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I don't think we have one of these yet... But, if I'm wrong, please do correct me.   I've been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but as it usually is... Life got and gets in the way. But, better late than never, huh?   I've been enjoying many natural skincare products for the last 15 years or so, on and off ( mainly facial oils and balms, but masks, treatments, and body oils and balms, as well. ) I even used to make my own for years ( years ago ) as good natural skincare products were not a very easy thing to obtain. You'd have to try and hunt down quality ingredients and make stuff yourself most of the time. And, that was quite a task! It makes me happy to see that there is so many wonderful products widely and easily available lately. It makes things so much easier!   Natural skincare performs better for me personally. I love and enjoy using it. My skin adores it. I love the idea of it and behind it. So, I wanted to make a place for us natural skincare lovers to talk about anything natural skincare as I see there are many others out there that are interested, or already in love with it, as well. So why not have our own little place on here? So we can share our experiences ( good and/or bad ), loves, favorite products, favorite brands and their news/new launches, discus things, share our daily routines, talk DIYs if anyone is into that, why not? Anything really.   By "natural" skincare here I'm talking about skincare made mostly or completely of ingredients available in nature, like plant-derived ingredients, minerals... You know, the whole nine.   Anyway - feel free to join in! You don't have to be a natural skincare lover exclusively. Everybody's welcomed!   A word of caution ... For those who are new to natural skincare, proceed with caution. Inform and educate yourself really well on everything you are interested in trying and putting on your skin. Natural does not mean it won't hurt you! And, it certainly doesn't mean it's safe. Some natural ingredients can be irritating for some people. Go with what's good for you, don't force anything on your skin just because someone said it is good. Do patch tests. Be smart. People prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin.    P.S. I am not completely and 100% natural, nor I imagine I ever will be as I do love me some other stuff, as well. But mostly, yes.    
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So I've finally tried my Leahlani Bless Balm. I am really liking this stuff so far. It feels very nice on my normal-dry combo skin. It's nourishing. It softens my skin. ... see post
Daily Skincare - what are you using?
Often people ask for recommendations on a skincare routine or for specific products/combinations.  This might be a place to share your everyday skincare, both AM and PM.  A skincare "what are you wearing" as it were.  Hope this is useful.   *Age - 40 Skin type - oily/combination Current skin condition - quite dehydrated (winter/indoor heating)*   01/17/16 - AM skincare in the order I used 1. Nude Jelly cleanser (love) 2. Pixi Glow tonic (5% glycolic toner - love) 3. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Spritz (sample) 4. Radical Skincare Youth Infusion serum - hydrating and anti-ageing (new to me.  Testing) 5. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (like) 6. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream (really like as an AM moisturizer)   I will try to post PM skincare tonight so the post can be comprehensive.   General comments - Okay skin.  Apparently the age between 38-42 is a transformational time in hormones (dehydrated skin/spots), so I am more aware of how my skin performs/reacts .  My skincare definitely has more "actives" now than before.
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Yeah! The jar isn't too much of a deal for me... I have mini jars of the Blue Moon and I've been scooping from the full size into the smaller one. Makes me feel a little... see post
Top Skincare Products for Dry Skin
I loved reading about your favorite makeup products so figured this week we could dive into skincare! I am creating three threads for the main skin types: Dry, oily and combination. This thread is dedicated to dry skin favorites!   Reminder, please only share one of your favorites per category and try to share your favorites offered from Sephora. Please write "skip" if you don't have a favorite for one of the categories I listed. Let the fun begin!   What's your holy grail...  1. Makeup remover/balm: 2. Cleanser: 3. Essence: 4. Toner:  5. Serum:  6. Daytime moisturizer: 7. SPF: 8. Facial spray: 9. Nighttime serum: 10. Nighttime moisturizer: 11. Mask:  12. Treatment: 13: Eye Cream:    Can't wait to see your favorite skincare products!
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1. Makeup remover/balm: Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil 2. Cleanser: Same as above 3. Ess... see post
Best foundation for Super Very Oily Skin
Hi everyone. i have super oily skin and I tried a lot of oil free facemasks, cleansers and moisturizers but at the end of the day my face still feels oily and I breakout pretty often. Please suggest some good foundations and moisturizers which can keep my skin matte. Thank you
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Hi @Sushie21,   For my oily skin, I have found that the foundations that last me the longest and keep me matte the best are:   Lancome's Teint Idole 24 HR Foun... see post
Top Skincare Products for Combination Skin
I loved reading about your favorite makeup products so figured this week we could dive into skincare! I am creating three threads for the main skin types: Dry, oily and combination.   This thread is dedicated to  combination  skin favorites!   Reminder, please only share one of your favorites per category and try to share your favorites offered from Sephora. Please write "skip" if you don't have a favorite for one of the categories I listed. Let the fun begin!   What's your holy grail...  1. Makeup remover/balm: 2. Cleanser: 3. Essence: 4. Toner:  5. Serum:  6. Daytime moisturizer: 7. SPF: 8. Facial spray: 9. Nighttime serum: 10. Nighttime moisturizer: 11. Mask:  12. Treatment: 13: Eye Cream:    Can't wait to see your favorite skincare products!
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ShiraBT HOST / HOST HOST / replied
Anyone mentioning Boscia Luminizing Black is currently being modeled by my office neighbor Jamie! Looking good, girl! see post
What should I use to get rid of sunspot
Hi,   I'm close to my mid 30s and started to notice sunspots in my face.  Any idea on what product (looking for moisturizers primarily) I can use to reduce or eliminate the sunspots?  I have a pale Asian skin if that makes any difference....   Thanks in advance
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Hi @fiola,   I suggest Origins Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™ Mega-Bright SPF 30 Skin Tone Correcting Oil-Free Moisturizer. Its a SPF moisturizer that helps with disco... see post
Origins Real Results Challenge
Here to help you reach pore-fection! We’re super excited to partner with Sephora for the June Skincare Challenge: using our new Clear Improvement Charcoal cleansing powder. It transforms with water from a powder into an effervescent cleanser to purify, exfoliate & help visibly reduce pores. Tip 1: Add less water for more exfoliation. Add more water for a gentler, foamier cleanse. Clear Improvement cleansing powder is formulated with detoxifying Bamboo Charcoal, which helps draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. It’s a key ingredient in our Clear Improvement mask too!   Tip 2: Use the mask twice a week & cleansing powder daily for the clearest skin. This thread is for you to share your experiences, ask questions & offer additional tips. We’ll be checking in regularly if you need any advice or info about the product. We love to talk skincare & can’t wait to hear your results!   Now let the challenge begin…     Beauty Insiders: Use code  EXFOLIATE  FREE  with $25 Purchase   Online Only while supplies last
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Amakened / NEWCOMER / replied
 This product does a wonderful job of pore-cleansing and exfoliating, and preps your skin efficiently for serums or self-tanners! see post
How do I successfully combat my issue with my oily skin? I feel like I have tried everything. I use a gentle cleanser (which contain salicylic acid) that doesn't cause my skin to feel tight or dry, an oil free moisturizer, and all oil free/matte makeup. I've also tried using oil as a mositurizer (such as coconut oil because it was recommened) to combat it which hasn't worked either. I am constantly having to blot my face numerous times a day and I still feel as if all my makeupis melting away. It feels like i'm going on an endless journey to find what is right for my skin.
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  I wouldn't use salicylic acid (SA) daily, it helps cell turnover but is probably aiding in the excess oil, you're skin is currently dehydrated and producing more oil ... see post
Anyone has horrible purging / breakouts using Drunk Elephant products?
Hello everyone,    I was wondering if anyone is also experiencing horrible purging / breakouts after start using Drunk Elephant products?  I've started using the Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial once a week, TLC Farmboos Glycolic Night serum every other night and Vitamin C serum every night for two weeks now, I am having horrible breakouts!! I am not sure which product is causing this massive breakouts? When I apply those products, I didn't feel any tingle, stinging sensation and my skin didn't feel sensitive or red at all, so I don't think it's irritating my skin. I have combination skin with t zone area that's acne prone, now I have big painful pimples on my chin, close to my lips, side of nose ! when some of them are gone, it left a big dark mark on my skin. Anyone experience the same thing after using Drunk Elephant products? I would love to hear your experiences and advice. I am 44 years old, I have not had pimple this frequent since I was in my 20s. sigh... (T__T)
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Vitamin C from DE caused horrible pore clogging & full on break outs for me. It was the only thing I changed in my skin care process. Unfortunate... see post
Top Skincare Products for Oily Skin
I loved reading about your favorite makeup products so figured this week we could dive into skincare! I am creating three threads for the main skin types: Dry, oily and combination.   This thread is dedicated to oily skin favorites!   Reminder, please only share one of your favorites per category and try to share your favorites offered from Sephora. Please write "skip" if you don't have a favorite for one of the categories I listed. Let the fun begin!   What's your holy grail...  1. Makeup remover/balm: 2. Cleanser: 3. Essence: 4. Toner:  5. Serum:  6. Daytime moisturizer: 7. SPF: 8. Facial spray: 9. Nighttime serum: 10. Nighttime moisturizer: 11. Mask:  12. Treatment: 13: Eye Cream:    Can't wait to see your favorite skincare products!
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1. Makeup remover/balm: Bioderma (pink one) 2. Cleanser: Dr. Brandt pores no more  3. Essence: 4. Toner: Skinceuticals (regular one) 5. Serum: Skinceuticals vit c 20... see post
Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All
This is a place to discuss everything skincare.   - Have a question about a product (Or type of product) - Need recommendations - Learned a new tip or trick you want to share with fellow skincare junkies - New to skincare and lost about where to start - Have a skincare emergency ( Bad reaction, broken dropper, lost lid of a jar) Images From top left to clockwise (Essencz, Garnier, Men's Fitness, Harper Bazaar)   We have some great thread about skincare but I feel we don't have a general place to discuss skincare which is open for everything from lowend products to luxury skincare.    Other skincare threads you may like to explore      
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That is a great idea, thank you @greenchilli! The decor in my spare room is black and white, so the boxes would look nice displayed on the vanity or shelving. see post
Hey guys! I'm starting the medicine Accutane for my severe acne in the next few weeks and I'm looking for skin care recommendations. On this medication, the oils in your body stop it's production, which then makes your face (and whole body) extremely dry. I have combo skin right now, but I know I'm going to need a lot of moisturizing products while I'm in this medicine. So has anyone been in a similar situation and have any good dry skin lifesavers they would recommend? Thanks so much.
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Hi juliasan1,   While I recommend speaking with your dermatologist for the best products to use while on Accutane, I do suggest picking up a tub of of the First Aid ... see post
How Much Does Your Face Cost, Skincare Edition?
Last night I saw someone (gloss13?) ask on the Luxury Skincare thread,  would you pay $1k for a skincare product...  and through the conversation that ensued, a few people pointed out that their entire routines might add up to that amount.    So, it got me thinking... if I were to add up my entire daily skincare routine, where would I be at on that spectrum?  I have some guesses, but I have a feeling this will still be an eye opener for me (and probably for many others, too).  I'm only going to go by total product cost, not normalized for daily usage, because nobody's got time for that!   I'll write down everything I use in a day and edit my total in here.  Please feel free to come share your skincare snapshots with me
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AM   -Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip $45 -Sisley Grapefruit Toner $103 -Sisley Intensive Serum with Tropical Resins $178 -Drunk Elephant C-Firma $80 -Sisley Black Rose ... see post
What are you watching? (Don't be a spoil sport - spoiler your spoilers)
We're blabbing about everything else these days, I figured I'd check in and see what people are watching when it comes to TV shows and movies!   It would be foolish to think that this thread could remain spoiler free, so let's be courteous to one another and be sure to spoiler your spoilers. If you don't know how, it's that super adorable little yellow button on the toolbar, located to the right of the bold/italic/underline/strikeout buttons.    DONT FORGET: If you happen to be the most recent post, your first sentence or two of your post will show up EVEN IF ITS IN A SPOILER. So please take care if you're going to go dropping spoiler bombs.    Anywho... I just saw the movie PHOENIX last night and it was absolutely spectacular. Like Academy Award spectacular. If you're fortunate enough have showings in your area, I cannot urge you enough to go see it.    So whatcha'll watchin' these days? What are you anxiously waiting for to start back up? 
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Haha, I'm also waiting for Game of Thrones. And Orange is the New Black. And I need to start the new season for Veep and The Handmaid's Tale when I find the time.    S... see post
Skincare help!
I'm looking for a recommendation for my skincare. I have oily skin and used to struggle with bad acne. My acne is not as bad anymore, however, I still get the occasional breakouts on my cheeks. My main concern is my acne scars and dark spots that remain from the years of acne when I was a teenager. I'm looking for some recommendations for a skincare routine that would help brighten my skin and help the overall look / texture as well. Open to serums, oils, moisturizers, or anything that you have used in combination that you saw great results with! I've looked into a couple of products such as the sunday riley good genes + the luma sleeping oil, the ole henriksen truth serum, or the vinoperfect claudalie serum. Looking for suggestions! Thanks !!! :
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It is an active sun season so don't use strong acids (Good Genes) until late Sept-October, For brightness check out Viitamin C stuff. I saw the difference in brightness... see post
Products for Redness
I have redness from blemishes and acne scarring on my cheeks and chin area. I'm looking for products to help to lessen the redness.   I'm also looking an everyday, lightweight product to cover for summer months; such as a BB or CC cream.   I'm a full-time student, so keeping it within a reasonable budget is a priority, but I will pay a decent amount for the right product!   Thanks!
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BEAUTY PRO jredknapp / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I have rosacea and Dr Brandt Save Our Skin cream has kept it at bay. For BB or CC cream, the Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream and the IT Cosmetics CC cream is in my regula... see post
products for acne scars
looking for the best products to get rid of acne scarring. everytime i get a pimple it leaves a scar even when i dont pick at it...
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thank you! see post
Best of the Best: What Are Your Favorite Natural Skincare Products?
Hey BeautyTalkers!    I have noticed a lot of chatter about natural skincare products in the beauty world. There is no perfect definition of 'natural skincare' but I am thinking of products that are labeled partially or 100% organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, plant-based, or just made with simple ingredients.    There are a lot of reasons a product may be considered natural so without overcomplicating the definition I have a question for you all: What are your favorite natural skincare products?       Looking forward to reading your responses!    
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Ciate mirumiru eye and lip cleansing balm Darphin eye makeup remover Caudalie foaming cleanser Consonant moisturizer and mask   see post
Help me dissect my problem skin.....product recommendations, please!
Beauty gurus...needing some help here!   This is my freshly washed face....freckles, redness, and all.  I've been having major redness/flakiness around my mouth in the corners, all the way to my chin.   My nose, however, is an oil slick. I moisturize like crazy with either First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream or Glamglow Volcasmic Mattifying Moisturizer.   My makeup routine or products seem irrelevant, since my skin is already red and flaky before putting on foundation, though most any foundation I use seem to slip all around my face and create an oily nose but flaky, dry mouth. Tips? Tricks? Recommendations? 
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Hi @JILLEYPOP! I feel you with the combination skin and redness troubles :)    I'd suggest giving your skin as much of a break as you can, until it gets less angry (or... see post
Ole Henriksen Real Results Challenge
Finally, oily skin meets its matte! We are so excited for you to try our bestselling Counter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator and share your skincare journey with us. This lightweight daily moisturizer controls oil, minimizes the look of pores and is clinically proven to improve foundation wear for up to 8 hours.   It’s powered by Green Fusion Complex™, a proprietary blend of potent active botanicals—green tea, eucalyptus, algae (kelp) and Irish moss extracts—with natural antiseptic properties. With neem seed oil and AHAs, Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator minimizes the look of pores and helps skin maintain a healthy balance.   This open forum is for you to share your experience and hear from others. We’ll be checking this thread frequently, so if you have questions, ask away!   Remember, a happy face is a beautiful face!
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olehenriksen BRAND STAFF / BRAND STAFF BRAND STAFF / replied
Hi cvic213,   We'd recommend trying our Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel and/or Uplifting Transformation Eye Creme. These products improve the appearance of wrinkles a... see post
Cleanser Recommendations please!
Hi guys!    So um, I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I need a new face cleanser and I am fully unprepared to make this decision for myself. Frankly, I generally use whatever comes across my desk but it seems that I have run out of EVERYTHING and I have no backups (the horror). So I figured I'd ask the experts.   I need something for combo / oily (not sensitive) skin, non-foaming that I can use w/ my Clarisonic. Obvs has to be sold at Sephora.   And while we're at it, what's your favorite moisturizer with SPF? (ya know, cuz, summer).    Thanks loves!
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Great let me know if you get to try it and how you like it! @candacebt see post
Vitamin C Purge?
Hello! I was hoping you guys could help me figure out if i'm purging or having a bad reaction to the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum.  I started it on Tuesday, using it every second morning.  I have since broken out in four new pimples and one that was barely there when I started has come to the surface.    I know that Vitamin C can cause a purging like this and I was just hoping for some help determining if that's what's happening.  I would really like to know before I use it for a month and totally wreck my face (it scars really easily unfortunately).    Thanks in advance!  
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I had an unpleasant reaction to this, unfortunately.   The description and reviews sucked me in so I purchased and was left with a face full of bumps and visibly clogg... see post
Preventing crows feet?
I just turned 25 and have fairly deep set and hooded eyes, and the corners are prime for developing crows feet, so I'd like to get ahead of it now. I have very sensitive skin (I have had reactions to Resveratrol and I'm allergic to coconut) and unfortunately most of the heavy anti aging eye products are pretty intense. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Hi @hopkinss33, since you're still young you won't need anything too intense since it sounds like you haven't shown much aging, which is good! I'm close to 28 and have b... see post
Dry Skin Talk
I think it's about time we have a place for people with dry skin to talk their dry skin, share, discuss, help each other with their skincare routines, problems, goals.... Skincare. Life style changes. Anything. As much as we can. We don't have to be experts to help each other out. Maybe our experiences combined and put together can produce something helpful and beautiful for every fellow dry skin person that might seek help, word of advice, or simply a "safe haven".   Of course, you don't have to have dry skin to join us. Anyone with some wisdom willing to share is welcomed here!  
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Since it's gotten super hot here and applying moisturizer before my foundation will make me look like a layer cake I've found a HG in the Ordinary's hyaluronic acid 2% a... see post
Skincare by Concern
In a series of ingredient-focused skincare posts, I asked you all about your tricks and tips for combatting a selection of skin concerns: Visible pores, dullness, aging and fine lines and wrinkles.    Pores When talking about pores, many of us know that exfoliation is key player but I picked up a few tips from you all that I believe to be noteworthy.  When it comes to exfoliating treatments, lylysa, jemly, anewxa and kso1226 are all fans of the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads Another BT favorite peel is REN’s Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, which angeliquec and jemly are big supporters of. wheeeee and kso1225 both love Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. angeliquec, kso1225 and acap311 have all claimed to love Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. According to kso1225, she is “in love with Babyfacial because it makes my skin so smooth and my pores so much smaller.” I will add that I got a tester of this and am really enjoying it so far! The combination of Babyfacial followed by Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil makes my skin very happy! Dullness When it comes to dullness, brightening is a must! Here are some of the recommendations for Vitamin C products that will brighten you up (not that you need it). kso1225 uses Ole Henriksen's Power Bright as a treatment every other week. spadersgirl uses Neogen Dermalogy’s Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads, which are full of citrus extracts. ChicDabbler and txcatx are both fans of Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum and titian06 loves the scent, as do I!  Visible Signs of Aging To combat aging, I learned some great tips from the community. While aging is linked to genetics, as wheeeee pointed out, here are a few steps you can take to help slow the process Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! jemly uses products like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Serum and Clarin’s Blue Orchid Oil to make sure her skin doesn’t get thirsty. titian06 avoids the sun, drinks lots of water and pays attention to her diet. She also moisturizes morning and night. While wheeeee also stays away from the sun, she recommends finding a great sunscreen to protect your skin as well as maintaining your body weight throughout the years.   lylysa believes in a holistic effort. She keeps her health in check by eating a balanced diet, exercising and drinking water. She gets her antioxidants from sipping on tea and recommends taking care of your skin by always cleansing, moisturizing and using SPF! adriadne also insists on cleansing, moisturizing and using sunscreen. As far as product, alicehoopz has enjoyed the benefits of Farmacy, REN, Ole Henriksen and Murad.   Fine Lines and Wrinkles Finally, we talked about our tips on combatting fine lines and weapons. Here are the recommendations from the community! Luna Oil seems to be a popular retinoid! eleonorarosa and wheeeee are both fans of the product. Wheeeee loves the hydrating and calming effects and eleonorarosa applauds Luna’s plumping abilities Asche loves Peter Thomas Roth’s Retinol Fusion PM. After two years of nightly use, she’s in love with the results! Last but not least, ccd89 reminded us that using sunscreen is a  must for anyone using a retinoid.   Thank you to all of you who shared your tips and favorite products. If anyone is interested in reading the full stories, please check out the posts below!   See the stories we’re talking about here: Tackling Pores with AHAs: Brightening with Vitamin C: Antioxidants Vs. Aging: Anti-Aging with Retinoids:   Does anyone have skincare tips we missed? Please share them here!
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KatieBT HOST / HOST HOST / replied
@jemly such a great point, we talk about this all the time! Those with oily skin shouldn't be afraid of moisturizer either :)  see post
my eyes and skin on face seem to be allergic to soooo many facial creams. my eyes due to the smell and my face breaks out in excema.
Try derma brands like La roche posay or Avene. I know it's in boring packaging and nothing exciting about but they work for easily offended skin. see post
Ok, Sooooo idk if i'd really call it acne BUT for the past 1-2 years I have been getting these small little bumps on my face and idk what to use to clear them. I have never had acne or anything before. Now I am in my late twenties. My cheeks are red it looks like rosacea and the bumps are small on my cheeks and forehead. Also I have dry sensitive skin.   HELP MEEEEE! thx   Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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Hi 2017LV,   I'm curious if you've visited a dermatologist? Since you mentioned that the symptoms resemble rosacea, you may want to have a professional take a look. see post
natural skincare routine for 30 yr old
HI Everyone!!   I am looking for a new routine for skin care. I prefer products that don't have sulfates/parabens/are natural. I am looking to see what brands you recommend/ products? Also under eye creams? I have normal/dry skin   Thanks in advance!!
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will look into these! thanks! see post
Can someone suggest an under eye cream that they've tried and specifically targeted dark circles and have seen a difference
Hi LAEtIxx,    I agree with eleonorarosa :) The Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream is one of my favorites too!   Bisous,    Sian see post
Milk Makeup Matcha Solid Toner
Milk Makeup is about to drop it's new Matcha toner stick. It's super TSA friendly and the world's first solid toner. Questions or thoughts!?   PRODUCT DETAILS: Matcha-infused toner stick refines and preps skin post-cleansing for purified pores and smooth hydrated skin.   TONES Kombucha and witch hazel purify pores, while Matcha green tea detoxifies and protects   HYDRATES Organic cactus elixir hydrates and calms irritated skin
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How long does a stick of the matcha toner last for daily use?  see post