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Ladies! Have you ever used cologne or men's skincare instead of perfume or women's skincare?


Personally I'm a fresh/clean but not fruity/floral/musky person, so I find some cologne more to my taste than perfumes. And considering the fact Jack Black Lip Therapy SPF 25 saved my lips this winter when nothing else worked (Fresh sugar, rose salve etc), I'm also somewhat interested in their skincare products and Performance Remedy line.


Since we can't filter reviews by gender, I'm just wondering, what men's product do you use? recommendations?

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Hi beautytester, 


I'll tell you firsthand.. when I used to work in a Sephora store SO MANY WOMEN bought Anthony Logistics skincare. It is gentle, VERY un-fragrant (not that it has a bad smell but nearly NO smell!), and its gentle! Plus certain mens fragrances too. I will say, Issey Miyake men is one of my most favorite scents in the world and I absolutely LOVE it!


After becoming allergic to my most recent eye cream, I was suggested by TiffanyBT to try the Anthony or Jack Black line. I purchased the Anthony eye cream in a cute little tube and it is amazing! Hydrating, lightweight and best of all, I feel its way more sanitary than the previous jar of eye creams I used. Smiley Happy Both these lines are fabulous for basic and effective skincare, scrubs, cleansers, etc. Smiley Happy


Jack Black



Anthony Logistics For Men



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Personally, I love men's products. I am also quite the fan of the fresh/herbal scent moreso than a softer, more floral smell. Products with strong flowery fragrances are products I cannot use, they make my weak stomach toss and turn. So I'm always open to trying new things, even if they weren't specifically targeted towards people like me. I love men's fragrances. One of my favorites is Jean Paul Gaultier's Gaultier 2, which is a unisex fragrance that is oh-so-delicious, both on men and women.

Even though it's supposed to be betray, I do love CK One. It is the best neutral for's an oldy but goody. My new thing are the Clean scents...I love the cotton one.

I've used a mask from Anthony Logistics for men...I didn't repurchase because I discovered it contains parabens which I've trying to eliminate.

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As much as I love florals (and I do), I tend to gravitate toward masculine notes / unisex fragrances. I love a few of the Tom Ford private blends (unisex), and several from Frédéric Malle. Some of the Hermès scents that are sold as masculine fragrances (Terre d'Hermès, Eau d'Orange Verte) kind of lean (in my opinion) more unisex than masculine.


Hi there beautytester- I think it's perfectly fine to wear a scent or use a product that may not be marketed/targeted toward your gender. Just because something says it's a 'man's' scent doesn't mean you can't use it. Afterall, when scents are created they are made to be pleasing to our senses, a woman is SUPPOSED to like the scent a man is wearing, right? So if you like it, why not wear it yourself. What do you think about that theory?


I would say use it a little sparingly though. I also think you should ask your friends what they think of your new "perfume", not your new men's cologne. If they know it's for men they may (subconsciously)have the response/feeling that we're conditioned to have, men's for men and women's for women, and that could affect their opinions.


I hope you'll come back and let us know if you try this experiment and how it works out, if you want to PM me that's fine, I'm bad about going back and finding responses, I find it a little difficult/confusing to keep track, even when I remember to check the box to email me new posts.


Hope this helpedSmiley Happy

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Cologne I wear:


Allure by Chanel

Gucci Guilty

Burberry Limited Edition (it had a silver fabric wrap around it)


Men's skin care products I use:


Jack Black lip balm
Billy Jelousy shave cream

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