What are you guilty of? (beauty-wise)

You know there are things you should do but don't do, like not removing make up at night etc. What beauty sins are you guilty of? Also, what beauty sins are you proudly not guilty of?


My sin is scrubbing/rubbing too hard. I know you don't HAVE to really rub the scrubs in, but then it's like what's the point of using scrubs then? and I don't realize I used too much force until my face hurt when I rinse. And since I paid for those expensive eye cream, I obviously have to make absolutely sure they soak into my skin by rubbing really really well until it's all gone (don't do this, you are suppose to pat gently).


My prevention/good point is I never sleep with makeup. I have Yes to Cucumber wipes so any time I'm too lazy to do the 3-4 step face washing (short naps, or going to bed at 3am), I just use the wipe then go to bed. I've got oily combo skin so I can get away with it. If you've got dry skin, you should use a moisturizer or moisturzing spray after this.

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Beautytester, I have to also cop to scrubbing my skin a little too hard when I'm using a facial srub.  It's almost as if I don't trust the product to do exactly what it says it is going to do so I have to give it a little help.  I also don't clean my makeup brushes everyday even though I purchased the Sephora Daily Brush Cleanser specifically to do just that.  Depending on how tired I am, I might let 2 - 3 days go by before I remember to clean them.  Other times I'm super dilligent about it.


I'm actually good about washing off every trace of makeup before going to bed at night.  Years ago I saw what happens if I dont:  super oily skin and eyes so puffy that it looked as if I went a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson the day before.  Never again!


The biggest thing I'm guilty of though is visiting the Sephora site on a near-daily basis!  It's become a real addiction and has cost me hundreds of dollars, but I'm not complaining.


I'm terrible.


As bad as I know it is, I have and still occasionally do sleep in makeup. But it's usually because I fall asleep on the couch before I get a chance too. And then when I wake up and crawl back to bed, I don't think to do it in my zombie-like state.


Also, I pretty much scrub my mascara off. I don't have the patience to stand there for 4 minutes with a cotton ball on my eye. And I inevitably get makeup remover in my eye that way.



I'm guilty of not cleaning my makeup brushes very often. I even have a really quick everday cleaner spray and I'm just too lazy to do it after spending time to do my makeup. I should shampoo them a lot more than I do too. In the long run it will be my fault when my brushes start falling apart sooner than they should though I guess lol. I've already managed to ruin my eyeliner brush Smiley Sad oops.

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Eak! I have a few bad beauty habits that I'm guilty of. My biggest would probably be messing with zits, I just can't help it sometimes...especially when they're painful or in really noticeable places like on my nose or in the middle of my forehead.


Picking my nail polish when I'm bored, watching TV, or doing something that doesn't require me to use my hands is another bad habit of mine. If my hands are newly manicured I won't destroy my polish, but I'll start peeling away if I notice even a tiny chip.



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I'm guilty of picking at my cuticles when I am nervous or bored. I know it just leads to bloody messes, but I still do it. I used to bite my nails, but cured that bad habit, but the cuticle picking in proving hard to break. 


I am great at removing my makeup every night and always using sunscreen. I have like 3 tubes in my purse (face, body type and powder form for over makeup). Having had some nasty moles removed made me a real believer in SPF.

I have a few bad habits....I definitely don't wash my makeup off at night regularly and the mascara thing wear i don't use remover but scrub it off instead. I also tend to pick at things too much, and I end up with scarring that I have to use products to lighten. I also scrub too hard, and then I am anything but gentle when applying moisturizers. Sometimes I use my fingers when applying foundation notepad of brushes bc I already cleaned them and I am too lazy to clean them again right away.

My beauty sins...when I take off my mascara, its very difficult to get off because its the Dior Extreme Waterproof mascara, so I end up taking some eyelashes out ): As we all know, they don't grow back as long or as lush. My other beauty sin is after I apply shadow, some powder gets on my lashes. To fix this, I use the brow combing side of the Pro Lash and Eyebrow Comb to brush out my lashes so they become free of powder. Only problem is that I have to vigirously almost scrape it away, so it irritates the skin around my eye. It hurts, but its worth it.



I normally forget to wash and moisturize my face before applying makeup.  >>  It is something that I have been slowly working on however.


i'm lazy with my hair. i hate doing anything with it besides putting it up or washing it and brushing it. at least i'm good with my skincare! Smiley Happy


Haha I have quite a few beauty sins myself!!

  • I don't wash my face with my little scrub every single day, but my skins pretty darn good, so it's not that bad, right?
  • I do scrub my face a little too much sometimes
  • I don't do a mask once every week like I should
  • Many people say that you should shower every day, but only wash your hair every other day.  Even if I showered last night but for some reason need to shower again in the morning, I still shampoo and condition my hair.  Otherwise I just don't like the feeling of my hair when I get out of the shower Smiley Tongue
  • I don't always wash my brushes... I'm actually pretty bad about it.
  • My makeup station often gets really messy because I don't have time to do a little straightening up before I head out.
  • I don't always drink my required half gallon of water each day (the normal amount a person should drink for average health), but I am making an effort.  On good days, I'll remember to tote around my 32 fl. oz. waterbottle, and when I have it there to remind me, I get all the water I need.
  • I used to be pretty bad with removing makeup every night, but I'm happy to say that I've cured that habit and now my natural long, thick lashes are making a comeback!

Hmm... I had more sins than I thought.  Oops.


Hi ladies!


I do the same.. I'm so intent on having clean skin that is clear and free of any buildup.. I scrub too hard! Having a good regimine is smart but not so much that it dries out your skin too much! Smiley Sad then again I brush my teeth too hard and too many times a day as well..


I also am really bad at wearing too much mascara. The chunky feeling makes me want to pull and pick my mascara off my lashes too much! bad bad bad! Smiley Wink



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When I wear mascara, sometimes I dont wash up enough to remove everything so when I wake up I have flakes under my eyes and sometimes on my pillowcase!

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