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How often do you charge your Clarisonic?  I leave mine in the shower and I haven't had to charge in a month, even with regular use.  Just wondering if everyone's is like that?  Should I be charging it more often to maintain the battery?

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I hear it's best to only charge things when they are dead or close to it to help extend the life of the battery (I was told to this with my macbook pro and I only charge it when it's dead or close to it).  That being said, I wouldn't worry about charging it until it's close to dying.  My mia usually lets me know when it's time to charge I think by stopping mid-cycle or pulsing a couple times (I can't remember for sure).  Also, I think the light on the power button slowly flashes on and off after it has stopped to let me know it's time to charge up.  I can usually go a month or so without charging with daily use.


Hope this helps and best of luck!


I charge mine whenever it beeps at me that the battery is low. (I have a Clarisonic Plus). It goes easily a month on a charge except when I've been using the body brush, since that's not on the one minute timer and it takes awhile to scrub all of me.


My Clarisonic is many years old, I got mine when they just came out, so I don't think charging the battery when it beeps hurts the unit at all.

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