First Aid Beauty face cleanser
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I just purchased this product today and used it tonight. my skin feels great but the smell is almost unbearable!! Is this normal for this product or could it be the tube I purchased is rancid?

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well, I just tried the sample packet of it I got with my last order (so it should be good). It smells like unscented bar soap. You know, the super old-school kind that's a super drying giant block with a baking soda-ish bitter/musky(?) smell. So, if you have a sharp nose, it smells a little distasteful, but not strong enough to be unbearable I think. Besides, most toner/serum/moisturizers are scented anyways so you won't smell it by the time you finished your skincare.

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I start using the deulex sample of FAB red clay cleanser from pack up promo,the smell doesn't bother me alot but when I used it with Clarisonic it left color on my brush that looks yuckey,but I like the cleanser so I'm now using it in the morning (I use clarisonic only for night time cleansing).

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Couldn't find a newer thread so bumping this one

has anyone used the FAB in the red clay as well as the original (names aren't coming to me lol)


Im using the Fresh soy during the week, and got a deluxe size of the clay one that im really liking. not that i need a 3rd but i was thinking of trying the original

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If you're referring to the Red Clay cleanser, I have a deluxe sample and don't notice a rancid smell at all! It does have a faint scent but I barely notice it. You may want to return it if it bothers you that much!

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