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I love the feeling of lathering up expensive ($20+) cleanser on my face, but other people can never tell a difference in my skin between when I'm using drugstore or expensive cleanser. My favorite cleansers are Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash, Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cleanser, and Lancome Creme Confort. When I spend $ on brand-name cleanser, I can't help but thinking that money could be going towards some new shoes instead. Do you think cleanser is worth splurging on? Or is there no difference between Cetaphil cleanser and department store brands?

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For a long time I had been using Clean and Clear morning burst - this is something designed for any skin type but I liked how it helped to soak up any oil without drying my skin. I recently switched to clinique liquid facial soap which is about $10-15 more, but it's specifically designed for oily skin. I am going to try this product and see, since I have been using clinique's clarifying lotion and dramaticaly different moisturizing gel too. I like the fact that they are specialized for skin types. I still go with clean and clear for my face scrub, eye makeup remover and spot treatment though.

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