Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol

Is it safe to use benzoyl peroxide and retinol together? I heard they can counteract one another. If this is true, would it be ok to use them together if you wait at least a half hour? Which should go on first?

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You should absolutely not use benzoyl peroxide and retinol together. These use together are going to make your face peel. If you have acne and have not been prescribed this combination by a doctor, you are taking a very big chance of making your skin skin very irritated and red. Please check with your family doctor for a skin care regimen. Everyone's skin is different and it is not a good idea to mix strong ingredients together.

Beautylovingirl brings up a good point, you want to factor in if any of the two are prescribed or over the counter and if so, at what percentages of the active ingredient the formula contains.

Doctors can prescribe even up to 10% BP in treatments, which is very strong, most over the counter treatments (like Neutrogena) have just 2.5%, which can be just as effective but less drying. Retinol in itself is quite potent, so check with your doc before mixing the two.
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