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Q. Is this safe to use?
Should the Nude Detox brightening fizzy powder wash have come with a seal? Did any one else's arrive this empty?
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A. That's totally normal actually.  My original bottle when it first came out was exactly like that.  It doesn't look full because it's a powder and settles.  Also, mine di... see post
Q. Cleansers with Clairsonic?
I've had a Clairsonic for years and I just love, love, love it. What cleanser do you recommend? I have always used Purity Made Simple and I have no complaints. But it's always fun to learn about something different.
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Q. what is the right cream to use
I work early mornings 2am's, 3am's sometimes even at midnight. I want to start using a cream before going to bed to keep my skin tight and young! I am 27 yrs old. please advice.
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Q. What skin care brand/products should I try?
Hello! I'm nearly done with my skincare products, and I need some help choosing! I have had a lot of pimples, black spots, pores, scarring for about 6 years now. The first time I really felt like the products I used were working I used Biotherm Biosource mousse and the toner, serum and moisturizer in the same range. At some point it stopped improving my skin, and I wanted to try something new. The cleanser felt a little bit stripping, but that was the only downside about the cleanser. It felt AMAZING on the skin otherwise. I moved on from Biotherm (even though I still love the brand and products...) and went on to using the Ole Henriksen On the go-cleanser, toner, serum and night creams. They do the job, the cleanser cleanses REALLY well (thumbs up!), but can feel a bit stripping sometimes, and I don't like the anti-aging part of the range because I'm 18 and doesn't need it yet!   Recently I started using tea tree oil on my pimples, and Lush Magnaminty mask/exfoliator. They have done wonders for my skin - love them!  So, a little bit about my skin: Combination, but more oily than dry. Have a lot of pores in the t-zone where I get oily. Get pimples all over my face, but mostly on my chin, cheekbones, and a little bit on my nose. My nose has gotten more oily the past couple of months (because of the warm weather I think...), and it's hard for me to exfoliate or wear make-up over my nose because I get dry+oily at the same time, and the makeup seperates and gets all gross.  How my skin is right now: Pretty oily. Can only use a very,very thin layer of foundation over my nose, but I dont have that many pimples, and the scarring is less visible. I finally feel comfortable (at least compared to before...) not wearing make-up. I've been thinking about Boscia or First Aid Beauty. I prefer all the products to be in the same range. I don't want something too harsh on my skin. I want something light, that will help improve my skin without doing too much, if you know what I mean. For example, I hardly ever use moisturizer on my skin (only after exfoliating, or after a long vacation and a lot of sun-exposure), and I have the softest babyskin - I never get dry skin, and I think that is because I have never been the person to use moisturizer regularly, and my skin produces everything it needs for itself. Anyway, a lot of words here! Do you guys have any recommendations for me? Thank you!
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Q. Should I purchase a Clarisonic?!
Hello all -   In high school and college, I suffered from really bad cystic and hormonal acne. I used Proactiv during that time and for the most part it helped to clear up those breakouts. However, I feel that after 5 years of using the system, my skin wasn't progressing. I now have uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, and severe post acne scarring. I also get blackheads around my nose and cheek area which are under the skin. I want to extract them, but I'm afraid of further scarring. Most days, I wear foundation (Lancome's Teint Ultra in 430 Bisque C) to conceal my uneven tone and scarring. I decided in January of this year to invest in new skincare products. I stopped using the Proactiv and switched to Clinique's Acne Solutions Kit. Along with the kit, I use the following products:    - Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer (morning and nightly) - Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 (every day before makeup application) - Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treament (2-3 times a week) - Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment (spot treatment as needed)  - Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment (1-2 times a week, sometimes right after using ExfoliKate)  - Murad Post Acne Spot Lightening Gel (nightly)  While I love all of these products, I find that now in July, my face pretty much looks the same as it did in the beginning of the year. I don't want to feel discouraged, but at the same time I want to trust that investing so much money and time in these products will yield results. I follow beauty bloggers on the Internet, and many of them rave about the Clarisonic. I've been intrigued for many months now and I'm wondering whether I should purchase it. Will this be the answer I'm looking for? Will it finally help me achieve even toned, clear, and bright skin? Can you recommend any other products that deliver visible results? Do I need to stop using one of the above products? Any skin product life savers? Any help, advice, and product recommendations would be fantastic. Thank you so much! 
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Q. Pigmented Skin
Hi all,   I am 42 and my pigmentation has darkened above my lips which makes me look as if i have a mustache.  What can i use to correct this?     Thanks, Moe412
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Q. Anyone tried "When" brand masks?
Hey there beauties! I've been researching When masks and can't decide/tell what is the main differences between them & which I should try. Of the four sold on Sephora's website (The Last Choice, Travelmate, 10:00pm, Makeup Base) I was initially drawn to Travelmate because it sounds so moisturizing, convenient for travel & great for winter months….but when I read the descriptions of the other options they all sound fairly similar. Anyone have experience with these masks & have any recommendations? Thanks!!
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Q. Skin care routine for pre teens
Getting inspiration from princesslondn's post about when you started wearing makeup,,,,, I want to ask what skin care routine is good for pre teens (9-12) and what skin care products and lines you think are gentle enough for these little ladies....p.s ...I have a 9 yr old daughter ,,, though im against makeup at this age but i definitely want to introduce her with some healthy,age appropriate skin care products.
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Q. In what order should I apply products....
I purchased the Sephora brand Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturizer this weekend.  I will be using it in the morning.  Since it contains 2% Salicylic Acid, should I use my serum before or after the moisturizer?  I want to make sure I get the full benefit of the Salicylic Acid, as I have been using the Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehavin' Medicated Acne Control Serum (which also has 2% salicylic acid).  My hopes is the Sephora moisturizer will replace the Dermadoctor, but I have to wait and see how my skin reacts! Thanks for your help!
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HALL OF FAMER wendyomgwar / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Serum before moisturizer :) see post
Q. BB cream making me break out?
I recently started using Two Faced BB cream and although I like it, I've started breaking out.  Is this common for this product?  If so, can anyone suggest a good oil free BB cream?  Thanks!!   Melissa
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Q. Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol
Is it safe to use benzoyl peroxide and retinol together? I heard they can counteract one another. If this is true, would it be ok to use them together if you wait at least a half hour? Which should go on first?
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A. Am I correct in assuming you're using both in treatment for acne? Or are you using the BP for acne and the retinol for anti-aging reasons?   If you use both, try using... see post
Q. Keeping color in winter months...
I live in the suburbs of Baltimore where it can get very cold.  I love some color in winter,( as I'm convinced tan looks better than pale, especially in the problems areas where I retain some extra weight).  It's just so exhausting to keep it up when I'm all covered up.  Anybody else live in colder climates and keep up the tan, or do you give it up for the moment?  My skin just lookS and feels so much better with a tan ;-(
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Q. Clarisonic- how often ....
How often do you charge your Clarisonic?  I leave mine in the shower and I haven't had to charge in a month, even with regular use.  Just wondering if everyone's is like that?  Should I be charging it more often to maintain the battery?
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Q. First Aid Beauty face cleanser
I just purchased this product today and used it tonight. my skin feels great but the smell is almost unbearable!! Is this normal for this product or could it be the tube I purchased is rancid?
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Q. oily uneven skintone
Is there a mask or serum that targets uneven skintone, oily, and acne prone skin? I've tried the PTR acne clearing gel but no dramatic changes have occured. Recently I've developed acne that emerges as a bump always leaving behind a scar.
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Q. skin care regimine for preventive aging-close to 40!
What are the best skin care products for someone close to 40?  I want to keep my skin fresh looking and protected!  Thanks!!
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Q. New face wash?
So I am need of a new face wash, and thought I'd ask what you guys recommend. So my skin is sensitive/normal/dry. Basically, skin care with fragrances make me break out ( just a small zit or 2, they usually go away fast) , my skin never gets oily, and it gets dry sometimes. I was using aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser, but I irritates my skin, and I'm concerned with " natural" products now. So, my price range is 0$-15$, and I really appreciate it. Thanks!  
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Q. I have to use eye drops for glaucoma , and they irritate the skin around my eyes.
 In the morning my skin around my eyes is dry and rough. Right now I use strivectin eye cream and also Shea Terra Argan Oil and Coffe Bean Oil. They help but really aren't soothing enough. Also I have little bumps that look like blocked pores. I have been to have facials with extractions, but the bumps remain. I really need a good cleanser. I use peeling pads by Phillosophy.  But they haven!t helped. I hope someone can help. I am blind and have type1 diabetes. I have a caregiver during the day and a husband of forty years. My caregiver is great and does my hair and makeup energy day.    
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Q. SO expensive but so worth it?
Ok, so aside from Clarasonic, I was wondering what's the most expensive skincare/cosmetic product that you hate because it cost SO much but you keep buying it or is saving up for it because you love it so so much!   You know, some ridiculous moisturizer like La Mer, or lip balm, or foundation, or powder.   For me, I'm curious about Koh Gen Do and SK-II products, but their skincare and powder stuff are sooo expensive.
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Q. Don't lose hope and THANK YOU!
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a thought with people who have been struggling with their skin like me.  For the past five years or so, I've been suffering from this weird acne (bumps all over face under the skin), and have tried literally everything on the market, including prescrption treatments.  THOUSANDS worth of useless products.   Even though it seems like NOTHING is working and I'm doomed, I remind myself that I WILL find a solution and I force myself to not lose hope.  I don't know what measures I'll have to take, the money I'll have to spend, or how long it will be, but I know one day that I WILL have the beautiful, clear skin that's hiding beneath this acne of mine.  I REFUSE to lose hope.   There have been so many times I've been frustrated, sad, depressed, ect.  Even moments where I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror.  But I still stay positive.  One of the things that has helped me stay positive are these boards.  All summer (while dealing with this horrific acne, recovering from foot surgery that has left me basically immobile during recovery, and adjusting to a gluten-free diet...yeah, talk about triple wammy) I have become pretty active on here in reading posts and offering my thoughts and suggestions.  It's really refreshing to know that I'm not the ONLY one who has insecurities, and it's so nice to read/hear from people just like me, rather than people who are just trying to make a sale.  So for that, I thank you.  All of you.  For being there to offer me your suggestions, inspire me to step outside my comfort zone, and remind me never to lose hope!   No matter what your battle is, don't lose hope.  When you begin to lose hope, all else fails. 
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Q. Philosophy's Take a Deep Breath V.S. Hope in a Jar?
Hey, I was recently at my local Sephora and was browsing through the skin care section, until I found the section dedicated to Philosophy products. I wanted to make a purchase but I had no idea if Hope in a Jar or Take a Deep Breath moisturizer was better for my skin type. I have oily skin all year long and am not prone to acne. My skin is actually blemish-free until around that time of the month when I get a pimple or two. Is there anyone out there who has tried them both? If so, what is your take on which moisturizer is better for my skin type? Thanks in advance!<3  
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Q. Skincare tips : weird but true
So I have some weird tips that, believe it or not, have improved my skin. Some are not that weird, some are, some are obvious but people still don't use it. Let's begin.    Choosing the right products  This is obvious, but when I started using skincare, I was clueless and made this mistake. When I saw about 3 zits on my face, I freaked and bought acne wash, gel, the like. Waste of money. My skin is dry and sensitive, not acne prone or oily (even now I have like two tiny zits that are going away soon, because I didn't do skincare stuff for like a week ) so the products irritated my skin, and I broke out more. Now I use products made for my skin type, and it works great!  Skin super foods   so these are foods that help skin majorly : green tea, it has so many antioxidants, and tastes great ! Ever since i was little, i always drank green tea, unsweetened ( even healthier ) since my mom loved it.. Water ;  yeah so beyond knows this but few listen to it. Drink water, two cups a day ( 4 fl.oz. to a cup, i think or maybe 2 f.loz.)  face mask ingredients to look out for  chocolate :    some brands sell chocolate masks, or make a mask yourself with cocoa powder in it 9 youtube bubzbeauty, she has great diy skin tutorials, including a chocolate one) but chocolate has great thingamabobs in it to fight oily skin and zits.  Rice or rice flour  once again, bubzbeauty did a tutorial on this, check it out. she knows more than me  oatmeal  again, bubzbeauty, she is like skincare magician.  oily skin tips  have oily skin or zits in forehead ? the oil from your bangs could be transfering to your skin.  try to use less freasy hair products or pin up your bangs  moustrize, your skin may be oily beacause it is dry. when your skin is dry and it is not moustrizied, it produces oil to moustrize.  the zit tips  so use a clarisonic if your skin is really bad, so many people with acne credit it for clearing up their skin.  also, don't put makeup on your zits. the makeup might clog  it. if you have a week off school or work, try not wear makeup all week long, or only when you go out. then when you get home, remove all makeup and maybe put a clay mask on areas with zits.  using bare minerals ? had no zits befire using and now have acne? some people are really allergic to the stuff in mineral makeup.  try not to change up skincare a lot. it will makeup your skin breakout since it is not yet used to the new prodcuts.     
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Q. What do you sacrifice for beauty?
Have you ever stop doing something you love or eating your favorite food because it's better for your skin?   We all know that certain food are bad for certain skin types...fried/greasy food, diary products, spicy food etc. But I can't, I LOVE food. I'm willing to dilligently put SPF on in the morning and spend 10min at night for skincare no matter how tired I am. I'm willing to not touch my face, wipe my cell phone clean and change my pillow case regularly. But. I. can't. cut. spicy. food. I can go without fried or diary food for a couple month if I want, but I cannot cut spicy food out. Garlic? Onion? jalapenos? they are the stuff of life! I love them cooked and I love them raw....and I know they definitely give me's like telling me to choose between good food and good skin and it's just...well, I was just wondering if anyone have faced this difficult decision, challenge to your self discipline, whatever you want to call it.
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Q. What will be a good toner and a good am moisturizer with spf for sensitive acne-prone skin?
Ive had sensitive skin but never had break-outs before not even during my teenage years, but eversince i moved to san francisco 2 years ago which is cooler and less humid from where i came from i started breaking out so badly!   The break-outs wer controllable for awhile and i only get them atleast once a month but because ive gotten crazy over my skincare routine i noticed that my skin became worst, i now have a lot of break-outs on my forehead, cheeks, lots of blackheads and darkspots from my previous acne. also now i have dry combination acne-prone sensitive skin.    I am happy with my current skincare, i am using a cleanser with 2% salicylic acid, exfoliate 3-4 times a week, and a gel based moisturizer at night but i cant seem to find a good toner and an am moisturizer with spf thats fit for my skin type... ive read some very good reviews on shiseido, josie maran, and murad. But i dont know which brand will be most helpful for my skin-type. Also aside from my acne, i wanna treat my darkspots as well.
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Q. Sagging mouth to chin area
I lost weight due to illness.  Now I have extreme sagging from mouth area to chin.  I've tried several good products but can't seem to find the right one.  Help.   Thanks   Kendall Malloy
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Q. clarisonic?
So my skin isn't really that bad, I never breakout or get oily, the worst thing about my skin is it's sensitive, and dry. That being said, I have to be careful about my skincare, sometimes it's not gentle and irritates my skin. So I was wondering, for someone with my skin type, would the clarisonic be good or just really harsh? Basically, should I splurge and buy it?
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Q. Make products last. Fridge or no fridge?
I like to "stock up" on skincare products, samples and perfumes. However, my apartment doesn't have AC and can get to be ~80-90 degrees during the day---which is fine for my powder make up, but wouldn't too hot temperature make moisturizers or perfume spoil since they always say to store them in a "dry and cool place"? I can store them in the fridge, but fridge is ~40 degrees, and I'm not sure if very low temperature is bad for them, too? especially perfumes and serums that have lots of vitamins and special ingredients?   What are your thoughts? I know things can go bad when temperature is too high (how high is too high?), but have your skincare, make up or perfume ever went bad because it's too cold or being stored in the fridge?
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Q. What are you guilty of? (beauty-wise)
You know there are things you should do but don't do, like not removing make up at night etc. What beauty sins are you guilty of? Also, what beauty sins are you proudly not guilty of?   My sin is scrubbing/rubbing too hard. I know you don't HAVE to really rub the scrubs in, but then it's like what's the point of using scrubs then? and I don't realize I used too much force until my face hurt when I rinse. And since I paid for those expensive eye cream, I obviously have to make absolutely sure they soak into my skin by rubbing really really well until it's all gone (don't do this, you are suppose to pat gently).   My prevention/good point is I never sleep with makeup. I have Yes to Cucumber wipes so any time I'm too lazy to do the 3-4 step face washing (short naps, or going to bed at 3am), I just use the wipe then go to bed. I've got oily combo skin so I can get away with it. If you've got dry skin, you should use a moisturizer or moisturzing spray after this.
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Q. SPF kit
I just wanna say that I absolutely love the summer SPF kit this year! So many useful items, I didn't find one I won't use. I had to order online since my sephora didn't have it out yet...but my fav is the dr jorts bb cream, and the full size self tanner- although I forgot who it's by at the moment. The Kate Somerville face tanning towel didn't hurt either. And it comes in a reusable box, kinda like a caboodle, but no shelving and clear. I'll keep nail polishes in there when I empty it out. yay yay! I def like whe packaging is useful instead of throw away.
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