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Daily Skincare - what are you using?
Often people ask for recommendations on a skincare routine or for specific products/combinations.  This might be a place to share your everyday skincare, both AM and PM.  A skincare "what are you wearing" as it were.  Hope this is useful.   *Age - 40 Skin type - oily/combination Current skin condition - quite dehydrated (winter/indoor heating)*   01/17/16 - AM skincare in the order I used 1. Nude Jelly cleanser (love) 2. Pixi Glow tonic (5% glycolic toner - love) 3. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Spritz (sample) 4. Radical Skincare Youth Infusion serum - hydrating and anti-ageing (new to me.  Testing) 5. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (like) 6. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream (really like as an AM moisturizer)   I will try to post PM skincare tonight so the post can be comprehensive.   General comments - Okay skin.  Apparently the age between 38-42 is a transformational time in hormones (dehydrated skin/spots), so I am more aware of how my skin performs/reacts .  My skincare definitely has more "actives" now than before.
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Puppy Kisses❤❤❤❤❤ see post
Looking for a matte moisturizer?
  Hi,   I've identified my skin type as combination (oily in the t-zone, normal in the u-zone). I definitely need to moisturize, as my skin is dehydrated still, and I don't have a hard time finding a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer (my requirements are oil-free  (if it has only one,  MAYBE  two  oils, that's  okay) , hyaluronic acid , and the drying type of alcohol-free , and ideally  has SPF ), but recently I've hoped to find a moisturizer that when absorbed, leaves a matte finish . I've found products here and there with one and  maybe  two of these, but not all of them. Is there an oil-free moisturizer out there that leaves a matte finish, but still hydrates?    I'm considering Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer , this seems to meet my reqs, is this good?    
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Frugal Natural Antiaging Products With Retinol?
The only reason I'm using L'oreal Revitalift and Garnier Ultra Lift is because they have retinol but I'm on the hunt for a more natural product with retinol; both of these products burn my skin when it's even minorly irritated and they're obviously full of chemicals; any suggestions for a frugal person? There was also something besides retinol which is supposed to be the second best thing for the skin but obviously I'm new to all this so thanks for any help with any of this!
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XShedenX / NEWCOMER / replied
Yes, I meant more effective... But you answered; thank you! see post
Caudalie Real Results Challenge
We are SO excited for you to test our breakthrough Resveratrol Lift Face Lifting Soft Cream. This luxurious, plumping cream is formulated in a creamy, weightless texture for nourishment that lasts, without leaving a greasy film!    This is an open forum for you to talk about the product, hear how others are doing with the challenge and ask questions. The clinical results from our lab are incredible, and we would love to hear your very own results as well. Please let us know any tips and tricks you have discovered during your 7-day trial. If you have any questions or comments please let the community know your skin type to understand and give the best advice possible. We’ll be checking this thread frequently during the challenge, so if you have a question for us, please feel free to ask!     Can’t wait to hear about your results! Let the challenge begin! 
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LouLec / NEWCOMER / replied
This is my very favorite cream! I love the texture, you can feel the moisturizing and prepping effect! It's not greasy at all, it's quickly absorbed, to leave a soft... see post
Thank you Sephora and Sol de Janeiro!
I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Sephora and Sol de Janeiro for sending me the original Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and the new Acai Body Power Cream au gratis! I have never tried the Bum Bum Cream but have heard amazing things, and am so excited to have the chance to try the new version as the same time. They both smell quite nice! The Bum Bum Cream is slightly tropical but in no way overpowering, and the Acai Body has a fresh, almost pine, sweet forest scent. Both are in no way greasy. I think these will make a nice addition to my body care collection!  
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I'm super late, but I also wanted to extend my exuberant thanks to Sephora and Sol de Janeiro!    I have tried both creams by now, but ended up giving the acai to my m... see post
Vitamin C Purge?
Hello! I was hoping you guys could help me figure out if i'm purging or having a bad reaction to the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum.  I started it on Tuesday, using it every second morning.  I have since broken out in four new pimples and one that was barely there when I started has come to the surface.    I know that Vitamin C can cause a purging like this and I was just hoping for some help determining if that's what's happening.  I would really like to know before I use it for a month and totally wreck my face (it scars really easily unfortunately).    Thanks in advance!  
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I've been using Sunday Riley's vitamin C product (CEO cream) for the last couple of weeks and definitely had a huge, cystic pimple after a week and a half or so of use. ... see post
What would you recommend for reducing pores and acne on my chin around my nose?
carebear2929 / FRESH FACE / replied
Thank you Janean!! I really appreciate the product recommendation. Is there any cleansers or skin care products you have noticed that help to reduce these issues?   Le... see post
Q. Small bumps all over my face!
I have so many small bumps all over my face. I don't know if it's keratosis pilaris or milia or clogged pores I just really want to get rid of them. I've always suffered from acne, and I've come along way, it's just these **bleep** small bumps!     
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Itskeyana / NEWCOMER / answered
A. Did you ever find a face wash or face scrub to help Because I have the exact same problem with my skin.. I also hate when I put my foundation on and when I'm outside you... see post
Skincare Routine Help
Hello,   I am going to be 19 years old this February. I would honestly classify my skin type as normal. It rarely gets oily or dry. I do have breakouts occasionally along my jawline and forehead.   My night time skin care routine begins with me removing my makeup using a neutregena makeup remover. Then, I wash my face using philosophy's purity cleanser (1 to 2 times a week I'll substitute this step for an exfoliator.) After cleansing, I sometimes apply a mask (I do this about 2 to 3 times a week). Then after that, I tone my face using a glycolic acid toner. I then apply my serum (I use a vitamin c serum currently but I'm going to get a retinol serum soon and then I will just use either serum every other day and switch them out.) I then moisturize using an origins moisturizer. Then I apply tea tree oil as a spot treatment to my acne (I heard that oils need to be applied after moisturizer??) Lastly, I spray my face with a little rosewater.    So, my daily skincare routine is basically wash, tone, serum, moisturizer, spot treatment, and then rosewater.   My questions are:   1.) Is this an effective skin care routine for my age? Am I using too much products? I know it's a lot, but I want to ensure I have healthy skin when I'm older. 2.) Should I substitute anything out or add anything? Is there any products that anybody recommends?  3.) Lastly, does spraying rosewater at the end of my routine actually do anything? I honestly can't tell if it's making a difference. 
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@Ashley8663, I personally don't think the last spritz of rose water after all of your thicker moisturizer(s) will do anything since moisturizers are usually the last ste... see post
Frugal Natural Antiaging Products With Retinol?
The only reason I'm using L'oreal Revitalift and Garnier Ultra Lift is because they have retinol but I'm on the hunt for a more natural product with retinol; both of these products burn my skin when it's even minorly irritated and they're obviously full of chemicals; any suggestions for a frugal person? There was also something besides retinol which is supposed to be the second best thing for the skin but obviously I'm new to all this so thanks for any help with any of this!
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Looking for help/advice for my skin care
Hey Beauties, Right now I have combo skin (normal sometimes oily t-zone and dry skin on the cheeks) and some redness.   I'm looking for a cleanser (currently using Neutrogena but I had too switch to ultra gentle, and I think it's drying out my skin!) A new toner, a face mist (currently using the one from tarte but I'm not sure If it's enough for my skin), a moisturizer (i'm using renewed hope in a jar, Which I love in the summer but I don't think it's enough for the winter) and an eyecreme (i use clinique pep start but it's not enough for my under eye and it doesn't really do anything for the shadows under my eyes).  So please tell me your favorites........    Doesn't have to be all high-end stuff, if you can recommend some things from the drugstore that would be great too. I love to mix it up!    Thank you
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Ashley8663 / NEWCOMER / replied
For the cleanser, I really like Philosophy's purity cleanser. It's a little pricey, but it's very effective and also quite natural so it won't irritate the skin. For ton... see post
I burned my skin with Glamglow mask. Can someone recommend any product which can fix my extremely red skin?
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@uvah   Hi uvah,   I suggest that you stop any exfoliation during this period. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturize your skin well. Also wear sunscreen during the da... see post
Dry Skin
I currently use a press powder as my foundation but I find that my skin is dry in spots and I end up flaking. I'm wondering if there would be a better foundation that I should be using for my dry skin?
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Powder foundation, unless filled with hydrating minerals is the worst thing for dry skin. Creams, and tinted moisturizers are more on the speed of what a dry skinned per... see post
Dry Skin
I have an issue with bad dry skin on my inner crease and under my eyes. I've tried lots of products but none really work except vitamin E but that isn't always cheap... I am starting to run out of ideas. Any suggestions??
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Try BodhiTreeNaturals on Etsy! They have an enriched under-eye oil that REALLY worked to remove the flakes for me. It is labeled as "eye brightening", but it worked best... see post
Allergy reaction to most Skincare and Makeup
For years now, I have been having what seems to be an allergic reaction to most skincare products and makeup. What happens when I apply my serum and cream or makeup is my eyes water real bad and I have a lot of tears throughout the day. My eyes are never swollen or red though. I noticed that certain products make my eyes water worse than others. For example, eyeshadow primer (Stay Don't Stray, Benefit) or liquid eyeliner (NYC) or especially when I wear foundation... That makes my eyes water the most. (The skincare products I'm using now are the Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair serum and Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream by Sunday Riley). I've tried hypoallergenic products in the past but most of them make my eyes water anyway. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to how I could exactly find out why my eyes water so much from so many products? Or if there is some kind of test I could ask a doctor for to find out what my allergies are? I was also wondering if simple eyedrops would help, perhaps Visene for allergies? Also has anyone else experienced such allergies, if so I'm really hoping to hear your advice. Thanks! Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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I have the same thing. I get my makeup on and my eyes are tearing for hours. I've decided to try some organic stuff and see if it makes a difference. Good luck! see post
Exfoliant for very dry, sensitive skin?
Hey guys- I'm looking for suggestions on some products for my very dry, sensitive skin, with some redness as well, more specifically an exfoliant. My skin can tend to get flaky around certain areas, but with my current skin routine it's been better. But I have yet to find an exfoliant that I really like. Do you have any suggestion? Some I've been looking at: Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish Origins Refreshing Scrub Cleanser (according to reviews, it cleanses more than exfoliates??) Origins Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream   My most basic current routine: Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser May Coop's Raw Sauce First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration (And some nights) Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask   THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!   
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kassandraf / NEWCOMER / replied
Hi Wanqi!   I agree with greenchilli when it comes to the Dr. Jart micro peel milk. I am personally on Accutane (oral acne medication) that causes very very VERY dry s... see post
Help for mcakes, please?
@KatieBT , @candacebt ,   Please check into mcakes account, she is getting a message that she is banned and doesn't think she did anything to deserve it (she reached out to me because she can't post on BT). Thanks so much and have a great beautiful day!
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i just saw this happened! Glad ur back! :D see post
Acne Scars/Marks
I've had cystic acne for a couple years and fortunately was acquainted with isotretinoin via my derm. Luckily I've been acne free (barring the occasional micro-zit every now and then) but even 2 years later, I still have lingering acne marks on my cheeks. (I'm reluctant to call them acne scars since they do not indent my skin - they just leave behind dark pigmentation...anyway!)    What are some products/procedures/medications has anyone tried to fade/get rid of pesky marks?     btw right when I my time with iso, my derm said the marks would fade in a year but it's been way over that and no new acne has showed up in those areas.... 
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Thank you for the recommendations by proxy! :D see post
Q. Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia
For as long as I can remember, I've had these tiny bumps that gather around the inner corner of my eye and along my dark circles. I really, really hate them! They kind of look like chicken skin, but they don't really feel bumpy or anything. I've seen pictures of milia, and that is definitely not what I have. These little bumps don't ever go away and they never move. Some people say that they've started to notice this chicken skin under their eyes as they aged, but I'm a Sophomore and I've had this problem my whole life! I've done a little research, and so far all of the fixes have been really complicated and confusing. Please give me a solution! I like to take good care of my skin, but I'd much rather just buy a lotion or something than see a dermatologist. Thanks for all your help!
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oLIV4makeup / NEWCOMER / answered
A. I know this is an old thread... but I have the same problem too! My dermatologist told me that is was milia (even though you're right- it's looks nothing like the pictur... see post
anti-aging skin care brand help
I'm in my early 30's and have decided to stop using my drugstore moisturizer and switch to an anti-aging skincare line (eye cream and daily moisturizer and/or serum). I want one that is FREE OF PARABENS AND PHTHALATES. My skin is normal and i have no brown spots or major wrinkles but i want to start using something before I start getting wrinkles. I have been researching Perricone MD and FRESH but have read many reviews that perricone MD causes alot of rashes and that Fresh dries out skin (probably because Glycerin is one of the first ingredients) Any thoughts? I have also been looking at DRUNK ELEPHANT Shaba Complex™ Eye Serum, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Triple Correction Eye Serum,  OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum® Vitamin C Anti-Aging Collagen Booster  and  CAUDALIE Premier Cru The Eye Cream .  Thoughts? Any suggestions on other brands? They don;t all have to be from the same brand...could be one brand of eye cream and another brand for the serum, etc. Oh and im currently breast feeding so cant use anything with retinol right now but am open to suggestions to use once im done. Please help with any advice!
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mamalaforest / FRESH FACE / replied
Thanks for your suggestions. I have never heard of either of those brands and will definitely look into them. Thank you so much for your help! see post
Why is my skin dry around my nose and how do I get ride of it?
I have two piercings on my nose and I have recently been getting very dry around that area. I put foundation on that are because my skin is red there. I take my nose rings out at clean that area daily. I just peeled dead skin off that area tonight. Is there anything I can do to help it or any product that will help? 
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Hi, WallieAW93!   Are these piercings ones that you've had for quite some time or are they relatively new? With it still being winter, it's very possible that you may ... see post
I have really dry skin and its starting to crease and wrinkle rapidly around my eyes making my makeup really obvious. Help!
Even a very no-frills eye cream for this specific region can make a big difference and target the area.   Clinique's All About Eyes and All About Eyes Rich formulas ar... see post
Paula's Choice Discussion & Deals Thread
I thought I'd start a dedicated thread where people can get answers to any questions they have about Paula's Choice skincare products and share deals!   I've been using PC products for two years now (I've switched out almost everything from the other brands I was using, like Tatcha, Somme Institute and Algenist) and it's made such a difference to my skin.   My current regime is: Skin Recovery Cleanser Resist Toner Resist BHA 2% liquid Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Dark Spot Eraser 2% BHA Resist C15 Super Booster Calm Redness Relief Repairing Serum Skin Recovery Moisturiser 1% Retinol Booster Clear Ultra Light Daily Fluid SPF30/ Reist Daily Moisturizer with SPF25   If you're looking to get a deal on Paula's Choice, there's $10 off your first order for new customers at PC direct with a referral frequent sales, ranging from 15% to 25% off, at PC direct cashback - currently 12% at Topcashback and for new members 30% (up to $20) at CouponCabin $15 off $75 for new customers at B-Glowing with a referral, as well as a Paula's Choice gwp with $50+ orders at Dermstore, 15% off with subscriptions or 20% off for new customers Please feel free to add any other offers you know about or ask any questions about the brand! Let the discussion and deal sharing begin!
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At PC direct there's 20% off everything with code WHATSNEXT17 plus a free travel size/ DS Vitamin C booster on orders $50+ with code  AMRMNGIFT see post
Hyper pigmentation??
Hey Skincare lovers! I finally have my acne settled down, but I have a multitude of red marks left behind, my fear is that using brightening products will affect my freckles. I am someone who loves her freckles and tries to accentuate them. Is this true or just some crazy myth? Are there any effective products to help lighten these red spots? Any advice helps Thank you!!
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@rorrikay I'm not a dermatologist but I frequently visit mine and ask her the same kind of question you have. Basically what I can tell you is that the usual products u... see post
Oily Skin and mild acne- Any suggestions !?
I have oily skin not crazy oily but it can get pretty oily at times. I have adult acne, not sever or anything but i do have mild to medium breakouts I don't want to just hide the pimples or bumps I want to know how to get rid of them so any advice would be very helpful and appreciated. Also is there a spray or something I should be putting on my face before I apply makeup to avoid breakouts? Than ks! 
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Hi PrincessDianaxo, I think using exfoliating peel pads would work well for you. I would recommend the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel. It wil... see post
thoughts on farmacy? i have combination skin that's sometimes oily and sometimes dry and was wondering if this is a good brand to use. I need skin care products that aren't too harsh on my skin and can really make it feel and look good. would be nice if it wasn't acne prone too.
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I was not terribly impressed with the one Farmacy product I tried: Rise N Shine Daily Moisture Lock . To me, it was very much "natural skincare 1.0" -- thick, heavy feel... see post
First Aid Beauty
Is there another product that is like a balm for very dry and tight skin.  Used to use First Aid Beauty Ultimate Concentrate, now there doesn';t seem to be any.  Any suggestions. thanks
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I second that! Dr Jart has some really good products, big fan of the Ceramidin line and heard good things about Cicapair.  see post
Should I be using anti-aging products at the age of 20?
So recently I have notice that I have some fine lines appearing on my forehead lately. Usually my skin is normal/combination. It can get really dry during the winter but oily in the summer. These fine lines are really bugging me out lately and I just don't know if I should be using an anti-aging product or something else... like a exfoliator. I was curious to know if anybody else was having a similar situation and what product there were using to treat there problem area. Any recommendations would help.  Thanks. 
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Hi Lol877, I bet that the lines you are seeing are from dehydration. If you bump up your moisturizer or add a facial oil, you should see those diminish. At your age, it ... see post
Occasional acne
Get breakouts every now and then, still even though I'm an adult. What should I do?
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Hi, Davebluezle!   If you get blemishes that occur every now and then, I would recommend a spot treatment to use on those specific regions when a blemish does arise so... see post
NUDE Skincare Thread
I was thinking we should have an "official" NUDE Skincare thread, in case something comes out of this new NUDE story that is happening lately. ( And even if not. ) So we can follow it all here. There are some threads, but those are more just questions and inquiries about NUDE stuff. It would be easier to have all things NUDE at one place, so we can all share news, updates, those possible new products, and anything NUDE here.   This is an announcement on Beautycounter about NUDE Skincare:   "It is with great excitement that we announce Counter Brands, LLC, parent company of Beautycounter, has acquired the worldwide assets of NUDE Skin Care, Inc. and NUDE Brands, Ltd. founded by Ali Hewson, the wife of musician and social activist, Bono. As a result of this deal, and their genuine interest in our products and mission, Bono will join the company as an investor and Ms. Hewson will join the Board of Directors of Counter Brands, LLC. Similar to our partnership with Target, this validation from such respected public figures will lead to increased brand awareness and client base. We are thrilled to have them join our team. The synergy between our two companies – from mission to ingredient selection process – makes NUDE a logical and compelling addition to our growing brand portfolio. We believe that incredible things are possible for our business and our unwavering advocacy work in D.C. For the foreseeable future, the Beautycounter and NUDE lines will exist as they do today."   They also said:  "“We will continue to sell through their existing channels of distribution,” Renfrew said of Nude. “The idea is to grow the channels of distribution as well as the product line as a whole,” she said."   Also: "NUDE products are currently available in the US on, across Europe in Space.NK stores and online, in Australia in Mecca stores and"   Response from Sephora's CS ( 6/30/2016 ): "The Nude Skin care line has been highly anticipated with our clients, and we can certainly appreciate your interest! At this time, some of the NUDE products are limited edition and will be on our site as supplies last, while other products are on our site to stay! We suggest staying tuned to Sephora's promotional emails, as new product launches are frequently announced via email. Additionally, keep checking back on our website under the Quick Link "Just Arrived"."   If you have any news, please feel free to share them here. If you have questions, post them here, and hopefully someone will have answers. Or we can all "investigate" together and try to find out what's cooking.    
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I emailed Beautycounter asking if they had any news on when will NUDE be back.... But, they just said they don't have that info yet... :( When then?! Gah! *cries* see post