SEPHORANISTAS, I havea question for you Ladies or Gents, I am 10 weeks pregnant andmy skin looks HORRENDOUS, no lustre, extreme dullness, pores look like pot holes on my face. what can I use? iam not feeling PREGNANT and BEAUTIFUL but PREGNANT and DULL

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Hi Jsenat.  I don't know if you're having any problems with stretch marks.  Probably not or you would have mentioned them.  But I'm overweight and someone suggested this to  me.  Mustela makes specifically for them. You can check it out here:

Good luck and have fun with you make up, pregnancy, and new baby!

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thank you so much Beauty Boss. not to mention I also Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Soooo, I am very much sick all the time... i will check out Mustela. hopefully something willw ork casue my skin looks terrible.
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