Did you guys know you can only use 2 gift cards online for any one order? So if you have $10 gift cards from viggle or shopkick, you essentially can't use them to place an entire order. I'm really angry about this because the CS rep told me to just go to the store. I shouldn't have to spend money on gas to use my gift cards, not to mention the store never has point perks in stock, never offers samples, and I'll miss out on using promo codes. Apparently it's to cut down on fraud. What makes a low value gift card more fraudulent than a high value one?   Anyway, I thought I'd share this really awful Sephora policy. I'm a tad mad. Just a tad. As in not shopping at Sephora anymore kind of mad. That probably sounds ridiculous, but gift cards are a huge method of payment for me, and this policy makes them worth less than cash, which isn't fair.
I get the feeling that 70% of the reviews on are fake-- posted by the product distrubutor. I always click on the user and see if they've reviewed other items or not.. I mean, almost every product has at least 4 stars total. That seems a little unlikely. It bothers me.... Luckily they have a great return policy so you can try things out yourself. Thoughts?
There was no return address and it has nothing with it so IDK who sent it to me! I do not want it, it is an expensive shower head that I see Sephora only sells online. Can I return this to a store and get a merchandise credit? I don't see anywhere else that sells this item. us_large_062314_image   So I'm sure everyone has noticed, there is a new promo with some AMAZING masks up for grabs!   I highly suggest you guys snag this deal before it's out of stock quick!   I just got the GlamGlow Clearing Treatment (deluxe) which is 0.3 oz... a 0.5 oz would be considered $19! What a deal!   I was debating over getting the Glam or the Shiseido Eye Treatment to see how well it works.. has anyone tried any of the current gifts offered right now?    I'm really curious in your experience with the Shiseido Eye treatment the Peter Thomas Cucumber Mask and the Ren Renewal mask!    
Just an FYI, it'll be available at 12 pst today for only 24 hours.    Enjoy!
I think it would be nice if the "Loves" section could be organized. At least the ability to group like items together either in a folder or what have you. Even if the products in your "Loves" could just be organized and grouped based on the headings on the website (makeup, skincare, fragrance etc). Alternatively, you could also allow people to create their own folders/headers to group the products in their "Loves" section however they want, maybe someone would want to group items they want to remember to buy as a gift for someone. It would also be nice to be able to drag and drop them to change the order as a way to basically prioritize or rank them based on what I want to buy next, similar to the concept of a queue.   Along the same lines it would be really nice if there was an ability to add a comment under the products listed in the your purchases section. That way you could put notes about whether you liked the product and would want to buy it again or notes about any tricks or tips for using that specific product, so on and so forth.    I'm sure there are many other relatively simple features that other people might want related to this.
Has there been an exact date posted yet for when this will be on Sephora? Anything more definite than the second week in June?
Didn't sephora have a wish list/any reason registry category? Where you can create an a birthday or just because registry? If so where is it on the site? Or is it discontinued?
Didn't see any other posts about this, but just wanted to share that there are a bunch of Tarte products on sale! Go grab em!
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With my last few shipments I noticed that Sephora started using OnTrac for rouge free three day shipping. I don't like the OnTrac online tracking system because it doesn't list an estimated delivery date. So how am I supposed to know if my package is.... on track?   If anyone has any advice on how to fix this, I would love to hear it.
Is there a way to add a certain product to a wish list or something similar? I think it would be great if along with the "faves" there was a way to add a product to a wish list, so when I am ready to purchase, I have a list ready to pick from. There are just so many products!
Came across this... I think it's new?   What do you think? I think the price is pretty steep, considering! 633?icid2=carousel_hp_CAN_whatsnew_051514_carousel ...
I realize that many brands they carry such as MAC, Estee Lauder, YSL, etc.... Do test on animals as well as sell to China(where it is mandatory by law to test on animals). However, what about the brand Sephora specifically? Does Sephora test on animals? In additon, please let me know more brands that Sephora does carry, who are cruelty-free such as Too Faced, BareMinerals, and Urban Decay.
DISCLAIMER: SEPHORA DOES NOT HAVE HAVE A "LIVE CHAT" FEATURE.   It just dawned on me to wonder why Sephora doesn't have Live Chat for Customer Service and product/shade recommendations?  Bobbi Brown does.  MAC does.  Why behind the times Sephora? 
Hi!   I was wondering how I can change the name and email I reserved a appointment under?
Why are the prices not printed on the invoices?  It makes it harder when you want to do an exchange, you have to go look up prices, and if you had some sort of discount on the order, you won't even know, because that too does not show up on the invoice.     This happened to me today.  I was exchanging 2 items, not realizing that the orders had gotten 15%off.  I ended up having to pay 3x more than I expected when deciding what to get in exchange!   i mean, I understand not putting prices when it's a gift invoice, but otherwise...
I would like a different category in my loves for at least all of the main groups: skincare, makeup, fragrance, hair nails, etc. It would be really cool if we could name our own categories. Who's with me?
Has anyone bought something on Sephora's online website and opened it and it actually looked like someone had touched it? I recently bought the Chocolate Bar palette online because it has been sold out in the stores near me, and when I got it I opened it and it looked, to me, like someone may have already touched a few of the shades? Is that possible? Or am I just going crazy? Thank you!
And when I say Yay, let me tell you that the first word out of my mouth when the lady informed me of my newly-acquired Rouge status was "No...". By my calculations, I was expecting it to happen in September at the earliest hahah. I guess that Tria & Clarisonic purchase really sped me along nicely! What I am sad about is that it hasn't changed the status of my online account. I put off buying a few more items tonight because I was looking forward to my free shipping. Does anybody know how to update my status or whether my shipping will automatically be free?   Cheers, ladies!
Dear Sephora,   You are welcome for my purchase. No I am not ready to review, and half the time I have already reviewed. I do like receiving emails from Sephora, especially rouge emails after 4 month of trying (thank you by the way). However, what is up with the review reminder emails?   I don't get review reminders for all of my orders, just some of them (why??). And sometimes I get those emails AFTER I have already done a review. I am aware that Sephora email system is lacking, but while you are fixing it, can you add in a little feature where if we have already reviewed something, STOP sending us review reminders? or better yet, don't send us any review reminders.  Thank you.   Sigh & Facepalm, BeautyTester
Does anyone know if Sephora will stop carrying 21 Drops?   Their Sleep blend isn't even listed anymore, only half of the ones showing up in the shop are in stock, and only one of those are available in more than 10 units (the others are showing as having 1, 3, 3, and 5 available).
Alright everyone, I feel a bit silly but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change my avatar on here. I've read three threads from sephora with instructions on how to change it and I can't find the page they're talking about. Help please! 
So looking at my loves list I would love to be able to sort it by product type.  It would make things so much easier when looking at foundation, nail polishes, blushes, etc. Anyone else feels the same way?  Sephora please add this feature!
It's ridiculous that we can't use our coupon codes as well as a promo code on Sephora's website. They should consider a coupon separate from a free promo item otherwise you have to choose between a discount or a promotional item (which may entice me enough to buy the full item if it's a deluxe sample). Ridiculous. I can't imagine I'm the only one upset by this...
I used to love Sepohra's site for all of the tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks at the products and brands.    I feel like since they've transitioned into The Glossy (and using Tumblr) about 75% of the content is focused on nails. Does anyone know why this is? Is their editorial staff shorthanded?   Am I just abnormally uninterested in the nail trends vs. makeup and skin products? Curious what others think.