Make products last. Fridge or no fridge?
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I like to "stock up" on skincare products, samples and perfumes. However, my apartment doesn't have AC and can get to be ~80-90 degrees during the day---which is fine for my powder make up, but wouldn't too hot temperature make moisturizers or perfume spoil since they always say to store them in a "dry and cool place"? I can store them in the fridge, but fridge is ~40 degrees, and I'm not sure if very low temperature is bad for them, too? especially perfumes and serums that have lots of vitamins and special ingredients?


What are your thoughts? I know things can go bad when temperature is too high (how high is too high?), but have your skincare, make up or perfume ever went bad because it's too cold or being stored in the fridge?

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The only thing I've ever kept in the fridge was a home made toner. I dont think that the fridge would make the ingredients go bad, it will just preserve them.

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