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Body Wash
I am looking for an Exfoliating Body Wash that I can use daily. Any suggestions?
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Oh no! I've never heard of that reaction from this product see post
What's in your arsenal to battle severely dry hands?
So where I live, the snow has been insane, and the weather is so cold that I start to tear up, and then my tears start to freeze. I digress.   I am experiencing my driest and cracked hands ever. For those who have similar issues, or are experiencing the frigid cold, what are your go-to products, and how often do you apply them?   At my disposal, I've currently got: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Laura Mercier Hand Lotions, in Fresh Fig and Creme de Pistache L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream   I apply these whenever my hands feel dry, but I am literally applying another round of lotion every 5-10 minutes, and my hands have remained unmoisturized and chapped. Help! How do you guys tackle chapped hands in the winter?
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I work in a hospital so I wash my hands about every 5 minutes (minimum). My hands are constantly dry and chapped. My go-to hand cream is AVEENO® Intense Relief Hand Crem... see post
Q. hard painful pimple like bumps on neck, under chin and along lower jawline take weeks to go away
I keep getting these hard pimple like bumps on my neck and right under my chin also along my lower jawline, they are huge, painful, they never come to a head and take weeks to go away....What is this??? Im 22 and this has been happening for about a year now i need help its so annoying!!
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A. This is what you call cystic acne, and it sounds hormonal to me since it started in your early 20s and is on your jawline. It could also be in conjunction with not proper... see post
Biggest Skincare Regret Purchase?
Around this past Christmas and Black Friday I spent several hundred dollars on vamping up my skincare routine, I bought lots of sets from Sephora as well as a few other companies, one of the biggest product regrets I had was changing my eye makeup remover. I tried one from Sephora, one from Caudalie, one from Fresh and I absolutely hated them all. I just ended up going back to my original form of removal which is coconut oil. However, I hate this too because its such a big jar. Sigh.    Anyone else have product nightmare stories they want to share? doesn't necessarily have to be skincare, my second biggest regret purchase was the Benefit They're Real Mascara.     
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When my skin first started breaking out a few years back, I knew nothing about skincare. So, I just went on a hunt looking for products that had good reviews and were ai... see post
Great cleansing oil?
Hi, I'm looking for a great cleansing oil that can remove all my makeups, including waterproof eye makeups. I've tried Tatcha Pure Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and absolutely love it! However, the problem for me is that I don't wear makeups everyday, I usually only wear makeups at weekends. Since Tacha would expire in 6 month after opening, I won't finish one in time and it would be a waste. Now I'm looking for a cleansing oil that is great at removing all makeups. If nothing as great as Tatcha, then at least something close to it Could you give me some suggestions? Thank you!   Did anyone tried both Tatcha and Shu Uemura? What do you think?
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ivyxox I am currently looking for a good coconut oil. I know it is known to be a great makeup remover and moisturizer but does it actually cleanse too? Do you use the on... see post
Dangers of Josie Maran Argan Oil on Face
*EDIT*  This is a really old post, almost a year old, but I'm happy it was revived because it means people are using the search bar. Yay! HIGH FIVE! I'm not going to edit my previous post, because that would be wrong. I may have written it quickly & jumped the gun. Not all oils are bad, and not everyone will have the same results as me. Everyone's skin is different. Sephora & their employees like to overly promote the "flavor of the week". When this post was written, they were pushing Argan Oil non stop & I got a little frustrated with all the pushing of something Dermatologists weren't keen on.  I would like to add that, I am not using PTR oil-less oil, it's 100% squalane that is sugar derived (not sharks) and it works really well for me.    What I've recently found out though is that a lot of people are applying oils the wrong way . We were always taught to apply face products in order of thickness: toner/softener-> serum-> treatment-> moisturizer. The thing is oils are heavy, a lot heavier than most moisturizers even though they feel "light". Oils form a barrier and block Hyaluronic Acid and other benefit ingredients from penetrating into the skin . So really, you should be applying your oil last, to lock in all the moisture and benefits from your serums & moisturizer.      *ORIGINAL POST*  I've been using Argan Oil on my hair for years & never had a problem Recently I got the 500 pt perk that included her Argan Oil. Everyone raves about it's benefits on the face, so I figured I'd give it a shot since this cold weather has been brutal on my skin. I have not changed anything else in my skincare, or makeup routine. After about 5 days of nighttime use, I started noticing a rash developing on my face near my nose (my dry spot areas). So I did a little Google search and was shocked to see all the negatives about Argan Oil on the face. Argan oil has many benefits in food and on hair, but the FDA has not cleared it for use on the face. Dermatologists freak out when they hear patients use it because it can bring on rosacea and is highly comedogenic. Any oil (natural or not) will clog pores. I'm surprised Sephora promotes something when it is highly advised by Doctors not to be used on the face. 
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shopaholic2000 / NEWCOMER / replied
Here's the thing, the reason why oils work or don't work for people is because everybody has different skin.  So your best friend and the people at Sephora may swear by ... see post
Moisturizer while on Acutane
My boyfriend has recently gone on Acutane and it is known to dry out the skin significantly. What is the best moisturizer he could use to help him out?
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I was big into a combination of Eucerin and Aquaphor when I was on accutane, though I wasn't aware of brands like First Aid Beauty at the time.  I looked for something g... see post
Retin/oids - Poetry in Lotion - is more peeling "better"?
Hi Ladies - I used to use Rx retin A, but it's now too expensive with my current insurance.   So last year I switched to trying all kinds of retinols, retinoids, and other retin-y skincare products OTC, mostly from Sephora.   I liked several, but of course nothing with results that approached my Rx (Retasphere not bad, Algenist I liked the combo of acid and retinol) -- but then again, none of the side effects either.  Even with the supposedly "strongest" of these ingredients, I got smoother, clearer skin with less lines and more even tone -- but very little in the way of side effects.  Maybe slight dryness but nothing like the flaking/peeling, dryness, etc. that I had sometimes experienced in the past with Rx.   This month I tried Poetry in Lotion at the suggestion of an SA when I said I wanted to step up to something stronger.  After using it a few nights in one week (two or three), I noticed some dryness and flaking (not extreme, not a huge deal).   Now, my question is - do we think that means it's stronger and it will work better?  Or just that I had a worse reaction to it, but it's unlikely that it's doing more "work"?   I like retin products because they help me with occasional breakouts (less), and they help keep my pores clear of blackheads and SF, and they help fade marks from previous breakouts.  Plus keeping those early signs of aging and small wrinkles (or in case of forehead, creases already!) at bay.   TL;DR: Does more dryness and flaking (totally tolerable, just a bit!) with Poetry in Lotion over previous retin overnight treatments mean I'm getting "better" results/stronger treatment and it's worth it!?
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BEAUTY BUFF Grahamcrackers / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied
Yep, tonnnnes of people buy their retin-a online! see post
Primer for oily skin that works under Kat Von D foundation
I have oily skin with uneven texture. What primer works best under the Kat Von D Lock-It liquid foundation? Also, what is the best way to apply the foundation so it doesn't look cakey?
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Hi mpine, I recommend Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more® pore refiner primer because it's great at filling in uneven texture in the skin and controlling oil. Also, COV... see post
Determine skin type?
This may sound like an odd question but how do you determine your own skin type?    I'm 48 and I want to switch to a cleansing program that will help my skin age better.  But the first question is always "what skin type are you"?  That's a good question that I don't have the answer too. How do you figure it out?    If I wash my face it feels dry without moisturizer.  So I of course moisturize. But by lunch (especially with makeup) it's feeling oily.  I have redness in my cheeks and some products make me break out.  AHHHHH  I have no idea what to use.   I tried TreSkinRX and after 2 weeks my face hurt so bad (literally 24/7), I also tried PUR and it did the same thing.  Each time I went back to Aveeno ultra calming cleanser and moisturizer and my skin quit hurting after 2-3 days.   So, how does one determine what skin type they have?
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hey sorry for the delayed response ! yes do this in the morning and p.m. when you start off with the pads, just do them in the p.m. and add them to the a.m. once you kno... see post
Mask after peel?
Hey ladies! I have a quick question, and I was hoping you all could help! I have combo skin with dry patches on my cheeks, and am acne prone on my chin. I use the  Dr Dennis Gross peel once or twice a week, , and follow it with fresh seaberry oil. My cheeks are still pretty dry the next day. Is it okay to follow the peel with a Sephora Honey or Pearl sheet mask? I just don't want to over-process my skin, but I do want to mousiest uprise more.    Thanks!
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Another yes for FAB oatmeal mask! With that said, is Fresh seaberry oil your moisturizer? It's a very lightweight oil and I feel like it would be better to follow up a p... see post
Need tips for dry skin - after makeup is already on.
I swear my skin is just getting dryer and dryer, and makeup looks pretty awful, but I have somewhat reddish cheeks (mild rosacea) and some blemishes that I prefer covering. I just don't know what to do anymore. I could moisturize and moisturize all day long and as soon as I apply anything, it's instant scaliness. Ugh.    I use very hydrating makeup - either Dior Hydralife BB Cream or L'Oreal True Match Lumi, and use a beauty blender to apply. I feel like my skin seems smooth/hydrated before I do anything but lately, it's just awful and I look dry/powdery everywhere (and I don't use powder). Any tips to alleviate this? Because from a skin care perspective I'm doing everything I can and it's still bad. 
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Thank you all. I think will pick it up this weekend. see post
my sister needs a new cleanser for her face
So I spoke to my sister this afternoon and she complained that she's breaking out really badly and can't figure out why, since she's washing her face and hasn't been wearing any makeup lately.  She DOES tend to sleep in her makeup, which she knows is a big no-no, but that's not where the problem is.  My sisters and I were blessed with clear skin (aside from the occasional zit), so the fact that she's breaking out horribly (other than being 30 and possibly being a hormonal shift) is not normal.   She said she's washing her face in the shower, which is fine, except for the fact that she has hard water.  The hard water doesn't help your skin.  Then she says her skin feels greasy all the time lately too.  She currently uses the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and from what I experienced when I used it, I'm getting the feeling it's stripping her skin of moisture and  lipids....which is obviously going to make your skin overproduce oil to counteract the loss.   So, does anyone have a good suggestion for a cleanser she could use?  She can't use Josie Moran at all.  Clinique maybe, but this is difficult since she has such sensitive, dry skin like I do.  A lot of cleansers I would suggest for her won't work for skin like they have on mine.  I do plan on getting her a Mia for her birthday in April though, so if she wants to continue washing her face in the shower, that'll help.
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the FAB cleanser is pretty gentle and not so stripping (at least compared to many other cleansers). sounds to me her issue isn't so much her cleanser but her following r... see post
College water causing acne
I have never had a problem with acne before, but recently I started college and I think the water at my school is making me break out. I have no other options but to use the water. Is there any products I could use that would help?
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I second this.  I've struggled with acne on and off over the years and while it is possible that water is the issue it seems like all of your other lifestyle changes are... see post
I am looking for body camouflage that is waterproof
I am looking for body camouflage that is waterproof
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How large of an area are you looking to cover?    You may want to check into Dermablend, the brand specializes in high-coverage products that are waterproof/water resi... see post
Mattifying Moisturizer
I have normal-combination and I need a mattiying moisturizer for my super shiny Tzone.  Any suggestions for a moisturizer to keep me matte all day?
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It's possible the mattifying effects of the Murad outweigh the conditioning effects it may have. Have you considered a hydrating booster fluid? They're much thinner and ... see post
Dry and Sensitive Skin
I have extreamly dry skin. I was using a genle cleanser, mositurizing toner, face oil, serium and moisturizer and at night i would use a mosituising mask - it was still not enough. I have just switched to the AMOREPACIFIC line and its better, but i feel like i am missing a face oil, what would be a good oil to use to pair up with this line that wont break the bank? would the Ole of Hendrikson work with the AP Line?
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I'm obsessed with Tarte Maracuja Oil, its really great and works well with other Korean products I'm using right now (I'm on an Asian Beauty kick). Another thing I notic... see post
Thoughts on the NEW Sephora Pro Airbrush Blender #78 Foundation Brush?!
I picked this brush up the other day along with the new Nars foundation - after I attended a "Flawless Foundation" class at Sephora. I LOVE those classes, I can't say enough good things, besides I wish their were more, more often!! I am really enjoying the brush - it blends flawlessly, uses less product and its a serious multi-tasker!! I am able to get ready so much quicker with this brush because I don't have to get wet, its large enough to cover your face quickly, and soft enough for the eyes, etc. Has anyone else picked this brush up - or have you attended class? What do you think?! I made a demo video and review of the brush for those who want more info!!!
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I can't wait to try this brush, I've been eyeing it for a while, you just pushed me over the edge, gotta have it! lol see post
Skin Clearing
I am 21 and suffer from minor breakouts and oily skin in my t-zone area. I have been using Proactiv for almost 10 years now and I am noticing that my skin seems dependent on it. I want to step away from that, but I am nervous in doing so.   What your skin care routine and what products do you use and suggest?   I've watched my share of Youtube videos, but I'm at a crossroads on what to actually try.    Thank you!
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10 or fewer blemishes a month wouldn't be enough to flag skin as acneic, so definitely opt into spot treatments to address the blemishes when they do pop up, that way yo... see post
illumask anti-acne light therapy mask
I have been having some acne troubles and I went ahead and bought the Illumask.  It was on sale at Target for $25, but I had a $5 coupon for Ulta and some points, so i went there- $30-$5= $25, plus a free travel case (bc  I def needed that, right?).   I decided to try it tonight while watching the Ravens.  My family had a great laugh about it, so hopefully they're past it, but probably not...   For those of you curious if it works, I will try to keep up documenting my 30 day journey.  I even took a few pics, although I'm soooo not comfortable showing my face in its current state.  My face has about 5 blemishes right now, chin/mouth area, two are cystic and hurt, although better than yesterday for sure.   If I forget details or you have questions, feel free to ask.     I just got finished using it.  Directions are pretty simple:  start with a clean face, put mask on like a pair of sunglasses, push button.  It lights up right away, and goes off after 15 minutes on its own.  The counter starts at 30, and counts down 1 each time you turn it on.  There is no such thing as a pause , if you stop and start, it will deduct a use from the counter.     So 30 uses, 30 days, less than a dollar a day.  I don't know if it works, but what the heck...if it were $100, I'd say no until someone else tried it first, but $25 is worth it,     My first impression is yea right, but I'm hopeful.  Fifteen minutes went by pretty quickly.  I will say, there is virtually no line of vision- I can only see if the room is lit up, and only in front of me.  Forget walking down the steps or even typing...just takes too much effort.   Day 1:  Begin.  5 blemishes- 3 on day 2 of healing.   Day 2:  5 blemishes, sorta dried out, two still raised and red, although not painful. Day 3:  So far, healing nicely.  No more pain, but now I'm fighting the dryness.  I've had to moisturize throughout the day b/c layers of skin is starting to peel, which I'll trade for pain and red.  The two cystic are raised but have subsided a little.   Day 4:  Last night- my face was dry.  I used the mask and did my skincare routine.  The bumps are still there.  They'll be around for a while.  Nothing new coming in behind it, which is a good sign. Day 5-10:  Dry around the chin/mouth area, but no new spots to write about.  YAY! Day 20:  All is clear- dryness has subsided significantly.  Just trying to reduce redness now.
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HALL OF FAMER makeupobesessed / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Im so glad its working for you.  It def helped slow down breakouts if not halting them for me.  I dont know if Im still convinced its the mask, but what else can it be? see post
Body Butter
Have you discontinued the various fragranced body butters?  If so, can I order what is left in the system since they are wonderful after swimming?
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HALL OF FAMER michelleshops / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
They're in the sale section right now! see post
skin isuue
hi . i am 25 years old and i am still sufering from acne and acne scares  . i am useing the peter thomas cleanser i fell the acne is less then before but still i dont have clear skin . i went to many dermo doctors and nothing worked so now i am trying diffrent things . my skin type is combination , SENSETIVE  AND ACNE PRONE . i want something that would make my skin clear and without darkness . so can someone help me to find cream or serum or any thing .and again my skin is very sensetive . also ,my acne is not big or cystic but it's  small,tiny bumps . please help i want  a clear skin
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Per Mariam from her below response: so i went to another doctor and he wrote topical produts like derma -t lotion , ance gel .retin a  and etc     We seem to be on t... see post
Thoughts on Glamglow Cleansers
I was looking for a new daily cleanser.I was using Murad Daily Cleansing Foam but wanted to try something new.Has anyone used the new Glamglow cleansers?I believe the black one just came out and couldn't decide between that one or the white one.I have combo skin, pores, blackheads, whiteheads on chin and those darn smile lines.Any help is appreciated.
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I don't know about that because I don't use that much and it works fine.  I use maybe 1 to 1.5 pumps.  I feel like it will last a very long time.  I have the black one. see post
Cleansing water for face: do I want them or not?
I have two of the smaller sizes in my basket (Caudelle and Koh Gen Do). Do I want them or not? I've never tried cleansing waters before but am very intrigued.  Anyone who has tried them have any thoughts?   The brands are great ones.  How about this product?   Thanks!
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That one seems very, very popular.  On it's way to me... see post
Trouble finding a moisturizer to help with oily skin :(
Hi everyone, I have the HARDEST time finding a great moisturizer for my skin. I would say my skin is oily due to the amount of moisture my skin gives after applying my moisturizer. This is my routine. -Cleanse with Aveeno brightening daily cleanser (actually the best and works wonderful)  -Masks: I have used Glamglow Thirsty Mud works great, Boscia black peel-off mask works great, Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask wonderful! I have no problems with these masks.  -Moisturizer: I have used Oil Free Sheer Transformation Moisturizer by Ole Henricksen and changed (just two weeks ago) to Origins Anti-Aging oil-free moisturizer. The origins worked for the first 4 days and now I am getting back the same effect of oily skin just when I applied the Sheer Transformation.  What have you guys tried that works? and please do correct me if I am wrong in any of my routines I am open to suggestions. Maaaaaaaany thanks!  
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beachwaves / NEWCOMER / replied
hi NikaBT, how do you compare gel moisturizers versus cream in terms of effectiveness? Never tried a gel formula and wanted to get your opinion on that..... Thanks so mu... see post
Beauty from within - do you take any vitamins/supplements daily ?
Hello there   Recently, I've been really interested in expanding my knowledge on supplements and vitamins. I have done a lot of readings and here is what I take on a weekly basis:    * Nature's Bounty - Hair, Skin & Nails Extra Strength They say to take 3 pills a day but each one contains 5000 mcg of Biotin. I only take one a day cause I am worried of the most common side effect: acne. I might increase the dose later on. 10  * Evening Primrose Oil 500mg Again, they say to take 3  day, but I only take one a day. I have yet to see results ! egory=100&sub=102&id=257   * Multivitamins for Woman One every other day (the day I don't take the next one) * Vitamin B-Complex One every other day (the day that I don't day Multivitamins)   So gals, what kind of supplements do you take on a daily basis and why ? Any to recommend ?    (I have been thinking of replacing my Hair,Skin & Nails supplements with the Hairfinity supplements...but I am still on the fence about it.) 
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I was taking Resveratrol. It's supposed to slow down the process of aging. It's basically what you get when you drinks red wine, but you'd have to drink a lot of red win... see post
"Natural" moisturizer for blemish-prone skin? Silicone free?
Recently I made a trip to whole foods and discovered many,many organic and natural brands of skin care! I got super excited and wasn't sure where to start. I purchased a facial cleanser by Sukin (bc it was sulphate free) and now I am looking for a "-cone" free moisturizer to pair along with it! Do you have any recommendations of serums or moisturizers that will help with acne, hyper pigmentation, and not irritate my sensitive skin as well? My skin type is combination-oily with many post-acne marks.
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Hi clover, I recommend the Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream or Philosophy Clear Days Ahead™ Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment & Moisturizer.   Th... see post
 Does anyone know if this is true and if so what brands would be best? Hello, I saw online where this makeup site said to use different color/toned concealers for different parts of your face. Like for red spots or blemishes use a green concealer, peach toned concealer for under your eyes and so forth. Does anyone know if this is true and if so what brands would you say are best?
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Hi HannahAllyce,   The concept behind concealing certain colors (ie: redness, blue under eye circles, brown sun spots etc) with other colors, goes way back to art c... see post
FRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream Review
  First I have to say that I am really impressed by this new eye cream from Fresh. I've only been using it a couple of days, and I can already tell that this is my holy grail eye cream.     I struggle with dryness under my eyes, and as a consequence my concealer tends to look dry and cakey.  This eye cream has completely changed my life! I started using it morning (before I apply my makeup) and night before bed. My under eye area is already looking more hydrated and vibrant, less dull! My concealer no longer appears dry, and it lasts all day with no creasing. It also comes in the most amazing glass packaging, that looks super fancy!    I will continue to use this, but I was so impressed I really wanted to come on here and tell you guys all about it!   I was sent this eye cream as a gift from Sephora, but these are my own opinions and I am not being paid to post this review!    The Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream will be in stores in March!     
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Of course Kate! I hope you love it as much as I do! Remember it won't be in stores until March! :)  see post