BB cream making me break out?
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I recently started using Two Faced BB cream and although I like it, I've started breaking out.  Is this common for this product?  If so, can anyone suggest a good oil free BB cream?  Thanks!!



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melissa - it could just be your skin. and tbh all the bb creams that are out rn, aside frm dr. jart at sephora, are all the 'western' versions of what bb cream is. i use a korean brand called etude house's bb cream and it's like my hg bb cream ever. what i suggest is that you research about the diff brands of asian bb creams and hope that they'll wrk for you? or if not, try the smashbox one and the nars tinted moisturizer - they both seem like good choices!

I agree with your statement. Most brands out there just slap on BB Cream on their product even though it's just a tinted moisturizer with SPF.
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ikr? they're trying to get with the bb cream hype but is obvsly failing. even chanel has a cc cream now -_-;
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What's CC Cream? o_O
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cc = complete correction
yeah i'll just leave it at that
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