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I just wanna say that I absolutely love the summer SPF kit this year! So many useful items, I didn't find one I won't use. I had to order online since my sephora didn't have it out yet...but my fav is the dr jorts bb cream, and the full size self tanner- although I forgot who it's by at the moment. The Kate Somerville face tanning towel didn't hurt either. And it comes in a reusable box, kinda like a caboodle, but no shelving and clear. I'll keep nail polishes in there when I empty it out. yay yay! I def like whe packaging is useful instead of throw away.
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I like it too. So far my favorites are the Fresh Sugar lip treatment and the Origins VitaZing (a lightly tinted moisturizer).


I haven't really tried anything else yet, but once I'm done with my last class in 2 weeks, I'm going to be using the St. Tropez self tanner. At first I was put off of it since I am pale and it's medium-dark, but the reviews say it should work. And if not, I've got tons of sugar scrubs to help me get it off.


Well the kit is really a combination of sun products and treatments not just sunscreen so to speak.

There re are moisturizer/spf combos like the Origins vitazing,Boscia hydrator, Philosophy hope spf, there is a sephora one too. The ole Henrikson protect the truth I use on my chest and other non-face areas and there is a shiseido one for face and body that I will probably use on non-face areas.

There is a murad oil control mattifier with spf that I will use on t-zone

The dr. jart BB cream is fantastic and I would use in place of foundation or tinted moisturizer

There is also primer, finishing powder, spf lip balm in the kit and more sunscreen products.


It just has a lot of great things to try and it isn't all "straight sunscreen", I don't know what will be too drying or make you too oily but I have combination skin and I have not tried everything in the kit but so far nothing that I have used is causing me to be either one.

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So I have combo skin and I only apply 1 layer of product usually so the SPF is the moisturizer. Do you know how many of them might be too oily or dry for combo skin?


Actually I'm not a fan of tanning, so I would've totally went for it if the 2oz of tanning lotion was something else, like body SPF or cleanser or something. =/


The biggest product always seem to be a tanner. Do you know if they have done this in the past where the biggest product isn't a tanner?


I will hop right on board with your train. I got mine yesterday and I love it to bits! Fantastic deal for $30 and everyone should definitely pick one up while they are in stock. I just purchased the St. Tropez bronzing mousse but the gradual tan size is very generous and I tested it yesterday and liked it quite a bit. I am also really loving the Boscia Hydrator and the Shiseido Urban protection. The Ole Henrikson sunscreen is also very nice and of course the fresh sugar lip balm I like though it isn't what I expected, I still like it. The BB cream makes me want to get a full size. I could go on..great stuff, great price, and the net profits going to a good cause doesn't hurt either. I love this thing!

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