Wait wait what? skincare glossary! =D

Ok, am I the only who likes to read ingredients list and stuff? Apparently Sephora have a beauty glossary that explains keywords like acne, retinol, vitamin K in a informative and concise matter.




For example:



The three factors in acne breakouts are oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, and if any of these factors are out of balance, breakouts can occur. Acne is more likely to take place on the skin when experiencing stress, hormonal changes, excess oil production, and slower cell turnover with aging.



Silicone is derived from sand and is used in cosmetics to provide an aesthetically pleasing formula, especially in serums and moisturizers. There are different grades of silicone, and cosmetics-grade silicones create an elegant, silky, and spreadable texture in skincare products. Silicone is a desirable ingredient because it can deliver the active ingredients in the product and immediately smooth the look of imperfections. Silicones prevent moisture loss and their properties make them porous (allowing the skin to breathe) as well as resistant to air.

syn: Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenyl Trimethicone, Methicone, polydimethylsiloxane



Re: Wait wait what? skincare glossary! =D

eeekkk! Me either!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Wait wait what? skincare glossary! =D

Yes, I knew about the glossary.


Yes, I read ingredients lists.  If it doesn't have one, I will search the Internet for the ingredients.  Otherwise, I won't even consider buying the product.  There are specific ingredients I am allergic to, some that I am sensitive to, and others that I am not willing to put on my face (or body).  Ignorance is NOT bliss.


Yes, I also ready every nutrition label and ingredients list of all items going into my grocery cart for the same reasons.

Re: Wait wait what? skincare glossary! =D

Thank you for making me not feel insane!

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