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Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion
Share photos and reviews on your Sephora Play Subscription Boxes here. If you're looking for reviews on any other box, look here: -box-photo-sharing/td-p/973905    The subscription program is only offered by invitation at the moment. If you have not received an invite, you can join the waiting list here:    I do not have control over who receives invitations (whether they live in test cities or not), but I will edit this once the program opens to new groups.   If you want more information on the program or have questions not related to someone's box review, please visit this thread: y-SEPHORA-Invitation-FAQs/td-p/2124432
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Did anyone else experience sensitivities to recent products in their Play! box?  This week I started using the Algenist Conplete Eye Renewal Balm and the Ole Henriksen S... see post
Fall / Winter Found in the Wild 2016 (and Holiday Too!)
Until @TheSocialQuota wants to take this over again I'm going to keep the "Found in the Wild" thread going. All that is new on the Sephora site posted in one thread. If I remember correctly, sometime around mid-to-late August early holiday and many fall items start showing up on the Sephora site. So this thread is a place to post all of the new items or brands showing up here (or elsewhere if you want)....updated for Fall and Winter 2016. I will miss most so if you see a new item please post it!!    
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I bought this one! Great little set with various products to try. I have been on a hair product trying kick lately so this fit the bill nicely. see post
Live Chat
DISCLAIMER: SEPHORA DOES NOT HAVE HAVE A "LIVE CHAT" FEATURE.   It just dawned on me to wonder why Sephora doesn't have Live Chat for Customer Service and product/shade recommendations?  Bobbi Brown does.  MAC does.  Why behind the times Sephora? 
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HALL OF FAMER poohblueberry / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
@lilshopper1 Here you go! see post
Sephora Canada Site Product Update Thread
Hello Canadian BTers!   I'm starting this new thread to act as the official update location of new launches, LE products, and brands that are on coming to the US site but may be launching (and returning) to Sephora's Canadian site at a different time. There are a lot of changes happening in real time over here, and in the spirit of communication, this thread is to keep our BTers abreast of the information we have. This is not going to be everything, and could also be subject to change (and hopefully we won't need this thread forever), but we are working with the Canadian team to get as much information for you as we can.   That being said, we will only be using this thread to speak to dates and info about big upcoming launches, LE products, and brands that are on the US site and are coming to the site. If you have  a question about any of these things, drop it here, and we will do our best to track down the answer for you.   I realize that you guys are feeling all of the feelings right now about the new warehouse move, but this thread is not a venting loop, nor is it a thread to deal with customer service issues (as I don't have any access to our order systems). We've got quite a few of those on the community already (for totes good reason), but I'd like to keep this specific thread informational, if possible.   Okay on to the info! Here's what I know (previous releases in spoiler):   New Launches / LE products Spoiler (Highlight to read) Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Limited Edition Lip Lab 007 - July 15 at 9 am PT Bite Limited Edition Lip Lab 007 - July 15 at 9 am PT Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Maple Collection - July 16 at 9 am PT - This is a different date then the brand gave on their Instagram, so FYI!! Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette - End of July, around 7/27 KVD New Liquid Lipsticks - Potentially same date as US (July 14), but could be a day or two later. Will have more info the week of the 13th.  These will be available by this Thursday 7/16 as well as some of the new Metal Crush eyeshadows.  Bite Maple Collection - July 16 at 9 am PT - This is a different date then the brand gave on their Instagram, so FYI!! Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette - End of July, around 7/27 KVD New Liquid Lipsticks - Potentially same date as US (July 14), but could be a day or two later. Will have more info the week of the 13th.  These will be available by this Thursday 7/16 as well as some of the new Metal Crush eyeshadows.    JEM (I know, I'm waiting with baited breath for this one too) - Tracking this one down after a special request from fellow Jem lover veronika23. The team is on it. KVD Studded Lip - 6 of the shades should go live at the same time as the US (around August 11), but 3 of the shades will go live later in August (Halo, Mercy, Solo)  Metal Crush Eyeshadows - confirming Restocks Spoiler (Highlight to read) Becca Champagne Pop will be back! I'm hearing next week but I will update this thread with a date when I have it.  Thursday 7/16 at 9am PT Becca Champagne Pop will be back! I'm hearing next week but I will update this thread with a date when I have it. Thursday 7/16 at 9am PT KVD Everlasting Lipsticks restock - I am hearing end of August, but will confirm Brands Spoiler (Highlight to read) Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am. Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am. St. Tropez - Coming back soon!  Drybar - TBC, but don't give up hope!  Omorovicza - Coming back! Target date is Fall (Sept) Ardency Inn - Coming Soon  Dr. Jart (except acne / SPF skus) - 8/27 PMD - Fall (Sept / Oct)  LaVanila - 8/27 (just deodorants, no fragrance or body lotion)   If you have a question about a new US release or LE product on the .ca site, post it below and I'll try to get you an answer!
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I'm dying to know this as well see post
Say What?! The Sephora Misrepresentation Thread
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Potentially the world's largest eyeshadow pallete?   New KVD MetalMatte Eyeshadow palette: see post
basket and shopping website keeps refreshing?
The last week my sephora pages and basket keep refreshing, making it impossible to shop. Beauty talk seems unaffected. Is anyone else experiencing this or is something wrong with my chrome browser or computer?
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Does it only happen on this computer? Have you tried another browser on this computer? Same result? see post
Captions for How-Tos
I am a deaf individual and I have been struggling to understand Sephora How-To videos. There are some things I need to learn regarding my make up. I wonder if its possible to have those videos captioned?
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Hi Ntingler, Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely forward this feedback to our YouTube team. see post
PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs
PLAY! by SEPHORA has some exciting news to share with you. Starting in May 2016, we’re expanding PLAY! to the lower 48 states and giving our PLAY! boxes a makeover!   For those of you already on the waitlist as of April 8 th , 2016, we will be sending out invitations in waves until all available spots are filled. Invitations will be sent based on when you joined the waitlist. Spots are still limited, so please act quickly if you receive an invitation. As a reminder, when you receive your invitation to join, be sure to enter the same email address used to join the waitlist. If you don’t receive an invitation this time around, or you joined the waitlist after April 8th – don’t worry! As more spots open up each month, we’ll continue to send out invitations on a rolling, first come, first served basis.   If you would like to join the waitlist, please enter your email by visiting . You will be included in future months’ invitations.   Q: When will invites be sent out to people who are on the waitlist? A: The first wave of invitations for signup will be sent during mid-April 2016. They will continue to be sent out in monthly increments as the program grows.   Q: Where does PLAY! by SEPHORA ship? A: PLAY! by SEPHORA is currently only available in the U.S. and can ship to any address in the contiguous 48 states.   Q: If I do get an invite, am I guaranteed a box? A: Box quantities are limited each month. If you are invited to subscribe to PLAY! by SEPHORA, please redeem your invitation and claim your spot as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on that month’s box.   Q: Will Canadians have an opportunity to subscribe? A: PLAY! by SEPHORA is not currently available in Canada; however, we will keep you posted on any plans for expansion.   Q: I am a US resident and do not live in one of the contiguous 48 states. When will PLAY! be available to me? A: We are currently exploring ways to expand our shipping capabilities to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Military Bases. We'll be notifying clients as soon as we have an update and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.   For more PLAY! by SEPHORA FAQs please visit the following link>
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I wonder if repeating items that were in previous months boxes is going to become a habit?  Tattoo liner was also in March's box.  I don't want to see stuff in January t... see post
Sephora pulling down low reviews of Pat McGrath products
I got the Pat McGrath Flesh 2 online within 5 minutes of it going live and it arrived in the mail 2 days later. I tried it, was impressed, realized the colour was a near perfect dupe for a lipstick I already owned, and after wearing the product, discovered I didn't like how this matte lipstick wore on me throughout the day. I was ready to keep it because jeez, it's Pat McGrath, but realized it would be silly since I basically owned this same colour in a formula I liked better.   When I went to post my review, I discovered several others had posted 1 and 2 star reviews of the product, also finding that the matte wear on it wasn't impressive compared to (surprise surprise) Kat Von D products. In fact, I noticed that Flesh 2 is a near  perfect  dupe for Kat Von D Cathedral, and mentioned this in my review. Kat Von D doesn't market her Cathedral shade as a Fleshy nude shade, and so I thought I my public PSA that Flesh 2 pulled really dark on NC20 skin could be helpful.   Nowhere in Sephora's review guidelines do they say you can't make brand comparisons like this. Sephora only specifies that you can't link to non-Sephora websites. This implies that if I wanted to, I could even link  to the Cathedral lippie bullet in my Pat McGrath review,. See here for Sephora policy on writing reviews:    Write a Review When writing your reviews, be sure to keep it clean. (No obscenities, discriminatory language, spam content, or critical comments about other reviews or reviewers.) Please don't include personal contact information or non-Sephora URLs. We recommend that you focus on the product and include details about what you like or dislike about it.         I know there are some really awesome Hall of Famers here much more familiar with Sephora and the history of discussing their policies and community policing. Is this kind of brand policing a known fact? If it isn't stated in Sephora's policies then why is this kind of censorship permitted? It really makes me worry about trusting the rating of products I buy on Sephora if Sephora is policing low rating reviews and removing them. I was never informed my review was censored. I noticed that my review and every other 1 star review that was already there when I posted my review was gone today when I checked back on the Oldest Posted reviews for this product. That means that by my count, just from what I witnessed on September 9th, the number of 1 and 2 star reviews should be  double  what they are right now.
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I have realized a couple of times that if I don't get the confirmation notice that says something like "You're a rock star!" after I try to post my review, it doesn't po... see post
Is Sephora making you have rage ?
I am usually a very calm and reserved person .....with of course a love for the finer things in life ....such as makeup lol  However I look for a good deal on the Sephora site in the 'sale' section ....every item that has some sort of appeal is always oos or ....not available ...please Sephora do not taunt us anymore .....I rather be Obliviant to things then live with the dread of....what if I just came 1 minute sooner ....could I have the chance to score this product .....and don't get me started with this reward bizarre .....Sephora claims to put new rewards between 9-5, two times a week .....I don't see the big deal ....when there is only 20-100 in stock what the hell is that .....!  Sorry for my rant .... please feel free to express your pain .....or rage here 
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Woah.........  That escalated quickly........ 😂 see post
Can you access your reviews left on Sephora? Where do you find them?
I'm trying to find all the reviews I've l left for past products, anyone on here familiar with how to access your reviews?
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Sofessi / RISING STAR / replied
!Need help with this too see post
Review mess up
Recently I received 3 Makeup Forever Lipsticks in a VoxBox from Influenster to try and review. I came on and tried to write a review as they had asked me. I wrote my review, but it never game me the box to check that it was a gift from Makeup Forever. Now I can't figure out how to edit or get it to allow me to mark as received as a gift. Any suggestions? 
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Hi Joesgirl21, You aren't able to edit it, but I will remove it for you and you can post it again. You can find the box to check " I received this product as a free sam... see post
Tarteist Lip Liner Deluxe Sample
I recently ordered the Tarteist Lip Liner Deluxe Sample in Latergram, but when I received it, it came in a little ziplock bag with a barcode on it. Is this normal? Did this happen to anyone else?
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Hi Ipsy, Yes, that's normal! Hope you enjoy the liner.  That's one of my favorites :) see post
Kat Von d lock it products #lockitrevolution
i recently received a variety of Kat Von d lock it items for free to review from influenster and I am in love. The concealers are light an airy, yet cover well with no creasing. The setting powder sets it perfectly with a light finely milled setting powder. The brushes assigned for each are beyond great quality and I am truly impressed 
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Hi bamster,    We are happy to hear this and thank you for your positive feedback! These are really great products. I love the brushes too! I recommend leaving revie... see post
Did Sephora Stop Carrying the BECCA Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation?
  I used to buy the  BECCA Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation  from Sephora (in Shell) but it doesn't appear anywhere on the website now, though the majority of BECCA's other products do. Will it be coming back or is it discontinued from Sephora?      
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Awesome, thanks keelybt! see post
How can I see my previous reviews?
Go to your profile page and it shows your reviews. see post
Spring/ Summer Found in the Wild 2016 Thread
Just noticed that all of the spring stuff is showing up (early as always) but the thread is still specific to Winter (which it is...but tell the brands).  So what have you found, dear BTers, that is new on Sephora...
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@samls324 A Model Recommends on YouTube has a review and comparison on it in case you were interested! see post
With my last few shipments I noticed that Sephora started using OnTrac for rouge free three day shipping. I don't like the OnTrac online tracking system because it doesn't list an estimated delivery date. So how am I supposed to know if my package is.... on track?   If anyone has any advice on how to fix this, I would love to hear it.
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MzKristine / FRESH FACE / replied
Seriously this carrier !!! They never knock, they deliver your package at 9pm and they deliver to different address (can't read the address right), always in hurry so th... see post
Hello hey do you deliver in dubai uae?
Hey do you deliver in dubai uae? or Do you have an online shop for dubai?  please let me know thank you
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Hi GinaKim, at this time we do not ship to Dubai. You can find your nearest store here> see post
How do i find out what I'm getting in my August Play! Box
APRILMD3g / FRESH FACE / replied
In the app click on reservations and then there will be a second drop down menu (the second set of triple lines). Go into my beauty bag and then Sephora play.  If your b... see post
I purchased something in Roseville, two hours away from me, can I return it to a different store?
Hi gijo88,    @k617 is correct! You are welcome to return or exchange this at any location with your receipt, within 60 days of purchase for US stores. We recommend... see post
Discontinued Brands & Products
@moderator ( and want feedback from everyone on Beauty Talk ):  I would really like to see Sephora add a link which could be accessed from the home page going to a section listing brands and products that are being discontinued.  Right now the only way to find out is when I go to order one of my favorite products and I find that it’s no longer listed on the website.  The way it is right now, when an entire brand is being discontinued the brand’s product page will still pop up when selected, but it will only have the items that are still remaining in Sephora’s stock. It would be really great if Sephora would add a link to the home page that says something similar to other websites I’ve seen that has this feature that’s called, for instance: -          Going, Going, Gone -          Last Chance -          Goodbyes -          RIPs -          Curtain Call   I know this would help me a lot and I’d like to know what all of the rest of you think about the idea, too. Thanks!  
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oh my goodness! I just saw that the OG post is from 2011! Sephora definitely needs to add this feature! see post
How do I start selling on only
Hello, I am the inventor of a proprietary cosmetic product that is not yet available for sale. In seeking for distribution channels, I put on top of my list. How can I start selling my branded product on Sephora's website only, not in stores? Thank you in advance! Ruzanna.
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HALL OF FAMER kssweetheart / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
@Ruzik123 - I would recommend calling /contacting QVC if you want a good shot at getting your products out there. My SIL's cousin was on QVC, she made a hair accessory ... see post
Change address of 2-year Harpers Bazaar Subscription
Hello,    I just entered the promo code for the 2 year subscription of Harpers Bazaar however need to edit the shipping address to one other than the billing it "auto" gets sent to. How can I go about changing this?   Kelsey 
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love2gloss / RISING STAR / replied
I was able to enter a change of address through, as noted in the promotional fine print. Thanks! see post
Change the name for my Ellie subscription?
The name on my sub for Ellie is not the name connected with my mail box. How can I change the name on my subscription?
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 Hi @Stephanie1239,   I will send you a private message, so that I can help you with this. Please check your messages at your earliest convenience. Thank you!    ... see post
Hacked Sephora Account!
I live in New York City, regular day about to hop onto my laptop and buy a naked blush from online sephora. I open the sephora website and it says WELCOME AMAL ( not you? sign out ) and i was like what the actual F*** ( my name is Elizabeth) so I'm like okay let me see who's account this is because nobody uses my laptop other then me. So i see someone from santa monica ( i knew this because i went to see what was recently bought just to double check someone just happened to change my name or whatever)  hacked my account and changed my email and password. ( yes i signed out because i said oh maybe this is a glitch and ill just sign in to mine you know) I try to sign in to mine and it does not happen. I go to my email associated with my sephora account and it tells me WELCOME AMAL, your email has been changed and you will no longer receive emails from sephora to this email. Then i started to tear a little because I've accumulated thousands of points on sephora and i wasn't sure if they used any of it or what the case was. Then i found out they were awarded and new VIB ROUGE CARD ( i currently only had VIB ) and they gave who ever it was VIB ROUGE welcome kit. Now that I'm really pissed the F*** off i call customer service and they were able to give me the account back and restore my points but i forgot to ask if i go into a sephora store and tell them what happened, will they give me my new upgrade card and my welcome kit? This scared me because i was not sure if i had credit card information saved on my account and turns out i didn't. But that just goes to show that sephora is easily hackable and i advise for anyone who is reading this to not save your credit card information and use a capital on your password to make it harder to hack into. follow me on instagram: MICKBETH
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Uhg, thats terrifying! Changing my password now!! see post
eye shadow used for brows
I use powder-matte-grey-eye shadow for my brows.  I am looking for a grey that is not dark, but soft.  Presently, using Bobbi Brown's powder eye shadow-color-steel and it is too dark.  I need one that is a tad lighter. Please make suggestions and send me links to your suggestion.
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BEAUTY GURU allegrissima / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
Try a MAC eyeshadow in Omega. It is a very soft gray.  Best of luck ;)   see post
Has anyone else seen this on the customer service page? LIVE CHAT???
Here's a screenshot!  
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HALL OF FAMER starsandbucks / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
That's very cool. Maybe stacking codes will be next! I can dream, right? see post
Sephora deleting my negative review repeatedly
I have just submitted a negative review for a FOURTH time for the same product, as each one keeps getting removed for no apparent reason after it is posted.  Each review has been reworded when re-submitted, and I can see no reason why it would violate Sephora's terms.   This is completely abhorrent and despicable.  Sephora, where is your integrity?!!!!  If this fourth review is removed, I'll take my VIB Rouge self elsewhere and cease shopping here.  
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Hi milhouse,   Sorry for the delay in response! I see your most recent review meets our guidelines and is still up on the site - if you like I can send you a PM as w... see post
NUDE Skincare
I see that a lot of the NUDE Skincare products are in the sale section. I LOVE this line! Are the products being discontinued/no longer carried by Sephora, or are they just being rolled out in different packaging?
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BEAUTY PRO makeupbag2 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Does this mean they will be selling NUDE skincare at Target? see post