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my VIB account from store is not linked to my online account
yesterday i spent over 400 dollars at my local sephora store, but i tried to register my account online and none of my points or even my VIB status is not on here. help please!!
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Thanks BT, Murad & DDG!
Anyone else get this via UPS today for participating in the SPF chat a few weeks back?  It was a pleasant surprise. I can't use the products because they have chemical SPF ingredients but I will be sure to pass them along in a TSB real soon 
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BEAUTY PRO rachelhill / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I got the same thing, just no letter.   I've had a rough past seven days from first world problems (like mechanical problems in two cars) to real world problems (like ... see post
Asian, with acne prone, sensitive, oily skin... HELP?
Hi! I'm 25 years old, Asian American (Vietnamese specifically). History of my skin: I had to get on Accutane by 6th grade.... anyways, skin was mostly clear throughout until college when I went off of BC at ~19 years old.   Skin went crazy, now it is still crazy at 25. Here are products I've been using:   PURPOSE Gentle Cleanser First Aid Beauty Facial Moisturizer NARS Sheer Glow in Santa Fe Occasionally NARS translucent powder   SO, now being summer I need something darker than Santa Fe..and something better at controlling oil. Because 2-3 hours after putting on my makeup, my face is a grease ball.   I tried the NARS LUMINOUS (also in Santa Fe) which was absolutely 110% gorgeous. Coverage was amazing. Didn't need concealer like with Sheer Glow.   EXCEPT the staying power for Luminous was terrible. Ok here's the thing...when I jumped in the pool it stayed relatively well. But when my greasy face got greasy... the foundation just turned into pools. See attached photo...can you see the foundation slipping off? It was especially gross if I itched my face and all the foundation ended up underneath my nails...   Anyways, staying power sucked AND on top of that, it would make me break out!! Just what I need to add to my problems!     So now I need some help and suggestions! I have lots of acne scarring/pigmentation, redness, and a few breakouts all over (mostly chin/jaw... now spreading to my cheeks but I thikn that's because of the Luminous).     HELP!!!!!!!!!!        
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jessielee26 / NEWCOMER / replied
i've had pretty similar acne problems too most of my life. i went into Sephora to get my makeup done one day and the kinds of foundation I was used to using were doing t... see post
Moisterizer to mix with foundation?
I'm looking for a hydrating moisturizer to mix with my foundation. I have a few dry spots that make my foundation look a little patchy. My t-zone is a little oily but everything else is normal to dry.   Any suggestions?
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Q. Moisturizer wanted!!
I'm in my late teens with really oily skin. Recently my face BROKEOUT. I've always had my acne under control but these past two weeks slapped me in the face with painful cystic acne. I freaked and did the only thing I knew. Spot treated. day and night. with Harsh prescription and otc topicals. I totally dried my face out and now my aveeno moisturizer just doesn't cut it. it burns and still leaves my face dry. im looking for a moderately priced yet amazing moisturizer. but don't know where to start. thanks!
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whats a good way to get rid of scarring?
Natural ways would be vitamin c or jojoba oil other ways would be a dermaroller ( for example the "banish dermaroller" ), brightening mask from boscia, Mario badescu's ... see post
What is a good daily moisturizer for oily skin? Need something that will be good under a primer and foundation and wont clog my pores or make my face feel oily or greasy.
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Scarring and discoloration
40 something with olive skin and much discoloration and scarring. What are some of the best products to try to minimize/fade these marks - or is it even possible? 
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BEAUTY BOSS desertdancer / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
Something bit me on the back of my leg while sitting on the ground, and left a dark raised scar. My moisturizer is a high quality coconut oil with lavender essential oi... see post
High Coverage Foundation for Dry Skin
A little about my skin dry/normal (more dry on the nose and chin) redness! dark acne red spots that need covering up small pores I need a foundation that is high coverage, feels light, works for dry skin and will stay on all day. Any recommendations???
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I have similar issues and I love Hourglass Illusion.  It's a really hydrating foundation that's long lasting and has good coverage.  I also find that making sure I have ... see post
Favorite non-foaming cleanser?
I am in need of a morning cleanser, preferably a non-foaming one as I have very dry and sensitive skin. I been loving the La Roche Posay toleriane derma-cleanser, but the lack of a pump is driving me crazy! Especially towards the end, or even just half way through the bottle, getting product out is just unnecessarily frustrating. So help!    Lots of thanks
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Another vote for the Soy cleanser! :) Perfect for a morning cleanse see post
Any eye cream/oil/serum that actually helps with lines,wrinkles?
Hi ladies,   I've been trying out the Algenist complete eye renewal balm for 2.5 months now, and been using it religiously every day. I haven't noticed the slightest improvement in my under-eye lines, rather they seem to have increased in number. Am not saying that the eye cream caused the increase, but it didn't help either.   I'll still finish it but was really hoping for a recommendation from someone who has had  actual   results along these lines! I am ok with any creams or serums or oils - anything that shows visible results.   I am 28 yrs old and have dry skin. It's less dry in the summer of course. Is it time to start retinol under the eyes? I really don't want the lines to get any worse. Please advise!    
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I use random deluxe samples during my morning routine, but I was/am impressed with Oil of Olay's (dark circle correcting hydra swirl i think)! From the drugstore! I thin... see post
Best tom ford lippie?
hey guys I am in Canada and recently found out that holt renfrew is near me and also that they carry Tom Ford.....I want to get my first Tom Ford lipstick and I want it to be either really unique or one that is well loved.....if anyone has pics of lip swatches they want to post or just advice of what i should try in store it would be really helpful!! ....also the  SA said that they dont carry the lips and boys but that she might be able to order them.. thanks!!!
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I have light-medium skin with pink undertones... I called my Tom Ford counter and they said they didn't have it in stock but they could order it for me from another stor... see post
help i have eczema?
I eczema but its on the right side of my neck but my doctor told to use cortisone-10 but is there any else I use instead for it or should I keep using cortisone-10 instead?
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Hi jemfan. I understand how annoying eczema is (I suffer from it too, esp in cold weather or after intense exercise). Your doc would be the best person to recommend trea... see post
looking for a product for décolletage area.. hyper pigmentation and vertical lines
BEAUTY BUFF abeoj / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied   I swear by that product.  I cannot rave enough about it.  It's great for spot treatment.  Be consiste... see post
Looking for a good facewash
Help!!! I have a lot of acne on my face and was wondering what facewash would be good to use that wont dry out my skin.
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I believe that the Sephoras inside JCPennys have a box that's a collection of cleansers if you want to try a few things to find what will work for you. (Someone correct ... see post
Broken Capillaries All Over Face?
Sorry, this is kind of gross, just as a warning. Yesterday I had a particularly bad migraine in the evening, which eventually caused me to vomit (again, sorry). This caused a ton of broken capillaries all over my face. Is there anything that I can do or any products that I can use to speed recovery? My face looks absolutely awful. =(
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Every time I vomit, that happens to me.  When I am pregnant (bad morning sickness), I walk around with those dots on my face for months, because the next time will alway... see post
HELP!!! I struggle with dry, dehydrated, flaky, sensitive, redness prone skin. I also have eczema.
I struggle with dry, dehydrated, flaky, sensitive, redness prone skin. I also have eczema. Can anyone help me with a skin care routine? I am going insane and broke trying to find the right products. I'm looking for recommendations for a whole routine: cleanser, toner/essence, chemical exfoliants (not scrubs or polishes) treatments (serums and oils), eye cream, and finally a moisturizer.i would also appreciate mask recommendations too; as well as, any advice on how to combat constant chapped, flaky lips. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond. Please know, a head of time, that I am truly grateful!
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jessielee26 / NEWCOMER / replied
since i know you've been testing so many products, i just wanted to briefly chime in on my top three absolute favorite skincare products (like the ones i will constantly... see post
My skin is DESPERATE for some help!
Hi! I am 18 years old and have extremely sensitive dry skin. I had everything under control until a couple of months ago. I noticed that In May my skin began to look and feel extremely dehydrated/dull (especially under my eyes) and I've noticed some serious whiteheads on my nose. I have absolutely no Idea what to do. I usually only wear makeup one day a week and I have a very delicate skin care regiment. My skin is desperate! Please help! 
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Any changes in diet? Environment changes? Stress levels? Up water intake also, can be from fruit/veggies.   Your skincare may need tweaked for the summer. What's your ... see post
Amazing Experience at My Local JCP Sephora Little Rock
I just wanted to take a moment to send my praises to JCP Sephora in Little Rock! Had an awesome experience today! I was in a rush to pick up some Murad Clarifying Wipes on my lunch break. I was treated wonderfully and had a great time engaging in casual conversation with the cast members. I told them I was leaving for a beach vacay and asked for samples at checkout. The lady surprised me with a TON of samples, mostly geared towards SPF protection! Just check out all my goodies! I mostly purchase online, but that will definitely change! Thank you so much, JCP Sephora!!!
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YAYYY for awesome experiences :) see post
My Fear of PTR Retinol
I'm sure this has been asked before...and I tried to use the search function, I really did, but it gave me a headache and now I'm over it.   So, having procured a free sample of PTR retinol serum, I now find myself afraid to apply it.  I have sensitive skin and many products are irritating to me.  I currently use PTR's VIZ-1000 Hyaluronic acid serum morning and night without incident.     I have learned some tips on how to adjust your skin to using retinol.  My first thought being, why?  What does retinol do for the skin that my hyaluronic complex will not?  What are the benefits that would make me want to go through stages of desensitizing myself; is it worth it?   Also, how about my eye area?  Is it safe to apply there?  This is where I need anti-aging the most.  The only wrinkles I have developed so far are right under my eyes.   
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I tried it on my arm first.  Then my chin and I waited 2 days...nothing.  Then I got all brave and just put it on my whole face.  I'm so glad it didn't burn!  You should... see post
JEMS makeup?
I just want to know to when this summer are you going to announce about JEMS makeup -JULY OR AUGUST  I just want to know?
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Per the below thread, Sephora's launching the collection in October: see post
Problem Skin!! HELP
My skin is a constant stressor for me....Oily/Acne Prone/Large Pores/Sensitive...As far as makeup,  I am currently using Clinique concealer, Hourglass Foundation & Clinique stay matte sheer pressed powder just to touch up if needed. I have tried so many different kinds of foundation.... -Clinique Acne Foundation -Hourglass Foundation (seems okay) -Tarte Amazonian Clay -Makeup Forever HD -Physicians Formula -Clinique Even Better Foundation ......just to name a few I have also tried some from Origins & Aveda which seem to have no coverage and instantly melt off my face. I need something with good coverage that doesn't make me look greasy!!!    As far as a cleansing routine, I use Clinique liquid soap in the morning, Clinique Clarifying Lotion, Clinique Stay-Matte Hydrator Moisturizer.  To remove makeup, I use the Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. then wash with the Clinique liquid soap. I also have a Clarisonic but I don't use that all the time.  I prefer more gentle cleansers versus acne specific cleansers/lotions/etc. because those seem to irritate my skin. I have done Accutane (more than once), seen multiple dermatologists; however, I still haven't found a solution.     At this point, I don't care about costs as long as I can find something that works.  Trying things then having to take them back is a constant pain.  I am thinking I need to try a different cleansing regiment as well as look into different makeup options...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
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IT GIRL glosslvr / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I have similar skin and here is what works best for (and this has taken years to figure out so I feel your pain!):   Makeup: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Seru... see post
What Is Your Favourite Serum?
Hey everyone! I've been using the Ole Henrikson Vitamin C Serum for awhile (I'm on my third kit)  and I'm not sure it's doing anything for me. What are your favourite serums/oils, and why do you love them?  I'm especially interested in experience with Sunday Riley or Drunk Elephant, but I'm not set on any one brand so I'd love to hear your experiences with any serum! Thank you   p.s I am 28 and have skin that is dry and breaks out very easily (super duper prone to blackheads). I have fine lines, and uneven skin tone/texture. Looking for something to address those concerns as well as anti-aging properties, if something like that exists! Also open to any other skincare suggestions   My current routine: AM   Spoiler (Highlight to read) -Foreo Luna -Fresh Soy Cleanser -Ole Henrikson vitamin C serum -Ole Henrikson fresh start eye cream -Josie Maran Argan oil light -Foreo Luna-Fresh Soy Cleanser-Ole Henrikson vitamin C serum-Ole Henrikson fresh start eye cream-Josie Maran Argan oil light     PM   Spoiler (Highlight to read) -Foreo Luna -Ole Henrikson African Red Tea cleanser -Ole Henrikson invigorating night treatment -Ole Henrikson Pure truth vitamin c youth activating oil -If im dry, Ole Henrikson sheer transformation moisturizer -Ole Henrikson fresh start eye cream -Foreo Luna-Ole Henrikson African Red Tea cleanser-Ole Henrikson invigorating night treatment-Ole Henrikson Pure truth vitamin c youth activating oil-If im dry, Ole Henrikson sheer transformation moisturizer-Ole Henrikson fresh start eye cream Various Masks   Spoiler (Highlight to read) -Ole Henrikson lemon strip flash peel -Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask -Ole Henrikson blue/blackberry enzyme mask -Fresh Honey mask -Ole Henrikson lemon strip flash peel-Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask-Ole Henrikson blue/blackberry enzyme mask-Fresh Honey mask   I think Im in desperate need of branching out into other brands!
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oh lovely, rotten eggs! Well if it gets results then ill deal with it I guess! see post
sunscreen and Skin care
  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Hello! Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Hello!   Well first of all, i have oil skin, and i haven't gotten the right formula sunscreen. I used this one by neutrogena and i broke me out because of the type of formula they had. it wasn't the liquid one. However, i am looking for a good non oily sunscreen that has great SPF protection.      Next, I heard it is good to start using anti aging products while we are young! As i mentioned, sunscreen is a go to for any season, what are good moisturizers, night creams, that are anti aging, non oily, greasy and that has the right formula consistency that i can wear? please let me know guys! It would be greatly appreciated! 
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I will look into the COOLA brand! i heard a lot about origins and how its good for the skin and ive heard from Youtubers. thank you!! sunscreen is my best friend and so ... see post
recomendation on day cream for acne prone skin
recomendation on day cream for acne prone skin for my 16yo daughter- combination skin- Murad acne dried her skin out
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Hi Pinkie24xo,   I'd suggest boscia's Clear Complexion Moisturizer or belif's Oil Control Fresh Moisturizer. Both of these are lightweight moisturizers that are very... see post
oily but dehydrated?
So i have been going through this struggle for years and can't find a solution. I have pretty much given up on make up/skin care and have returned everything to sephora. I have a very oily t zone but my skin is also dry. I will apply a primer and foundation but for some reason every foundation sticks to dry patches on my face that i didn't even know i had. I thought i had "combo" skin which is what everyone at sephora calls it but every product they have given me doesn't help my skin at all. I also have very red sensitive skin. I've used oil free moisturizers to try to control my oil but it just makes me even more oily. I use the peter thomas roth oil free gel type moisturizer and the gentle cleansing pads (sorry i don't know the name off the stop of my head) and the firm x exfoliator. I use the cleanser by first aid beauty with a clarisonic. the glam glow super mud mask has helped clear out my large pores so much but now i have holes in my face!! there is NOTHING that will help tighten them. I'm just so upset because i love make up but i can't find anything in skincare that will help me. please help!!!!
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It works... see post
Peter Thomas Roth Products / Preventing Blemishes?
Hey there everyone! I'm going to try and include as much as I can so you guys can help me out, I'm in a slump.   My skin is combination, it's only oily in the T-Zone. I do wear makeup but I'm very careful about what kind of stuff I put on my face, and I cleanse at night to make sure I remove all of it. As for acne, it's not really acne really, but I usually have at least one or two blemishes on my face at all times, whether it's just clogged pores or a smaller blemish. I also have red post-acne marks that are slowly fading. I'm using birth control to help with those hormonal ones and it helps for the most part.   Currently my skincare routine is: Morning Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Cleanser (it's really gentle, I use it both morning and night) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion   Night Garnier Clean Sensitive Makeup Wipes Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Cleanser Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel (on spots, thin layer all over as well) and on dry spots I'll use the moisturizer again.   My skin isn't particularly sensitive, but I don't want to upset it so I go for gentler products (except the gel, I use the harsher stuff at night). I'm also a student that works part-time so I don't mind spending 50-60 on a product I know is going to work, but I don't want to buy a ton of different products- you know? I've learned less is more.   Anyway- so far I've been looking at a few PTR products to help me prevent any more blemishes from showing up. I've been looking at the Therapeutic Sulfur Mask, AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel, and the Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel.     I'm also open to other products/brands! Thanks for any advice.   EDIT: I'm now wondering if I should be using a cleanser or moisturizer with acne-fighting ingredients, or a mask, to try and prevent and just use a spot treatment? I'm not sure. I don't want to overload my face with products.
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If you get a chance try visiting Sephora and getting a sample of each so you can try them out and see which one would work best for you. see post
Frequency of exfoliation + re-applying sunscreen
Hey all you beautiful ladies!   Now that summer's upon us and we are all enjoying the gorgeous weather and the bright colors and slathering on copious amounts of sunscreen as we step out into the day, I have found myself going really low on exfoliation my face. I have dry skin and usually during the rest of the year, I'd use a lactic acid or glycolic acid based exfoliator every other day, or at least every 2 days. But now, I am just skeptical about exfoliating my face and exposing it to the stronger sun rays at this time. I've been exfoliating once every 4 days now.   Is this ok or should I do it more often? Also, do you guys really re-apply sunscreen as you step out of work?  Doesn't that involve an elaborate procedure of washing your face and then applying sunscreen? Is that really feasible everyday?  I'd love to hear tips and tricks people use to make this easier in their daily lives!   Thanks!
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Thanks for the list.  I hope you find something you like that works for you! see post