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My body is all different colors Smiley Frustrated My back and neck and arms are much darker than my front and face. I exfoliate, moisturize and take multivitamins. Anyone know of any methods that work on the entire body to lighten naturally?



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It could be caused by maybe not wearing spf if you spend a of time outside. One thing that I do to even out my color is use a self tanning mousse like St. Tropez. It gives you just the right amount of color and looks very natural when you wash it off. The best part about this self tanner is that it also smells really nice. It is something that I use on a weekly basis. It is so much safer than the sun and its effects. Sometimes it is genetic, where you have high amounts of melanin on your skin in various parts of your body. 

Hope this helps.



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It's actually quite natural for some people to be lighter around the back or the arms and the face to be lighter!  you don't exactly have to lighten your face. You can go with foundation in your normal skin color and use some bronzer to warm up your face and just give it the even skin color effect. It's actually quite common to have a lighter face!

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