Your oddballs? the hype that doesn't work or the shunned product that works for you
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You know how there's some product everybody loves except for you, and some product that everybody hates or don't care for but you love? Do you have those? what are they?


For me, I don't see the point of buying brown sugar scrubs. When you take away all the parabens and bad stuff, you are left with ingredients that you can buy at any store (and it's fresher if you make it yourself).

L'Occitane shea butter hand cream - oh the hypes, but I find it to be no better than any other like Nivea or St. Ives etc.

DDF Amplifying elixir - After reading reviews, it seems I'm the only one who look...more haggard after using this. =/

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hype that doesn't work:


hope in a jar - seriously, thanks for the breakouts jerks.
urban decay primer potion - creased, messy, gross and super expensive for something so useless.

clinique skincare lines - it was so fragranced and oily to me on my hands that i didn't even want to try it on my face. 

urban decay naked palette (1 and 2) - extremely pricey for colors that don't complement me or my sister (we're both opposite ends of the skintone spectrum). too faced does it better for half the price.


diamonds in the rough:


tanda zap - love love love

ole henriksen three little wonders - a lot of mixed reviews on this, negative from top BT posters. tried it, instant results and loved.


Hi!  I know a lot of people loved and swore by Hope in a Jar-when I got a sample, the smell was so strong and awful that I couldn't take it (like sunscreen combined with lots of other chemicals), and it didn't hydrate enough for my skin.  

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The NONO! Talk about a ton of money for a product that just gathers dust on my shelf!


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One of mine is Mally Volumizing Mascara. It is okay when you first put it on, but nothing special, My Biggest Issue with this mascara is that it flakes like crazy. Last week I opened a brand new tube put it on at 11am, by 230pm when I looked in the mirror, FLAKES!!!! In just 3 1/2 hrs, and I don't know how long before that it started flaking (make sense?)I;m super fair skinned so that makes it even more obvious.  I have about 5+ tubes of it left. :smileysad:

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capture totale one essential by dior. everyone seems to love it, and i've had sephora sales associates tell me that it's life changing, but it didn't do anything for me, aside from causing a little breakout. i was so disappointed! it has almost 5 stars on sephora website -- all dior products do. i wonder if people just really believe the hype?

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Agreed on the brown sugar.  Twenty dollars for lip exfoliant or a few dollars with ingredients found at home. 


Philosophy Hope in a Jar.  Not for sensitive skin or moisturizing at all.  One of the worst adult breakouts I've had after using a product. About to add the philosophy bath and lotion products due to it most likely being the cause of cracked wrists and itchy skin.  Went away when I went back to my usual bath and body items.


Clinique items cause little red underbumps on the skin and zero hydration. 


First Aid Beauty - Not very hydrating either.  Decent for sensitivity but it does not hold up in dry climates too well. They used to have a tinted moisturizer that smelled like hot dogs. I could not get over the smell for some particular reason.


Lancome Visonnaire- A fancy bottle of product for no results (negative or positive).  Maybe if I was cosmetics and beauty historical collector, I would buy the bottle.


For some reason, I have seen articles and information attributed that milk (cow's) is not good for the skin.  It never really impacted my skin in a bad way.


I am surprised not to see too many mentions of bliss products on BT.  I find that their bath products are delightful and enjoy the masks.  

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For me, it would have to be the Philosphy Purity Made Simple cleanser.  I received a sample of this when I made my very first purchases at Sephora last December.  This was a product I wanted to love so much based on the great reviews I read.  But I was the odd one out because it simply didn't work for me.  The first couple of days, it worked perfectly on my oily, acne prone skin.  But when I continued to use it, my skin became irritated, itchy and overly dry.  However, it does double as a great brush cleaner in a pinch.  


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Urban Decay primer potion - works okay but dulls down many of my eyeshadows and sometimes things don't blend as nicely

NARS orgasm blush - has always given me minimal color payoff and lots of glitter and I'm fair skinned

Revlon lip butters - I don't hate them but they have a nice texture and that's about it for the ones I've tried. I have candy apple and think it's wonderful but that's it. Glitter in lipstick bothers me and the shades strike me as not great and I really hate the tacky packaging

Laura Mercier finishing powder - the texture isn't amazing relative to other powders I have tried and it didn't do anything special

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes - some of them can be quite powdery or have minimal color payoff. The shades themselves are often stunning but the product payoff is just mediocre


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For me Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation. It does not cover as well as people seem to think my Estee Lauder is better.

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