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Skin care Regimen?
I have recently been getting into skincare more, and I am interested in changing up my products. Does anybody have any reccomendations for Combo/oily skin? All the works! Daily cleanser,scrub,moisturizer,toner,etc! Whatever products you think works, Sephora, Drugstore, etc! Thanks!
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hey nicki, welcome ! firstly, do not use a scrub every day !! and secondly this is a pretty old thread and there are so many new products out there since 2012. to avoid ... see post
Personal Microdermabrasion Device PMD
Anyone tried this? I have been too busy to enduldge in facials and figure that I can have this on-hand and do this at home... Not to mention the savings, if it actually works! I couldn't resist a Nordstrom and caved in!
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Ok ladies and gentlemen- I received my order today. I tried just the "introduction" head and it is A-MAZ-ZING! My blackheads, even with the lowest abrasion treatment hav... see post
3 Weeks in China - What skin products are a must?
Hi all,   I'm going to China for three week in October and I know that the smog and air is going to do a number on my skin. Does anyone have any skin products that you know can combat smog? In my neck of the woods in Canada, we don't get too much smog so I've never needed smog-specific skin care.   Thanks in advance!
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I'm sure you're going to have a great time in all the cities! I've spent months on end in Beijing and enjoyed every day of it, and loved my time in Shanghai and Hangzhou... see post
Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum.
Hi,   Do you need to apply a moisturizer after the application of the Tata Harper Serum or using it alone is just fine?   Thanks. 
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Smilefixer79 / NEWCOMER / replied
I still apply a moisturizer after the serum....that is how Tata Harper suggests using it. I personally find that I still need the moisturizer.  If it helps, I am oily in... see post
Updated Skincare Research
Hello,   I've been reading on the ewg skin deep report 2014 that vitamin A exposed to sunlight damages skin cells, however I've noticed some cosmetic brands including sunscreens still contain retinyl palmitate. I'm curious to know if anyone has come across any recent skincare research.  I like to stay updated, though I don't always browse the research sites.
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Did you find you liked the PTR brush/packaging better? If so, why not swap out the powders so your Color Science can be in the PTR tube. see post
Fine line help!? Late 20s
Hello! So I am in my late 20s and have more fine lines on my forehead/around my eyes then I would like (and more than my peers). I have normal skin with some dryness around my eyes and I tend to have sensitive skins (there are a few companies I can't even use because my skin freaks out and I get a huge rash all over my face- none from sephora yet) anyway, I am trying to find a product that will help with the fine lines without making my skin freak out. I loved the sample I had of the Sunday Riley eye cream (and I think it works wonders) but it made my skin feel like it was burning after a few days. Right now I use the tarte vitamin c eye cream and I like it for my dark circles okay but I'm not attached to it. Any suggestions would be wonderful (serums, creams, cleansers- anything) (I've also tried FAB eye products, 2 clique serums & the philosophy hope is not enough) Currently I use FAB as my regular skin routine w/ the tarte eye cream & maracuja oil @ night around my eyes as well to help with the dryness.  Thanks!
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IT GIRL C0ffeeAndMakeup / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Similar issues here - I try to attack the problem in two ways. Hydrate the heck out of my skin by drinking lots of water and using products with hyaluronic acid to keep ... see post
hello! i'm 23 and just looking for new products to try to make my skin look better. i use bare minerals products for face coverage. and dermatologist prescribed face products including Cetaphil. looking for a new exfoliator (always have used st ives) because lately my nose/sides of my nose get red/tend to break out after using this exfoliator, i only use it 1-2 times a week at night and i make sure to scrub lightly, so i think i just need something better and for sensitive skin. also, any others tips/products that can be helpful towards acne scars/oily skin would be super helpful, thanks!
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daisygrace88 / NEWCOMER / replied
I can suggest you a homemade exfoliator. Baking soda can be used to exfoliate. This is also a very affordable item, perfect for budget beauty lovers. Combine a few a ... see post
Skin Care Recomendations- Dry/Oily Acne Prone
Just a bit of a back story- I have oily acne prone skin. After months of experimenting with skincare products I  finally was able to clear up most of the acne. For a month I had the best skin of my life, it was hydrated and not super oily with the occasional pimple that I could get rid of in 2 days.   A while ago I got the deluxe sample of the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil. I started using the night I received it. I used it for about 5 days and I noticed that the area on the sides of my nose had a dry patch on both sides. I could tell because my foundation would cling to that area and it didnt look smooth anymore, my face had texture where I didnt have it before. By the 7th day for the first time ever my skin felt dry and tight, even after I moisturized. I could apply enough moisturizer, my skin would just soak it up. Apart from being dry it would still get oily in my tzone through out the day.     I realized that the Luna sleeping oil was the only thing that I had really changed in my routine and stopped using immediately. My skin has not been able to recover since. It doesnt feel tight but it still looks very dry and it showed when I applied makeup. My foundation clings and cracks on the sides of where nostrils are and looks really dry. The texture really never disappeared but it did subside a bit. I increased my water intake and stop using a bunch of my acne products that would dry out my skin in hopes of it helping, but I cant seem to get it to the state it was before.    Did this happen to anyone else using luna oil??   What are some product recomendations for people with dehydrated/oily/acne prone skin? 
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IT GIRL StellarMe / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Luna Sleeping Oil has retinoids in it and they can cause dryness. When my skin feels super dry, I use Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. It is a gel-cream t... see post
Hair line for very sensitive skin
I need hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, styling cream...) for very sensitive skin.  I have not had a dermetologist do skin tests, but I break out very easily with alcohol, fragrance, sulfates...  Thank you!
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IT GIRL classylady74 / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I am growing out a pixie.  It is a chin length layered bob right now.  I have a lot of hair, but it is fine.  I use Tarte cosmetics with no issues.  Bare Escentuals brok... see post
Advice on Skincare!
So, when I was growing up I never washed my face and as a teenager I rarely had breakouts. When I did it would be one here or there, and never really became a problem. The older I got, and the more skin conscious I became, I noticed that my skin was always oily with really big pores and MANY (not being self conscious) dark pores on my nose. After getting sick of my ugly skin, I decided to start washing my face and soon after started my break outs. I have tried a lot of different things, mostly the cheaper Wal-Mart brands but a few clinique products etc, everything made me break out worse. The only thing that has allowed me to be able to wash my face is Pro-Activ. I also can't use any make-up removers, regular soap, or really anything on my skin. Make-up also causes worse break outs. The only thing I have found that allows me to remove make-up without making my skin break out is almond oil. I haven't been to a dermatologist as doctors and hospitals/clinics freak me out so I would prefer not to go if I don't have to. Does anyone know what might be causing my problem and what product might best suit my skin? 
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DAnne / NEWCOMER / replied
Hi,   You start by saying you never washed your face growing up.  Now you have started.  My guess is now that you have started your pores are opening up and purging. ... see post
PTR unwrinkle peel pads replacement?
Hello It seems the PTR Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads are no longer available on the Canadian Sephora website! I recently started using them and am in love - already my skin seems more even-toned and it really seems to help my skincare products get better absorbed.   Does anyone have any recommendations for something similar? I'm going to stop by a Sephora store when I get a chance and see if they still carry it there, but I prefer to do my shopping online Thanks <3
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Thanks for the feedback everyone!   I was just in a store and it looks like the Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads are being marketed under a slightly different name.   I have a s... see post
Clarisonic Brush Advice
Hi everyone! I purchased a Clarisonic about 2 years ago. It has the normal brush head. I initially used it once a day for 3 months then backed off to 3 or 4 times a week for 4 months. I never noticed any improvement or change in my skin. If anything, I thought my acne was slightly worse and my skin felt rougher. Basically, it has sat unused in my bathroom for a year. Now that there are lots of new brush heads available, I am wondering if I should try another brush head and give the Clarisonic a second chance    I have oily-combination skin. My chin/forehead is oily and I typically have 1-2 whiteheads especially around that time of the month. My temples and nose are dry. I am 30, and have the beginning of some tiny brown sun spots that are fading nicely with OH truth serum. I also have some unevenness to my skin tone. Any advice on what brush head to try? Or do you suggest I give up on it? I would like to know others' experience with it as well!   TIA!
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BEAUTY WHIZ fantasiabliss / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I'll have try the Luxe brush head too see post
Budget Bride Needs Advice on Investing in a Few Natural Products for Wedding
I'm new to the forum, but I have a request for advice:   My wedding is this year in the late fall, and I have started thinking ahead to which makeup I will use. I plan to go for a consultation in-store, but I want to be prepared with community suggestions first. So, please let me know what you think!   The reasons I want advice are 1) I am on a budget, and I don't want to buy a whole arsenal of new makeup, just a few key items that will be  useful after the wedding and/or would take my wedding look (and photos) to the next level; 2) I try to buy natural (and organic) skin and makeup products as much as possible because I believe it is healthier for me, the producers, and the environment; 3) I am not up on the newest products and lines.   I often don't wear much makeup, but I do have experience and technical knowledge (my mom loves makeup, so she took me to the MAC counter and bought me Bobby Brown and Kevyn Aucoin books when I was a teenager!).   I already have and really like products from Josie Maran (luminizer cream, argan face oil, blush stick, lip gloss), Korres (concealer, bronzer), 100 Percent Pure (eye cream, powder blush, eyeshadow, mascara), and Burt's Bees (tinted lip balm). But I think I will need a primer or finishing powder, a foundation, a lip stain or stick, an eyeliner, and maybe a couple other items. Haircare and skincare suggestions are welcome too!
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I'm the same way as you - minimal makeup usually and did my own makeup for my wedding a couple years ago.  the hardest part for me was finding a natural lipstick, i didn... see post
Dehydrated skin HELPPPP!
Hi, I'm more frustrates by my facial skin. In recent years, I can not find "MIRACLE" cream which helps my skin was dehydrated through the day. In fact, I always feel (specially to temperature change, inside and outside) of sebum on my skin and a feeling of discomfort, tightness especially the knowledge level forehead and cheeks. I know my skin need water and hydration. So I try Caudalie products (serum ,day cream) serum is a very good, my skin drank immediately the product, but the cream is nothing changed . After i try the gel-cream Fresh but I would have put in three times a day. So I go with Josie Argan Serum .. for now I do not see any difference but that is less than a month . For the cream i was advised to try Ole Henriksen Vitamin Plus, but my skin beginning more to tug and dry me Help please
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cvanessa91 / NEWCOMER / replied
Ok good thank you for all recommandations :) see post
Any product suggestions for ice pick scars - not involving lasers?
Hi I had some deep scarring on my cheeks (that everyone knows no amount of make up can cover!) - these have lessened with laser treatments. But with some residual scarring still left, wanted to know if anyone can recommend (EFFECTIVE) products to lessen scarring. 
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If you're looking for skin care based products, look for a product containing peptides and also alpha hydroxy acids. Peptides are the amino acids that help repair and su... see post
best products to help even out acne prone sensitive skin
Hello. I have an oily skin and for the past few months had a lot of breakouts. I went to a dermatologist and took a treatment which helped me greatly. Now that my skin has got rid of most of the acne and blackheads I have some acne marks and hyper pigmentation which I would like to treat now. However, as I have been struggling against those breakouts for the past few months I am being very skeptical of many products as I am scared they might break me out again. I need something that will help even my skin tone and texture. The price of the product is not an issue as long as I am sure It will help with the hyper pigmentation(post acne marks, slightly uneven skin tone, and some freckles on my T zone) and also fight against future breakouts. I would like anti acne products, serums, cleansers that're dermatology tested and clinically proved to work. Would appreciate any kind of advise and recommendations.
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Since you've ventured to a dermatologist before and if you're currently hesitant on relying on over the counter products to treat the post acne marks/hyperpigmentation, ... see post
Skin care product for dark or age spots? My mom is in her 70's and would like some rec's please
My mom has some dark brown patches on her forehead and one on her cheek. I'm not sure if they are age or sun spots. Her skin looks good for her age. Very few wrinkles, no acne etc  My mom only wears a bit of powder and lipstick. Washes her face with soap and water (not into makeup, skin care). She would like a product to help diminish these spots. Any rec's? Thanks!
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AHAs and retinol can delivery quicker results because they are more potent, but it's also important to keep in mind what type of product is used (such as a daily serum/t... see post
I'm approaching 30 and my Skin is changing...
I have recently noticed these little bumps on my skin, around my chin mostly.  It looks like under skin acne? I've tried masks, pore unclogging scrubs and cleaners.  My usually daily routine consists of a cleanser with light exfoliant, followed by a light alcohol based toner and finished off with a daily moisturizer (Time in a Bottle)....  I do not know what to do to get these to go away and get my smooth skin back. They kind of look like the photo below, except on my chin.... Any suggestions? 
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This is very common, it is called sebaceous hyperplasia - they are closed comedones, some may even be papules. Unless you are desperate to get extractions (which I don't... see post
is the sephora collection all natural?
I'm pretty sure the sephora collection is animal cruelty free, but do their products contain parabens or anything like that? Also are they vegan?
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Actually its beauty products that are imported into China that is subject to testing (ie. may or may not be) by the government if it contains ingredients they haven't pr... see post
Christmas in July
I like to start my shopping Early! My co-worker mentioned she loves Coach Poppy so I will start there with a rollerball. I try to add a little something to each of my orders so It is not such a big sting at the end of the year and more points for me. Does anyone have ideas for neighbor gifts or for someone with allergies to fragrance and aloe vera?
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Are you specifically looking to gift them items from Sephora?   I always make something DIY for neighbor gifts. I give them some of my gingerbread Christmas cookies an... see post
T-Zone Dryness?
I have super dry and sensitive skin! My face is most dry/peely in the areas where it really should be oily, like my nose and forehead/ t-zone. I have honestly tried everything. I have used Clinique products, the First Aid Beauty face wash/moisturizer, Fresh soy face cleanser and the youth lotus lotion. Ive tried the Josie Maran creamy oil moisturizer as well as tons of other stuff from sephora and the drug store.   I use a cleansing water every morning and wash my face at night & moisturize 2x a day. I typically exfoliate once or twice a week with a powder like exfoliator from Boscia. My skin is still dry and peely around my nose forehead and chin all year long and I'm so frustrated. If anyone can recommend any products to help, that would be awesome. I can't really wear foundation or anything without it sticking to my dry patches and looking awful. 
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have you considered using a facial oil in conjunction with your moisturizer ? CLARINS blue orchid oil is formulated for dehydration (which may be what you're suffering f... see post
What am i doing wrong?
I am using the La Roche-Posay purifying foaming gel in the mornings with the Ole Henriksen truth serum and than finishing my morning routine off with the  Ole Henriksen sheer transformation oil free perfecting cream .   For my nightly routine I am using the same  La Roche-Posay purifying foaming gel but than i am using the Ole Henriksen night treatment overnight resurfacer with a Benzoyl Peroxide GEL USP 5% and than finishing it off with the  Ole Henriksen sheer transformation oil free perfecting cream .   Is there something I should add to my cleansing routines or take away?    All i want is perfect skin! My skin acne is red and a little bumpy. I usually get it around my jawline and below my cheek bones.      Please help !   I also bought two face masks from LUSH. One that is kept in the fridge.  
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Hi,   Thanks for your reply and I'm glad to hear the good news about epiduo!    I went and bought a gel cleanser from AVENE. And I am using a new moisturizer as well... see post
Acne skincare and products that work
A couple months ago I changed skincare products (I have acne prone skin and was advised to use products from NUDE skincare for my skin) in the beginning o noticed small changes my blemishes we're going away however new blemishes started appearing and old scars have remained. I am wondering how long should I wait to expect results from those skincare products and should I change products to something else that will hopefully he my skin?
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You should give new skincare at least 3 months at the very minimum to see if there's an improvement. But if your skin is getting worse I would discontinue using them rig... see post
Night cream for sensitive/dry combo skin?
My skin is dry combination and I tend to get redness on my cheeks. I currently use the same moisturizer for day and night, but I am in need of a good night cream. Any recommendations?
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I actually use Origins Drink Up intense overnight mask as my night cream!  It feels so lovely.  Origins Night-A-Mins is also stellar! see post
Scarring and discoloration
40 something with olive skin and much discoloration and scarring. What are some of the best products to try to minimize/fade these marks - or is it even possible? 
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My mom and I swear by Bio-Oil too - I've been using it once a day on my skin throughout my pregnancy and haven't gotten a single stretch mark (and I'm at 36 weeks). My d... see post
A foundation for dry skin
Hi there,   I have been looking for a foundation online that will treat my dry skin but still give me flawless coverage. Every time I read about a product I am put off by their bad reviews, which one really is the best?   Ally xxxx
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Foundation won't treat dryness, skincare and adding water intake will help.   Yes, there are better makeup for dry skin than others.   What type of coverage are you ... see post
Sunscreen question that hasn't been addressed on the board.
I'm having an issue with sunscreen. I am using the MD Solar Sciences sunscreen SPF 50 and the Biore Aqua Gel sunscreen SPF 50. My problem is that even when I used these sunscreens, I still seem to be getting sun spots on my face. Has anyone experience this? I apply sunscreen in the morning, drive to the gym and come back home (around 8:00 am.), then drive to work at around noon or 1:00 pm.....that is as much sun as I'm getting. Is there a sunscreen that really works against protecting skin really well. I've heard that European or Asian sunscreens are better than American sunscreens. I prefer something that is light and doesn't have a greasy feeling. Your help would be much appreciated  
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Hi Once!   I know you are asking about European or Asian sunscreens, but based on your routine, I was wondering if you are reapplying your sunscreen as often as recomm... see post
Cystic Acne and Octinoxate aka ethyl hexyl methoxy cinnamate
In the past few years my skin has been clearing up as I've noticed that the chemical sunscreen octinoxate was the cause of the cysts regrowth on my chin area.  Cystic acne in the chin area was previously known as hormonal acne, but I've read that chemical sunscreens can interfere with hormones and it seems that has been my experience.  I noticed that the majority of fragrances and other cosmetics have ethyl hexyl methoxy cinnamate as an ingredient and yet fail to mention chemical sunscreens on the label.  I'm posting this as information for those dealing with cystic acne as well as to hear if anyone else has had similar experience and what products you have been using.
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BEAUTY WHIZ fantasiabliss / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Since I've discovered my allergy to this ingredient I have discovered other ingredients as well that cause certain reactions on my skin, but I'll make separate threads f... see post
Changing skin care lines
I've suffered from minor break outs and have recently switched to the Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Gel (due to a Sephora sales persons suggestion) and my skin is breaking out and incredibly dry. I have small bumps that look like a rash around my mouth as well. I have been using this product now for 3 days but don't want to continue if it will continue to get worse. Should I discontinue the use of this line or is my skin just acting this way because it isn't used to the new product yet? HELP
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Funny thing is the Dramatically Different isn't technically a moisturizer. If you're finding you still have dry patches, you probably need something with just a bit more... see post
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil Causing Texture???
I started using the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil about a week ago and ever since I have been experiencing visible texture problems all over my face - it looks bumpy. Has anyone experienced this too? Is there a purging phase?
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IT GIRL StellarMe / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I've been using Luna Sleeping Oil for a few months now, several times a week, with no problem what so ever. It might be that your skin doesn't tolerate it well, as the o... see post