Deceiving advertising/ingredients?
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Doesn't it annoys you when the advertised miracle main ingredient turns out to be the last thing in the bottle?


Like "made with pure, rich shea butter" or "made with 100% vitamin E" only to see them as the 20th ingredients of is it "pure" or "100%" if it's mixed with 20 other things?


Most recent annoyance is buying a lip balm touting "pure swiss shea butter" in hope of curing dry/flaky lips only to realize 1st ingredient is mineral oil and the last is shea butter. Boooo

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Ugh, yes!


I pretty much always look at the ingredients in skincare, sometimes you want it to be diluted (like when they use chemicals that do light skin peels or something), but definitely for nice natural oils or shea butter you just want the real stuff!!  I've actually started getting the real stuff from health stores for simple skincare, like just buying pure sweet almond or grapeseed oil for a body oil, then I know I'm getting what I intended to buy.

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