I have an extremely oily t zone and my nose is like black head city. I also have very large pores around my nose and I think I have rosacea on my cheeks.  I try and use face cleansers that are for black heads but they usually exfoliate too and I feel like that makes my cheeks worse and my pores bigger and they never really work for my black heads or my oily nose I just need help I really want to try Dr. Brandt pores no more essential kit its a good value and targets pretty much all the problems I have except I feel like it will be too harsh for my cheeks and will make it way harder for me to cover up the redness. My question is has anyone tried it? Was it gentle or could you really feel it? Or does anyone recommend another skincare regimen.


On a side note Clinique's Redness Solutions sound good but it only targets my redness not the other things I'm concerned about.

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Hi  jmacheestas,

I have personally endured much of what you're going through, with the exception of rosacea. As someone that has used Clinique for my oily, acne prone, enlarged pores, and blackheads for nearly 24 years (small stint with proactiv,) I totally feel your frustration. One thing I have found is that everyone responds to same products differently. I researched for weeks trying to find a "Big Girl Skincare Routine" so to speak. At my age of thirty something, it was time to get into a different world that I was not even aware of, Sephora, and of course the INCREDIBLE options they offer! I decided to walk into a Glycolic and Retinol regimen. That's when I found  PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) line that I have been using for less than a month, and my face is 85% better! My consultant, ironically, is on the West Coast and I live in Indiana. He led me into an honest direction, without seeing my face, BUT spent over an hour on the phone discussing problems etc. It turns out that he had the exact same skin as I did! I couldn't be happier with my skin care routine. I'm down from 15 am Clinique products (no make up) to 3! 

I have gotten some wonderful advice through BT, however, if you consult with an Advisor, they may be able to steer you in right direction to start. I'm very impatient when it comes to skincare and want the results immediatley! It's so hard for me to wait to "see what's gonna happen!"

One of the wonderful perks about Sephora, if it doesn't work for you after 2 weeks or so, they will lead you into a different direction that you may see wonderful results right away! Again, if not, you try something different......but you never know, what's recommended to you the first time, may work WONDERS! You just have to give it a try and see what happens. I'm sorry that I couldn't recommend anything for you......I just know that I LOVE PTR! It's working great  for me, and I'm confident you will find what will give you the best skin you've ever had :-)


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