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Ok BT, what did you find today? Edit: Sticky plug to a FABULOUS thread. Found a  Deal? Post it here - od-to-pass-Up/td-p/1513386  Edit 10-2, feel free to post if you find something from your favorite brand. Link to the item, price, and brief description so that folks can at a glance decide if they want to clickie to Love or Buy. ^-^   As an FYI, here are the 26 pages I'm trolling for what was newly added today . Usually pretty easy to do because the newest items have 20 loves or less and no reviews.  In general I will check in the morning and late afternoon and post what I find.   Acqua di Parma, Ardency Inn, Antasasia, Atelier Cologne, BareMinerals, Bite Beauty, Chloe, Elizabeth and James, Josie Maran, Jurlique, L'Occitane, Lavanilla, Marc Jacobs Makeup, Marc Jacobs Perfume, Marula, NEST, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Sephora Collection, Sephora Favorites, Smashbox, Tarte, Tata Harper, Thierry Mugler, Tocca, TokyoMilk Dark, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Victor & Rolf
Right now there are 264 products in the sale section!  Run, don't walk to see if there is anything you want.
With the 20% off sale coming up it got me thinking about my online shopping habits at Sephora.     I'm curious beauties, how often does the online sample selection (the 3 free, not perks or codes) factor into your decision to make a purchase?   I know if I have something I want to buy that isn't urgent (like LE or sale items) I will wait until the sample selection cycles through if there isn't anything I want.   What about you?  Do those free samples hold any sway over you?   Personally I wait until most of the perfumes are OOS, since I have a really hard time with most fragrances.     On the flip side, if I see something I really want I might place orders for things I don't need right away just to stock up on a sample.  
I would love sephora to bring out a monthly subscription box with all new product samples
You only have to do it once. We all see it. I promise.
I get the feeling that 70% of the reviews on are fake-- posted by the product distrubutor. I always click on the user and see if they've reviewed other items or not.. I mean, almost every product has at least 4 stars total. That seems a little unlikely. It bothers me.... Luckily they have a great return policy so you can try things out yourself. Thoughts?
Will Sephora be adding more foundation choices for the different Skin IQ numbers? The results I get are more high end and doesn't cover foundations from brands like MakeUp Forever and Bare Minerals, which I would be more interested in.   I got a number of 1R06.
When I tried clicking through from today's DELIGHTS SK-II link, and there was a link to the new Pantone color of the year. The link address is:   (DON'T CLICK) discover_the_color_1204   I get the following error from Google Chrome. Is it safe to go to this link? Thanks!   Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from * This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Proceed to (unsafe)   NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID
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With my last few shipments I noticed that Sephora started using OnTrac for rouge free three day shipping. I don't like the OnTrac online tracking system because it doesn't list an estimated delivery date. So how am I supposed to know if my package is.... on track?   If anyone has any advice on how to fix this, I would love to hear it.
Im so worried reading all the posts from people whose orders didnt arrive on time, I placed my order 11/19 hoping that their 4 busines days shipping was true, Im going to a 1 month vacation on 11/28 and yes my order hasnt shipped, plus the automated system says will take another 2 business day I tried to cancell however they said they will send me an e-mail within 24-48 housr JUST TO LET ME KNOW IF THE ORDER WAS CANCELED OR NOT!!! First and last time buying from sephora I always go to Macys cus they have great customer service. I guess I learned the lesson!!
DISCLAIMER: SEPHORA DOES NOT HAVE HAVE A "LIVE CHAT" FEATURE.   It just dawned on me to wonder why Sephora doesn't have Live Chat for Customer Service and product/shade recommendations?  Bobbi Brown does.  MAC does.  Why behind the times Sephora? 
UPDATE (11/7): So our request was heard, but the answer seems to be "no". You can reference this thread... essage-To-Our-Clients/td-p/1755302   Thanks everyone for working together to try to find a solution to this problem. Have a good weekend!   _________________________________   (IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS PROPOSITION, POST "YAY" (...or "YEA" as I've been told)    Dear Sephora Corporate,   We, Rouges, thank you for access to the sale a day early, but most of us did not attend the event or attempt to use our codes online yesterday. Last night and most of today, the server has been unstable or completely down. Because of this, I have not been able to make a single purchase yet. I (and those listed below) propose that the sale be extended an extra day.   Thank you, Nishcakes   P.S. May a Mod pass this on please?    EDIT: This would also apply to VIBs.
Since the code still works, I'm debating getting one of these beauts.   Input as to which one? I'm not an LE hoarder so that doesn't sway me. auty-brush-travel-wrap-P389166?skuId=1630482 -12-P379416?skuId=1505098&country_switch=ca
I had a shade of the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation as well as a shade of YSL mascara in "My Loves."  I noticed that that shade of mascara had disappeared from my list and discovered that it's no longer listed on  I had also signed up to be notified of when the Shade B10 in the foundation would come back in stock.  I just got an email saying that it's been discontinued.  Is this just temporary until the warehouses receive more shipment or is YSL being phased out?  Thanks in advance for anything thoughts/info!
This is redundant to say at this point, but I want to say it anyway- not being able to place an order during a sale that only happens TWICE a year because I/ we are not from the States is terrible business practice!! Living in Canada, we already pay more than people who live in the U.S. (even when the dollar is at par for exchange rates) Sephora is one of, if not the biggest, beauty retailer in the world... don't tell me you don't have enough IT staff that are able to identify and correct the problem online. I have had laryngitis for almost 3 days now and it is cold and raining where I am (Winnipeg, MB, Canada), so I wanted to avoid myself and my 2-year-old physically going out to a Sephora store while being sick... but since I have been unable to order anything online for the entire duration of the sale and not wanting to miss out completely, I had to. But that should not have been the case!! To mention, the purchases I made today in store qualified me for ROUGE status, so that shows I don't shop at Sephora once in a blue moon. This is location discrimination... Sephora needs to rectify this somehow, because there are a lot of loyal clients out there other than just myself who are dumbfounded by how this has happened.. and hasn't even been fixed yet, 2 days later.
I was so excited about this sale. Now, it's making me really angry (I'm canadian). I'm really worried about Black Friday. Life is too short to worry about the little things in life, but hey, who doesn't like a good sale and cosmetics?
I have been using smashbox high definition foundation in the fair shade  for years but it seems to be gone... Is there a replacement?
Sephora just posted on Facebook that there'll be no duties charged to Canadians until November 10th.    
Does anyone know if there's going to be a promotional deluxe sample bag this year like the Blitz promotion last year? 
Here are some codes from the Match Game that I won't be using. Remember that they expire TONIGHT!   One time use only. First come, first serve.   150 POINTS MBH8W9AV8ZC3 MBY7BR8EX43Y MBHD6WA2QJ4U MBA2A47A9TBG   10% OFF MQG3D6CPNH47
I really love how shopping at Sephora can be a totally self service yet customized experience with the custom samples, Skin IQ and the Pantone color matching. I remember there used to be a feature on the sephora website where you could do advanced searches for fragrances by notes, like woodsy or floral (I think it was fragrance finder). Now that they have the fragrance IQ quiz in stores I think it would be great if they made the same quiz available online! It would be so enabling for me!
I  somehow got on sephora's Canadian site!  I have been trying for two hours to switch back to the USA site!  Oh, I've  hit the little flag several times even tho it shows USA.  AND I  cleared the cache.  PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND!
I got enabled into ordering the Nars Almeria blush this morning, and I want to use one of my match game codes, but I'm not into any of this morning's samples.   does anyone know how often they rotate?
I've accumulated quite a few favorites I want to keep track of. Would love to have more features, such as ability to group favorites (skincare, lipstick, foundation, etc.)   Would be extra fabulous to be able to make some notes ...   Does anyone else think so?
Hi,  I was just wondering if anyone had a employee appreciation friends and family code they would be willing to give to me. It would be very much appreciated!  
Order was cancelled for unsuccessful authorization...From searching the boards, I think it was because of quantity limits, which makes sense, so I can stop trying to reorder the same pallets!  However, there was a 250 point perk that I ordered that I also did not receive since the order was cancelled.  Can you please credit the points back to my account?  Thanks!