Philosophy's Take a Deep Breath V.S. Hope in a Jar?
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Hey, I was recently at my local Sephora and was browsing through the skin care section, until I found the section dedicated to Philosophy products. I wanted to make a purchase but I had no idea if Hope in a Jar or Take a Deep Breath moisturizer was better for my skin type. I have oily skin all year long and am not prone to acne. My skin is actually blemish-free until around that time of the month when I get a pimple or two. Is there anyone out there who has tried them both? If so, what is your take on which moisturizer is better for my skin type? Thanks in advance!<3


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So, although take a deep breath is a refreshing, gel texture, it's not doing much to better your skin. It's a very minimal amount of moisture (think of it less as a moisturizer, and more as holding onto the moisture that's already deeper in your skin), some antiox and a dash of cosmetic illumination to give your skin a "soft focus" by reflecting light and bluring imperfections. 

The hope in a jar line actually has a very gentle lactic acid to keep dry skin from building up and potentially causing congested pores, but more likely just dull complexion. The original HIAJ can feel a bit "velvety" for combo skin, but thats why they made HIAJ oil-free! Smiley Happy Let the masses rejoyce, age-prevention, acne prevention, radiance boosting, and most of all just the right amount of moisture to keep skin healthy, plump, and primed for a hint of blush and a bold lip Smiley Wink

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