Keeping color in winter months...

I live in the suburbs of Baltimore where it can get very cold.  I love some color in winter,( as I'm convinced tan looks better than pale, especially in the problems areas where I retain some extra weight).  It's just so exhausting to keep it up when I'm all covered up.  Anybody else live in colder climates and keep up the tan, or do you give it up for the moment?  My skin just lookS and feels so much better with a tan ;-(

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I skip the whole body self tanner thing in winter, it's just a lot of work to exfoliate very evenly everywhere and frankly, I'm too lazy if it's all going to be covered up anyways Smiley Wink. Plus I like to spray on the tanner outside so not to get it all over the bathroom and it's mighty cold and windy in Pennsylvania to do that in the winter with all my uncovered skin out there. If I'm going someplace where it's warm enough to wear shorts, then I do self tan, but that's pretty rare.


For my face, I just use bronzer, applied with a lighter hand than in summer when it's believable that I could be that tan.



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Haha, I'm the opposite. I'm the classic Chinese type, I like white skin and black hair (disclaimer: avatar not my actual coloring) so I actually look forward to winter because then I can shed my tan.....until winter is actually here then I suddenly remembered that I hate the cold, the wind, the slush, the everything else.


For special occasions, I put a bit of bronzer on my neck because my face is 2-3 shades darker than the rest of me. I swirl the fan brush in the bronzer, and run it down the middle, blend out. I've also use the cleavage contouring before. It definitely works. The thing is I have actual bo obs, so it works a bit too well.


I live in WI and they say like 40% of us in wi are vitamin d deprived because of the lack of sun.  So I use bronzer like Physicians Formula light bronzer it adds a believable color, don't forget your cleavage!  If I have a special occasion or just want to feel sexier I will do either a daily tanner like Jergans for a gradual build of color so the people don't say wow that's fake!

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There are the xen-tan self tanners that you only have to apply once a week. There awesome and they are time released so by your 4th day you are just starting to lose a little bit of the tan and sometimes they last longer. They dry quickly and will not stain your clothes. Just a suggestion if you wanted to keep some color!Smiley Happy

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