Skincare for 10 and 11 yr olds?
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My 10 and 11 year old daughters are growing up fast.  Is it too soon for skincare?  I have them wash their faces with Aveeno foamy cleanser but should they moisturize?  If so, what should they use?  They both have great skin, (but I'm their mom so everything about them is great).  To be specific they have fair skin, freckled faces.  


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10 and 11 is way too young for skincare. They only need to wash their faces if they wear face makeup or sunscreen everyday. And even then, cleanse only at night. All they need for skincare right now is sunscreen. I recommend Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 50 for a drugstore option, or Mychelle Sun Shield SPF 28 for an all natural, chemical free and very moisturizing sunscreen. I would go for Mychelle because its a physical sunblock and stays on top of skin all day and reflects light and because I know that kids that age probably wont reapply the Neutrogena every 2 hours. ( Chemical sunblocks wear off)

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