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ok, so i've been thinking of what 'angle' to take for this thread. i'm not talking anything too hardcore, here. but i figured it could be a thread that inspires and informs the little "treats" we can give to our skin with the products a lot of us have at home.   with the massive shift in weather this past week, my skin freaked out. it was so, so thirsty, as the cool air mixed with dry blasts of hot hair sucked all the moisture out. it was a double whammy for me because this cold front coincided with my skin's most vulnerable time of the month (if ya catch my drift).   so when i got home from work yesterday, to work. i wanted to hydrate hydrate hydrate, and soooothe. this is what i used:     took makeup off with a balm. shown here is my usual clinique take the day off balm--i ended up using my boots botanics balm as it's just a bit more rich, which is what i wanted for these purposes. any balm would do though ! removed with warm water and a washcloth. dried skin then second cleansed with an oily non-foamy cleanser. my current FAVORITE cleanser, NUDE  omega jelly. god i love it. massaged for a couple minutes then rinsed. (not pictured, but) i think did a VERY LIGHT exfoliation to ensure my skin was rid of any dead skin hanging about after being dried out. i used AVEDA botanical kinetics exfoliant (a liquid with salicylic acid) PETER THOMAS ROTH cucumber mask. what i love about this mask is how soothing it is. it's NOT hardcore. i put this on then proceeded to watch a movie or something. you can leave it on for as long as you'd like. i think i had it on for 30-45 minutes. then i took it off with lukewarm water and a wash cloth. my skin already felt so. much. better. i then used my new murad hydrating toner. i could've used this before the mask. but what's cool about it is that it helps your skin retain moisture as well as help balance pH levels. but any sort of hydrating toner / floral spritz would do. (caudalie beauty elixir, a rose water, etc) serum. i wanted to use a "hydra" serum--any sort of serum that helps with retaining water. i used this vichy aqualia thermal. caudalie s.o.s thirst quenching serum is also fantastic. oil -- i used my beloved clarins blue orchid oil. i put it on my drier cheeks, but actually...i also used it for a bit of spot treatment. i was getting a pimple below my lip, and now, no more pimple ! moisturizer. as my skin was severely dehydrated (rather than dry) i used my aveda botanical kinetics moisturizer: the first ingredient is water (hydrating) and the second ingredient is aloe (soothing).  hours later i spritzed some beauty elixir and applied more moisturizer before bed. and today my skin is back to normal !!   so...this is a sort of routine you can loosely follow (plug in whatever products into the steps) if you're skin is needing a bit of help with feeling tight / dry / thirsty.   i'd like this to be a sort of thread people can use for a reference to see others' product recommendations or methods. all skins are different, so what are your tricks ?
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It helped immensely. Hours after applying it other nights, I could see places where it was still sitting on top of my skin. I'd wipe it off before going to bed to preven... see post
What changes are you making in your skincare regime for autumn/winter? :)
Hey BT gals,   Now that cooler weather's approaching (well, at least in some parts of the country), what are the changes you are looking to make in your skincare regime to make it more season-friendly? Do mention the products you are loving at the moment. Here are some of mine:   - Amping up on face oils at night: TH Replenishing Nutrient Complex is quickly becoming a fave. - Increasing the hydration quotient - by using hydrating serums everyday, more hydrating masks during the week. The Caudalie Vinoperfect serum has been great in that respect since it feels quite hydrating although that's not it's main function. On the mask front, loving the sheet masks from Hada Labo for a boost of hyaluronic acid. - Sunscreen (always a must) - Slathering on lip balms: particularly love the Kari Gran Lip whip at night, and Jack Black during the day. - Thicker body lotions, butters: Currently loving the Sleep range from B&BW. Also eyeing the JM body butters for when the winter seriously kicks in. - Body oils: I love using Jojoba oil on my body at least once a week. Moisturizing w/o feeling greasy. - Burning more candles: Ok, this is not beauty related, but does help to set the mood   Let's hear what changes you've made to your routine!
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I love adding in facial oils at night as well. That's usually enough for hydration and I can still keep using my regular moisturizer :) see post
Revision skincare's nectifirm.
Hi, has anyone used Revision skincare's nectifirm? Is it any good? any other products from them that good as well?
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Sticky Solution?
Several of my otherwise wonderful nighttime skincare products leave a sticky film on my face. It's been kind of driving me nuts. So I've been dusting my face with baby powder, but I'm wondering if that counts as sleeping in makeup in terms of undoing the good my skin care products do.  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? 
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That's a really good idea, moving my routine earlier.  I'll definitely try that tonight.  Thanks! see post
Finding a "parabens-free, fragrance-free, and not too many alcohol" skin care products
here is a little background of me: my skin type is (very) oily, acne-prone and very sensitive. I can get irritated or break out easily if I use a product that contains too many alcohol, fragrance and parabens.   I am all about 100% organic products. I really3x want to find a skin care product which contains no parabens and fragrance. For more specific, I'm searching for moisturizer and serum. Any suggestion or recommendation?
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Skincare Questions
Has anyone here tried anything from the **bleep**+ Fab line of skincare I wnt to try a couple things from their line. I just want to know if anyone else has any experience with this brand ?    Thank you!! 
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Of course!  Just rechecked my delivery date and it's actually not going to be here until Wednesday. Boo! So don't think I've forgotten - it's just going to take a littl... see post
Clarisonic + Oil Cleansers?
Question for those of you who use a Clarisonic or similar cleansing brush. I like using an oil or cream-to-oil cleanser every once in a while. But as we all know, many oil based cleansers can leave a bit of a residue on the face.  I am concerned that an oil cleanser would also leave a residue on the brush/bristles. Has anyone used an oil based cleanser with a cleansing brush, and have you noticed any residue? If so, what's the best way to deal with it - just wash with hand soap? Thanks in advance!
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kb810 / FRESH FACE / replied
I do the oil cleansing method with my Clarisonic.  After, I clean the brush after with a little bit of castile soap.  It gets it really clean! see post
My thoughts on GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment
First, about me: I have very oily, acne-prone skin, and I'm 46 years old.   I bought it on Amazon because it was way cheaper. First impression is that I really like it. It dried up my pimples with the first mask, and it soaked up the oil on my skin.   I will say that it's very drying, so if you have dry skin, this probably isn't the product for you. Also, it's pretty strong, so wash your face with a mild face wash beforehand -- no acne wash or anything like that.   You only need to apply a thin layer of it. It does have pieces of leaves in it, which can seem strange, but really if it works, who cares?   I kept it on for 20 minutes -- the max recommended. And when I washed it off, I then applied my Eminence Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer.   I've used it most days since I've gotten it, but I see myself using it regularly a few times a week in the future.   Bottom line: I will be adding this as a permanent part of my skincare regime.   Everyone's skin is different, so really what works for me may not work for someone else. t-P376409  
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sadafjan / FRESH FACE / replied
Hi. So I just got this mask but sadly it didn't work for me. Can I return it to sephora or no? see post
Juicing for Clear Skin (and Health)
I've seen several individuals recently mention that juicing has helped their skin.  I was wondering if anyone would like to share recipes and/or recommendations as far as what has worked for them.  I'm also really curious about how much  to drink each day.   I've had a NutriBullet for about 6 months and I've been off and on about using it.  I was really good in January then fell off the wagon.  Over the next week I'm really hoping to get into the habit of juicing every day and eating healthier.  I'm off work four days next week, so I thought it would be a good time to concentrate on starting some healthful habits.   Thanks!
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HALL OF FAMER kellsmuneoka / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Wow thatʻs great! I know that juicing is great for your skin and health. Iʻm going to try juicing (as a routine) because I used to make smoothies everyday but Iʻd be so ... see post
What's the difference between a moisturizer and emulsion
Can you please tell me what the difference is between a moisturizer and an emulsion. Thank you. 
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I believe emulsion and lotion tend to be used interchangeable, depending on the brand. Moisturizers are generally categorized as lotions or cream depending on their cons... see post
What are your current Top 5 Masks?
Hi all,   I enjoy using face masks quite a bit but tend to mostly stick to a few that I really like and have been using for a while. I just wanted to hear what others love using so perhaps I could venture into those? Please list your skin type ,  5  of your top masks and write a little about  why  you like them, and how frequently you use them.   I'll start (have only 4 though!)   Skin Type: Normal, erring on the dry, dehydrated side Origins Active Charcoal Mask:  I feel this really cleans my pores well, and typically use this at least once a week.   Origins Drink Up Intensive:  Love the hydration it provides without feeling extremely weighty. I can easily use this couple of times a week even in the summer as a sleeping mask. I skip my night cream when I use this.   Korres Vitamin C + Rose Advanced Brightening Facial: This may not be a typical mask but I kind of think of it as a sleeping mask/facial. I've recently started using this and love the brightening effects it provides. Not hydrating enough for my skin so I use a face oil on top.   Sephora Pearl Mask: Provides a nice brightening effect.
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Hey twistedsoda, I meant to reply to this long back but it just slipped off my mind. One of the masks I love for plumping up my face are these Hyaluronic Sheet masks fro... see post
Any advice for blackheads??
Hey guys. So within the past month I've noticed some blackheads on my nose- and they could've been there for months and I just noticed them- but then again I'm not sure.. I've never had trouble with acne in my entire life.  But thankfully I have a deluxe samples size of the Boscia Detoxifying Black cleanser, and I also exfoliate every other morning. That seems to be helping but my questions are, what causes blackheads? I've heard its a pretty common issue, so I'm not that worried about it, but I still want to get rid of them. And I also wanted to ask if you can thoroughly get rid of blackheads? (meaning they wont come back?) And this might sound like a dumb question- but can be any chance exercising and sweating cause blackheads? I recently started exercising and soon after started noticing the them. Thanks so much for anyone who can answer!
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thank you!!!:D see post
SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Hello, has anybody used the new SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil. If yes, did you like it? what are the benefits you had from using it?  
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TIP: If you've never used a product with retinol before DO NOT use it every night! Retinol is very strong and will cause redness, irritation, and even break outs if you'... see post
GlamGlow Supercleanse Reaction
Hi! So, I've been trying a sample of the GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser since I'm in the market for a new cleanser. I have combination/oily/sensitive skin and my chin gets easily congested (I know it's hormonal based and I am taking birth control for it, but it still gets congested). I can get cystic pimples pretty easily there. After using it for 3-4 days at night only, I've been getting a pretty bad reaction to it. My whole face burns, and bumps are appearing on my face with some white heads too. The area around my lips also became super dry. Anyone else have this kind of reaction to it? I've also been trying Thirstycleanse and that hasn't given me any reaction at all, it's quite nice actually.
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Crashmomma / FRESH FACE / replied
I attended the Glamglow in-store event this past weekend and got a Supercleanse facial. By monday my face was pink with dry flakey skin. I seem to have less blemishes, b... see post
Is my eye cream expired?
I purchased the Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate during the VIB -15% sale in April; however, I haven't started using it yet (I already had another one in rotation).    While I have not used the eye cream yet (or touched it), I remember the Cast Member helping me opened it to see if it was sealed (I specifically asked if it would be okay if I didn't start using it for another 6-8 months so she checked). There was a little lid below the main lid but it wasn't actually sealed.    I didn't think much of it at the time as she told me it wouldn't be a problem if I stored it in a dry, dark place until I was ready to use it. In the meantime, I haven't opened it again, and have it organized in my closet; however, I am now wondering if her opening it once was enough for it to oxidize or go bad in the last 6 months. For an $85 eye cream, I'm hoping it didn't expire untouched...   Was opening it once enough to affect it?     Thanks for the advice!  ♡♡        
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I would look at check cosmetics website (Google it) and type in the batch number to see when it was manufactured. It will give you a date saying it is good until ___. Or... see post
New Sephora Favorites Set: Soko to Tokyo
I spotted this new sephora favorites set while in store today. I don't see it online yet, but wanted to share!   It's $40 and this is what's inside:   amore pacific treatment enzyme peel botanical exfoliator (0.2 oz) belif the true cream aqua bomb (0.34 fl oz) boscia exfoliating peel gel (1fl oz) dr. jart+ ceramidin cream (0.17 fl oz) dr. jart+ premium beauty balm spf 45 in medium/dark (0.17 fl oz) erborian creme scrub aux 7 herbes (0.5 fl oz) sk-ii facial treatment essence (1 fl oz) skin inc pure deepsea hydrating mask (0.68 fl oz)   (p.s. sorry the pic is sideways! mine always seem to post like that)  
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Seemed like a good value for the points and it is so stinkin' cute.  That motivates me more than it probably should! see post
Vine Vera Skin Care...Any Opinions?
Today I went to the Houston Galleria for a bit of Nordie shopping and Ritz sight seeing. I got pulled into a Vine Vera boutique and was suckered....ahem, I mean....sold on their exfoliator, moisturizer and eye serum. The price tag was pretty hefty and if it wasn't for the BOGO which brought it closer to my level I would have laughed myself out the door. My all my skin care search I have never heard of this brand. Is anyone familiar with it or did I just become a very expensive guinea pig?
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I lasted 3 weeks and posted a quick review on the "Trialing" board. Basically the moisturizer is alright but nowhere near good enough for that price. Also if you acciden... see post
Cheek reaction
For the past month or so, I have had a strange bumpy texture on the lower part of my cheeks. The bumps are slightly pink at times, but I do not think it is rosacea. I have tried treating them as though they are acne - including using my clarisonic, and that hasn't helped. I cannot think of any new product I am using that would aggravate my skin, and I always clean my brushes. Could these just be clogged pores or something? I do plan on seeing a dermatologist... just wanted to post it here as well. I'm including a photo! Thanks in advance.  
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nattygirl,   The Bobbi Brown cream is good.  I use Philosophy Purity cleanser as it has worked the best of the many I have tried.  Although not perfect, it works.  It ... see post
i've seen this type of question asked more generally, but i wanted to ask it specific to skincare. not only is it interesting to see what has really worked for people, but it'll maybe highlight some products others are interested in trying !   so: what are specific  products that would cause you to hyperventilate were you to run out ?   mine currently are:   cleansers CLINIQUE take the day off cleansing balm (makeup removal) NUDE SKINCARE perfect cleanse omega cleansing jelly (skin cleanser) toners (acids & hydrating) FIRST AID BEAUTY facial radiance pads (AHA) CLINIQUE clarifying lotion -- MILD (BHA; this one contains no alcohol) CAUDALIE beauty elixir (moisture) MURAD essential-c toner (moisture) oils and serums CLARINS blue orchid facial oil TATA HARPER nutrient replenishing complex (oil) VICHY aqualia thermal serum (serum for dehydration) MURAD rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum (for, obviously, pigment lightening) moisturizers AVEDA botanical kinetics hydrating face lotion masks (i like to have an arsenal for different purposes) REN glycol lactic radiance renewal mask (resurfacing) OLE HENRIKSEN lemon strip flash peel (resurfacing: hardcore) PETER THOMAS ROTH rose stem cell mask (hydrating / soothing / toning / brightening) FIRST AID BEAUTY ultra repair instant oatmeal mask (hydrates /soothes; fantastic for winter) FIRST AID BEAUTY skin rescue purifying mask w/ red clay (deep cleaning)   additionally, a couple products that may reach HG status soon, but need more time in my rotation: TATA HARPER replenishing nutrient complex (oil) added ! TATCHA cleansing oil   can't believe i'm saying this but: it broke me out ????  or it was unlucky timing, but i'm too scared to keep using it. NUDE SKINCARE miracle mask (exfoliating / brightening)** i love this mask. i don't think it'll be HG though as i generally prefer the REN. they're pretty interchangeable though. i consider it a very close 1st runner up ! i like it but it's not HG status. would repurchase, though. CLINIQUE clarifying lotion--the MILD formula (no alcohol / contains BHA)  added ! (replaced aveda exfoliant / BHA option on my list) KATE SOMERVILLE goats milk moisturizer  to be fair...i think this is a LOT to be considered truly HG. but you guys know i have a lot of steps in my daily routine, and these are tried-and-true loves of mine !   edited 9/12/15
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I love this thread!   Cleanser Balm-ey/Oil based - This is one of my fav parts of my routine, but I love them all equally and for different reasons: Erno Laszlo Pheli... see post
SEPHORA Collection Sleeping Masks
Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has used the sleeping mask from the Sephora Collection. I want to know, because the instructions say to rinse off any excess in the morning, if people dont wash their faces when they wake up. I wash my face with my clarisonic every morning or else I feel gross, so I dont know if youre supposed to do that with these masks or not. I dont think I would be able to not wash my face in the morning. 
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Sleep masks are essentially amped up, richer moisturizers, so yes, you should be fine with utilizing your Clarisonic to assist with cleansing in the morning.   Since s... see post
What is the best face cleansing machine at a modest price?
Can you detail out your specific budget or price range you'd like to stay within? This way recommendations can made from a broader scope of retailers and not just from b... see post
marula oil? The good bad and ugly?
I got this is in a Birchbox. Anyone have an experience with it?
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I love marula oil!  I use the little rollerball under my eyes, then use concealer.  It gives concealer just a little slip, so it's easier to blend.  And it doesn't affec... see post
Travel Skincare
Hello! I am a woman in my twenties with combination skin . I have random break outs and redness in the T-zone. I have been religiously using Clinique's 3-step system, but I have recently substituted the toner for a toner with tea tree oil. While the skin care regimen has been starting to clear up my skin within the last 3 weeks, I recently went on a road trip and stayed in a hotel which for some reason caused me to break out again. I continued my skin care regimen, but all of the dry air in the hotel and humidity/polution in the city really caused be to break out. Any travel skin care suggestions?   XOXO  Sarah
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Sarah - I travel for a living and can totally relate to your questions!  This isn't necessarily completely product related, but if you do a lot of travel, a few suggesti... see post
Skin Care Recomendations- Dry/Oily Acne Prone
Just a bit of a back story- I have oily acne prone skin. After months of experimenting with skincare products I  finally was able to clear up most of the acne. For a month I had the best skin of my life, it was hydrated and not super oily with the occasional pimple that I could get rid of in 2 days.   A while ago I got the deluxe sample of the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil. I started using the night I received it. I used it for about 5 days and I noticed that the area on the sides of my nose had a dry patch on both sides. I could tell because my foundation would cling to that area and it didnt look smooth anymore, my face had texture where I didnt have it before. By the 7th day for the first time ever my skin felt dry and tight, even after I moisturized. I could apply enough moisturizer, my skin would just soak it up. Apart from being dry it would still get oily in my tzone through out the day.     I realized that the Luna sleeping oil was the only thing that I had really changed in my routine and stopped using immediately. My skin has not been able to recover since. It doesnt feel tight but it still looks very dry and it showed when I applied makeup. My foundation clings and cracks on the sides of where nostrils are and looks really dry. The texture really never disappeared but it did subside a bit. I increased my water intake and stop using a bunch of my acne products that would dry out my skin in hopes of it helping, but I cant seem to get it to the state it was before.    Did this happen to anyone else using luna oil??   What are some product recomendations for people with dehydrated/oily/acne prone skin? 
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IT GIRL StellarMe / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Luna Sleeping Oil has retinoids in it and they can cause dryness. When my skin feels super dry, I use Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. It is a gel-cream t... see post
Best/Top Skin Care Products for Glowing/Moisturizing/Pore Minimizing Complexion
Hey everyone! I am 21 and am looking for skin care products that improve my skin...something that evens out my skin tone, adds a natural glow/dew, enhances moisturization, and minimizes pores. Any recommendations for skin care products that improve natural skin and result in a flawless complexion? There are so many choices out there, I'm having a hard time choosing products. I have dark spots from post acne(uneven skin tone), light/medium skin, and normal(not too dry not too oily) skin. I would love to start going au natural for some days during the week and starting a healthy skin care regime. Let me know some of your favorite skin care products!
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HALL OF FAMER amberangeline / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I suffer from pretty severe post-acne marks/scars and I love using Korres Wild Rose Scrub each morning and the Korres Brightening Sleeping Facial a few nights each week.... see post
Updated Skincare Routines
Hey there,   A few days ago, I asked for some advice regarding morning and skincare routine. I've updated my routine and just wanted to confirm that I got the order of the steps right. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!   Morning Skincare Routine: Cleanser:  On the Go Cleanser by Ole Henriksen Toner:  Pick Me Up Tonic by Ole Henriksen Day Serum:  Truth Serum by Ole Henriksen Eye Cream w/ SPF:  Total Truth by Ole Henriksen Moisturizer w/ SPF:  Truth Revealed by Ole Henriksen Lip Balm w/ SPF:  Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen by Fresh   Night Skincare Routine: Cleanse w/ Wipes:  The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths by Ole Henriksen Cleanser : On the Go Cleanser by Ole Henriksen Toner:  Pick Me Up Tonic by Ole Henriksen Exfoliator (2x a week):  GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser by Origins Face Mask (2x a week):  Clear Improvement by Origins Night Serum:  Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder Eye Cream:  Advanced Night Repair Eye by Estee Lauder Moisturizer:  Revitalizing Supreme by Estee Lauder Lip Exfoliator:  Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh Lip Balm:  Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment by Fresh  
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Great!! Thank you so much!! :) see post
My Skincare Routine
So a bit about my skin... I have typical teenage acne prone skin. Its not as bad as what you think but with the occasional spot.. Im really bad at picking and squeezing my face - leaving it red. Any suggestions?  Ok.. so below is my skin regimen below   Personally I enjoy using 2 different cleansers morning and night. In the morning I use Papulex - targeted for acne prone skin. Whereas at night I am loving Herbalism by LUSH. I like using Herbalism at night because it also exfoliates my skin but is not to harsh for my skin. Then I use the tea tree toner from LUSH which closes my pores and refreshens - morning and night after cleanse. Then I moisturise --> again.. I use an oil - free moisturizer by Papulex which I use morning and night which isn't too thick on my face. Once a week I use my vibrating cleansing/exfoliating brush to get rid of the excess oil and dirt on my face following up with a steam and then using my AESOP mask 'anti blemish'. Im really interested in trying ocean salt by LUSH and think I should pick up a sample when I go there next. Do you recommend it? Also the origins gin zing eye cream? What about LUSH's suncreams (personally I worry about putting extra oils on my face throughout the day which may not be needed) Let me know if I could improve this in any way xoxo
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HALL OF FAMER cherrybombtastic / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
The common denominator I see is the LUSH products. I would say trying using products with ceramides, if you're using acne products that dry out your skin, because over t... see post
Morning and Night Skin Care Routine
Hi:   I'm just starting to get into skincare simply because I'm only now beginning to understand the importance of it all! I'm posting today to see if anyone could advise me on whether I am properly doing my skin care routine in the appropriate order.   I'm twenty-one years old with normal to oily skin. I don't really have any issues with my face other than the typical and occasional under eye dark circles from sleepless nights.    Here's my current morning and night skin care routines:   Morning Skin Care Routine: Cleanser:  On the Go Cleanser by Ole Henriksen Toner:  Pick Me Up Tonic by Ole Henriksen Day Serum:  Truth Serum by Ole Henriksen Eye Cream w/ SPF:  Total Truth by Ole Henriksen Moisturizer w/ SPF:  Truth Revealed by Ole Henriksen   Night Skin Care Routine: Cleanse w/ Wipes: The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths by Ole Henriksen Cleanser : On the Go Cleanser by Ole Henriksen Toner:  Pick Me Up Tonic by Ole Henriksen Exfoliator (2x a week):  GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser by Origins Face Mask (2x a week):  Clear Improvement by Origins Night Serum: Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder Eye Cream:  Advanced Night Repair Eye by Estee Lauder Moisturizer:  Revitalizing Supreme by Estee Lauder   Thank you, Asma H. 
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Yes I have never been attracted to Clinique either. My mum has always told me that the products in it arent very good and dry out your skin easily.  see post
extremely dry face and eyes what can i use?
I just move in to Canada and is really dry here in Calgary my face is really oily on the T zone and dry on the rest of the face and really dry under the eyes what products you recommend? by the way I have a bit of acne so I've using a cream that contains 0.1% of benzoyl peroxide for it due to dermatologist prescription back home.     thanks
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I'd recommend a dedicated eye cream for the under-eye area. I am currently trying out the Murad Hydro-Dynamic Moisture eye cream and really enjoying it. Have also heard ... see post
After-workout skin
Hey Beauties,   After a super-sweaty workout, I notice that my skin is pretty sensitive. Meaning that I need to use a really mild face wash and then a lighter moisturizer than I normally do. So I've been using Neutrogena products. AND my skin likes BB cream post-workout vs. putting foundation back on. If I do my regular skincare routine after working out, I notice my skin gets a bit irritated. Has anyone else experienced this? Below are pics of what I use after I work out:            
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No. Sorry, I think I wasn't clear. Those are the products I use because they are gentle and don't bother my after-workout skin. see post