New face wash?
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So I am need of a new face wash, and thought I'd ask what you guys recommend. So my skin is sensitive/normal/dry. Basically, skin care with fragrances make me break out ( just a small zit or 2, they usually go away fast) , my skin never gets oily, and it gets dry sometimes. I was using aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser, but I irritates my skin, and I'm concerned with " natural" products now. So, my price range is 0$-15$, and I really appreciate it. Thanks! Smiley Happy 

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I have very sensitive skin and I know how much of a pain to find a product that would not irritate your skin. You might want to try Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and use a bubble foaming net. The foam like lather is what you want to use to massage your skin I usually to this for 2 minutes and then rinse my face. Hope this helps!


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