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I absolutely love the online beauty reservation module for booking makeovers, however only TWO of my local stores are on there.   Sephora Park Royal - ONLINE Sephora Pacific Center - ONLINE Sephora Metropolis - MISSING Sephora Coquitlam - MISSING Sephora Robson - MISSING Sephora Guildford - MISSING Sephora Abbotsford - MISSING   When are these Sephoras going to get with the program? They are IMPOSSIBLE to book at through old-school means, you are lucky when they answer the phone, and they are always so scattered when you try and ask for dates.   PLEASE GET THESE STORES ON THE RESERVATION PROGRAM ASAP!
Does sephora Canada not carry the lighter shades of MUFE face and body foundation (38 &36) or are they just out of stock. I noticed they're available on the US website but not Canadian, I need 38 but its never on sephora Canadian and I can not find anywhere else to purchase it. 
Hi I had make an order on sephora website on the 11/11/2015 an my account was debited with the amount of money required but the order indicate UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION what would that suppose to mean since the money was taken and no refund was done
Hello,  Ive made a purchase a few days ago, but i didn't scan my sephora card, can i still add that transaction to my account? i still have the receipt for that purchase.    Thank you
Oh no, not already 😧 Trying to set up my basket for the sale from my loves list & having a really hard time.  I keep getting a message that my basket is outdated and to click on the basket icon.  When I do that, it takes several tries.  Also I cannot stay signed in.  I keep getting mutiple error messages that my "token" is no good.  Anyone else having trouble?  Any advice?
I placed my order but it didn't go through because my address wasn't right, so I tried a second time and it didn't work again. I still got charged for both times I tried to place my order??? How do I get my money back???
HI, I have the same problem Unsuccessful Authorization in my order and i have 2 pre authorization payment for 78$ each for my order..... please could you cancel one pre payment and let me know about my order when is gonna be ship. thanks
  I was wondering why, when I sort products by "new" on the website, some new products come up, but also some products that have been around for a long time come up, but say "new". For example, when I sort foundations by what is new, the Lancôme Teint Idole 24 Hr comes up with "new" under it, although I know it has been around a long time. When I click on it, it has the same description and reviews from a long time ago. Does this just mean that the formula has changed? If so, I think it would be nice if it was put into an entirely new category so that the old reviews and answers to questions don't come up when I am trying to decide on the new formulation. Thanks.
Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.48.51 PM.png
So i applied online AND went to a job fair and passed the 3 rounds of interviews. The girl who interviewed me in the store said that she was going to call back the next week if i was in. I checked my online application status and it says "completed" beside the location i applied to underneath "interview information". What does that mean? Does that mean im hired? or no?
i have a Sephora lipstick 2063A Rouge Shine #38”, but it does nto seem to be available any more, is there any way I can find a compatable color?
I need for my beauty insiders card to link up with my online account someone please help!
I know that Sephora has a rock solid return policy, but does anyone else hate seeing some of these items listed as 'online only'?   Foundation/concealer/any other coverage product MUST be tested prior to purchase. I know that I have returned items that I HAVE been able to sample, because the colour turned out to be not quite right.   It seems like a mega hassle to wait for blind items like this to be shipped, only to immediately have to go back in the box for a mail in return.
The Exhibitors list was posted this week and I saw Sephora made it on the list! What will you guys be showcasing?   & w ho will be going?! If so, which day?
I had a shade of the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation as well as a shade of YSL mascara in "My Loves."  I noticed that that shade of mascara had disappeared from my list and discovered that it's no longer listed on  I had also signed up to be notified of when the Shade B10 in the foundation would come back in stock.  I just got an email saying that it's been discontinued.  Is this just temporary until the warehouses receive more shipment or is YSL being phased out?  Thanks in advance for anything thoughts/info!
I noticed they removed the banner from the homepage and there was no new addition to the sale section this morning. I guess it's over now!J Time to save until the holiday kits come in!
Do we have any solid information as to whether there will be special pricing when buying bundles of the new MUFE Artist Shadows?   This is from Temptalia's recent post:   "If you buy two or more shades, plus the duo compact, it’s $34 ($17/each), and if you purchase three shades with the trio palette, it’s $44 ($14.67/each). The boutique said they were charging $14.33/each after 3."   This is no currently showing up, but she mentions in a reply to a comment that she was informed by MUFE that:    " When I asked MUFE about the discount not showing, they followed up and said it would be effective August 1st."   Is this accurate? 
Which ones are the best deal and which ones are the prettiest?
Does Sephora manufacture the new single-dose body wash caps themselves? Or do they contract the manufacturing out? Manufacturing company name? -Thanks! SP37
Hi, I am wondering that how I can combine my email account and my VIB card account which I got from the sephora store today? I already had an email account before I get this VIB card. Do I need to cancel the email account? Could you please help me? Thank you.
I am constantly on the lookout for new or new-to-me products.  It would be great if the shopping website had a feature where, once on a product page, there would be a running list of similar items or items other customers viewed or purchased for this kind of item as a recommendation.    Thanks and I love Sephora! jollister
I also bought two in store yesterday. One for me and one for my God daughter. Soooo happy I made it!
i made an order online and still have not recieved my points from that order.
Could anyone please help me with this issue? I want to write more reviews on the Sephora site, but everything I write still comes up as "Anonymous" rather than by my BeautyTalk username. 
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It would be nice to have the option to add products used in a how to video to my shopping list, a printable list, or to the store nearest me so I can go in and pick up those items.  If I like the products used in the video "No Makeup look" for example, I could have the option to order those items online, get them in a list I can print or texted to my phone, or sent to the store so they can help me when I get there.  It's all about convenience and with so much product in the store, it really simplifies my shopping trip.  THANKS!
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