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Q. I need some advice on a new skin care regimen!
Hey guys, so I'm 27 with fair, sensitive, acne prone skin especially hormonal acne. I   am thinking of changing up my skin care routine, BUT I have been using Origins plantscription am with SPF 25 and the night a mins cream at night (both creams are oil free too) for probably 2-3 years now. I just feel like maybe I need something new for my skin, I have been looking at Lancome and some other products, but I just dont know what to go with? obviously I would like a day cream that has SPF in it and im all about anti-aging products it is never too early to start for that. So I need some advice what are the best products to maybe try out that are reasonable or maybe just keep my routine the way it is? 
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A. You said you just feel like you need something new for your skin, but why? The reason why you're interested in changing up your routine can help us with product suggesti... see post
Q. Moisturizer with SPF for oily skin...
I have oily/sensitive/acne prone skin and have been looking for a good moisturizer with SPF that won't irritate my skin. I recently tried Philosophy Renewed Hope with SPF 25 (only because I use the night cream and its amazing) but the SPF version is horrible for oily skin. What are the ones that work best for you?
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A. Hi Cait489,   I have oily skin as well! I like to use Murad's Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 PA++. This is a very lightweight moisturizer and it also absorbs oil, so y... see post
Q. Ole Henriksen product question
Hello,  I just received some Ole Henriksen products I ordered online, the aloe vera deep cleanser, the grease relief facial water and the grease relief face there a difference between the facial water and facial tonic? Can I use both of them back to back, if not which one should I keep?  Thank you.
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A. Hi @FatimaCM   The tonic is a toner and the facial water can be used as a toner but can also be used throughout the day to help keep oil at bay.    If you want to k... see post
Q. Skin Care.... HELP!!!
  Hello everyone! I keep having the hardest time trying to find a good skin care routine... and good skin care products. Im 19 and have never ever loved my skin.  I'd say I have norman to combo skin (more dry than oily) and I have times when I break out really bad then I don't (back and forth, back and forth), But I've always had at least 1 or more pimples on my face! Once one starts going away, another appears... It's frustrating! I also have terrible black heads on my nose and under my bottom lip area/chin.... and little pumps that aren't pimples but aren't black heads either? <- not really sure what they are exactly or what they're called?? But I always have those on my face also.   Im in need of products that will actually work for my skin!!!! Anyone have any thoughts on Dr.Brandt? Origins? Clinique? Clinical Advanced Skincare? OR any other brands that work for them??? Also, Products that work best?   ---Im a collage student at a makeup school (no, we don't learn anything about skincare..)  so I don't want to get something thats going to cost me 300 or more, I need something that is reasonable.  I know nothing about skincare and need tips!! Right now I am currently between products and trying a few things here and there for a few weeks at a time to see how my skin reacts to the products. I always wash my face before bed & in the morning.... with hot water & a cleanser, then wash it off and use cool water. Then I apply a serum & face cream. I also use a mask once every week.    TIPS PLEASE!!!  Thanks xo.
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A. chemical exfoilation is the best for acne prone skin based off my experience. I use toner that has bha's or aha's, examples include, pixi glow tonic toner, benton aloe t... see post
Q. Face spatula sonic scrubbers
does anyone have one?  If you go to Amazon there are many for sale.  Ranging from 30 to $100.  I have a Luna a clarisonic and the Pmd.  Let me know what you think.  I'm debating buying one.  Thanks
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Q. SK II Cellumination
SK II's Cellumination line has been discontinued and pulled from the US market. Sephora still carries the cream and lotion from that line which I believe is existing stock waiting to be sold.  But the cellumination Aura Essence is gone, even from department stores. The asian market has it's replacement of with the Genoptics line. Anyone have any ideas when and if Sephora will add Genoptics to their SK II offering?
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Q. No more pore vacuum cleaner
So I went to sephora today to try the Boscia clear cleansing regimen.. i have washed my face and i feel its way better then what i was using.. guess my face likes expensive products.. lol.. and i tried the vaccum cleaner from dr brandt?.. am i doing something wrong i waited 15 minutes and the cream dried up in separate patches? did i not put enough? then when i went to wash it off.. i noticed all the blackheads still there?.. does it take 2 tries?.. also can someone recommned a good exfloliator.. thanks alot ladies
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A. I just bought it yesterday and tried it last night. It also dried in patch. The associate told me the color will turn blue and blackhead will be cleared. I waited but no... see post
Q. Dior Capture Totale - Le Serum - did it cause anyone else to break out?
I had high hopes for this, but every time I use it, I end up with inflamed blemishes (mostly on my cheeks). I gave it a week and a half and then stopped using it, at which point my skin started to clear up. Very disappointing.
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A. This product made my skin break out as well, I have sensitive skin and got the inflamed blemishes on my cheeks too. I am glad that I received a deluxe sample to try, as ... see post
Q. Exfoliating with clarsonic
How often should I use the clarsonic on my face, I use it every morning on my face am I over exfoliating?
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A. Clarisonics do not exfoliate your skin they just offer a deeper cleanse you will still need to exfoliate in order to get rid of dead skin. I use the ren gylcolic mask on... see post
Q. SOS Skincare Products!
Hi Everyone, For quite some time now I've been trying to find the right products for me! Background about myself: 20 year old with normal/dry sensitive skin, redness,texture, finally seeing some wrinkles, and suffer from breakouts around my period. I need help finding all new products besides cleanser and toner!  I would love to start using serums, eye creams, or anything else.   Another question is when should I begin looking into anti-aging products since i'm only 20?   Thanks!
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A. Hi emmykflo,   A brand that might work well for you is First Aid Beauty - this is a great, very effective brand but it's reasonably priced and easy to use. I'd recom... see post
Q. dry sensitive flaky skin
I'm looking for a good moisturizer/cleanser/exfoliator for my  sensitive, dry, flaky patches skin, that breaks out pretty easily ( it's a lot i know)  I had been using clinique for years when it suddenly started to make me itch. Thanks in advance!
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A. Sounds like my skin, if left alone (without all routine...). Try NOT exfoliating for few days or a week.  I exfoliate every week very gently with cleansing cloths and ... see post
Does anyone out there know a face serum that is comparable to Nude Advanced Renewal Serum ? The product is no longer available at Sephora and I'm dreading running out of the bottle I have. I need to find a good replacement!
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A. Beth,  I hope you've seen it already, but Sephora has it available right now! It popped up about 10 days ago and I ordered 2!  This might be helpful to you if you're l... see post
Q. What is a good product in general for break outs?
I use to have great skin but maybe a year ago I developed a problem with cystic acne and I think it was BC related but I've been long off of that and my face does not break out as bad but I still do get breakouts more than I use to and I have some acne scars. I have combination skin and it is more normal than dry but I do get dry spots occasionally. I'm very on top of my face care so I don't know if my skin has gotten use to my cleanser I use now maybe? I was hoping to see if anyone would recommend a great cleanser or even a lotion? I can't honestly call my skin bad BUT when I break out I do break out. I've looked at the Kate Somerville Eradicate Acne spot treatment with the sulfur in the bottle but read it can dry out your skin but would that possibly be something good to try? Anything to get my skin nice again and I do use a pore minimizer and I do have a Glamglow mask. Both work but I'm hoping for something a little more. 
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A. As I got older (late 20's early 30's) I started dealing less with whiteheads and more with cystic acne. (I had gone off BC around this time as well.)  Are the cysts typi... see post
Q. Why does all makeup make me break out?
Hi all, I'm 19. It seems if I go for a week without using makeup, my skin looks nice and smooth. But after even one day wearing it, I break out, and I'm talking painful bumps not small whiteheads. This happens with any and all makeup. I use Hourglass' Mineral Veil Primer and Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Powder, in order to try to minimize the acne, because if I use anything with chemicals like MUFE, Dior, Lancome, or Mac, it is worse. I do use the Proactiv System, and exfoliate a couple times a week with a Philosophy wash. Like I said, they work so long as I don't use makeup :-( But simply abstaining from it is not an option for me. Has anyone had the same problem or has any recommendations for makeup or a skincare line? Much appreciated, thank you.
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DreadPirate / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I have had this problem with most foundations that I used in the past. I have done some research and will be trying a clinique foundation routine I will be using their e... see post
Q. Face Scrub for dry skin
Hey,    Pl recommend me the Face scrub name for very dry skin and my skin is not sensitive so it shouldn't be too soft like cleanser.      Thanks.    
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A. I like the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser which is also an exfoliant. All natural as well.  see post
Q. Small bumps all over my face!
I have so many small bumps all over my face. I don't know if it's keratosis pilaris or milia or clogged pores I just really want to get rid of them. I've always suffered from acne, and I've come along way, it's just these **bleep** small bumps!     
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BEAUTY GURU PumpkinSparkles / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / answered
A. Whats your current routine like? You cant get proper advice without you telling us what your skin is like and and what you're currently using. see post
Q. Dry Skin
I have mildly dry skin, although relatively clear. That being said, I don't use foundation, I use BB Cream instead, but I use powder bronzer and blush. My skin continues to be dry although I moisturize as much as possible. Do you think switching over fully to liquid face makeup will help me appear to look more hydrated, or would it not make much of a difference?
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A. I have extremely dry skin in the winter and dry skin in the summer. I agree that Moisture Surge is good but I find that it doesn't completely sink for me and leaves my ... see post
Q. Oily skincare products and makeup?
Hi lovely ladies and gentleman, I'm new to the sephora beauty talk community and I wanted to ask you all for some tips on skincare products such as face cleansers, face masks, moisturizers, skin toners and primers for oily skin. I can't seem to find anything to help me control my oily skin.  If you make any tips of recommendations i'd really appreciate it ALSO any good foundations for oily skin, and best setting sprays and setting powders? 
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HALL OF FAMER elenamarie11 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Helllo my fellow oily skinned friend :) I have extremely oily skin and I feel like I'm finally learning what really works for me and what doesn't. For priming, love to ... see post
Q. What to do if your glam glow youth is dried up?
My glam glow youth mud (tingle exfoliate) dried up. I did take the foil lining of but I never used it. Has anyone had the same problem and what did you do ? Can I fix it by adding water? Glam said you can return the unused product for credit or exchange it for another product if you bought it at glam  but it was a gift from Sephora. What do I do ?!?
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A. Hey Tdud,   Not to worry! Simply add some water to it (I would use purified water) and stir it around it will be like new. Glamglow brand representatives have said tha... see post
Q. Itchy rash from Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit? Anyone else have a bad reaction?
Ok, this is going to be long....hopefully someone can give me some advice. I found the Blemish Banisher kit on and picked it up in the store. My acne breakouts have been crazy lately and all the great reviews gave me so much hope that maybe this could be the thing to finally turn my skin around. The first night I used the kit, it immediately made my skin feel better. The next morning, the EradiKate had significantly reduced the size and redness of my cystic pimples. Fast forward a about four more days, and my skin is SO ITCHY and dry! I also first noticed a patch of little itchy bumps, like a rash, on my left cheek. Today I noticed it on the other side two in two different places. Tonight the itching on my face is bothering me so much I just can't use the kit whatsoever, even though I really wish I could apply the EradiKate again because it has been helping my pimples decrease in size a lot which is nice. Downside though is I am breaking out more after starting to use this, but not sure if it was caused by the kit or it was just going to happen anyways.   I do find the Detox Cleanser to be a little drying (once I rinse it off, my face feels more tight), and the Oil Free Moisturizer stings a little when I apply it. I wouldn't consider my skin to be sensitive to products whatsoever. Even though I have acne prone skin, nothing has ever given me a rash or adverse reaction. I've gotten dry skin from overwashing or using harsh products with 10% benzoyl peroxide, etc....but never this bad and usually it was during the winter and I just didn't moisturize enough. I've been using this kit as directed, and I think the EradiKate is the reason behind the dry itchy skin but the rashes I honestly have no idea how those came about because i don't apply the EradiKate anywhere near over on the sides of my cheeks (I do not have acne there)...   Has anyone else had a not so great experience with it? Should I only not be using EradiKate every night? Also, the EradiKate is supposed to dry up the pimples...but how do I remove all that dry skin afterwards (like going out the next day and not having flakes everywhere?)...simply moisturizing doesn't help. I feel like exfoliating would be the only thing to help but that would further irritate my skin. Not to mention, I'm breaking out even more..   ANY advice would be appreciated. Maybe I should just try Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead kit...I don't know.    
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Classicnessa / RISING STAR / answered
A. I'm currently dealing with this! It is so frustrating, in an attempt to get rid of a few blemishes, my skin reacted horribly! Redness and bumps all over my face!! They a... see post
Q. Clinique acne solutions acne + line correcting serum--thoughts?
What are your thoughts on the new Clinique acne solutions acne + line correcting serum? Is it good for combo oily/sensitive/acne prone skin? Is it safe to use while on a prescription retinoid like Tazorac, and how has it worked for your skin? Thanks!
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A. Admittedly, I have not tried this specific product, but as someone who still gets hormonal breakouts around my chin, regularly uses anti-aging products, and owns quite a... see post
Q. What do you use with your Clarisonic?
I just started using the Clarisonic Mia and am interested in seeing what everyone does with theirs.   1. Which Clarisionc do you have? 2. How often do you use it? 3. What products work best for you? Cleanser? Exfoliator?  4. What is your skin type?   I hope something like this hasn't already been posted recently. 
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A. 1. Mia 2 2. Twice a week (3 times max) in the evenings 3. I use the LaNeige trial kit (comes with toner, serum, moisturizer etc.). It's a great value set and it usuall... see post
Q. Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia
For as long as I can remember, I've had these tiny bumps that gather around the inner corner of my eye and along my dark circles. I really, really hate them! They kind of look like chicken skin, but they don't really feel bumpy or anything. I've seen pictures of milia, and that is definitely not what I have. These little bumps don't ever go away and they never move. Some people say that they've started to notice this chicken skin under their eyes as they aged, but I'm a Sophomore and I've had this problem my whole life! I've done a little research, and so far all of the fixes have been really complicated and confusing. Please give me a solution! I like to take good care of my skin, but I'd much rather just buy a lotion or something than see a dermatologist. Thanks for all your help!
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jazzijoyce / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I got this same "problem" once i started experimenting with new skincare products. It started after using RoC retin-a eye cream or kiehl's cucumber eye cream... and then... see post
Q. Clinique Turnaround Peel?
I'm debating on trying the Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel set for my cystic acne red hyperpigmentation. I have fair skin that is slightly sensitive, and responds pretty well to salicylic acid. Any advice with this peel/other peels for this issue would be appreciated. Thanks! 
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Q. Products that truly work to fade post-acne marks?
My skin is in a rough state after dealing with acne for the past 9 years of my life. I have been on a topical medication for 8 years (benzoyl peroxide 10%, clindamycin phosphate gel) that I apply every night. It keeps my acne under control however I still have acne and am never 100% pimple-free. Because I have had acne for so long and have unfortunately picked nearly every pimple I've had, I have red marks all over my face that make my skin appear 10x worse than it is. I'm considering laser at this point, but would love to hear of any tried and true products that people have used. I'm currently using a gentle exfoliating toner by Pixi, Ole's Truth Serum in the AM (although I've heard vitamin C only fades brown spots/hyperpigmentation and not post-acne marks), First Aid Beauty's Oil-Free Moisturizer, Ole's Aloe Cleanser at night with my Clarisonic, followed by Murad's post-acne lightening serum, then my acne medication and Josie Maran's Light Argan Oil. I have only been using the acne lightening serum for about a week so I am hoping that will start to work eventually.   What products have you tried that have successfully faded your post-acne marks?  
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A. By chance which formula of the FAB moisturizer are you using specifically in the morning? Is it one with SPF?   The products that you're using appear to be pretty bala... see post
Q. clinique night moisturizer-smart or nightline?
I cannot decide which is better for me-my main concern are fine wrinkles, but I like that smart will firm a bit. I worry that if I use smart, I won't be getting the full benefit of wrinkle fighting that repairwear nightline offers. Thoughts? 
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A. Hi HeidiinTN,   What type of skin do you have?   Best, Mali see post
Q. clarisonic dryness
I was so excited when I purchased my clarisonice Mia. I started using it on Friday.  I was using it twice a day with Philosphy Purity, followed by Clinique Toner and Clinique Dramatic Lotion Gel (I can't remeber the whole name.)  By today, Tuesday (4 days after i began use) my face is SO DRY and flaky all of my chin and cheeks. I have combination skin and usually have a oily t-zone and dry cheeks.  The flaking on my chin and cheeks is unbareable.  It looks HORRIBLE!!!  Has anyone else experienced this?  I read somewhere that I should cut back to only using it once a day instead of twice.  But do you think i should get a stronger moisturizer?  I have been using the cleanser, toner and gel for years and have never had this issue before. I'm afraid I might have to return the MIA!!!
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A. I would suggest cutting back on the usage to 2 to 3 times max per week. I don't think daily usage is required. It might be doing more damage than good to your skin. I ha... see post
Q. need help fading a scar
Hey ya'll. So I recently broke out a month ago and thought the toothpaste method would help me. I accidentally left it on a little too long and got a burn which turned into a scar a few days later. Any tips/products that can help fade the scar. I like going without makeup or very little but now I have to use concealer and mix foundations to make sure it is hidden. Thanks!
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HALL OF FAMER greenchilli / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. lyrica,   If by "scar" you mean discolouration or hyperpigmentation, then:   1.A Vitamin C product will help it along.  Look for serums with Vitamin C. 2. If you ar... see post
Q. Is this safe to use?
Should the Nude Detox brightening fizzy powder wash have come with a seal? Did any one else's arrive this empty?
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A. That's totally normal actually.  My original bottle when it first came out was exactly like that.  It doesn't look full because it's a powder and settles.  Also, mine di... see post