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I have been using the clarisonic for about 3 weeks and i have been breaking out a lot, i don't know if i should switch my cleanser because I'm using check and balances by origins. i don't know what to do? and what would you recommend for getting rid of red spots and dark spots from past acne.
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Hi isabelv123,    It is not unusual for you to break out within the first couple weeks of using your Clarisonic as it works to draw the impurities out of your pores.... see post
Help ?? i used Tretinoin and super dry now ,i need skincare recomendation please.
HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Trentinoin is a very drying medication. I just want to be sure you've only used a pea sized amount for your entire face.  It is not beneficial in any way to use more and... see post
Every once in awhile I get skin care that product that flakes or balls up on my skin?
Hi guys! I found an eye cream that I really liked for night time but half way through the jar I noticed after it soaked into my skin it would leave a sort of film or substance on my lashes and skin that would end up flaking off? What causes this? I've had this happen to me a couple times before with skin care products. This is the ONLY thing I put on my eyes at night btw. 
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I guess not! Mustn't lift such a heavy finger when to apply then! ;) I'd really like to continue using it as I do really like it! see post
Help! I'm looking for a good product to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris on my face!
I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and I've found something to take care of that. However, I have it on my forehead and have no idea how to get rid of it! My skin is relatively dry, acne-free with the occasional whitehead, and somewhat sensitive (it gets red easily). I worked for a company for 2 years that sells skincare so I have a decent amount of knowledge on skincare, but I still haven't found anything good for the KP on my face. Help please? I don't really have a price range.   Thanks!
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BEAUTY WHIZ surfgirlmiami / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
No, I haven't tried Paula's Choice! I will definitely look into it especially since they sell samples. I appreciate the product recommendation, not looking to switch bod... see post
Does the Sephora Collection Eyelash Curler Show Curl XL Lash Curler contain any nickel?
Does the Sephora Collection Eyelash Curler Show Curl XL Lash Curler contain any nickel?
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Thanks for your patience, Mina2005! The Sephora Collection Show Curl XL Lash Curler is made out of Japanese steel and silicone. :)    Cheers!  Kevin  see post
Q. Expression lines around eyes
I'm only 20 and have noticed significant wrinkles around my eyes, mostly from smiling.  There are so many products out there. What are your suggestions for wrinkles caused by smiling? I have tried samples of philosophy-time in a bottle for eyes, bobbi brown-hydrating eye cream, & alienist - eye repair. All have only made minor improvements.
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A. Hi Kattxx,    I would suggest something a bit stronger like an eye serum to pair with an eye cream.   The Dr. Brandt Needles No More is a new serum we carry that... see post
Algenist New Genious line Kit ,, YA YA
I know lots of people love Algenist like me! Lol. Did everyone see that they have a new kit? I was shopping last night trying to find something that would make me Rouge for 2016 I was,thrilled to see the new Genious line kit! It has Genious cream, eye cream and the melting cleanser! I was so excited to see that! When I posted a thread a few months ago about Algenist so many people told how much they loved it! I just thought I would post this incase someone hadn't seen it yet! Also let's post about your favorite Algenist products or any skincare line! I have came to love Beauty Talk! Thanks for all the help and advice! Also on a different subject,, if anyone wants the lipstick you get this year for being Rouge just private message me and it yours! Lol. I'm sure I'm not using it ! Lol. I do wish they gave something for men that make Rouge, maybe soon they will,, thanks so much,,,,,,,,,, happy shopping,,,,,,,, Dan 
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Hmm great question! I know they are adding more (definitely for bday gifts!) but I'm not sure about the Rouge perks, hopefully those will also have a few more options! see post
i've seen this type of question asked more generally, but i wanted to ask it specific to skincare. not only is it interesting to see what has really worked for people, but it'll maybe highlight some products others are interested in trying !   so: what are specific  products that would cause you to hyperventilate were you to run out ?   mine currently are:   cleansers CLINIQUE take the day off cleansing balm NUDE SKINCARE perfect cleanse omega cleansing jelly toners (acids & hydrating) FIRST AID BEAUTY facial radiance pads (AHA) AVEDA botanical kinetics exfoliant (BHA) CAUDALIE beauty elixir (moisture) MURAD essential-c toner (moisture) oils and serums CLARINS blue orchid facial oil VICHY aqualia thermal serum (serum for dehydration) moisturizers AVEDA botanical kinetics hydrating face lotion masks (i like to have an arsenal for different purposes) REN glycol lactic radiance renewal mask (resurfacing) OLE HENRIKSEN lemon strip flash peel (resurfacing: hardcore) PETER THOMAS ROTH cucumber mask (hydrating / soothing; great for summer) FIRST AID BEAUTY ultra repair instant oatmeal mask (hydrates /soothes; fantastic for winter) FIRST AID BEAUTY skin rescue purifying mask w/ red clay (deep cleaning)   additionally, a couple products that may reach HG status soon, but need more time in my rotation: TATA HARPER replenishing nutrient complex (oil) TATCHA cleansing oil NUDE SKINCARE miracle mask (exfoliating / brightening) to be fair...i think this is a LOT to be considered truly HG. but you guys know i have a lot of steps in my daily routine, and these are tried-and-true loves of mine !   edited 2/1/15
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I am a skincare hoarder,so there are products in constant rotations. Items that are HG for me.    My Skin: Normal-Dry that clogs very easily.  Occasional breakout duri... see post
In Need of a New Skincare Regimen
Hi Everyone,   So I need some advice. I'm looking to find a new skincare regimen that actually works. I've used things in the past that have either worked for a bit or have done absolutely nothing.    A little bit about my skin. I'm in my mid 20's and have light acne, struggle with uneven texture and have some scarring. My skin is combination and is relatively sensitive. In and ideal world my skincare would clear my acne, even out my texture and lighten my scarring.   If anybody has any product recommendations that would target my problems and that you think would work for me PLEASE let me know!!   Thanks so much!
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Exfoliating causes breakouts- how to remove dead skin?
I have been trying a variety of exfoliators for years, but I break out whenever I use one (it seems). I know that dead skin is building up if I don't use anything, but I haven't found one that doesn't break me out (I have been trying gentler and gentler scrubs- right now, Philosophy Mircrodelivery). What can I do to remove dead skin?
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Jessieee1914 / NEWCOMER / replied
If you cannot use scrubs, definitely check out chemical exfoliants that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids/Beta Hydroxy Acids as they are gentler and more effective. These are ... see post
Kate Somerville
I am 21 going on 22 in a few months. I have the occasional pimple, a few whiteheads a couple times a month, and some scarring. I want to know what kate Somerville products I should use for that and to help prevent aging. Everything from beginning to end! Thanks!
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Jessieee1914 / NEWCOMER / replied
Caroline Hirons (aka my skin saviour) recommends the Nourish Moisturize Cream and Goat Milk Cream. ExfoliKate is good, but you should try other liquid exfoliants such as... see post
Can anyone recommend a concealer that wont cause breakouts???
I got the Clinique air brushed concealer because i normally love their products because they are friendly to skin but i have started using it in places other than under my eyes recently (bridge of nose, between/above my brows, cupids bow all to do some highlighting with my foundation) and it made me break out like crazy well at least i think it's the culprit. But i'm wondering if anyone knows of a concealer i can use anywhere on my face that either helps fight acne or if you know of one that does not cause you to break out?? 
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Jessieee1914 / NEWCOMER / replied
I love the MUFE Full Cover Concealer and it's oil-free, so maybe that's why it doesn't break me out. see post
Check your email, SKII samples for VIB going on now...
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Same thing happened to me. The SKII samples are the size of a thumbnail! see post
Would a teenager using an anti aging product have a negative impact?
I'm 17, and growing up I was always told never to use any skincare product because they will actually make you look older when you're young. Not sure if that is actually true, but I guess I sort of believe it since it's what I've always been told. Well, I recently used some samples that I got from Murad and I loved them. They made my skin looking really fresh and healthy, and it took away the normal dullness I have. It's an anti aging product though, so I've been a bit iffy about purchasing the full size of it since I'm not concerned about aging right now. If I were to use this product all the time could it have a negative effect since it is not meant for my type of skin?
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Decide for yourself though.  Just providing info for you to read.  No one can tell you what to do and even people with the best intentions on their advice can possibly l... see post
Not really satisfied
I have purchased Fresh's Seaberry Oil and Origins Make A Difference Moisturizer about a month ago. My face still feels like it is dry-ish. I am looking for a face oil, moisturizer and from my last post moisturizing cleanser which , thanks to some ladies, has given me an idea of what to check. I want the product to moisturize my skin during this winter, minimize pores, even out skintone and just make my skin look good. I am 23 years old and I don't have much acne other than some here and there occasionally. 
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Hi!   What cleanser and exfoliant are you using? Those CAN sometimes dry the skin out but I know how you feel! I tried the Boscia blue hydrating oil and its like.. W... see post
What is the best unfrangranced oil control mattifier?
Facejunky / NEWCOMER / replied
Thank you for the info. Am looking for a mattifier with no additional hydrating/sunscreen/fragrance properties. see post
Q. What is the best product you've found with sunscreen?!
Hello! First time posting, but I am going on vacation to the Caribbean at the beginning of March and was wondering what everyone would recommend for sunscreen (both body and face!) given the latest or upcoming products. I heard a whisper about the Sun Safety Kit Sephora released last year being awesome, but fear it will not come out in time. Thanks for any suggestions!   I have pretty normal skin (rarely breakout, not dry nor oily) but definitely do not want a product that'll cause problems!
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Fore Luxe...are you kidding me?!?!
So I was looking on the Foreo website about their products, and stumbled upon their Luxe and Platinum versions...for $6,500 and $8,800, respectively!!! I couldn't believe it! What is the most ridiculous beauty product you have seen?     EDIT:  should say FOREO..maybe I'm in a golfing mood! lol
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Combining serums
I already use the Ole Henriksen The Truth serum, but I have lots of hormonal acne scarring on my chin, and want to try the Murad Post Acne-Spot Lightening Gel. Would I be able to use them both at night?
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Hi Nattygirl,   I think that should be fine however, everyone's skin is different and I recommend applying a small amount of the acne spot gel only on areas where yo... see post
Looking for a new skin care routine, please help!
I am currently looking for a new skincare routine for my dry skin and have no idea where to start.  I currently use the hydrating toner, morning and night cream from the Body Shop but I feel like my makeup is not going on well at all and I can definitely feel the dryness creeping its way through! I do need an under eye cream and any other skincare recommendations you may have to create a hydrated flawless complection! Thank you!  
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Oh my hearts!
My total hearts is near the number of the beast…YIKES   Please help me pass it thru without seeing that 'triple digit' number next to my hearts.   I know it might not mean anything to others but to me, this number means a lot. Thank you.  
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HALL OF FAMER chocopudding / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Or an armadillo. I love those too. see post
Too much vitamin C?
I started using Ole Henrikson's vitamin C Truth serum about 2 months ago, and I love it. I just ordered the Whole Truth kit (moisturizer and eye cream plus the serum) as well. My skin has been pretty dry this winter (combo skin, particularly dry and acne prone chin and jawline) so I'm thinking about adding a night cream and/or CC cream to my regime. Should I use products with vitamin C in them, or is there such a thing as "too much"?
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In diet, there's no such thing as too much Vitamin C; if you do ingest too much you just pee it out, so it doesn't damage, it's just a waste. I would assume the same goe... see post
Glam glow face wash and the foreo Luna mini
So I have been interested in the glam glow super cleanse fashwash. The problem is, I have the foreo Luna mini and it says not to use exfoliating washes with it because it can wear down the bristles.... Is the glam glow face wash exfoliating, or more of just a mud with no extra exfoliating bits? Any advice would be wonderful!!!!!
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Hey guys, I'm just wondering if  would you need a toner after you use the Glamglow SuperCleanse? I have been using it for over a week now and my skin feels so much bette... see post
Moisturizing cleanser
Alright so since it is winter, my skin is more dry. I used Peter Thomas Roth Rose cleanser but I forgot my nearly empty bottle at a hotel. I also recently purchased the Fresh Seaberry Oil, Origins Make A Difference Moisturizer. But I still feel like my face is dry. I need a moisturizing cleanser. I am not usually dry but only in winter. Any recommendations? 
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I should add that I have been using the Boscia for about a year now (maybe longer? I can't remember if the Caudalie reformulation occurred last year or the previous year... see post
Facial pores
I am in my 50s and have visibly large pores on my face. What product would you recommend to minimize them?
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Hi Dawnz,   There are lots of options when it comes to minimizing pores - you can pick spot treatments, incorporate in skincare products like serums that will help w... see post
Sunscreen for combo acne prone skin?
Hi all, I am looking for suggestions for a good sunscreen that won't cause my face to squirt oil and break out. I've tried all of the neutrogena, ombrelle, and clinique ones but they all made my face very oily and shiny and some caused breakouts. I'm hoping to find a nice light sunscreen that I can put makeup on top of   Thanks for your help!
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I don't find it greasy on my skin, however I would agree it is thick.  There is a body formula that is thicker than the face product.     see post
Isotretinoin Product Advice
Hi all! I'm starting "Accutane" (Absorbica to be exact) on Saturday. I've watched every youtube video and blog that there is out there and have done lengthy research (through BT also). I would like some updated product suggestions (hair and skin), I trust BT more than any other place, on product experience and advice. Any advice, on products or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Of course.  Feel free to ask any follow up questions.  I'm happy to help.  I don't remember having any hair specific issues, at least not in any way that it was notable ... see post
Dr. Dennis gross peel gentle enough to help fade & even out injury scar?
Suffer an accident 2weeks before Christmas & I am left with 3 slightly indented scars on my face , 1 on my left center top lip. When I ask about treating scars all doc said ""give it 2-4 months its should heal on it own if you keep it clean. See plastic surgeon 6 months later if it bothers me."  That is the last thing I want to hear cuz I don't believe in it cuz I have seen what happened to my friends with careless surgeons. Before all this happened to me I  was getting serious on wanting to improve uneven texture on my skin. I had got a smaple of Dr.Dennis gross ferulic acid + retinol brightening solution loved how it improve my skin so I order online my 1st original formula 14day kit 2days before I got hurt. I had been doing everything in my power not to return it. 6 1/2 weeks since it happened, my kit just sits there since I've been healing. & during healing process  been using gentle scrubs & cleanser, also la mer concentrate (thank u pam) to help treat & heal my scars. Seems my scars are almost done forming, so I started to use my solution again, but is the peel gentle enough for evening out injury scars? I am trying everything in my power to see what might help me so I can prevent plastic surgery.  
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I have had the peel done by one of Dr. Peel's assistants - I do not think it will even out an injury scar. Your skin will look amazing, but I don't think it would be wor... see post
illumask anti-acne light therapy mask
I have been having some acne troubles and I went ahead and bought the Illumask.  It was on sale at Target for $25, but I had a $5 coupon for Ulta and some points, so i went there- $30-$5= $25, plus a free travel case (bc  I def needed that, right?).   I decided to try it tonight while watching the Ravens.  My family had a great laugh about it, so hopefully they're past it, but probably not...   For those of you curious if it works, I will try to keep up documenting my 30 day journey.  I even took a few pics, although I'm soooo not comfortable showing my face in its current state.  My face has about 5 blemishes right now, chin/mouth area, two are cystic and hurt, although better than yesterday for sure.   If I forget details or you have questions, feel free to ask.     I just got finished using it.  Directions are pretty simple:  start with a clean face, put mask on like a pair of sunglasses, push button.  It lights up right away, and goes off after 15 minutes on its own.  The counter starts at 30, and counts down 1 each time you turn it on.  There is no such thing as a pause , if you stop and start, it will deduct a use from the counter.     So 30 uses, 30 days, less than a dollar a day.  I don't know if it works, but what the heck...if it were $100, I'd say no until someone else tried it first, but $25 is worth it,     My first impression is yea right, but I'm hopeful.  Fifteen minutes went by pretty quickly.  I will say, there is virtually no line of vision- I can only see if the room is lit up, and only in front of me.  Forget walking down the steps or even typing...just takes too much effort.   Day 1:  Begin.  5 blemishes- 3 on day 2 of healing.   Day 2:  5 blemishes, sorta dried out, two still raised and red, although not painful. Day 3:  So far, healing nicely.  No more pain, but now I'm fighting the dryness.  I've had to moisturize throughout the day b/c layers of skin is starting to peel, which I'll trade for pain and red.  The two cystic are raised but have subsided a little.   Day 4:  Last night- my face was dry.  I used the mask and did my skincare routine.  The bumps are still there.  They'll be around for a while.  Nothing new coming in behind it, which is a good sign. Day 5-10:  Dry around the chin/mouth area, but no new spots to write about.  YAY! Day 20:  All is clear- dryness has subsided significantly.  Just trying to reduce redness now.
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BEAUTY BOSS vegchililover78 / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
Yes! I think after 30 treatments I'll stop and see if my face starts breaking out more frequently. If it flames on then I'll buy another mask! I can set aside $30 monthl... see post
Clarisonic Mia 2 or Foreo Luna?
I really want to get one of these to add to my daily routine. I just don't know which one to get. The Foreo Luna is obviously more money up front, but you have to buy replacement heads for the Clarisonic. So in the end the Clarisonic will cost more. Honestly with price aside which one do you ladies like more?
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mverdera / NEWCOMER / replied
Can you give us the code?  I'd love to try a Foreo Luna and an Issa toothbrush but the full price is an awful lot.   see post