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Happy teacher appreciation day!
To all my fellow teachers:  enjoy your day!  My school treated us to a nice lunch and some Fisher's popcorn! Yum!
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Happy Teacher's Appreciation Day! I am so thankful for the people with the heart and patience for this work.   I put together 5 boxes of beauty goodies for my boys' te... see post
Sensitive/dry skin
Hi everyone   Does anyone have experience with the skin care brand La Roshe Posay/Avéne?   I have very dry, sensitive skin and I am not sure which one of these two face cream to choose..   Do you girls have any preferences towards one of these specific face creams?    //Flor89        
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suffering from breakouts now a days
hi       i tried to start a complete skin are routine . i bought revitalift loreal face wash, day and night creams . i started having breakours had pain for them .i had these pim ples on cheeks, sometimes around lips , on forehead, chin even under nek area . i am in doubt about my skin type now. these products are for all skin types that i was using . now i have stopped using anything . i need a guidence so i can restart my skin routine.  
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Typically it's the thinnest product to the heaviest.   If you want to use what you used before, in order   makeup remover - caudalie boscia or cetaphil with claris... see post
Tinted Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin (Men)?
Hello everyone. I have been suffering from mild acne for a few years, and I feel like my skin has been improving. However, I do have dark spots left from the acne. I have several dark spots left from the pimples. Sometimes they're dark brown, sometimes red, and sometimes purplish in pictures. It is very unpleasant for me to look at, and I find myself hiding from the camera because I get so self-conscious about those spots. My friends have suggested I use concealer or make up to cover the spots, but I'm not very fond of adding extra products, especially make up, to my already skin care routine. I have thought of using a tinted moisturizer, but I'm not sure if they're any good for my skin/complexion. Currently, I use the Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, which I'm not even sure if it has worked in lightening my dark spots. Any suggestions on a tinted moisturizer (if I should use one at all, or maybe other products) that can help with my problem? Again, I need help with dark spots that are left from pimples that tend to be red, dark brown, and sometimes purplish depending on the lighting. I get very self-conscious about these spots. I also have combination skin; oily t-zone and sometimes dry cheeks. I don't need to totally cover my blemishes. I just need a tinted moisturizer that can fade/lighten the dark spots, so they aren't very prominent/noticeable. Note: The products I currently use for my skin care routine are: - Lush's Herbalism Skin Cleanser, Grease Lightning, and Tea Tree Water toner - PTR's Max Complexion Correction Pads - Aveeno Active Naturals Postively Radiant Daily Moisturizer (day) - Neutrogena Oily-Free Combination Skin Moisturizer (night)
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For a makeup base that also helps fade dark marks, look at Smashbox CC. It's lightweight too and tinted, but not foundation.   For skincare, Clinique has a even better... see post
Have you guys tried any of these products? I'm wonderstruck by their claims of using pure products free of animal products. I'm especially interested in Blue Tansy and Orchid oil (possibly to replace my SR Flora). Any thoughts?
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kiwigal / NEWCOMER / replied
I purchased this and returned it for the Farmacy mist which i like better.  I'm also going to try the Tarta Harper one.  see post
What are your fave facial oils? :)
Hey BTgals,   I just got reminded this morning how much my skin loves oils. I had been skipping on them for the past 2 weeks since I'd been suffering from pesky breakouts + been traveling, so didn't really have any with me. Last night, made a dash to the drugstore to get some oil (since there's no Sephora close by), and ended up getting a Loreal facial oil, and slathered that on my face last night! Oh my! My skin looks positively happy and glowing today   With the VIB sale round the corner, wanted to hear what your fave face oils were. I haven't tried tons, but mine would be:   - Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex - Caudalie Premier Cru (although I could do with a less heavy rose scent)   Do share your faves!!
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Sisley black rose oil (right after washing my face; this is a dry oil) and   Sunday Riley Juno oil (only product I can use from SR among what I've tired, and I'm recen... see post
Foundation for super dry flaky skin
What foundation would you guys recommend for someone with super dry skin? Right now my face is just really dry, especially on my forehead for some reason! It's so flaky and I hate it! I need a foundation that isn't going to stick to the flakes and look like a cakey mess! I also want a foundation with pretty good coverage because I have redness. I recently bought the UD Naked Foundation and I don't even know how it would have worked because it was so watery/runny. I couldn't even get any use of the product because of how runny it was, even after shaking up the bottle. So please don't recommend a foundation that is gonna run down my hand when I pump it. Are all water based foundations going to be runny? I'm not sure if the UD is water based, but I heard water based is good for dry skin, but I'm just worried it will be runny and too watery. The UD one was so watery the Beautyblender just drank it up :-( I really wanted to try to KatVonD Lock It Foundation, but reading through the FAQs on it people said it's not for people with dry skin :-( I also don't want to spend more than $50 dollars on a foundation either. Sorry I know I sound super picky I am just in search of a holy grail foundation. So anyway overall I just need a foundation with full coverage or close to full coverage that is hydrating and wont stick to flaky skin. Thanks so much in advance to everyone who replies to this :-)
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Yeah I tried the Josie one too and it wasn't quite my shade. I actually found a pretty good foundation. I'e been using the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation, but lat... see post
Ultherapy and Laser Procedures
Hi there, has anyone had Ultherapy? Was it worth it? Did you experience noticeable results in terms of skin firmness and skin tightening? I'm also looking into C02 fractional laser resurfacing - it's my understanding that this procedure also helps restore fullness and stimulates and strengthens collagen but it also minimizes wrinkles and removes age spots.   My primary concern is restoring volume, fullness and tightening. Any advice? Thanks!
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In Search Of A Kid-Friendly Hand Cream For Very Dry Skin
My eight year-old son with special needs has VERY dry hands, due in part I'm sure to all of the hand-washing in school. I doubt that any of the products on the market are toxic, but can anyone recommend a really good hand cream that's safe for kids, in case it should get into his mouth? I'm currently using Aquaphor Baby on his hands at bedtime (which is almost like using Vaseline) but it doesn't really seem to be doing much. As you can sort of see in the photo (this is the best image I can find of his hands at the moment), the skin isn't cracking, but it's rough and dry, especially on the backs of his fingers and on his palms. He's non-verbal so he doesn't complain, but I know it must be a bother.   Thanks for any advice or suggestions!  
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kiwigal / NEWCOMER / replied
I've started using the unscented Consonant organic body lotion, you can get a hand cream as well.  see post
64yo Mum - first time skincare
Hi everyone - this is my first post!  I'm looking for some suggestions for my mum who has never used a dollop of skincare in her life besides cetaphil/sorbolene on her skin.  She is going to attend my brother's wedding and wants to look great and has asked for my help in what she should do for her skin.  She want to start seeing results in 4 weeks.   Some quick facts about her: She's a 64yo Chinese lady Has only just started using Simple cleanser and L'oreal antiaging day cream with SPF 15 and night creams She has large pores and bags under her eyes Needs to focus on moisture Any guidance on the best products for her? 
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Shadow Crease color for everyday eye lookthe
I typically wear a single shadow all over the lid and have only recently been experimenting with actually using a darker color in the crease. However, most of the matte brown shades i've tried in the crease tend to look too dark / harsh for me. So I'm looking for suggestions for a crease shade that is slightly darker than my skin tone and will go well with a simple champagne / taupe everyday shadow.   I have fair skin with yellow undertone (ex. I wear the shade Gobi in the Nars sheer glow foundation). My go to everyday shadow colors are  Stila Wheat, Urban Decay Sin, Mac Naked lunch and Burberry Pale Barley.   I'm open to any brands, but I tend to like Stila, Urban Decay and Mac. I would particularly like a Mac suggestion since I'm placing an order withe them anyway (I was considering Soft Brown but I really think it's too dark for me - I was instead looking at Kid or Omega as possibilities).
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I have fair in the winter light-med in the summer and love Anastasia Morocco in the crease along with the shade fudge. see post
What's a good upper tight line that doesn't transfer to the bottom tight line
Water line, inner part of eye. Google water line eye for pictures. Either way putting makeup there is more prone to end up in the eye, which isn't good. see post
I need help with color match for the smashbox studio skin 15 Hr. Shades online confusing.
I'm really interested in this long wearing foundation because I work long hours as a nurse and wear a mask in the operating room so that adds a challenge to wearing foundation 😀 I am a NW 20 and in Nars sheer glow which I'm wearing now I'm Santa Fe. But, I think it's a little dark, or its oxidizing in me. I am cool toned skin , but i also like wearing neutral toned foundation to toned down the redness on my cheeks.  The concerns i have  about the foundation is 1.1 looks very light but 2.1 looks too dark. The one in between looks too warm.  Many help would be appreciated.  Laura    
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I know that when I had to work the floor and wore masks, I felt like I just had to give up on touching up my makeup.    Right now I'm in love with Diorskin Nude BB Cre... see post
Oily and Flaky Skin
My skin is a combination of oily and normal. My t-zone is oily and my cheeks are completely fine. However, when I put on foundation my forehead kepis very flaky. I exfoliate once a week and I put gel moisturizer on my face after.  How do I fix this?
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So, there's a lock it powder and there's a lock it liquid. Which are you using? see post
Drunk Elephant for Oily Skin?
I'm currently using the First Aid Beauty Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizing Gel and it's doing nothing for me. Can't wait until the tube is empty. I'm considering splurging on the Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel but wanted some opinions on it since it's so pricey. I use the CeraVae PM moisturizer at night and would prefer not to use the AM in the morning before my makeup.
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 Drunk Elephant's B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel is wonderful. No joke. The water-based gel texture is 100% perfect for oily and combination skin. This p... see post
What are you watching? (Don't be a spoil sport - spoiler your spoilers)
We're blabbing about everything else these days, I figured I'd check in and see what people are watching when it comes to TV shows and movies!   It would be foolish to think that this thread could remain spoiler free, so let's be courteous to one another and be sure to spoiler your spoilers. If you don't know how, it's that super adorable little yellow button on the toolbar, located to the right of the bold/italic/underline/strikeout buttons.    DONT FORGET: If you happen to be the most recent post, your first sentence or two of your post will show up EVEN IF ITS IN A SPOILER. So please take care if you're going to go dropping spoiler bombs.    Anywho... I just saw the movie PHOENIX last night and it was absolutely spectacular. Like Academy Award spectacular. If you're fortunate enough have showings in your area, I cannot urge you enough to go see it.    So whatcha'll watchin' these days? What are you anxiously waiting for to start back up? 
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The season 5 premier of VEEP didn't disappoint. Still, for my money, the best writing currently going.    Also enjoying/recently enjoyed... Broad City - season 3 Hou... see post
what is the best foundation for oily skin
What is the best foundation for oily skin. I have tried Kat Von D but it changed to an orange color once applied.. 
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BEAUTY BOSS frametheface / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I have a lot of luck with the Dior foundations - Diorskin Forever Flawless is my favorite, but it's currently OOS (not sure when it will be back.) Guerlain Lingerie de P... see post
Retinol products that don't test on animals?
I've decided to take the plunge and start using a retinol product for anti-aging (about to turn 30 with dry sensitive skin). I was hoping to find a product that does not test on animals and unfortunately the two best reviewed products , Algenist and Peter Thomas Roth, do. I am really having trouble finding one with good reviews and starting to think one just does not exist. I've seen the Dr. Dennis Gross line but every review I read says it is over priced and does little.   I'm not a vegan so that's not a necessity, I just don't really support animal testing for non-essential products like makeup.    
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I strive for cruelty-free too…and it can be really challenging.   Like Amysangel below, I have had amazing results with Sunday Riley. I use Good Genes, but recently pu... see post
Bikini Line Drama!!!
Hello lovelies!   I got burnt after my brazilian wax a couple months ago and the scar is still there. The burn is right next to my bikini line (very visible when I'm wearing a bikini) and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. The skin is very wrinkly and extremely dark. It was very itchy at the beginning and I didn't know it was a burn so I just applied some soothing cream and kept it moisturized.  I went to a new place yesterday and the waxing lady told me I could get a chemical peel on the whole bikini area to help with the scaring and the hyper-pigmentation but it sounds a little scary. My skin is very sensitive and prone to ingrown and the skin on my inner thighs is a little darker compared to the rest of my body so I'm a little self conscious about that.    I also thought about using peels like DDG or OH Lemon Peel on the skin around the bikini line to help with the scar but I don't know if it's a good idea.    Please let me know your thoughts/ experiences if you ever had to deal with hyper-pigmentation or any type of scars in the bikini area. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
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Yes!! It is!!  see post
I am looking a self tanner for face no comedogenic with long lasting results I have fair medium color skin
I realy love clarins liquid bronze self taning. It is more like a lotion and make a very natural sunkissed look without breaking out my acne prone skin.  see post
How did I live without this?! Caudalie - Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet
Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. This is an amazing product. I'm very red and I've started to lean towards dry as I have gotten older.    Using this product under Diorskin Nude BB Cream has made me look 5-10 years younger! The BB cream seems to cover so much more evenly now, and I seem to have a little bit of a "glow" because I'm using the sorbet.   I think the Caudalie has made the BB cream much more effective and has contributed highly to that beautiful skin factor we all want. I've gotten great results, even without color correction the past few days. This is a keeper I'm not sure will go away. 
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I need to try to the Fresh Soy Cleanser. I love Fresh's other products. I'm just lagging.  see post
Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil?
So I received a deluxe sample of this from one of those VIB/VIB Rouge promo codes. I am pretty sure this broke me out horribly about 2-3 weeks ago, my skin is still recovering. I started breaking out in little bumps all over my cheeks as well as some painful cystic pimples. The FAB radiance pads are really helping, but I was wondering if anyone else had a bad reaction to this? If so, did you end up figuring out what ingredient in this you don't react well with? I just don't want another break out like this again! 642?skuId=1642545&icid2=search_search_p387642_imag ...
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My pleasure!  see post
Combination skin with breakouts and can't find a solution
Hi everyone- so I need some desperate help and advice...I have combination skin that I have been trying to tackle with blemishes that I can't seem to avoid.  Using cleansers with salicylic acid dries me out. But I have been using the clinique acne gel spot treatment for flare ups. I have tried the Ren clarimatte cleanser and the Ren clay cleanser and was that happy with the results.  I tried the Boscia warming cleanser and that did not seem to give me the results I wanted either.  I am now on to the GLAMGLOW supercleanser and I have only been using it for just about a month and I don't seem sold on it either.  I don't know if I am over doing it for my skin or not. Should I try to FAB red clay cleanser or a Murad one? Should be trying something more gentle and no so focused on acne/blemishes?  Also what kind of moisturizer would benefit me the most as well? I have been using the Ren clarimatte gel moisturizer and I do like that but is there something else that would help me...Please help!
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I started using the Argan Oil Lightweight and I am already seeing great results! Thank you for the suggestion! I have the REN cleansing balm to remove my makeup so when ... see post
Hello What skinccare products should i use for sensivtive skin to get rid of large pores and rough texture. Thank you
So, you'll never actually be able to get rid of large pore. Pore size doesn't exactly change. You can make them less visible and skin tighter with a skin toner. You want... see post
Face wash for Oily skin
I have oily skin and black heads and I need a good face wash that will work for oily skin and blackheads. I usually have to blot my face kid afternoon so anything that is good at soaking up oil would be great!
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Drunk Elephant PeeKee bar. Hands down.  see post
Day Moisturizer with SPF?
I'm in need of a new moisturizer for the day, specifically want one with some SPF now that it's getting warmer and I'll likely be outside a bit more. My skin is mainly dry, sometimes dehydrated around my t-zone so that can get oily some days. I also have pretty sensitive skin.   I tried out one from CerVe since I love a lot of their other products, but it was basically just straight sunscreen and it wasn't hydrating at all. Not helpful when I was looking for a moisturizer. It's fine if I'm using it as sunscreen and not wearing makeup, but it did not perform well under my makeup.    I have a sample of the Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, which I love the consistency of, but I hate the bottle it's in and also hoping it might be possible to find something with a bit more SPF than it has (15).   I have been recommended the Pete Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion so was curious if anyone has used it, and maybe the benefit one as well, that could compare the two? Or any other possible recommendations?
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I've heard very very good things about Drunk Elephant's Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30 (especially for dryer, dehydrating skin). Some people use it without makeup a... see post
Lately I've been having terrible, terrible skin. I used to have oily skin, but now it suddenly turned dry, especially on my cheeks and forehead and t-zone, or basically EVERYWHERE. Before, when I check in the afternoon, my face would be shiny but that completely changed. I use bb cushion, which is supposed to be oily, but I don't find it helpful at all. In fact, it just emphasizes on the flakes. In addition, the flaky and dry parts are so rough and sometimes my cheeks get red from irritation. I'm not sure if it's the season change; it's been like this since March. I'm so frustrated   Right now, I've reduced my skincare routine just to an essence and a night cream (the Korres Wild Rose sleeping facial) or a gel based lotion (if anyone is familiar with the Korean brand, Nature Republic's Aqua line) for the morning.    I honestly don't know what's the cause for this. I've also been getting the same amount of sleep as I always have. Should I go see a dermatologist? Or are there products people recommend I can use that's not very irritating? Thank you so much in advance!
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Skin can change due to many reasons. I would just go to see a Derm or even your family Dr just to rule out any major issues. In addition, make sure you're using a gentle... see post
eyebrows help!
Hi,  I just cant decide if I should use the gimme brow  or anastasia wiz pencil and powder to do my eyebrows with.  I tried all , and still not sure, although I didnt try the gimme brow the way I read you can use it to shape your brow also.  And not sure about the light or dark shade in it  as my hair is a medium brown, but eyebrows are dark brown.
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BEAUTY PRO nikki25gee / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
You can use it all! :) I would fill your brows first using either the brow wiz or powder (or both!), then go in with the gimme brow last to add volume to your eyebrows a... see post
I'm looking for a natural/organic moisturizer.
I'm looking for a natural/organic moisturizer.  I have dry skin.  I don't necessarily need the moisturizer to have SPF in it.  Does anyone have any recommendations?
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I use Neal's Yard Remedies Frankincense Hydrating Cream in the a.m. and their Beauty Sleep Serum at night, sometimes topped with argan oil. I love those products; no ma... see post
Masks "sink" into pores
Okay, this isn't a problem (I don't think) but I'm hoping someone can help explain it to me. Anytime I use a mask on my face - usually some kind of clay - once it's dried it looks as though it's sunk into my pores. Even dry, it's a different color on my nose and chin, where my pores are larger and more prominent. But when I wash it off, there's no mask residue left behind. Is it soaking up oil? Does this mean it's working?   Thanks!
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A clay mask does tend to dry differently in coloring, from when applied. Clay will soak up oil and draw stuff out.   Which mask are you referring to?  see post