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Sigma f80 vs sephora pro airbrush 78
im looking for a good foundation brush. Have you used the sigma f80 or the sephora pro airbrush blender 78? What's the best brush? thanks!
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Thanks for sharing the link! Very nice review! the only issue I read about this brush is about cleaning. Did u have any hard time cleaning it? With what products did u ... see post
Can I use a GlamGlow cleanser with my Clarisonic
I have heard great things about the GlamGlow cleansers and was wondering if they would work with a Clarisonic? I'm particularly interested in the black exfoliating cleanser. If they do not work, is there any cleanser you can recommend that works well with the clarisonic
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Definitely stick with a non abrasive cleanser with your clarisonic.  I've used Kate Somerville, FAB, & ole henriksen cleansers with mine and they've all been great. see post
BB/CC Cream Recommendation Needed
I have combination skin - quite oily in the t-zone but definitely looking dryer under the eyes as I get older (I'm 45).  With summer coming I was hoping to find a great BB/CC cream.  I was hoping to find one with light coverage.  Currently I am wearing and loving the color match of Lancome Nude Miracle 110.  If I look at the color IQ it says I'm 1R05 (I was color matched as 1R06 but I'm not quite sure about it)  but I will no doubt get a little darker in the summer, despite my use of sunscreen.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!!
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Wondering: Returning to Store after a Bad Experience
So I'm wondering if anyone's ever done this: 1) Went to Store A and had a bad experience. 2) Went to Store B and bought stuff. 3) Went back to Store A carrying the purchased products from Store B. 4) Spoke to anyone at Store A and said that they just lost out on this sale and more, then showed them your bag of products.    
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What do you mean by trying to make it up to you?  Other people have noted they have received discounts or free gifts.  What if the representative only offers a sincere a... see post
Acne Troubles
I have not had acne my entire life until I turned 20, now it is driving me crazy. It is not severe but I would like to get it under control. After going the dermatologist and not being able to afford $900 in prescription creams. I am looking for something to eliminate scaring and redness. I have been looking at the Dr. Dennis Gross One Step Acne Eliminating Pads and wonder if that is a good fit for me? If not what would be best?  And or what is a good face wash for me to be using?   Also in part of this problem, I have been wearing more coverup which is probably not helping the problem. I use to use Maybelline Mineral Powder cover up which I loved but it was discontinued , ever since then I have not found a cover up that works well with my face, either too heavy or not enough coverage. I am wondering which cover up would be good to cover some of these acne marks along with not being too heavy. I am leaning towards Bare Minerals, but am sure what I need or if it is good for me?    Thanks in advance!   
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Hey courtNZ, here is your original thread :) see post
I feel like I have tried everything. Can someone please tell me what skin care regimen will reduce the oiliness of my skin and what makeup will contain the oiliness of my skin for more than two hours? I put makeup on at 8am every day and by noon I am extremely oily.   I am currently using Proactiv for my skin care regimen and I am using Cover FX mattifying primer and the Cover FX BB foundation, as well as the Cover FX bronzer. I wash my brushes regularly. I don't know what I am doing wrong and need some help. The girls who work in makeup stores, and I am sorry to throw you all in one pot, I think are just looking to get me to buy the most expensive thing. I don't care how expensive anything is as long as it works, and I have tried many cheap and expensive things, its like my skin gets used to a certain regimen or makeup and then it doesn't work anymore.   I would love an educated answer if someone could please give one!
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saraheidt / RISING STAR / replied
Thank you! I will give these a try! see post
Skincare routine for oily skin ?
Hey all, I need recommendations on a skincare routine. I have oily skin, and there has been times that I breakout. I'm not sure if it's because I don't cleanse my skin well, or if it's just the foundation that I use. So far I wash my face every morning and night. I use Philosophy to take off my makeup first, then I use the clarisonic gel cleanser with the clarisonic machine which I love. Is there something I'm missing ? How do you care for your oily skin ?
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I have a very oily nose, counting the days til my becca primer gets here.    But here's stuff I've been using that help minimize the oiliness and give balance, now my ... see post
illumask anti-acne light therapy mask
I have been having some acne troubles and I went ahead and bought the Illumask.  It was on sale at Target for $25, but I had a $5 coupon for Ulta and some points, so i went there- $30-$5= $25, plus a free travel case (bc  I def needed that, right?).   I decided to try it tonight while watching the Ravens.  My family had a great laugh about it, so hopefully they're past it, but probably not...   For those of you curious if it works, I will try to keep up documenting my 30 day journey.  I even took a few pics, although I'm soooo not comfortable showing my face in its current state.  My face has about 5 blemishes right now, chin/mouth area, two are cystic and hurt, although better than yesterday for sure.   If I forget details or you have questions, feel free to ask.     I just got finished using it.  Directions are pretty simple:  start with a clean face, put mask on like a pair of sunglasses, push button.  It lights up right away, and goes off after 15 minutes on its own.  The counter starts at 30, and counts down 1 each time you turn it on.  There is no such thing as a pause , if you stop and start, it will deduct a use from the counter.     So 30 uses, 30 days, less than a dollar a day.  I don't know if it works, but what the heck...if it were $100, I'd say no until someone else tried it first, but $25 is worth it,     My first impression is yea right, but I'm hopeful.  Fifteen minutes went by pretty quickly.  I will say, there is virtually no line of vision- I can only see if the room is lit up, and only in front of me.  Forget walking down the steps or even typing...just takes too much effort.   Day 1:  Begin.  5 blemishes- 3 on day 2 of healing.   Day 2:  5 blemishes, sorta dried out, two still raised and red, although not painful. Day 3:  So far, healing nicely.  No more pain, but now I'm fighting the dryness.  I've had to moisturize throughout the day b/c layers of skin is starting to peel, which I'll trade for pain and red.  The two cystic are raised but have subsided a little.   Day 4:  Last night- my face was dry.  I used the mask and did my skincare routine.  The bumps are still there.  They'll be around for a while.  Nothing new coming in behind it, which is a good sign. Day 5-10:  Dry around the chin/mouth area, but no new spots to write about.  YAY! Day 20:  All is clear- dryness has subsided significantly.  Just trying to reduce redness now.
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So I've finished all 30 uses of the mask and my face is pretty much the same as my last update.  I had a brief breakout for my lady time and it reduced quickly, when nor... see post
Pre-emptive skincare
I am on antibiotics and birth control for acne. Which is 80-90% effective. However I have run out of insurance, and until I get new insurance I will not be able to refill them.     So I know my skin will go crazy and break out all over the place. Blackheads, pimples and cystic acne galore. So in the next month I should look into some products that I can start using before the inevitable skin freak out.     Any recommendations? Drugstore or Sephora, but not too expensive please. The only thing I am fairly intent on keeping with is my cleanser.
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If it's a basic antibiotic some drugstores/grocery store pharmacies give them free with a prescription. If you have a Costco around (no membership required) they can be ... see post
Best face makeup remover ?
I currently use philosophy purity to remove all of my face makeup. I like it because if I use makeup remover wipes it will irritate my face. I normally get oily on my t-zone and I'm acne prone. So does anyone have any recommendations on face makeup removers? I just want to try something different.  I also have acne scars, does anyone have any recommendations on any products that will help with that? Any skin care products from cleansers (currently use nude), moisturizers (currently using Clinique), toners, exfoliator, masks. Anything will help thanks 😊
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ps. As for acne scar, that depends on if it's discoloration (dark/red spots) or texture problems (holes or bumps). Both of which have been ask and pretty well answered o... see post
Purging/Irritation from new skincare regimen
I've just recently switched skin care products twice and I'm not sure what to do.   Originally I was using the Neutrogena Acne Wash system (for about 3 years). I had started using it because I was breaking out after running. The past year it's been making my skin really dry and flaky and I decided to stop using it.   I started using Bare Escentuals cleanser/serum/moisturizer and noticed I was getting bumps all over my forehead. They didn't seem like pimples, just bumps that wouldn't go away. About three weeks after that, I switched to Philosophy skincare.   Now I'm using Philosophy Purity cleanser, Renewed Hope in a Jar moisturizer, and the One Minute Microdelivery peel (only once a week, so I've only used this twice now). I've been using the Philosophy stuff for ten days, and the bumps on my forehead have gotten worse. They look like pimples now and they get very red/itchy after I wash my face and put on moisturizer. I can't tell if this is purging or irritation and I'm afraid to switch skin care again so soon.    I'm not sure what to do.
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Sounds like the skin is having a reaction to try and rebalance itself out. Too many product changes all at once shocks the skin.   With Neutrogena, did you stop abrupt... see post
I started using Sunday Riley good genes for a couple of days but I noticed that I get some angry red little bumps close to my eyes and cheek area. I'm going to assume that I'm allergic to this stuff. However, the rest of my face is fine and I noticed that GG got rid of the whiteheads that had never gone away (no matter how much double cleansing or exfoliating I did). Is there something similar that you all know of? I'm looking for the product to do the following: Help with pores and whiteheads but not for pimples. My skin is clear for the most part. I don't get pimples. Help with fine lines. Help with brightness and sun spots.   I'm also willing to try a specific product for each problem but I would prefer a holistic one (like SR Good Genes)   Thank you for your suggestions!   Once
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Anti Aging Skincare that helps diminish laugh lines
I am looking for an anti aging skincare line. I currently use Bliss Youth as You Know It but my main problem are laugh lines/creases. It is becoming very visible. Any solutions you can recommend? I am mid 40s and tend to have dry skin. Thanks!
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with the popularity of the "skincare regrets" thread, i thought i'd make a post discussing "gateway" products that contributed to your learning what your skin likes.   i have a few. for cleanser, the BOOTS botanics hot cloth balm was a revelation for me because it was the first time i tried a balm cleanser--and  essentially any sort of cleanser that didn't leave my skin tight and stripped. it completely shifted my perspective of approaching skincare as skin care rather than skin punish .    the AVEDA botanical kinetics exfoliant was my first acid toner i used after cleansing / before moisturizer and i saw a marked improvement. i now use primarily AHAs rather than the BHA (salicylic acid) that is in the AVEDA, but upon my first purchase i didn't even really know the difference. i was soon down the rabbit hole that is skincare   and lastly, KIEHL'S midnight recovery concentrate was the first facial oil i'd ever used. it taught me my skin liked oils--and i stopped searching for only oil-free products. i woke up with skin feeling supple and i thought "ohhhhh" . i also applied it directly to a in-the-skin-never-completely-goes-away spot on my chin. within 2 hours it came to a head and i never saw it again. this eventually led me to my beloved CLARINS blue orchid oil. and the rest is history.    how about you ?
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Yes!  Lush is definitely a gateway, especially when they try things on you that you might not have picked up otherwise.  I find I have better luck with the skin care stu... see post
My neck is aging!
So lately I have noticed that my neck looks like it belongs to someone of a more mature age. I have very noticeable thick lines on my neck which in my opinion makes me look older. I don't understand why this is happening. Im only 22. I feel like I should start doing something about it before it gets worse. Ladies any help or suggestions? 
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Even when it's cloudy and raining out, the sun is still out there radiating our planet with it's rays-of-doom-err-UvA/UvB.   This is why sunscreen, even on overcast or... see post
Ole Henriksen Truth Is In The Eyes - Eye Peel Concentrate
Hi    I have been using ole henriksen's eye peel for 2 weeks now religiously. I bought it to treat my dark circles. I suddenly have started noticing Fine lines/wrinkles developing under my eyes. i have never had them before, hardly 1 or 2 fine lines before. Now they seem more prominent and more fine lines developing all of a sudden.??  Has anyone experienced this?? Please help!
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Who is up for the Mac Cinderella Collection releasing tonight?What are you getting or not?
Thank you for the tip!  I was able to order a couple things my daughter wanted.  We will be decked out in Cinderella lipstick when we go see the movie next week - LOL!  ... see post
Best facial oils, why and how do you use them?
I've noticed a lot of facial oils on people want lists (for sales, for wish list).  And, amazingly many of the most coveted are around $100 and sold out on the Sephora site.  Sephora's selection of face oils also seems to have grown a lot over the past 6 to 8 months.   So, which face oils are people loving and why?  How are you using them?  They seem to work for both dry and oily skin but are certain ones seeming to work better with specific skin types?   Thanks!
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I love coconut oil.  Cheap and amazing.  That is a really good addition to this thread and it's among my favorites.  And …leaving the face…it's one of the few things tha... see post
PTR Pumpkin Enzyme Mask...
My latest skincare obsession..I absolutely love this stuff! The pumpkin mask came as part of a set of 3 masks that included a cell-renewing rose mask and a cucumber mask. Honestly the others aren't nearly as effective and if I'd known the pumpkin mask was so good I would've just purchased it alone. Nevertheless at the time the bundle was on sale for like $35 which was a great value because each mask was 1.7oz. Anyway, no store-bought item has ever felt this way on my face! I use the pumpkin mask once a week after cleaning my face and I get this amazing tingle similar to when I have a clinical peel done on my face. Not to mention the exfoliating properties are amazing considering there's no need for you to do this aggressive scrubbing to your face. I smooth it on, leave it for about 5 minutes and wash it off. My face instantly feels smoother, cleaner and looks clearer. I follow up immediately with moisturizer or I'll use the cucumber mask afterwards if my face feels a little tender. I was thinking maybe it might not be so great for someone with sensitive skin but overall I think it's amazing for someone like me who wears makeup everyday, has oily skin and enlarged & clogged pores. I hope this product never gets discontinued...did I mention it really smells like pumpkin!!   
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LOL I love that..."couldn't contain my love any longer!"    The next one I want to try is the PTR 24K Gold sounds soo luxurious! see post
i've seen this type of question asked more generally, but i wanted to ask it specific to skincare. not only is it interesting to see what has really worked for people, but it'll maybe highlight some products others are interested in trying !   so: what are specific  products that would cause you to hyperventilate were you to run out ?   mine currently are:   cleansers CLINIQUE take the day off cleansing balm NUDE SKINCARE perfect cleanse omega cleansing jelly toners (acids & hydrating) FIRST AID BEAUTY facial radiance pads (AHA) AVEDA botanical kinetics exfoliant (BHA) CAUDALIE beauty elixir (moisture) MURAD essential-c toner (moisture) oils and serums CLARINS blue orchid facial oil VICHY aqualia thermal serum (serum for dehydration) moisturizers AVEDA botanical kinetics hydrating face lotion masks (i like to have an arsenal for different purposes) REN glycol lactic radiance renewal mask (resurfacing) OLE HENRIKSEN lemon strip flash peel (resurfacing: hardcore) PETER THOMAS ROTH cucumber mask (hydrating / soothing; great for summer) FIRST AID BEAUTY ultra repair instant oatmeal mask (hydrates /soothes; fantastic for winter) FIRST AID BEAUTY skin rescue purifying mask w/ red clay (deep cleaning)   additionally, a couple products that may reach HG status soon, but need more time in my rotation: TATA HARPER replenishing nutrient complex (oil) TATCHA cleansing oil   can't believe i'm saying this but: it broke me out ????  or it was unlucky timing, but i'm too scared to keep using it. NUDE SKINCARE miracle mask (exfoliating / brightening) to be fair...i think this is a LOT to be considered truly HG. but you guys know i have a lot of steps in my daily routine, and these are tried-and-true loves of mine !   edited 2/8/15
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HALL OF FAMER greenporchlights / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I'll let you know how I like it! see post
Fresh Rose Face Mask
Hey all! So I just used a sample of the Fresh Rose Mask. My face feels super nice now and hydrated. The price is kind of steep, to me, so can any one help justify purchasing the full size or dissuade me from the full size? I want it to help my skin out in the long run, not just make it feel nice for a little bit after I take it off. Can anyone help me with the long term effects of this mask? Thanks!
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I have purchased the full size of this mask and I do feel that my skin felt smoother and more hydrated. However, I only purchased one jar as now I have switched over to ... see post
Q. Short Tips For Oily Skin
  Hi, Beauties! Armani here once again to give you some helpful tips! This is for the Beauties with oily skin. That's something no one wants at all. So I'm going to give you some tips on how to maintain oily skin.   You should use Aveeno Skin Clearifying Cleanser.   You should cleanse your face three times a day.   Stick with one cleansing product. ( Other chemicals could react to one another and results would be terrible- Experienced it).   Remove all makeup before ending the night. ( Use makeup wipes).   If using a Toner, make sure it doesn't contain alchohol.   These were just some VERY short tips for Oily Skin.  Thank you Beauties for reading this!!    
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Femin / NEWCOMER / answered
A. Great tips, read mine here:   These tips really helped me and my oily skin see post
How to not contact rosacea
I am not trying to scare anyone, but be cautious when sampling creams/serums/etc at beauty stores where everyone can dip their fingers in! Rosacea in some people is caused by Demodex mites which live on the skin and can be contagious!  Ladies and gents, be cautious - the mites are very real, microscopic but can be transferred from one person to another.  Just wanted to share so everyone takes extra precaution when sampling in store. 
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Most people have dermodex mites on their skin already. However, there is a hypothesis that some people with rosacea may have more mites but you probably won't contract r... see post
Overnight masks?
I am about to finish up my boscia tsubaki overnight sleeping mask. I love using it when my skin is particularly dry and my regular moisturizer just won't cut it. I am happy with the product, but want to try something new. Any suggestions for overnight moisturizing masks?
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Love the AmorePacific Sleeping mask, it has lasted me quite awhile too.   see post
Body Wash
I am looking for an Exfoliating Body Wash that I can use daily. Any suggestions?
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I hope you love it! see post
skin isuue
hi . i am 25 years old and i am still sufering from acne and acne scares  . i am useing the peter thomas cleanser i fell the acne is less then before but still i dont have clear skin . i went to many dermo doctors and nothing worked so now i am trying diffrent things . my skin type is combination , SENSETIVE  AND ACNE PRONE . i want something that would make my skin clear and without darkness . so can someone help me to find cream or serum or any thing .and again my skin is very sensetive . also ,my acne is not big or cystic but it's  small,tiny bumps . please help i want  a clear skin
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Hi, I have also suffered moderate to severe acne since I was a preteen and I am 26. I have used many different products and seen different dermatologists.   1. No Acne... see post
Which is more effective 100% Josie Maran argan serum or Argan Ininity Intensive creamy o
Search instead for Which is more effective for dry, mature skin 100% Josie Moran argan serum or josie maran Argan Ininity Intensive creamy oil?
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MaddieK97 / NEWCOMER / replied
I personally loveee the Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil. It works very well, especially for dry skin.  see post
Biggest Skincare Regret Purchase?
Around this past Christmas and Black Friday I spent several hundred dollars on vamping up my skincare routine, I bought lots of sets from Sephora as well as a few other companies, one of the biggest product regrets I had was changing my eye makeup remover. I tried one from Sephora, one from Caudalie, one from Fresh and I absolutely hated them all. I just ended up going back to my original form of removal which is coconut oil. However, I hate this too because its such a big jar. Sigh.    Anyone else have product nightmare stories they want to share? doesn't necessarily have to be skincare, my second biggest regret purchase was the Benefit They're Real Mascara.     
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I have tried a BHA product from Paula's Choice and it seemed to work, I felt good about using it, but I ended up switching to a different toner which seems to be doing a... see post