SEPHORANISTAS, I havea question for you Ladies or Gents, I am 10 weeks pregnant andmy skin looks HORRENDOUS, no lustre, extreme dullness, pores look like pot holes on my face. what can I use? iam not feeling PREGNANT and BEAUTIFUL but PREGNANT and DULL

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Hi Jsenat! First, congratulations! What an exciting time for you. I am also pregnant--29 weeks now. My first advice to you is this: consider that your skin type may have just totally done a 180 on you. Smiley Happy I went from super-sensitive, combo-oily skin that was prone to breakouts without my beloved micro-retinA. Obviously my days with retinol in anything were over, and within weeks of becoming pregnant I was breaking out and getting weirdly flaky in some spots to boot. Super fun, right? Smiley Happy So I called my dermatologist and she prescribed some ery pads - just little pads of erythromycin, which is pregnancy-safe, to help tame down the breakouts. They helped, but my skin was still really flaky and dry in spots...which was totally new to me. So I headed over to sephora and picked up some rexaline lotion, which has helped a TON, and again, pregnancy-safe.


You are the only one that can really make this assessment, but it sounds to me like your skin may be going on the dry side too. I say this because your pores getting bigger is sometimes a sign of it being too dry...especially with your other note about it looking dull. Even with the weather getting a little warmer, your skin can still get dry.


What I use now: the ery pads once a day, rexaline lotion, which I love, and then I top it off with Origins Vitazing cream--which is amazing. I realize we have two different skin tones, but I would encourage you to try it out. It's got spf in it, which is always important, and it does this weird thing when you put it on where it basically turns into a tint and evens out your skin. From the other people I've seen review it, it pretty much works on every skin tone. It's amazing--has really helped even out my skin overall. To the point where most days I don't wear any other foundation over it, just finishing powder and done. Now I'm to the point where I'm kind of dreading not being pregnant skin looks better than it ever has before. Smiley Happy


The main lesson: just be willing to experiment a little, as your skin type might be totally different now that you're preggo. Thank goodness for Sephora's fabulous return policy! Smiley Happy Anyway, hope this helps! Good luck to you and happy pregnancy!

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