Best eye cream for young woman (early 20s) looking to moisturize and prevent wrinkles
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Hey! I'm only 22, but I think it's important to start to moisturize and protect the skin under my eyes. I am wondering if anyone knows of an eye cream that would be good for me that also prevents wrinkles. I'm not looking for anything to reduce wrinkles because I don't have any yet! Let me know :smileyhappy: Thanks!

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My first eye cream was Clinique All About Eyes.  It's a great basic and lightweight eye cream that will keep your skin hydrated and plumped and keep puffiness and circles away.


For day, (besides wearing sunglasses) you may want to use a different eye cream with SPF.  Check out this one by Clarins -


swfupload_2003403979570296545.jpgI love the First Aid Beauty eye cream.  It is mild and great for sensitive skin!

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I'm also 22 and I started using an eye cream recently like maybe last year. I tried Dermadoctor's eye balm, which is really great. It's not too thick and it's not too runny. I have allergies and it works fine. You literally see a difference when you're not using it, like it brightens the eye areas with first use, but because of the price and my age, I didn't really want to spend that much money yet. But it's definitely up to you to try out. My sample lasted for a month! I'm currently trying out ClickR's magic eye cream, but I don't really like it because it's more of a daytime eye cream since it has titanium dioxide. Lastly, I've been using Kiehl's Eye Treatment with Avocado. It's really moisturizing, so I like it very much for night time. A little goes a long way and it's cheaper than Dermadoctor's. I would suggest looking at various eye cream pages to see what kind of reviews they have, like see if it's above 4 stars or not. That's a good indication. I hope this helps and good luck in finding the perfect eye cream!

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A great eye cream for day is Lancome Bienfait spf28 eye cream. it has a thicker but not rich consistency which is perfect for day. it isn't a gel so it wont leave that shiny slick shine and it's not buttery so it wont effect make-up application.


For night i suggest Boscia's Amino AG eye cream. it's a gel-cream consistency (not shiny clear gel). great for puffiness, dark circles some fine lines.

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I think a great product for you that can be used all over your face, including under your eye area, would be Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream – All Skin Types.  It is a skincare treatment specifically designed for younger women (in their 20s and 30s) that not only prevents, but visibly corrects early signs of aging.  This product helps to keep imperfections at bay with its dermal-epidermal junction repair and radiance-boosting action.  It reinforces your skin with directly delivered, continuous antioxidant defense, plus this it delivers corrective and enhancing skin benefits.  It has been dermatologist-tested and is non-comedogenic so it won't cause breakouts.  You can read all about it here:

I hope this helps you. :smileyhappy:

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I like Origins GinZing.  Clinique All About Eyes is nice too.  On youtube there is a girl I like to watch, pixi2woo and she has a new video on best eye creams, she takes a long time to test all the products.

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AcquaCures Ultralift Protein eye cream from Preston Wynne Spa is the best eye cream. I've tried every eye cream on the planet and this was the only one that worked. It makes me look at least five years younger.

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