What do you use with your Clarisonic?

I just started using the Clarisonic Mia and am interested in seeing what everyone does with theirs. Smiley Happy


1. Which Clarisionc do you have?

2. How often do you use it?

3. What products work best for you? Cleanser? Exfoliator? 

4. What is your skin type?


I hope something like this hasn't already been posted recently. 

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1. I've had my Original Plus for over 3 years & Original Mia in light pink for travel for over 2 years. I like them both, but prefer the speeds on the plus. The body attatchment is awesome & use that once a week. I've tried the normal brush heads, delicate (returned those), sensitve & am now debating between deep pore & acne. 

2. 3-4 x a week; at night normally when I had makeup on

3. ARCONA Raspberry Clarifying Bar (smells delicious or OH On the Go Cleanser. When I first got it I did use it with an exfoliator, but stopped & cleaned it out as soon as I learned it could break it. I'm thinking of trying it out with AmorePacifc Treatment Enzyme Peel, I heard the two work well together since the exfoliator is chemical and goes from powder to foam with no grains. I do a mask once a week depending on my skins needs; OH Blue/Black Berry Mask if I'm dry, Glamglow if I'm congested, or something with grains if I have dry patches & acne. 

4. Combo, not greasy just breakouts & dry spots when I don't moisturize enough. 

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