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Daily Skincare - what are you using?
Often people ask for recommendations on a skincare routine or for specific products/combinations.  This might be a place to share your everyday skincare, both AM and PM.  A skincare "what are you wearing" as it were.  Hope this is useful.   *Age - 40 Skin type - oily/combination Current skin condition - quite dehydrated (winter/indoor heating)*   01/17/16 - AM skincare in the order I used 1. Nude Jelly cleanser (love) 2. Pixi Glow tonic (5% glycolic toner - love) 3. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Spritz (sample) 4. Radical Skincare Youth Infusion serum - hydrating and anti-ageing (new to me.  Testing) 5. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (like) 6. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream (really like as an AM moisturizer)   I will try to post PM skincare tonight so the post can be comprehensive.   General comments - Okay skin.  Apparently the age between 38-42 is a transformational time in hormones (dehydrated skin/spots), so I am more aware of how my skin performs/reacts .  My skincare definitely has more "actives" now than before.
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BEAUTY WHIZ courtneyleeh / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
*Age - 25  Skin type - dry/combination, prone to stress-related/hormonal breakouts   Skincare Routine: AM AND PM*** 1. Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Clean... see post
Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All
This is a place to discuss everything skincare.   - Have a question about a product (Or type of product) - Need recommendations - Learned a new tip or trick you want to share with fellow skincare junkies - New to skincare and lost about where to start - Have a skincare emergency ( Bad reaction, broken dropper, lost lid of a jar) Images From top left to clockwise (Essencz, Garnier, Men's Fitness, Harper Bazaar)   We have some great thread about skincare but I feel we don't have a general place to discuss skincare which is open for everything from lowend products to luxury skincare.    Other skincare threads you may like to explore l-about-Luxury-skincare-Come-in-and-chat-about-you ... aily-Skincare-what-are-you-using/m-p/2716765#M8681      
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@ayeshayh I love Lala Retro!  It keeps my skin so well moisturized and I love that it's in an airless pump. I have B-Hydra too and I like the lightweight texture, but I ... see post
Best of the Best: What Are Your Favorite Natural Skincare Products?
Hey BeautyTalkers!    I have noticed a lot of chatter about natural skincare products in the beauty world. There is no perfect definition of 'natural skincare' but I am thinking of products that are labeled partially or 100% organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, plant-based, or just made with simple ingredients.    There are a lot of reasons a product may be considered natural so without overcomplicating the definition I have a question for you all: What are your favorite natural skincare products?       Looking forward to reading your responses!    
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Thank you for this thread! My low-buy has been lifted and great timing--I had eczema break out all over my body including face so had to start all over again with skinca... see post
It doesn't pay to be VIB Rouge! I keep getting the same samples!
HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
you don't j'adore them? :(   I keep getting the same things to.. this is what I do with the ones I don't want.. BARTER! see post
Algenist Real Results Challenge
Hello and welcome to our Vitamin C+ Real Results Challenge! We are so excited to connect here on BeautyTalk to hear about your experience with the Vitamin C+ Serum and share some of our favorite tips.   Our Vitamin C+ Serum is your secret weapon to combating advanced anti-aging and discoloration. This product is a triple threat, formulated with Alguronic acid, microalgae oil and potent vitamin C+. Safe for all skin types, this serum is formulated to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles and support the most fragile skin areas while visibly reducing the look of age spots and discoloration. The impressive vitamin C boosts brightness and radiance for a uniform complexion. This is a space for you to discuss the product, hear from others and ask your questions. We are so excited to talk with you all about this powerful serum and answer all of your questions. Please share your challenge results below and feel free to ask us anything!  
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all companies that don't test on animals rely on animal testing studies that were done by OTHER companies for safety assurance but yknow, you do you boo see post
Dry and Oil
My face is oily skin type but it becomes dry and rough after washing. What type of skin care I should use?
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Laudrey / NEWCOMER / replied
I'm 16. I am using Neutrogena acne wash and acne medicine. My face is acne and oily. Is it enough?   see post
Hydrating Toner for Dry Skin?
Hey guys, I'm currently in the market for a hydrating toner that isn't a facial mist that actually hydrates like it says it will. I have dry sensitive skin and on nights that I use a retinol or an acid serum I like to balance it with a hydrating toner, but I don't even know where to start looking. Help?
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Whamisa Deep Rich Essence Toner is beautifully hydrating. I have dry, somewhat sensitive skin, as well. I really liked how super hydrating this one was, but it didn't ag... see post
Best face mask for acne prone skin?! Anything out there able to control it?! HELP!
Hi everyone!    I'm looking for a good face mask to use once a week, that will help control my acne and prevent further breakouts. I know there are a ton of good ones out there, just trying to find something that will FINALLY work for me!   Thanks, y'all. I appreciate it  
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Lush has a really great mask called the Mask of Magnanimity. I have oily, acne prone skin and it's great for existing breakouts and preventing further ones. It has peppe... see post
Concealer for Dry Under eyes??
I have pretty dry under eyes! I moisturize a lot so I don't have dry patches after applying concealer..but it looks and feels so dry. I currently use the Nars creamy concealer. Does anyone have a concealer that doesn't dry their under eyes/accentuate the dryness? I want to try the Urban Decay one but I heard its drying. 
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maybe try like an eye cream first, like the pep start from clinique, and then try the concealer. It sounds like your skin is the problem and you should combat that first... see post
Self Tanning/Spray Tan - Dos, Don'ts and Funny Stories
It's the time of year where everyone wants that beautiful sun kissed glow. Thankfully we have a wide range of good quality self tanners available to us now so we are not exposed to harmful rays.  What is your favorite self tanner and why? Share any helpful tips on application, what not to do and any funny stories you'd like to share.  
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I have an olive complexion and tan naturally. However, sometimes in the winter I can get pretty pale. We had a pretty cold winter this year in Canada so I went out to Se... see post
Redness treatment
Don't have acne, but have some redness left from scarring.  Any suggestions on best skincare products to use to get rid of the redness? 
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@jadelovesephoraI find the Darphin Intral line to be quite good and effective. Just caution if you're very sensitive to scents. The line is all natural but some of the c... see post
pores dull skin
skin is dull , dry, patches around my lips to chin area, clogged pores and un even skin tone im 23 please help
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Hi, samiya12345!   Can you please specify which S&G cleanser you're using? I don't want to make assumptions and begin analyzing the wrong one.   In addition to using... see post
Sunday Riley Bionic Cream Discontinued?
Does anyone know if Sunday Riley has discontinued its Bionic cream? It's no longer showing on Sephora website or at most other websites. This is the first anti-aging type cream with bells and whistles that I've been able to use without any reactions.   Can a mod pipe in and confirm?
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The class-action complaint, which was filed in early December of last year, according to legal news site Law 360, centers around Bionic, an anti-aging cream made w... see post
Need to upgrade my skincare - looking for a good anti-aging regimen
I'm in my early thirties and started noticing my skin changing a bit. It's a bit rough sometimes and I have a few lines under my eyes. Also, my dark circles are getting worse. Nothing too noticeable, but I would like to get this fixed or prevent more if possible.   Looking for suggestions on what works for other women in their 30s. What moisturizers, serums, etc. do you suggest?    Also,I have the following items in my cart. Any comments on these would help too:    Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex   SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil    CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief   OLEHENRIKSENTruth Serum®   Dr. Dennis Gross SkincareAlpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel
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I have combo skin and loooooooves Fresh Lotus cream! Clinique Moisture Surge is nice but more basic and not as anti-aging. I've used all the products you have in your ca... see post
Any suggestions for eyelid ezcema?? HELP
I have tried everything under the sun!   I just want a really strong, extremely moisturizing  eye cream that contains no sulfates, parabens, or frangrances and is ok for sensitive skin! the only thing that has kind of worked on me is burts bee's honey chapstick and olive oil....imagine that every day and trying to wear makeup and not look like you were punched in the face!   I know I'm sadly not the only one suffering, please share any tips or tricks for relief and I will owe you for life!   Thanks ladies Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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So late reply but, I'm seconding the First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream. I get eczema on my eye lids all the time and I will use this as my eye cream and it clears it u... see post
PLEASE help - cystic acne on forehead for 3 months now (they heal but reform so it never clears up!)
this is my first cystic acne breakout - and it's on my forehead and going on 3 months now.  Healing as it goes - and then new ones emerge overnight. I've always been acne prone, and have a simple routine that helps any surface acne.  I had my first cystic acne break out on my forehead/hairline (the ones that are big and deep where they take a long time to drain or shrink). I blame the period where I tried a bunch of new skincare, not remembering that my skin easily clogs (from thicker foundations too).   It's not folliculitis cause they don't itch, and they aren't milia cause I had milia my entire life and I know the difference.   Whatever exfoliation liquids or those "acne" pads I tried, they only irritated and made my bumps worse. And on top of that after 3 weeks, they gave me fine lines that I've never had before. So I really don't want to use them anymore. But I still have no idea what these bumps are.    I'm on my third month. JUST as my forehead starts clearing up, NEW ones reform.     My old simple routine that works with my dry dry sensitive skin: Aveeno intense moisture overnight cream (this cream saved my dry dry flaky skin for years now with no problem) bio oil for acne scars and rough skin   Products I've tried to use for this bad breakout and the current bumps: Cosrx one step pimple clear pads (made it worse) Sonoma tea tree oil serum (made it worse) Arcona aftershave pads (I think made it worse) Aloe vera Gel (I used for a little bit, but the formula has parabens) Aloe vera leaves (wow it made me breakout a whole new fresh batch) Paula's choice CLEAR regular strength exfoliating solution (honestly it gave me fine lines. stopped it immediately) aztec clay mask w/ ACV (regulates it but is not helping)   Mario drying lotion, and drying cream help bring them to a head. but that doesn't stop new ones from forming. Cosrx pimple patches (have worked very well to drain and bring some bumps to a head) Please - WHY is it when I'm starting to see improvement and a smoother surface, NEW acne reforms and the process starts all over again?  This is the first time I'm experiencing this type of acne and even my close ones are like "why isn't your forehead healing at all?" I just bought probiotics today and hoping that it will work. But meanwhile, I really don't want to go to the term in case of any more "suggested" chemicals that will ruin my skin. please please please  
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MissVJ / FRESH FACE / replied
I'm so very sorry you have to deal with this. It is the worst. It is painful and makes one feel really self-conscious. I know! I have had bad cystic outbreaks for years ... see post
I have a bit of rosesca along with dry skin i need a moisturizer?
Hi,  While I don't have the rosacea issue I do know anything you choose make sure it's for sensitive skin and anti inflammatory.  I do have dry skin and I luv Josie Mara... see post
Luxury Acne Skincare?
I have fairly bad acne. I always get large cystic spots and it takes forever to go away. I'm looking for more of a high end brand that'll hopefully not only help with acne, but help with anti aging/ overall skincare and as strange as it is I like when it looks pretty on my counter Any suggestions (I was thinking "rose" by the fresh line but it seems more for moisturizing rather than acne).  
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While this is not a line sold at Sephora, I think MOSS would be the perfect line for you. It is targeted specifically for acne and anti-aging. I have used MOSS products ... see post
Eye Creams and Face Serums
Hi Beautiful Friends,   I am in my mid twenties and looking for a good eye cream. I have some very small fine lines starting on the corners of my eyes so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.   As for my skin it's normal to dry and I'm looking to try a vitamin c serum. I've tried Glo cosmetics and liked that product, I'm currently using Argan Oil from Josie Maran and my skin soaks that up.    Any travel masks you would recommend I'm going on vacation soon and would love to buy one for my trip.
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I like Origins eye cream, all of them except for GinZing, they have great ingredients and are affordable. As for vitamin C serum, I like Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. If yo... see post
Wedding makeup for newby
I'm looking for makeup for my wedding in September that'll hold up in heat and sweat/tears/possible rain. (I know I'm asking a lot but I have no idea where to start. I am overwhelmed by so many choices at Sephora) I have very sensitive skin that breaks out with most of the covergirl, neutrogena, and Avon foundations.  I recently tried tarte rainforest of the sea foundation, and I love it. Hasn't broken me out yet! Will it cause flashback? I need a blush that won't disappear in 2 hours. What is a good one? Also would highlight be a bad idea since I'm oily?  This world of makeup is confusing. What is a good place to start with the start of it all being my wedding?
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Congrats on the up-coming big day! :D   If your skin tends to be more sensitive and you're a bit overwhelmed at where to start or what to do for makeup, starting early... see post
desperate for acne advice
My skin has been a mess for the past three months and I feel like I've tried everything. Any recommendations to clear my acne up would be so appreciated!   Here's my current routine: AM: tone with Lush Tea Tree Water, Josie Maran argan whipped face butter, and the NARs tinted moisturizer spf 30 PM: wash with Youth to the people cleanser, Kate Somerville Anti Bac benzoyl peroxide treatment, and Ole Henriksen invigorating night creme OR Josie Maran light argan oil   I have tried Paula's Choice 2% BHA, Belief aqua bomb, Ole Henriksen find your balance cleanser, Ole Henriksen find your balance toner, most Murad products (the post acne spot serum worked, but its recommended to stop use after 3 months), Tarte maracuja oil, Kate Somerville eradikate cleanser, Ole Henriksen invigorating night treatment, Ole Henriksen truth serum, etc.   I feel like I've tried it all. I'm even on spironolactone which totally cleared my skin last year when I first started it. I did stop using a benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin treatment back in November that I was on for 10 years, but I wouldn't think it'd take 3 months for my skin to break out again. But my skin was clearest on spiro and benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin.   So now I've introduced the Kate anti bac and have seen some results, however I'm so dry and still getting new break outs.   I am desperate for any advice. I've spent these last 3 months with trial and error
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I have oily/combo skin that is acne prone. I've had acne for 30 years and I'm in my 40s. My acne is under control now.  A lot of good advice here already.  It does sou... see post
Best face mask for combination skin? Also that will help to get rid of whiteheads!!!
Hi @mimiivanakis,   @lylysa made some really great recommendations! I have combination skin and acne, so I'd also love to recommend the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue ... see post
Moisturize your skin and retain elasticity with Collagen and Olive Oil Soap!
Do you have UV damaged dry skin like me? As we get older, two components of our skin, collagen and elastin, degenerate, setting the stage for the appearance of wrinkles, creases, folds, and furrows. The breakdown of these components, accelerated by sun exposure and gravity, results in the sagging skin of old age.   I've started using a Anti Aging Collagen and Olive Oil Moisturizing Soap by Joesoef Skin Care for my every day routine. It softens and smoothes my skin minimizing lines and wrinkles. It's good for dry to Normal skin. I use the soap on my face and body. You can find their product online. Great moisturizer bar! <3       
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
hi @BocaBeauty I feel like the package reminds me so much of another product, but I can't place my finger on it! agh, that is gonna tease me. see post
Summer foundation?
I'm trying to plan ahead for summer and I want to find a good summer foundation. I have really medium, really oily skin with yellow undertones and want to find a foundation/BB Cream/CC Cream/Tinted Moisturizer that has light-medium coverage that feels lightweight on the skin and handles the heat of the summer and my oily skin, does anyone have anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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HALL OF FAMER starsandbucks / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
MAC recently came out with a new foundation called Next to Nothing which has beautiful light-bordering-on-medium coverage. I literally just bought it yesterday so I can'... see post
ACNE SCARS AND CURRENT PIMPLES!! Help! Ive been searching for sooo looonggg
Hi, Im looking to acne scars products that will work for acnes also, I have combo/oily skin , I have been getting so much breakouts recently and hyperpigmentation os horrible. I got it in control last yr. I was using a prescription topical cream 1% which is Adapalene, Im still using it now but i noticed its not working the same. I have been using Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum. I tried the Philosphy Microdelivery peel and it ripped my face off so I discontinued it. Then I tried the First aide Radiance Pads, i dont know if its working yet I only started using it 4days ago.        By the wat I was using Glytone Brightening peel but it just too strong for my skin. So ive been in search for more than a year now.    Please advice! Thank u!
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BEAUTY MAVEN beautyaddict989 / BEAUTY MAVEN BEAUTY MAVEN / replied
I completely feel your pain! I highly recommend Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel pads for clearing acne scars, shrinking pores, and preventing future breakouts. I use ex... see post
Adult Acne...
I didn't have acne as a teenager, a few pimples here and there.  Now I'm in my 20s and am struggling with acne (fml) I have tons of scars now and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for products that will reduce the appearance of these scars.  Or any preventative measures!
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BEAUTY MAVEN beautyaddict989 / BEAUTY MAVEN BEAUTY MAVEN / replied
I highly recommend looking at your diet. Do you tend to breakout more after eating certain types of food? I cut out all gluten and it has done wonders for my skin.   I... see post
Hello! I am looking for a new skincare routine and unsure if I should try the DRUNK ELEPHANT Day/Night sets or the SUNDAY RILEY New School Skincare Set (As they no longer sell Squad Goals) as I've heard amazing stuff for both. I am still a newbie and currently using a Korean skincare but I seem to keep breaking out now that I am older and almost done with it. My skin is sensitive, dry, now ACNE prone, blemish/ hyper-pigmentation spots and uneven skintone. Also I am turning 30 and want some anti-wrinkle skincare added to my routine. can anyone recommend on past experience, which one will help me the most!   Thanks in advance!
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Oh and Good Genes is fine, but I always find myself reaching for Pixi Glow Tonic instead.    see post
Dark/red circles
I Any recommendations for puffy red/black under eye circles? I have tried numerous products, i'm almost at the point of getting some injections to rid myself of this....even when I wear makeup they still bleed through! Once I over slept and couldn't do my makeup and someone thought I got punched in the face (seriously) im desperate...
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This looks like allergies to me. Known in allergy circles as an "allergic shiner." Have you had allergy testing? Just a thought. I was tested for allergies a few years a... see post
Oily Skin
I have oily skin am looking for a setting spray that won't add shine to my face.  
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LaraHill / RISING STAR / replied
I also have really oily skin and I really like the Urban Decay de-slick setting spray see post
Looking to change Skin Care
I am looking to change up my skin care. as of now I am using Ole and Origin but i find its just not working to great for my skin. and am in my mid 30's and have extreme combination skin, visible pores, fine lines, and acne thats a little more the hormonal. I have been in store asking about my skin and got a few different responses from a few people. So I don't know what will work best in my case my nose and forehead get very greasy by the afternoon, so bad that i have to wipe it away the blotters are just not enough. Please help.... 
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BEAUTY MAVEN beautyaddict989 / BEAUTY MAVEN BEAUTY MAVEN / replied
I'm only 23, but your skin sounds similar to mine. My biggest issue is acne but I think my skincare routine could work well for you too. I follow Shani Darden's recommen... see post