What will be a good toner and a good am moisturizer with spf for sensitive acne-prone skin?
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Ive had sensitive skin but never had break-outs before not even during my teenage years, but eversince i moved to san francisco 2 years ago which is cooler and less humid from where i came from i started breaking out so badly!


The break-outs wer controllable for awhile and i only get them atleast once a month but because ive gotten crazy over my skincare routine i noticed that my skin became worst, i now have a lot of break-outs on my forehead, cheeks, lots of blackheads and darkspots from my previous acne. also now i have dry combination acne-prone sensitive skin. 


I am happy with my current skincare, i am using a cleanser with 2% salicylic acid, exfoliate 3-4 times a week, and a gel based moisturizer at night but i cant seem to find a good toner and an am moisturizer with spf thats fit for my skin type... ive read some very good reviews on shiseido, josie maran, and murad. But i dont know which brand will be most helpful for my skin-type. Also aside from my acne, i wanna treat my darkspots as well.

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Hiya Liezt - I have acne prone skin with mild rosacea.  The combo that I am using right now, which I love, for morning is: Kate Sommerville Clarifying toner and Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30.  The Murad C is great b/c of the relatively high spf for a moisturizer and b/c the vit C has brightening properties, i.e. for  those dark spots for previous acne  (though admitedly that results will take a while to see).  I like the Kate Sommerville Toner b/c it helps combat acne (and also claims to help with brightening skin), but DOES NOT contain alcohol, so its pretty safe for senstive skin. 


I know you had said you are pretty happy with rest of your  regime, but just FYI, in case your interested or are curious as to how the products I mentioned mix with the other things I use, at night I alternate between PTR Retinol PM Fusion and Murad Lightening Gel as a treatment, followed by a simple moisturizer and a spot treatment (Clinque Emergency Lotion-Gel) as needed. So far my skin is pretty happy and calm.  Good luck and welcome!

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