What do you sacrifice for beauty?
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Have you ever stop doing something you love or eating your favorite food because it's better for your skin?


We all know that certain food are bad for certain skin types...fried/greasy food, diary products, spicy food etc. But I can't, I LOVE food. I'm willing to dilligently put SPF on in the morning and spend 10min at night for skincare no matter how tired I am. I'm willing to not touch my face, wipe my cell phone clean and change my pillow case regularly. But. I. can't. cut. spicy. food. I can go without fried or diary food for a couple month if I want, but I cannot cut spicy food out. Garlic? Onion? jalapenos? they are the stuff of life! I love them cooked and I love them raw....and I know they definitely give me pimples...it's like telling me to choose between good food and good skin and it's just...well, I was just wondering if anyone have faced this difficult decision, challenge to your self discipline, whatever you want to call it.

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