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This is for most of the uses of Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soap. Please, feel free to contribute.
Why it’s so awesome: Dr. Bronner’s loves the earth. The soaps are fair trade, sold in recycled bottles, vegan, not tested on animals, made for sensitive skin and certified organic. Completely Biodegradable and Vegetable-Based  Made with Certified Fair Trade and Organic Oils  Multi-Purpose: 18-in-1 Uses  No Synthetic Foaming Agents, Thickeners or Preservatives 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Cylinder Bottles and Paper Labels Simple, Ecological Formulations Based on Old-World Quality and Expertise  #1-Selling Natural Brand of Soaps in North America INGREDIENTS: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut*, Organic Palm* and Organic Olive* Oils (w/Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils**, Citric Acid, Vitamin E * FAIR TRADE Ingredients ** Available in Peppermint, Lavender, Almond, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Rose and Citrus Orange Cleaning Makeup Brushes Using Dr. Bronner’s For cleaning my makeup brushes, I just drip a few drops into a glass (and since there are no funky chemicals in it, this can be just a regular water glass) and add a little bit of warm water according to the size of the brush/bristles. With the first swirl, you should see some bubbles and can already start to see the process of the pigments separating from the brush. I give it a few swirls and dump out the water. For heavier products like foundation, cream eye shadow or gel eyeliner, I use a couple of drops Olive Oil and I slightly rub it into the bristles, then dip and swirl into the water. With the Olive Oil, there is less repetition, of the dip and swirl but you may need to do it a couple more times-all depending on how much build-up is on the brush. Also, you can use the bar soap as one would use the solid BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser Solid.  And as a "Spot Cleaner." There are many recipes for this, including adding 1 Tbs. spray-on leave in conditioner to baby shampoo or 1/2 Tbs. of Olive Oil 1 cup Distilled or Purified Water 1/4 cup 70-90% Rubbing Alcohol 1/2 Tablespoon Dr. Bronner's Put into spray bottle(s) Use for quick and easy clean ups between colors or deep cleanings by spraying a napkin/washcloth and rubbing your bristles in a circular motion. General Note about Cleaning Brushes: Never get the part of the brush wet that connects the wood handle to the metal part. Other Uses Face:  add 2-3 drops on to wet hands, apply to wet face or you can make your own face wash, by using Dr. Bronner’s baby/mild formula, and adding one drop of each clary sage, tea tree, and mint oil to the small two-ounce bottle. or you can mix 1 part chamomile tea, 1 part baby Dr. Bronner's, and some drops of vitamin e, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil. (Tea Tree Oil can be helpful for acne prone skin. “it is a natural antiseptic that helps heal cuts and bruises as well as skin conditions like acne dermatitis and psoriasis.”) Hand soap : 1/2 water 1/2 Dr Bronner's into a foaming hand soap container or d ilute anywhere from 1 part Castile soap to 4 parts water through to 1:1. Hair:  ½ Tbsp. in your hand, worked into wet hair, or dilute ½ Tbsp. in ½ a cup of water and work that into wet hair, but remember it can really strip out your hair so you need a really good conditioner. Bath:  Completely depends upon water amount, but roughly 2 Tbsp. soap in an average sized tub. (Doesn’t bubble, but still cleans)  Add a squirt to a bath tub of water at the beginning for bubbles, or after the bath has been drawn for a relaxing soak without bubbles. Rose is a divine fragrance for this use. Body:   one small squirt on to a wet washcloth, applied to a wet body or Add 1 TB sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and the essential oils of your choice to undiluted Dr. Bronner’s. And during the summer, you can use the peppermint one to cool off on a hot day in a cold shower. Hot Towel Massage: For facial packs, scalp and soothing body rub, add a dash of liquid castile soap on a bath towel in sink of hot water. Wring the towel out and place it over the face & scalp. Massage with your fingertips. Repeat on each area of the body until the arms, legs & entire body have been massaged (using light strokes towards the heart.)  Rinse the towel in plain hot water and massage again. Breathe deeply! Choose whichever scent makes your heart sing. (wildflower) Baby Wash: Add a drop or two to a wet washcloth, or a couple of drops to the bathwater. Baby Mild is ideal as it is completely natural and fragrance-free. Feminine Wash: 3 tablespoons of Dr Bonner's Baby (unscented) liquid castile soap in 8 oz. of distilled or filtered water. Mix directly into a water bottle or other bottle and keep in the shower; shake before using. It's very liquidy in consistency but don't think it doesn't work. It's much gentler than Summer's Eve and other brands, and w/o any weird ingredients or fragrances. Deodorant: Add 1-2ml (0.05 fl oz) to a spray bottle of water (125ml/4.2 fl oz) along with a teaspoon of Himalayan crystal salt for best results. Rose, Citrus, Lavender or Tea Tree are effective – or just choose whichever scent appeals from the range of eight! Shaving:  Face – 10 drops; Underarms – 3 drops; Legs – ½ tsp; Work to a lather in wet hands and then apply to area. Aftershave: One or two drops in a spray bottle containing 50-125ml (1.7-4.2 fl oz) of distilled water helps to invigorate the skin and prevent shaving rash. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, or Tea Tree work well, or Baby Mild for sensitive skins. Teeth:  1 drop on a toothbrush. (Yes, it tastes like soap.) Breath Freshener: One or two drops in a spray bottle containing 50-125ml (1.7-4.2 fl oz) of distilled water helps to keep the breath fresh and prevent unhealthy bacteria from thriving in the gums and between the teeth. Peppermint, tea-tree, eucalyptus or citrus are great choices. Mouthwash: Add 1 drop to a shot glass of water, swish and rinse. Peppermint, tea-tree, eucalyptus or citrus are great choices. Foot Bath/Soak:  1 ½ tsp. in a small tub of hot water.  Add a tablespoon (15ml/0.5 fl oz) to a foot bath and relax! Peppermint is a great choice for hard or cracked heels, or use Tea Tree if fungal infections are a concern. Even try it to relieve a migraine by applying a little of the peppermint soap to a cold washcloth and take a break. Clearing Congestion:  1 Tbsp. in a bowl of steamy hot water. Breathe in mist with a towel draped over the head Household Uses: Dishes (handwashing):  Pre-dilute 1:10 with water. Squirt on a scrub brush and scrub dishes. Laundry:  1/3-1/2 c. of soap for a large load in a normal washer. Add ½ c. vinegar to the rinse cycle. Use half of these amounts for HE;  For the laundry, use 1/4 cup (62.5ml) for top-loading machines (1/8 cup for front loaders – 31.3ml); adjust as needed depending on hardness of water. Adding a dash of baking soda may also help. Great for nappy washing, as it is all natural and won’t contribute to nappy-rash. Also delicate enough to use for hand wash items, such as silks and wool. Any scent works well, or unscented if you prefer. Washing delicates : "Because I’m a total minx, I’ll hand-wash my delicates with a rose and patchouli-scented Dr. Bronner’s. Make your own by adding 2 TB of Peppermint Dr.Bronner’s to a cup of water, and a few drops of both oils. I started using it after I had one too many itchy flare-ups from regular detergents, and I can certify Dr. Bronner’s as safe for the sweaty underboob!"( Sounds fancy, from xovain) Mopping:  ½ c. of soap in 3 gallons of hot water All-purpose cleaning:  ¼ c. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Add ¼ tsp. tea tree essential oil if desired. Household Cleaner: Dilute from one part soap into 40 parts water for light cleaning, to 1:1 or full strength for heavy-duty grease-dissolving jobs Kitchen cleaner :  "In a spray bottle, add about 2 cups water, ¼ cup vinegar,  2 TB of Dr.Bronner’s plain soap, 2 drops both tea tree oil and clove oil. The tea tree oil naturally disinfects, while the clove oil repels beasties, and my cats and child aren’t going to be poisoned by it!" Windows:  1 Tbsp. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Follow up with pure club soda, or half vinegar/ half water. To remove soap scum from a tub - make a paste of Dr Bronners Soap and baking soda, apply to general area and scrub with heavy duty brush, rinse. Toilet: Predilute 1:4 with a water in a squirt/spray bottle. Add 1/4 tsp. of tea tree oil. Empty toilet, squirt bowl thouroughly, sprinkle baking soda on the brush and scrub bowl, let sit 10 minutes, turn water on; flush. (This works amazingly.) Here's another recipe I might try next 1/4 cup liquid castile soap 1 3/4 cup water 2 tablespoons baking soda 1 teaspoon of essential oils to kill bacteria and freshen Mix all ingredients in a 16 oz. or larger squirt bottle and gently shake or swish. Squirt in the toilet bowl and use a brush to scrub it clean.     Dog washing:  "Amount varies widely depending on size, hair type and length, and overall dirtiness. I wet my dog thoroughly, then start to work in castile soap up and down their body until I have a good lather. Really massage it in down to the skin. Your dog will thank you for it." " Wet the coat of your pet thoroughly first then apply the liquid castile soap by massaging a small amount in your hands first until a lather is formed, then washing the hair/fur and rinsing clean afterwards. Can also be added to the wash water for ease of use (one squirt is plenty). Choose a stronger scent to help deter fleas and ticks, or Baby Mild if your pet has very sensitive skin."   Fruit and Veggie Rinse:  1 dash (approx.. ¼ tsp.) in a bowl of water. Dunk produce and swish. Then rinse in clear water. Baby Mild (unscented) is the best choice.   Weed killer : "mix 2-3 TB of salt, 2 TB of Bronner’s, to 2 cups water. Spray the plants you wish to murder in the morning, and again in the heat of the day." Plant spray for bugs:  1 Tbsp. in a quart of water. Add ½ tsp. cayenne pepper or cinnamon, if desired. Ant spray (not on plants):  ¼ c. tea tree soap in a quart of water. (This concentration will burn plants.) Kill ants also with diluted eucalyptus version Use 1-2 tablespoons/about 23ml per litre (0.7 fl oz per quart) of water in a spray bottle for garden pests (4-6 tablespoons per gallon). Citrus, Lavender, or Baby Mild work well. Try your very best not to get soap in your eyes (duh!) but especially the peppermint and tea tree oil versions. I imagine eucalyptus will burn too. (Also, I saw that meagboho uses this Shikaki version for her brushes and they have a few more scents to check out.) (I found most of these on the company's website, as well as a few different blogs like xovain and wildflowerbotanaicals)   Castile Liquid and Bar soaps come in Peppermint , Almond , Citrus-Orange , Eucalyptus , Lavender, Rose,  Baby/Mild and Tea Tree Oil.    Pump Soaps Shikaki  Baby Unscented , Lavender , Spearmint Peppermint , Lemongrass Lime , and Tea Tree Oil   " In general, we recommend using Dr. Bronner’s body care products within three years of purchase. Soaps are self-preserving, but because our products are biodegradable, it’s best to not leave them on the shelf for too long, as they may start to lose strength."  
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I love this soap! And I love that you made a thread especially for its majesty. :) Ever since I first tried it, I am completely under its spell. I couldn't even imagine... see post
Do any of you mix your tinted moisturizer in w/ your face moisturizer, and if so how do you go about it? Need to simplify things as I got a whole new day-to-day routine I am trying to get used to, and where I am succeeding (& a struggle here & there ), I am slacking in other departments (skin routine, etc.) I let myself get slightly sunburned on the face day before yesterday ( just a slight pink.... but still), b/c I forgot to put on any cc cream or tinted moisturizer.  Big Whoops!    Thanks
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Glossier Prod.'s?
I was wondering if anyone has tried out any of the Glossier items? I am curious a/b the GLOSSIER PRIMING MOISTURIZER?   It sounds like a dream, best of both worlds! You get a good moisturizer (that actually moisturizers) & then kinda like a "Blur" + Semi-Tint" to go along w/ it. They sell a tint too. Anywho it has Hyaluronic Acid in it and a butch of other goodies to combat redness, dryness, ruddiness, etc. I don't have a beauty book & can't remember where it is on the skin tip.   It's dermatologist tested & hypo ( and all that jazz). I was thinking about trying it, but since I just read about it ( and haven't heard anyone talk about it ), I am skeptical / afraid I suppose.   SO, what do you think / know about it? I just bought some of the Belli Anti Blemish (Lactic Acid) face wash from Ulta & some Mario B. Rose Spray & I am trying to check out a diff. Moisturizer (like maybe GLOSSIER) or maybe the E. Lauder EE Cream & was wanting some suggestions. I am gonna keep the new bottle of Clinique Tinted Moisturizer (old but goodie) but I am trying to amp up yet simplify (time wise) my skin care routine. I have a lot going on at the moment. Thanks in Advance    
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PTR Skinstant Mask Magic Set Review?
For those who have this set, what do you think about it? Worth it? I would love to hear from those with combination skin especially. Thank you!!   
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Is there anything to get rid of a dark upper lip?
keep things natural, and use CASTOR OIL mixed with ALMOND OIL .. old indian remedy.  Passed down from my family.  I usually put it on my lips after cleansing morning an... see post
Help with finding a neck cream
I have been trying to find a good neck cream, not having much luck. I just spent a  hundred dollors on Strivectin but really don't like the smell. Anyone have any good pointers? I always use Algemist but have not had the chance to buy it because it's out of stock. Thanks in advance . Dan 
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Things shared that are merely read online can often be misconstrued as tone often gets lost in translation. If someone publicly calls you out and your intention was neve... see post
Skin becoming sensitive to a product -- could this be temporary?
I've been using Fresh's Seaberry Facial Oil for about a year now and have loved it so much. However, it looks like recently that I've become sensitized to it. (I took it out of my rotation of skincare products, and the eczema on my face is clearing up.) I still have 75% of the bottle left, so I really would love this to just be a way for my facial skin to ask for a break.    I have an appt with my derm scheduled (but it will be a few weeks). In the meantime, I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this with a product and was it temporary or permanent?  If it was temporary, how long of a break did you give your skin before successfully trying it again?
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Yes, it's not uncommon for skin to suddenly develop reactions that may be opposite from what you're normally use to (whether it's going from having no issues to the oppo... see post
Q. Can First Aid's Beauty Ultra Repair Cream be used on the face?
I'm currently using First Aid's Ultra Repair Moisturizer for the face and am wondering if I can use their regular Ultra Repair Cream as a facial cream. The face cream is 1.7 oz for $28 and the body cream is 6 oz for the same price. Will the body cream make my face oily or clog my pores?    Thanks!
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A. Hi Princessbrenna Yes, you can definitely use the Ultra Repair Cream on your face as well. :)  You shouldn't notice any clogging or increased oil.  It's really not a ver... see post
Q. Clarisonic purge
I usually only get a monthly hormonal break out on my chin. I bought the Mia a month ago and my skin has been purging ever since. I have been breaking out for 4 weeks straight. How long does this purge usually last? Is that what Im experiancing, or do I need to switch to a sensitive brush head, or stop using the Mia all together? I havent changed anything else in my routine, I'm using the same cleanser, the same moisturizer, same serum, same foundation, same everything. Please help.
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A. Hi Kristamarie- How often are you using it?  2ce a day as recommended?  I found that was too much for my skin.  I switched to the delicate brush and use it only at night... see post
Use primer with tinted moisturizer?
I use Laura Mercier's oil free tinted moisturizer because the color matches great and I LOVE the lighter-than-foundation coverage.   My one concern with it, though, is that it can get a little oily throughout the day. I always have blotters handy, so I just sort of use those, but is there a better way to go here, such as a primer?   Do you recommend using a primer with tinted moisturizer? Does that help? Or does it go against the lightweight feeling of using something like a tinted moisturizer in the first place?
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HALL OF FAMER waterbaby1981 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I use primer with tinted moisturizer lately *especially* that one, since my skin seems to have gotten drier and is now sucking the moisture out of any foundation or TM I... see post
Facial spray ideas for oily skin?
I'm looking for a facial spray I can use after applying makeup to look more glowy, or after nightly cleansing/ skin perk me  up. I've used MAC fix plus in the past. I have a Clinique moisture spray right now. I'm oily and slightly acne prone. Suggestions on what I could try? Thanks!
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Another vote for Caudalie! Love it! see post
Skin Care Routine
Looking for a skin care routine for normal skin, rarely breaks out. Looking to clean and moistuize! I use Makeup For ever products for my face.
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I wrote this whole sentence, but thought it was really cheesey afterwards, but if you want to read this cheesey description...   This product has been much loved by m... see post
what would be the next lighter shade of ysl fusion ink foundation in almond
B20 Ivory is lighter with the same undertone see post
beauty events
Have you need to a beauty event before?  If so where?   Did you like it? Would you go again? Thanks Susan
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From what I understand though you can't custom makes the shade at these sephora events, only at the lab in NYC. You get to pick from pre-made shades and pick finish and ... see post
Foot Softening Cream For Use With Clarisonic Pedi
Hi all,      I'm wondering if anyone who has the Pedi can chime in with recommendations for their favorite foot cream to pair with it.   I didn't have much success with the cream that came in the foot transformation set (I've had my Pedi for almost a year now)  I really like the dry file and the acid boost product, but the cream itself doesn't work for me to keep my feet soft.      I've tried Bliss' Foot Patrol which was ok, and Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream which I found too greasy.    The best I've come across so far is something called Zim's Crack Creme, but my husband complains every time I have to use it, because it has a very intense clove-like smell.  Since I put it on before bed, the smell soaks into the sheets and he claims he can still smell it hours later.   I tried the search bar, but most convos seem to pertain to the Pedi itself. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!   Thanks.
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Thanks vanillammm, it doesn't seem to sell at Sephora in Canada, but I will check when I am in the states next weekend. see post
what is the best face moisturizer for oily and dry skin? My T zone very dry and oily.
Is your skin dry or is it dehydrated? It could also be that your skin is unbalanced. What's your current skin care routine? see post
Face cleanser
What is the best face cleanser for combination skin? I am 47 and have sensitive skin and prefer something that you use with water and rinse off. I used to love Claudalie face wash, but they changed their formula (maybe added olive oil or something) and the new formula was awful.
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Hi, @Amfrolia!  I agree with @TrysBeatyItems.  I also like First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser.  This and Purity Made Simple are the two I use most often. see post
Philosphy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer
I just wanted to tell you lovelies how amazing this moisturizer is. No scent at all, which I love! And I can just feel my skin give a sigh of relief. It is very hydrating and it's oil-free! Yippee! -energizing-oxygen-gel-cream-moisturizer-P311182?s ...
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I like Take a Deep Breath too!  I also keep the Philosophy Hope in Jar handy.  I know a lot of people don't find the smell appealing, but i find it very refreshing. see post
Q. uneven skin tone. hormonal acne.
Can anyone help me figure out a good skin care routine? I've pretty much figured out what products I should steer clear of.   Cream based products break me out. Water based ones do me good.   I use a non foaming non soap cleanser. Follow it up with Dickinson's toner. Then, here's here I am at a lost. I would like to try a really good serum and moisturizer that could help me with my acne marks, uneven skin tone, redness, and dullness.
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BEAUTY WHIZ greenchilli / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / answered
A. I use:   Cleanser - Philosophy Purity Toner - Mario Badescu Seaweed Lotion (it is alcohol free) Exfoliant - Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta pads Serum - Mario Badescu V... see post
Neck Creams - Are they really that different from Face Creams?
I wish I had paid attention to my neck earlier in the game, but now I'm making up for lost time. I've always taken great care of my face, and I'm happy to say, that at age 59, it has paid off. But my neck is showing my age and I'd really like to do something about that!   Short of surgery (not an option), I've been using my nighttime heavy duty moisturizers on my neck am and pm, but I'm wondering if it's time to invest in a neck cream. Do they really make a difference? How are they different from face creams? My neck is showing some redness and some horizontal creasing (hope that makes sense) so I'd really like to find a cream that would reduce the redness and help firm up the area a bit.   Has anyone used neck creams that have helped them? Expensive or drugstore, I'm open to suggestions! Thanks!!
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different brand of mineral pressed foundation
I am currently using cover fx N40, I am wondering if there is something the same color that Sephora has to offer.  The price went up quite a bit since I bought last time.  Any help would be great.
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I looked and if these brands were sold at a full ounce, here is the price you would pay (Most are sold at a half or a third of an ounce).   BM's pressed foundation (RE... see post
Sunscreen in the winter?
Do you all use sunscreen even in the wintertime? I've been using it religiously during the summer. But up here in Canada, we don't get much sun during the winter.   I know that UV rays still penetrate even on cloudy/dark days, but just wanted to know that I'm not crazy for still applying sunscreen in October!
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It depends on how long I'll be outside.  The further north you are you start to play with Vitamin D deficiency from lack of sun exposure in the winter.  There's actually... see post
Retinol for acne
Please help me find a good retinol based product for acne. I am 26 year old and i have a combination skin. I started to have acne a year ago. I need some suggestion about it thank you
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BEAUTY BOSS ballerinagrl / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
A stockholm brand called Verso do a face serum with a very high content of Retinol-8, which is very effective, but nothing you buy from a beauty counter has the strength... see post
Hi Guys,   I hope someone can really help me. I've been dealing with this for months when I first got into actually taking care of my skin. I've been trying to get rid of what I believe is hormonal acne? I have them around my jawlines and sometimes on my cheeks. Some are pimples but some are like clogged pores under the skin? They have white puss if I apply pressure on them. What products/tools do you guys recommend me to get rid of this constant struggle?    Thanks in advance. 
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BEAUTY BOSS ballerinagrl / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
If it's hormonal, a Derm can give you a script for a retinoid to treat the issue, and this works better than anything you can buy over the counter as a rule.    If a t... see post
I have combo to oily skin. I have so many blackheads on my nose and some on my face. I'm looking for a new moisturizer that can help all these problems. Any ideas? Thanks. 
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BEAUTY BOSS ballerinagrl / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
What you must be careful of with oily skin is to avoid the temptation to use cleansers, toners, blemish treatments and exfoliators that strip the skin of its natural oil... see post
what prouduct would you recommend for fine lines around lips
Hands down, best product I've ever used for fine lines around the lips AND eyes is the Airelle Eye & Lip treatment.  The roller ball applicator feels amazing, and it's a... see post
BELLI Anti Blemish Face Wash
I was just wondering if any of you have used the BELLI Anti Blemish Face Wash consistently w/ great benefits from it  ( I know they have it at Ulta & the single tube is S.O., and their site) ? I am not pregnant but I am having hormonal  changes. I am having some breakouts & ( jaw line mainly but doesn't hurt or really turn red, etc.) & temperamental skin ( & I am going through a detox / Holistic health plan).   I used a sample of it UST 1 time & loved the way my skin looked & felt instantly (& I am about out of my normal face wash). I looked into Juice Beauty but this seems like a better choice ( & price) for what I have going on ( hormonal imbalance & detox of body, etc. ).   It has a bunch of research & screening behind it & it only has Lactic Acid instead of Glycolic, etc. I was also wondering other than the fact our bodies make this on it's own (Lactic Acid), what are the benefits w/ someone like my skin ( & detox)? Also, what is the difference in these acids when it comes to skin type / what's going on w/ skin?    I have dry to norm. skin (more so dry but better), redness in cheeks (gotten better), " can be " sensitive skin, and hormonal changes.   Any info would be greatly appreciated!  
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Foundations for acne prone skin
I love the sephora foundation but i have very sensitive skin that is very acne prone. what foundations can i use that wont make my skin itch and break out but skill cover my acne scars? the amazonian clay foundations make my skin very itchy but i like the coverage.
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Some oil should still be normal, any large amount might be conquered with skincare. I'm sure if you started a separate topic some folks would be happy to help. see post
Skin care and Make up engine for oily Asian skin in humid climate
Hi ladies, I would love to receive some advice on how to take care of my skin. I am in my early 20s, but unfortunately I look a lot older than my age and that is my biggest concern. I have wrinkles under my eyes and I can't seem to get rid of them. A little bit background about me. I am Asian with combination skin, which is heavily oily at the T-zone, cheek, and chin. My skin tone is light medium, and I could become really lighter if I don't go out to the sun as often as required by my job. My work schedule requires me to work long hours and late into the night. I wear make up to work everyday. In general, I would like to ask for advice on how to look younger by the combination of skin care and make up products. If you guys have any advice, please comment on this and help a sister out. 
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Use a CLarisonic(will help detox and amp up your skin rid of age accelerating pollutants and help your skincare be 6x morew effective) with a brightening anti aging clea... see post