mud which has been helping a bit.  I've been being so gentle with my face (I never pick), since I knew that if the whitehead got bumped it could leave a scar.  Well I was babysitting my three year old cousin last night, and he was sitting on my lap watching a movie.  Like a typical child, he all of the sudden got all wriggly and head-butted me in the face, you guessed it, right on the pimple.  It popped and pus and blood came out, and it hurt soooo bad.    I've been putting Neosporin on it as well as continuing with the Benzyol Peroxide, but is there anything else I can do?  Any product recommendations to help it heal and reduce scarring?  It looks awful, and I'm so afraid I'm going to be left with a horrible scar since it got popped before it was ready.
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BEAUTY GURU comeoneileen88 / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
Wow that sounds awful, I'm glad you're okay!  I never pop or pick my pimples, but like this one, sometimes they are just in spots on my face that get bumped or caught (o... see post
recommendations on acne products
My normal routine( for both day and night ) :neutrogena oils free acne wash in pink grapefruit and then i moisturized with neutrogena's oils free moisture for combination skin. I've been using these products for a while now (around 1-2 yrs) but as of the end of summer 2014 I've been breaking out a lot. I've been breaking out all over my cheeks and jawline. I don't know if its time for me to switch products or if its the dramatic change in weather/sleeping patterns/stress all i know is that i don't like it and its causing me to have a low self esteem because i never in my life broke out so much before. below i attached a image incase it will help with finding a product( i apologize in advance for the disgusting image LOL) please note that I'm 18 college freshman on a budget so i'm looking for an inexpensive product that is effective  
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If it's around your jawline, I'm going to guess that it could be stress and hormones. If there's a new product or products that you started using at the end of the summe... see post
Face sweats terribly when applying my make=up - help!
I've had some success in keeping my makeup on my face despite some of the medications I take that cause my body to "run hot" with all of the techniques previously mentio... see post
Hey, what does SOS Rouge 2014 mean?
It's in blue below the prices on items.
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Ah, yes that makes sense, thanks! Yay for Rouge perks! see post
super moisturizing body wash?
Recommendations for a super moisturizing body wash and a after shower body oil (that doesnt leave me feeling greasy)?   Showers zap my skin of moisture. I have tried several drug store brands and havent found the perfect products yet.  I am willing to try some mid-range/non-drugstore brands.  Any suggestions?
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I use the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil as well. It's incredibly hydrating. Instead of using it like a body wash I use it in place of shaving cream. It produces super sof... see post
Acne Marks on my Face - Helpppppp
I am a 27 year old having issues wit Acne on my face all the time from the time I was a teenager. I never did really anything to control the problem and I do have marks on my cheeks probably because i pinched them.   After reading a lot in BT, I realized the need to invest in good skin care regime. I dont want to go to a dermatologist before I try something that works. I have breakouts all over my face but increases during periods. I dont use any tbc pills n no harmonal problems either.  Is there a way to reduce the marks on my face and also reduce occurences of acne in my face?   I can post a pic of me so you can help, thanks
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Q. Makeup as an extension of my skincare?
I'm 19 and have dry/occasionally combination skin that can be sensitive. In the past year I have made a conscious shift to products that are naturally based (eg Korres, Ole Henriksen, Josie Maran, Laura Mercier) and free of harsh/damaging chemicals. I really want my makeup to enhance my skin and work as an extension of my skin care, rather than conceal it completely. I am looking for a tinted moisturizer/serum and a liquid or cream blush. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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A. Tinted moisturizers would be your least coverage. What you don't want is full coverage, these are thicker and can be mask like, depending on what brand and how applied. ... see post
Oily skin probs
Hello I'm a teenager living in humid south florida and i have oily skin. My everyday foundation routine consists of the mattefying Becca primer, Kat von D's tattoo liquid foundation as well as her foundation powder. But i still find myself getting oily about 4 hours after my makeup application. Is there a foundation and/or primer that you think would suit me better?
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Hey, so i'm using Derma Doctor's "Ain't Misbehavin'" face wash and using an oil-free moisturizer by Alba Botanica. About half an hour after applying the moisturizer is w... see post
I need help/suggestion for a skin care regimen for my almost 50 skin. :)
  I need help/suggestions for a skin care regimen. I'd like to use organic/natural products (if possible) but also affordable. I have a few fine lines around my mouth and on my forehead. I've lost some elasticity in my jaw area. I have an oily t-zone and I sometimes get a few blackheads on my neck-jaw bone area. I use my Clarisonic once a week.
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IT GIRL rb8531 / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I use Dr. Dennis Gross (dark spots, break outs).  I know his products are vegan but not sure how natural.  see post
How long do you give a skincare system to work?
My skin and acne history:  Combination/leaning more towards oily skin. My forehead and nose get oilier than my chin, though. My cheeks are probably oilier than most people with combination skin, however they don't feel half as oily as my T-zone yet still get the most whiteheads! (In both quantity and in size) I already have noticeable icepick scars on both cheeks from when I had horrible acne at age 14-15 and tried drugstore products to Murad to topical creams (clindamycin and retoinoid creams) and finally doxycycline from the dermatologist. After I had to stop taking that, my skin stayed clear save for the ocassional pimple or two. I started taking birth control in May 2013, but stopped this past August. Current **bleep**storm:  Fast forward to my 20th birthday present: random breakout (have not changed a thing about my routine - which I should probably mention I have been and almost always use drugstore products, Clearasil face wash, Neutrogena toner and moisturizer, and was using 100% tea tree oil for spots but that had recently lost it's effectiveness on my skin) Then all of a sudden a random, really bad, angry red breakout that started about 3 weeks ago. Small, but very red pimples on both of my temples/hairline and large, painful pimples mostly on my right cheek. Had an under-the-skin-er on my chin and a lot of small whiteheads on my chin. I started using Michael Todd True Organics Acne/Oily skin regime on the 4th of this month and my skin has just started to clear up, however I have used KS Eradikate twice this week and have been drinking a lot more water. My hypochondriatic questions:   Number 1 suspicion on my breakout: happened right after the end of being 4 months birth control free. Maybe it took that long for my body to complete rid itself the false hormones from the BC and this is how my skin truly is? Number 2 suspicion is I used the charcoal mask (2 times) and kaolin clay mask (3 times) all in one week in a feeble attempt to attack my breakout, which I now know could have been the reason why it didn't make my face any clearer. (Something about how it can pull up all impurities and your face gets worse before it gets better?) then got a new breakout on my cheek a little over a week ago. I haven't used the mask or scrub in 6 days. Number 3 suspicion is I just haven't given the regime enough time to work yet.   I did get fed up after leaving enorgmous white heads alone with just cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizor  for awhile without seeing any improvement and I popped them last week (I know I shouldn't have urgh!) now I've been using Clinique's spot treatment (salicilyic acid) on all pimples and used Eradikate twice. The weird looking pimples on my forehead/hairline area have faded away, but the still red remains (one even is a flat bump) on my cheeks. I'm in fear or gaining fresh acne scars and want to know if I should keep giving this regime a chance to work..angry at myself for believing the hype of MTTO after realizing how much advertisement from youtubers and reviews they sponsor. Sorry for the lengthy post, you have a special place in my heart for actually reading all of it. Will probably post a picture for some advice about what kind of pimples I have (I have been reading the posts here and was happy to find most of you are more knowledgable than dermatologists I've been to!) Thank you!
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It takes at least 3 months for anything to start seeing an effect. Using to many similar products and too often will make things worse. You may want to see a dermatologi... see post
I need a good moisturiser for super dry skin!
I'm 25 and I use clarins early wrinkle correction cream and was really happy with it until i found out my face has started to flake especially around the nose. Please suggest a good moisturiser that isn't very exorbitant.
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Thank you so much! I have been using this and it really is fantastic. Its very creamy without leaving a residue or oil on the face.  see post
Help finding moisturizer... oily/dry patches
Hi! So I am in urgent need of a new moisturizer!  Some info: I used to say that I just have very oily skin but I now have dry patches under my lips (and a little around) (I have been using Aveeno Clear Complexion and Aveeno Daily moisturizer but they may have been causing redness so I stopped them after a month or two.) I used a Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief sample and now around my lips and under my eyebrow bone are flaky. All of these stung or burned in some way when I was putting them on.   I wash my face twice a day with Aveeno Clear Complexion Face Wash and use Acanya in the morning and Atralin at night for my acne.    I don't know what to do, nothing I use seems to be okay for me.  Does anyone suggest anything?? A different face wash? The dermatologist said Aveeno was a good brand but I'm not sure if it's the best for me.    (I also usually wear Sephora 8 hr Wear Perfect Cover Concealor and their Baked Face Compact Powder)   Thank you so, so much!
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SamanthaKat / NEWCOMER / replied
I had serious issues with my skin last year, but have since switched to the Cetaphil cleanser for dry/sensitive skin and have had all issues resolve. The Cetaphil is awe... see post
The day I couldn't find anything to buy at Sephora....
So I am "one lipstick" away from Rouge, and I need a lipliner anyway, so I headed to Sephora rather than going to MAC.  Then I figured if I was spending $20ish on a liner, I may as well get a lipstick.  I must have swatched every berry lipstick in the store.   And I left...with nothing... The colors were too red, too pink, too bright, too dark.   Could not find my perfect color.  I really don't have THAT much makeup that I can't find anything to buy?  I have a small stash compared to many of you.  But I have everything I need/want.  
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SamanthaKat / NEWCOMER / replied
Try one of the Kat Von D lipsticks; I recently purchased Backstage Bambi and have been loving the colour payoff as well as how long lasting it is without stripping my li... see post
What make up brush should I get to apply loose pigments?
BEAUTY WHIZ makeupandroses / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I use disposable sponges or I use my ring finger (least pressure). Some people may say nay on using your finger but sometimes it's the only thing that will pick up what ... see post
Tons of New Items in the Sale Section
Right now there are 264 products in the sale section!  Run, don't walk to see if there is anything you want.
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Eradikate shipped
I had Kate Somerville's Eradikate shipped and have applied it once. I read many reviews and know that you're supposed to take a Q-Tip and dip the cotton swab into the pink flecks on the bottom of the bottle and apply to your pimples. The bottle says "do not shake" but of course being shipped it was shaken, and the solution looked light pink and creamy. I gave it a day to settle before applying and the top of the mixture was clear but the bottom was still pink and creamy, I couldn't see any flakes. I applied it anyway (dipped Q-Tip into the pink creamy part and applied - pimples were dried up and less red when I woke up) Just wondering if the product will ever settle and is it just as effective in this consistency? I've had it nearly 3 days and it has stayed the same. Thank you!
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Good to know! Thank you both :) see post
Primer & Foundation Recommendation
I'm looking for a really good silicon FREE matte primer and a good liquid foundation for oily skin, with medium coverage (not heavy)  Please get back to me with any suggestions
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I know your pain!! I also tends to break out a lot, but the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear foundation has worked really well. Oil free and really light, it doesn't ev... see post
At home treatments for PIH?
Hi so I'm finally marrying my best friend and father of my kids and I want to look beautiful but it feels like it's taking forever to see big results. I used to have adult acne but have finally gotten in under control over the past year. I have been getting microdermabrasions for the past three months at my dermatologists office and switched it up today to a luminizing chemical peel. The peel is still on (stays on for 6 hours)  but of course I am not seeing too much change my pores seem to be less noticeable but that's it. What other at home peels or treatment serums works well on PIH?
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Help Please....forehead wrinkles!!!
I have tried many products, I am 39 and have forehead wrinkles. Can anyone recommend products that actually work. I tried Philosophy and ROC. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Jolo75 / FRESH FACE / replied
Thank you I will check into those products. The other comments claims to go with bangs, but since my hair parts down the center that really isn't an option for me and I ... see post
Clarisonic purge? Is it normal?
I have a question about the clarisonic purge. When I started to use my clarisonic mia 2, I heard that you may suffer a purge fase. My skin is dry and I don't usually have break outs, just black heads. But when I used it for the first weak I notice my face was getting lots of red bumps, specially on the cheeks. Is this normal? Is my skin to sensitive? Please help!
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Did you also change your face wash at the same time? It could be a combination of changes you're facing.   i personally have dry skin but have never experienced the 'p... see post
Skin Regime
Best skin regime for acne prone, teenage skin? I have combination and also any product recommendations?
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abbyjackson11 / NEWCOMER / replied
I know you can't buy this at spehora but I would really recommend the Mario Badescu line. I have combination skin (dry cheeks, oily/ace prone t-zone) and my skin as beco... see post
Dealing with Oily Skin/Skincare Help
Hi all,   I just started using makeup about a year ago.I used Neutrogena Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer for a while. My skin for the most part, was a nice combo of normal and oily. I eat right, exercise regularly and took vitamins. I wash my face every night.   It wasn't until this past summer when I started breaking out more and getting oilier. S o I started using Clear & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent like I should be, toning my face after every face wash. I also moved to NYC where there is so much air pollution (could that be something?) I also slacked on eating and exercising right, but I have that back together. At that point my acne got worse that I had to completely change my products.    I tried the Murad Acne & Aging Skin Solution Kit for a few weeks but just currently use the Clarifying Cleanser. Right now, I use Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer and bareMinerals Correcting Concealer. I read that I should use a primer so I settled for bareMinerals BB Primer-Cream, except that it made my skin extra oily and so I stopped using it. I also use Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer as a moisturizer and First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads every night.   My question is what skincare regimen can I adopt to combat my oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin? And which makeup products won't cause me to breakout? And am I using the right products? Any help would appreciated. Thanks!
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Gift Suggestions for a 17 year old Girl
I would like to buy a Christmas gift for my son's 17 year old girlfriend. I don't know her well, she's very shy & not really communicative with me. He's only been seeing her for a month or two but at this age, that's a substantial relationship lol.   I know she wears eyeliner, mascara & lipgloss but that's the extent of my knowledge. I was thinking of Tarte, Too Faced holiday,  collections ...which I love & own....I'm a total makeup junkie ... but I don't know if these brands appeal to girls in that age group.   I do want to get her something super special. So I'm asking for suggestions from girls in this age group as to what would be the Holy Grail for a 17 year old. So if there's something you've been dreaming of, please share!  
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In regards to the eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss you know she wears, by chance is she more of a subtle/more natural-look kind of girl or does she like to play with col... see post
NARS Skincare
Hi Beauties,   I want to try some of the NARS skincare line but wanted to hear what people thought about it. I have combination skin with acne that will pop up if I use the wrong products. I take an oral medication for acne so I can only use products for very sensitive skin.   I've been eyeing the Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer: moisturizer-P377864?skuId=1478346   and the Multi-Action Hydrating Toner: r-P377869?skuId=1478296   If anyone has used these products, what do you think? How are they on dry skin, acne-prone skin? Thank you in advance!
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BEAUTY PRO lellybelly / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
We both have dry, acne prone skin! I understand the difficulty of trying to find things that work! That being said, I LOVE the Nars Hydrating Toner. It doesn't leave my ... see post
My skin looks awful
My skin has never been really acne prone and is usually very soft looking and clear but for the past almost 4 months I have had really red and sensitive skin, and I am getting really large blemishes everywhere, and even though my skin feels very soft and I exfoliate often, my face still looks flakey when I put my makeup on and still is oily it seems like nothing can cover up my blemishes. Any ideas?
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A gel-based moisturizer may not be rich or hydrating enough in colder seasons as gel-based formulas tend to lend a hand better to a quick delivery of moisture but may no... see post
Combo skin
My skin is so wierd. I have dry flakey patches, but once i apply foundation, I get very oily. How can I solve this issue?
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hi beautyroyalty ! it sounds as if your skin is dehydrated and in need of exfoliation. could you let us know what your current skincare routine is, it will help us hone ... see post
Pre-Wedding Skin Care Routine
I am looking for recommendations for my friend who is getting married in May. She doesn't really have a skin care routine (just washes with a Clean and Clear foaming wash and goes to bed...), and she wants to amp it up to have glowy skin for her wedding. She has normal skin and doesn't really suffer from breakouts (lucky girl!).   I have my own AM/PM skin routine for my combo/oily/acne prone skin, but it would be too intense for her.   So I would love some suggestions for a cleanser, an exfoliator, and a moisturizer for normal skin and the routine for which to use them. Drugstore, high end, or a mix of the two would be fine. Her biggest issues are dullness and some blackheads on and around her nose.    Thanks in advance!
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Do you know if she washes just once or twice a day?    If her issues are dullness and blackheads in the nose region, my two suggestions would be to have her begin exfo... see post